Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: Use Simple Videos [2019]

October 9, 2019

affiliate marketing for beginners in
this video I’m going to walk you through step by step I’m even going to create a
table of contents as we go along so that you can follow along on how to make
simple videos promote them for free on YouTube and drive traffic to your
affiliate offer so let’s get started with that right now okay we’re over here
at the computer obviously and before we continue take a quick second and
subscribe to my channel that way you’ll be notified every time I put out new
videos also on my channel I have a whole playlist full of affiliate marketing for
beginners videos so you can go through and each one of them kind of builds off
of one another but just wanted to show you that so the first thing that we’re
going to do is and I’ve kind of started this little outline for us so the first
thing that we want to do with making money with these simple videos is we
need to create if you haven’t already a Clickbank account and again in one of my
videos I’ll put a card to it here in the top corner but in one of my videos I
show you how to go through and set up a Clickbank account it’s free super simple
it takes like three or four steps so just take care of that on step one let
me go ahead and say step one Clickbank account okay perfect now the second
thing that we are going to do is we really want to pick a niche I talk about
this all the time and affiliate marketing you really need to be in a
niche and especially when it comes to making these videos online so the first
thing we’re gonna do is we’re just going to pick a niche I’ve come over here to
the marketplace and I’m going to pick there’s so many good ones cooking in
food is always a good one people are always eating food is always on the mind
I’m gonna go into green products and see what they have what is this first one
new battery reconditioning course so battery reconditioning is kind of a big
thing nowadays it’s got a $48 and $0.99 average sale
price to me the affiliate gravity is a hundred and twenty nine point six two
which is good the higher the gravity basically the more sales that have
happened there’s an equation a fancy equation but one hundred ninety one
hundred and twenty nine is high on the gravity scale it certainly goes higher
and it certainly goes lower one of the things that we can do if we wanted to
promote this battery reconditioning is we want to see if we click into it we
can see what their sales page looks like and if you don’t know a whole lot about
battery reconditioning you really you’re gonna want to watch this whole video
take some notes understand I think it’s super important to understand whatever
affiliate product or whatever affiliate niche that you’re going into is to
really really understand it I know a lot of people try and fail at affiliate
marketing and they’re like oh it’s not didn’t get any sales I don’t know why
and you know what category are you and I asked and they say oh I don’t know you
know giraffes do you know anything about giraffes No so you know pick something
that you’re familiar with but watch this video read the sales page understand
what it is these people are trying to sell and it will help you craft a better
message so the first thing and the second thing we’re going to do after we
create a Clickbank account and we find a product is we’re going to create a
themed YouTube channel channel and if I could spell luckily there’s spellcheck
create a themed YouTube channel and find a find a product let me make this a
little bigger for you guys to see find a product on Clickbank
okay now get out of this the next thing that we’re going to do is we’re going to
start to do some keyword research on YouTube for our battery reconditioning
course that we’re gonna be selling so if we come over here and we type in battery
reconditioning there it is at the top and we can start Lee start Lee we can
start to see let me filter I’m gonna filter by the view count so that is
gonna pull some of these up here 2.6 million views for this car battery
reconditioning 2.1 million views 1.3 million views you get the point here
right so these types of super boring videos are getting tons and tons of
views and if we click into it I’m just gonna hit the ctrl button down and click
into it you can see obviously this one has an ad running in the front of it so
I’m gonna skip this ad and this is just a and I have this muted so that you can
hear me but this is just a cheesy bad or a cheesy battery this is just a cheesy
video this guy’s going around it he’s two and a half three minutes before he
really even gets into the battery to be reconditioned so what we can do is we
can take notes of this guy’s video you want to take notes of a video so you
want to find keywords actually you want to sorry use use keywords on YouTube to
find videos to find popular videos and then
what we’re going to do is we are going to then once we find those popular
videos we’re going to create videos create similar videos okay
so here’s one we’ll keep that up on the screen where’s another one here’s
another one that I’ll just pop up and here’s a guy talking for 8 minutes and
45 seconds about this video sorry about this battery on this video
it’s got 2.1 million views so you kind of start to see a theme here right I
think reconditioning car batteries is about as boring as it gets but there is
a lot of interest in it and there are Clickbank products that we can promote
and sell around that topic so all these signs are kind of pointing to a good
thing for us now what we can do we can go about we can go about creating our
own video in a couple of ways but the first thing that we need to do is we
need to it’s good to extract what these guys are talking about or extract their
transcript from this video and we can do that in a couple few different ways one
way that I have seen is if you come over here to Google Docs if I come up here to
tools and voice typing I can literally play the video in another window and
enable voice typing and Google Doc will just hear what the video is saying and
it will transcribe the whole video for me and that is a very easy free way to
do it another way that we can do it is we can come over here to Fiverr and we
can get transcription service ordered for $5 or $10 and order that so that
these people will listen to the video and get the transcription for us another
way to go about it this is kind of the medium way to go about it and the best
way to go about it is you can come over here there’s a tool called tube sift and
I use tubes if all the time for all kinds of different things that it has to
offer go into him I’m kind of excited about
tubes if but one of the things that we can do is we can take the URL and come
over to tube sift and paste it right into there and extract the data now this
takes about that long and it gives me all kinds of information I have the
title the link the thumbnail I can download I have all of the keyword tags
which don’t usually show up on here let me do this up they usually don’t show
the tags are hidden on a YouTube video I have a tool that finds all of the tags
for me you can see right here and that tool is from a company called tube buddy
they have obviously paid plans but they also have free plans you can get this is
just a free plan that I have it’s a browser extension and it pulls this
information up for me so that’s definitely a good one to get those tags
but let me jump back into tube sift what it does is it gives me the description
which we could copy right off the YouTube page but it gives me the whole
caption track right here this is everything these are all the
words from that video so instead of paying you know somebody $10 or $5 on
Fiverr to do this and to do that multiply that by you know three or four
videos to get several different transcripts I just use tube sift nap
tube sift is a paid tool I pay forty seven dollars a month for it I will have
a link down in the description for it maybe an affiliate description I mean
affiliate link or not I’m not sure yet but I’ll definitely mention it down in
the description since this is an affiliate video probably should be an
affiliate link but okay so the next thing that we’re going to do when I say
create similar videos probably should have a let me go down and tab over
because create similar videos is several different steps first we need to find
these popular videos just like I showed you and then what we’re going to do is
we’re going to use transcripts we’re gonna use the transcripts from
those videos to to create our own content now we can do this in several
different ways if you have a camera and you are
comfortable getting in front of a camera you could create your own video I’m sure
in this niche you could probably scrounge around and find yourself an old
battery to talk about and go through and put together eight-minute video if you
did not want to do that you could let me see you could shoot your own video if
you did not want to do that you could go back to Fiverr and you could do a search
for what do they call it a model spokesperson sorry drew a blank so I
could get a spokesperson to shoot a video they can do it on a green screen
they can do it whatever but you can see that this could start to get a little
pricey but again well worth it if you are making money on your affiliate
product another way to do it would be to get a get a whiteboard done where
somebody sketches out and follows your transcription and we could go along in
those with that another thing we can do is Amazon Polly Amazon Polly’s a pretty
cool thing you can we can listen to Amazon Polly here Oh nope sorry got it
all muted but Amazon Polly does text to voice in about as good of a
computer-generated voice that there is but we could go through and do you could
do a slide deck better start writing some of this down right fiber for fiber
for spokesperson or whiteboard we could do Amazon Polly and slides we could do our own voice we could do
our own voiceover whatever so you kind of get the idea here of creating your
videos now when it comes to uploading your video content to YouTube we want to
be aware of a few things watch time on your video is the most critical thing so
you definitely want to have you want to try to stay away from a three-minute
video or a two-minute video you want to try to get into the 8 or 10 minute range
so that you can have plenty of watch time make it engaging and you know try
to connect with the audience obviously ask for a subscription remember to
subscribe to my channel things of this nature you want to try to engage with
your audience because YouTube sees those all positive signs and will promote your
video more but let me write this down watch time we also want to be super
aware of the thumbnail that we use we want to be aware of that thumbnail and
I’ll show you what I’m talking about over here on my channel you can kind of
see these were some of my older thumbnails hopefully I’m getting better
at it my click-through rate has gone up but here are some of my newer ones
here’s the latest one that I just did so you can kind of see thumbnails are
important it’s almost like going into a candy store and there’s so much candy
available you know which one are you gonna grab so you want to create the
best candy that you can for your thumbnail okay
there’s thumbnail you want to also include a disclaimer in your description that you are promoting affiliate
products that way you stay out of trouble because some of your links in
your description are going to be affiliate products so you want to stay
out of trouble with respect to that and then ultimately you want to mimic the
title and description of the video that we did our research on
the ones that are getting all of the views so for something like this is it
possible to revive a dead battery with Epsom salt this is reviving our battery
what was our battery reconditioning is the main niche for this and then this is
really kind of a sub niche epson salt or you know really very topical within that
niche so we want to try to keep this as much as we can we also want to keep the
description very similar you can replace these
he’s got Amazon affiliate links in this description and with 2.1 million views i
guarantee that this guy is making quite a bit of money with this with his
affiliate marketing efforts you can see here here’s his disclaimer that i just
mentioned but we also want to use these tags so the title the tags the
description you know similar transcript or content that this guy is doing and
same thing here car battery repair that is probably the main keyword that this
is going after so that’s what you’re gonna want to mimic along with these
tags and then what he has in the description i would warn against trying
to put all of these keyword stuffing in here if you wanted to write complete
sentences and a few paragraphs that contained these keywords then that’s
okay to do but you do not want to just keyword stuff like this this is a an
older video and youtube is certainly more aware of this types of stuff now so
let’s go back here mimic the title and description and then ultimately include
your affiliate link that you got from clickbank so we’re
gonna include that what I would do is I would both include it here where’s my
search results you get to see which one is this guy this one so you see this the
first two lines this is actually let’s go down here to this one see this guy in
the very first line he’s showing go to http battery Kim vis so if we open this
you’ll see what I’m talking about I’ll pause that it pulls from the first two
lines or it’s about a hundred characters from right here so you want this to be
visible and at the top additionally what you could do is you can go in as the
channel to your YouTube channel you can go in and write a comment down here and
pin it at the top so you could have your own link here again in the comments so
you want to have your YouTube I’m sorry you want to have your Clickbank
affiliate link in there a couple of times okay let’s go into Clickbank and
grab our affiliate link we can generate a hop link and this is what we’re going
to use as our affiliate link to promote this you might want to use some sort of
shortener bitly or Google shortener or something like that to make this
prettier but you can simply copy this to your clipboard go to Google shortener or
bitly shorten that thing and use that and your first line and down in your
comment section so pretty much that’s it and you’re off to the races now setting
up an affiliate campaign using free marketing source like YouTube it is not
going to happen overnight but when it does happen and it takes
hold and you get traction then the sky is the limit
this guy with 2.1 million views on one of his videos is making a whole lot of
money so you have to be patient you have to start somewhere and I know that so
many people are like oh you know I just I want money next week I need money
tomorrow I got to pay the rent I got a you know got to buy a new car battery
whatever the case may be I understand but you’re not going to be successful if
you don’t start to and if you start to do a Content plan
and traffic source like this it is for the long term this is the type of thing
that will pay you residual income over and over and over again and ultimately
that’s what you want there is if you have a little money to invest for paid
ads I’ll jump over here and show you let me copy this link real quick and then let me jump over here and show
you just in a Google account ad account if I wanted to come in here and create a
new campaign I’m just gonna click that and video this is just to show you real
quick video create campaign I’m gonna say 1 2 3 total amount you know 5 bucks
whatever whatever you want start this maximum CPB YouTube networks I don’t
want to be on the Display Network I just want to be on these to all languages I
can target the United States I would start out with the United States I can
do expand it in inventory because I don’t mind
I don’t have any kind of sensitive information here excluded content not
worried about that show on all types of devices additional settings I can leave
all these as the default we’re gonna do it on computers mobile tablet frequency
capping nonet cetera so ad group name I’m just going to say a g1 demographics
this is where we could start – if it was for the car battery example oops that’s
down here hold on a second demographics maybe maybe I don’t want people maybe
people that are 45 and up aren’t as worried about conditioning their battery
maybe females are not as worried about conditioning their battery parents
status doesn’t matter and then obviously people that make a whole lot of money
they just buy new batteries so maybe I eliminate some of the household income
the top household incomes in the keyword section what you want to do is let me
jump back over here you want to take these best keywords now this guy has
them laid out here which I told you not to do but if we went in to well from
tubes if I could get it I could get the keyword tags or I could start to get a
list of keywords right here well from the autofill I could put in my keywords
you just want to put two or three two or three the top ones by the way on YouTube
whichever one is showing up as the top is it gets more search results than the
one that shows up at the bottom so just do the top few this way
and then what we’ll do is keyword I’ll say battery recondition and you can put
in a couple more their audiences you might find something if I say for search
car enthusiasts maybe there’s a car enthusiast you can go through here and
kind of look and see if some of these make sense
per your niche you’re probably more into whatever niche you pick than I am so you
can go in here you want to try to stick to where it says affinity see where it
says affinity audiences you want it you want it to be an affinity because you’re
gonna get a lower cost per click typically that way and don’t select more
than about three of these audiences over here you got your keywords set up topics
placements bidding you can start out with bidding at say three cents if it
doesn’t get much results you can bump that up to four cents a lot of mine I
get at one penny I get one penny per view on my ad and you’ll paste this
right in here now remember this is just an example you would use the the video
that you ultimately create and upload to YouTube but what you’re gonna do is
you’re going to paste in your video url copy this one again just as an example
and then you can use this video discovery this would be one of the
videos that show up either in the related section or in search and this is
just going to show up predominantly on YouTube so when people are on here doing
their search and how to take care of their problem it’ll show up in here
another thing that you could do is you could do an in-stream and then you could
drop people directly on you know to your affiliate link or what have you so
there’s a couple of different options to choose from for creating ads you could
run one of each see which one comes out better I do prefer the video discovery
some of the in-stream ads you have to really craft it and really have your
call-to-action set up appropriately but here’s what I got so excited
earlier about for the tube sift software that I talked about if we come back over
here and we choose an in-stream and the in-stream ads are those ads that run
just like this right at the first few seconds of a related video and you can
skip it after five seconds but you can go through this and these types of ads
you only pay for the click or pay for the ad when somebody clicks on it and
goes to your destination URL or if somebody has watched over 30 seconds of
your ads so if somebody’s watching up to 30 seconds of it they’re probably going
to be interested and you’re going to put your video in front of a video that is
similar to that only similar to that and this is what’s great about the tube sift
is I can come over here to video search and I could type in battery recondition
battery recondition and it’s going to search I just have it set at 10 it’s
going to find only the videos that are monetized and it is going to produce a
result a list of these results I can add all of these to my list and it will copy
all of these URLs to these videos and then when I come back to my when I come
back to doing my ad what’s great about this is I can come up here to placements
where did my placements go audiences demographics here’s placements so I can
come in here and select YouTube videos and then I can just paste all of the
videos that well write into there right I can paste all of sorry where am i I
can paste all of these URLs into there and my video my ad will run only in
front of these videos that I select it to and of course I’m going to get the
one that has a ton of views maybe I won’t select the 2001 why not might as
well but you could certainly make sure that you’re getting in front of videos
that have a whole lot of views so and be very specific so you’re putting your
message right in front of what people are looking for so that is kind of maybe
accelerated bonus tip on YouTube marketing sorry it’s hard to chew gum
and walk guys but anyways this is my affiliate marketing with simple videos
kind of step-by-step blueprint it really is easy I know this was quick and I know
I clays Dover the surface but you can see I’m already way deep into a long
video and if you guys want me to I will make an expanded video for each of these
sections and add that to my affiliate marketing playlist so that you can
peruse that at your leisure but again remember to subscribe to my channel I
hope that you found some great value from this video and I’ll see you on the
next one be sure to subscribe to the channel to
be notified of future videos and don’t forget to like this video now watch that
video next go ahead watch that video video video

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