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Affiliate Marketing For Beginners | Leadpages Tutorial

October 10, 2019

hey what’s up everyone my name is
Nicolas and on this video we’re gonna goaffiliate marketing,
affiliate marketing for beginners,
affiliate marketing for beginners 2017,
affiliate marketing 2017,
affiliate marketing tips,
affiliate marketing without a website,
affiliate marketing for dummies over how to do affiliate marketing for
beginners so if that is you you’re certainly at the right place now before
we do get started I just wanna let you know that I have a more in-depth
training over at mentor with Nick comm that really goes into all the details
about affiliate marketing in addition to this video so if you would like to check
that out head on over to mentor with there’s a link down in the
video description but without further ado let’s get into all this information
about affiliate marketing for beginners affiliate marketing,
affiliate marketing for beginners,
affiliate marketing for beginners 2017,
affiliate marketing 2017,
affiliate marketing tips,
affiliate marketing without a website,
affiliate marketing for dummies now I did make a previous video on this
channel so if you would like to go check that out it goes into a little bit more
depth as well but I had a question recently from one of my students asking
about how to build out a formal and that’s exactly what I want to share with
you on this video so if you’re looking for some information about that again
this is gonna be a good place now here is kind of an overview on how to set up
a good affiliate marketing campaign or offer or business however you really
want to word it so let me briefly go over this and then we’re gonna kind of
touch on some points and then I’ll show you actually how to build when he’s out
it’s very very simple okay so first we obviously need an audience okay that’s
just people we need people to sell to affiliate marketing,
affiliate marketing for beginners,
affiliate marketing for beginners 2017,
affiliate marketing 2017,
affiliate marketing tips,
affiliate marketing without a website,
affiliate marketing for dummies right you can’t really affiliate
marketing is all about sales it’s selling other people’s products for a
percentage of the commission so if you want to sell stuff you need people all
right so the best place to find people is social media and you can place ads in
front of these people there’s a lot of different ways you can do free weight
you can do paid ways both ways the next thing you want to do is send them to
what’s called a squeeze page in you place it you can use places like
leadpages net to build these out again I’m gonna show you how to do that here
in a second but it’s very very simple okay and then from there you can send
them to an offer which I recommend starting out with Clickbank comm it’s a
really good place to do it I’ll show you how to navigate on that and then the
reason that you want to do this is affiliate marketing,
affiliate marketing for beginners,
affiliate marketing for beginners 2017,
affiliate marketing 2017,
affiliate marketing tips,
affiliate marketing without a website,
affiliate marketing for dummies twofold okay the first reason is because
you want them to put their you know email address and name and email address
in either one because it’s just a small barrier and if they’re likely to take a
you know an action on a small barrier they’re more likely to take a bigger
action ie the sale okay so in what’s actually happening
here is if they’re putting their email address in they’re much more likely to
make the purchase okay instead of sending them directly to the offer okay
at the same set at the same time we want to do that because we’re building what’s
called an email list and you can build this type of stuff over at places like
Aweber or comm okay so then therefore you can start exposing
them to the offer multiple times and that’s good because most people don’t
purchase on the very first exposure okay and that’s why a lot of people struggle
with affiliate marketing is because they’re just sending people straight to
an offer and then they have no way to follow up with them when in human nature
it takes us about five to seven exposures to actually make a purchase
just think about from your perspective like do you make a purchase on the first
time you see something every single time no okay not neither does everyone else
so we need a way to follow up with them okay and then therefore once they
purchase you make a commission okay so let me explain a few more things and
then I’ll show you how to build this stuff out so I like to really help you
understand the stuff and really this this can help you get a good grasp on
this and really have some good expectations is by utilizing 100 click
tests okay so basically what that means is if you expect to get some sales
you’ve got to send at least a hundred clicks to this offer okay and what that
I’ll do it’ll show you the percentage that people are purchasing this at okay
and typically you know industry standard typically is around two percent meaning
if you send 100 clicks to that you’re going to get two affiliate sales
affiliate commissions okay but see here’s the here’s a problem is that a
lot of people say oh I sent a bunch of I sent a bunch people let’s offer but they
don’t really know and it might just be like twenty people it might be forty
people but if you do a hundred people that usually levels out the averages and
eventually around two people are going to purchase because I mean you could
send 90 people to the offer and no one purchases and then the next two people
buy okay so you just got to let the averages play out okay and you know you
can set it up like this we talked about the ads on the on the social networks to
a squeeze page to the offer but once you start building up that email list you
can also just send them directly to an offer and again do the hundred click
test every time you do it okay now here’s one other thing I want to
share with you to help you generate some more sales and then well again I’ll show
you more about how to funnel okay so you know essentially your
email list is just a place where you can place ads okay for free so how do we get
more sales so here’s the process again you know it plays the ad in front of
people we send them to the squeeze page they put their name and email address in
there taken to the offer and then you know around 2% ergo buy okay and then
you know you make the Commission so how can we increase that this is so oh here
we go alright so the one tip that I can tell you is just make the copy congruent
okay what does that mean basically what copy is it’s the wording on these pages
that gets people to say yes to purchasing okay so what you want to do
throughout this entire funnel is you affiliate marketing,
affiliate marketing for beginners,
affiliate marketing for beginners 2017,
affiliate marketing 2017,
affiliate marketing tips,
affiliate marketing without a website,
affiliate marketing for dummies want to make the copy congruent and it
starts with the offer okay let me show you how to get off from Clickbank and
find the copy on there but if this if the if a copy on the offer you know
they’ve already tested it we’ve already figured out you know they’ve already
figured out what works so don’t try to invent anything new just utilize what
they’re doing and again I’m going to show you how to do this but if the offer
says how to lose weight in 14 days then you just want to reverse engineer that
and go back to the squeeze page and say how to lose for how to lose weight in 14
days and then that you want to make to add the same thing hey you want to learn
how to lose weight in 14 days click this button or click this link and then you
know then therefore it goes the squeeze page then it goes the offer and you’re
just gonna have more congruence and people are just gonna be it’s gonna be a
more direct offer a more direct a message and there’s gonna be more
purchases because of that okay so that’s just kind of the overview let me jump
into my elite pages account and I’ll show you how to build one of these out
and then also you know start with Clickbank as well okay so I’ll see you
in one sec alright so here we are at and obviously it’s free to
set up just create your own account and then once you do have your account you
come in to the affiliate marketplace okay and then we remove this you come
over to a category section and you know you just find whatever you want to
promote there’s so many different categories there’s a lot of
subcategories as well but I like to use health and fitness just because it kind of
make sense to everybody so you click on that and then I’ll come down to further
diets and weight loss we’ll just stick with this okay
so what I like to do is click on this little drop down menu and pull it down
to gravity okay because that’s gonna show you which offer is converting the
best what has the highest conversion across the board for all affiliates and
everybody’s sending traffic to this offer okay so what we want to do is
actually click on the offer it’ll pull up the sales page and the video will pop
up here in a second let me pause that okay so this is what I’m talking about
with the headline okay the two-week diet a foolproof
science based system that guaranteed to melt away six pounds of unwanted
stubborn body fat in just 14 days no matter how hard you tried before
so they know that as a winning headline okay it’s the highest converting offer
on Clickbank in terms of the weight loss niche so they know that this works okay
it’s the best one that works for this particular offer and obviously in
congruence with the video so we want to do is like we talked about we want to
build a lead page that is congruent with this so we just take this copy you know
copy it we’ll do that copy and then we’ll come back in to
excuse me I’m gonna my leadpages account and we’ll create a new page okay
so here you can choose the drag-and-drop templates but I think the best way
especially if you’re just starting out is go with standard okay click on
standard and you just you can filter by what kind of page it is so I come into
opt-in pages and again just to keep this simple we want to you know find one of
the more simple ones I’ll show you where it is the one that I
like you can use this one this one’s really simple well let go ahead and use
this okay so obviously there’s all drag-and-drop if you’re not familiar
with leadpages you can change all this type of stuff okay so what you want to
do is take the headline again and just paste this just make it good you can
change it up a little bit but honestly like you don’t need to yeah that’s what
I’m gonna do paste that so a foolproof science-based system that guarantees to
melt away six pounds of unwanted stubborn body fat just fourteen days no
matter how hard you tried okay so just like the headline and the sales collar
in the on the sales video what I like to do here is also put free video because
like people love free obviously and you know essentially this is a free video
that explains how to do that but it’s also a sales video okay so you
can leave it like that and then you know obviously tailor all this as well or cut
out that I typically take out name and phone number I just leave the email in
so obviously you want to change all this copy make sure you know what it’s saying
you know free video well Beauvoir enter your email for free video all that kind
of stuff and then you want to integrate this with Aweber as well okay it’s
really simple basically a whole lot here on come back
over to leadpages you want to make sure that you integrate Aweber and leadpages
together if you are using Aweber one sec but once you integrate it should
like that look like this you click on your a Weber and then here will be all
your list I have a ton of lists obviously so you just whatever list that
you’re using click it and then it’ll be integrated right there and then you come
and you just click on the green button there basically where you set all this
up is right up here you come down into integrations and then here’s all the
integrations you can do a Weber MailChimp
get response by like Aweber hats one I use so that’s really all you do you just
make sure that it’s tailored to to what you’re offering you know make sure it
all makes sense I’m not going to go through this whole page but like you
just customize it to what the video is all about you can change the font and
style and everything here to make it a little look a little bit better but then
the last thing that you want to do is you want to come to the Thank You page
and then here’s where you put your link okay so if we come back to Clickbank
then to promote this particular product all we have to do is click promote and
then you put in your your account nickname whatever it was when you
created it and then here’s your link and then you should copy that and you come
back in to leadpages you paste that there boom you’re all set to go okay
okay and then you click done and save and just save it I won’t save it because
I don’t need to save this page once you have it saved then you’re good to go
now you just start sending traffic since starts placing ads in different places
and I have a bunch of different videos on this channel about placing ads with
YouTube with being with there’s free methods there’s paid methods Facebook
I’ll probably start putting a little bit more Facebook training as well but again
just make the make the copy congruent to the within the ad within the landing
page and within the affiliate offer and it all starts from the affiliate offer
so if you’re using the Clickbank product just you know swipe that copy and just
utilize it in your entire funnel so that’s really what it comes down to and
again you just gotta keep on running that 100 click test so you start getting
it start getting sales and then eventually you’re gonna start seeing
sales come through and then once you start building up a better
relationship or up with your list and the conversions are gonna start to go up
okay so that’s really the rundown guys if you enjoy this video make sure and
hit like and subscribe if you do it have any comments make sure to put them down
below or just hit me up on you know Facebook or Instagram or wherever and
then again if you do want to learn a little bit more about this how do we go
into a little bit more depth about this type of stuff and how you can really
turn this into a full-time income as I have done for you know I’ve been doing
this stuff for nearly 7 years now and been able to travel and do a lot of cool
stuff so yeah if you guys want to go check that out it is over at mentors
Nick comm there’s a link down in the video description but besides that thank
you for watching this video hopefully I helped you out and let me know how you
guys are doing send me how how you’re affiliate marketing,
affiliate marketing for beginners,
affiliate marketing for beginners 2017,
affiliate marketing 2017,
affiliate marketing tips,
affiliate marketing without a website,
affiliate marketing for dummies you know doing this stuff if you’re
getting results for not if you need help whatever it is we’d love to see some
more success stories alright guys thanks for watching this video talk to you soon


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