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Affiliate Marketing In 2020: 6 REAL Examples To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

January 20, 2020

hey what’s up you guys let’s talk about
affiliate marketing in 2020 and I want to share some really cool examples with
you maybe you have the question does affiliate marketing still work can you
start an affiliate marketing business well this is going to be an awesome
video for you if you have some of those questions in your head I’m going to
share some specific examples that are still working to this day so you’re
going to want to stick around in this video hey what’s up you guys
it’s Nathan Lucas with freedom influencer and like I said I’m gonna
dive in and show you specific examples about affiliate marketing and then I
want to basically talk about the tactics and strategies that you should be
implementing if you want to make money with affiliate marketing now before we
dive in I’m gonna share my screen with you guys before we do that if this is
your first time here on my channel my name is Nathan Lucas and this is freedom
influencer where we talk about internet marketing we talk about affiliate
marketing and strategies to start and grow a business using the power of the
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if you’re excited about this smash that thumbs up I appreciate it and so does
YouTube algorithm let’s dive in I want to share with you guys some really cool
websites that are still working to this day that make money okay now I will link
a resource down below where I got some of this information and then also I have
a couple that I personally have know of that I want to share with you as well
okay so the first one we’re looking at is called this is why I’m broke okay I
know kind of a kind of a weird website name but you can see it right here and
it’s basically a gift website I would say you can see at the top hopefully you
guys can see that but gifts for men gifts for women and they have a bunch of
just different random things on their website okay now let’s talk about and
with each one of these websites I’m gonna share with you how much they’re
making on average of course like I said I’ll link below the the resource I got
for that but this website right here looks pretty pretty basic but this is
what estimated to be making about seventy thousand dollars every single
month which is pretty crazy right and this website right here is is generating
all of its income primarily through affiliate marketing so they have links
and when people click and purchase through those links the owner of this
website makes money pretty cool right so that’s number one
number two which a lot of you guys probably have heard of
it’s called nerd wallet calm now for me personally I see I saw on TV a nerd
wallet calm I think it was nerd wallet it was a commercial on the television so
I was like man these guys must be doing really well if they’re running ad
advertisements on television which is pretty crazy so this is another one
obviously they have its article based a lot of these are where it’s creating
content stick around to the end of this video and I’m gonna talk about
strategies to grow your income as an affiliate marketer so be sure to stick
around for that but this website nerd wallah is all
about investing in financial it’s about finances right so this website is
estimated to be making eight hundred thousand dollars a month which is
absolutely crazy I think that if you guys are looking into affiliate
marketing knowing that with websites like this making that kind of money
first of all understand it’s not easy I’m not telling you that this is gonna
be easy start if you guys are just starting out or you have yet to start
please understand that in the beginning is the hardest phases okay but this
should inspire you and light a fire under your butt of what’s absolutely
possible I know when I see examples like this for me personally and I’ve done
pretty well with affiliate marketing that it inspires me to keep going to
push harder to do better because there’s so much room for growth as far as income
and obviously I think if you want to reach that type of level there’s got to
be an internal change for you guys to understand your strategies and growth as
an entrepreneur to reach this kind of lives another great a great example okay
let’s move on to the next one which is money saving expert calm this one is
another I think financial advice advice web type of website there’s a ton of
different stuff though on this website you guys can feel free to jump over to
it and check it out yourself but this website is said to be making over a
million dollars a month which is insane alright that’s like a level that you
know most people will never get to so the fact that this website has done that
is absolutely incredible I will tell you
this though I don’t believe that it’s it’s really possible to create a website
and make that kind of money with affiliate marketing unless and that
actually goes for the ones we’ve already talked about unless you hire out a team
and and obviously if you’re making that kind of money hiring people to help grow
the business is it’s absolutely doable and not only is it doable it’s required
it’s required you have to hire people out and as a matter of fact on my
youtube channel just over a year ago I hired out help from my youtube channel
and it skyrocketed my business and my youtube channel and just everything was
was working better because I hired help alright so another great example let’s
jump into another one that a lot of people have heard of because this
actually sold to the I think it’s the New York Times this website is called
the wire cutter and this was started by an individual who started this as an
affiliate marketing website that with Amazon links okay there’s tons of
different things you know home-and-garden kitchen travel and
electronics even in what they did is they wrote articles and they would link
out to Amazon affiliate Amazon affiliate products and that’s how they would make
their money well later yeah so the New York Times says the New York Times
company and you guys can go Google this about this it’s crazy how this website
evolved but it was an individual started doing it started making a lot of money
and the New York Times actually bought it from him and I want to say it was for
like 30 million dollars let’s just oh but so right now this website is making
estimated about thirty million dollars thirty million dollars a month you guys
and I think that’s all primarily as affiliate as an affiliate marketing
website so now you understand why the New York Times purchased this website
because it is a money machine so let’s check this out I’m just gonna ask Google
how how much did the wire cutter sell for
and this will tell us okay so right here yeah in September of 2011 the wire
cutter sold was purchased by New York Times for 30 million dollars that is
incredible so obviously the that that guy who created it and sold it to the
New York Times became a millionaire and I’m sure he didn’t stop there and
continued on as as an entrepreneur but it goes to show you the power of
creating a website let’s talk about that here in just a little bit as far as a
strategy to make money with affiliate marketing okay I got a couple more this
one is smart passive income so this is Pat Flynn and he actually redid his
website he used two years ago he used to post income reports and basically he
would share with his audience on his website how much money he was making
from his website and the last one that I could find was in September of 2011 his
website generated one hundred in sixty three thousand dollars now for this one
in the next one that I’m going to share with you that’s not all affiliate income
okay it breaks down he started selling his own courses his own products and a
couple of other different things I think he had a couple niche websites where he
was selling as an affiliate but still you know Pat Flynn is an amazing
entrepreneur I’ve actually had the honour to meet him a couple of times
which is pretty cool and he didn’t stop there with affiliate
marketing in this website but he also last year just launched something called
the switch pod which is basically a selfie stick for DSLR cameras you can
set it down in a whole nother story but anyways this website was making a lot of
money even years ago that was in 2017 and a lot of it was affiliate income
let’s get to the next one I want to share with you which is from create and
go okay this is Alex and Lauren they actually sell a few a few courses on on
blogging on Pinterest traffic a couple of years ago I actually bought all of
their courses that they had and just amazing people okay but it’s
crazy to see the growth of their website as well so in December of 2019 they made
their website made in their business a hundred and thirty four thousand dollars
now again like I said not all of that is affiliate income and as a matter of fact
a lot of it is from selling their own courses but I also know that you
affiliate marketing inside of that as well and they’re promoting products and
services that they believe in and they make an income from that as well but
there’s a breakdown here if you guys want to go this called create and go
comm to check it out and then they kind of do a breakdown from their blog and
basically their business as a whole of the income which is is crazy when you
see how many months you know they’re breaking six figures now every single
month which is is is really cool okay so now let’s talk about the strategy if
you’ve made it this far in this video obviously you’re interested in and
seeing these examples of affiliate marketing I appreciate you for being
here so hit that thumbs up let’s talk about the tried and true strategies that
I implement that I use to this day that’s allowed me to generate my first
million dollars in affiliate commissions yes over a million dollars in affiliate
commissions and I want to share with you guys the tried and true long-term way to
to grow a business alright it doesn’t matter if it’s affiliate marketing or
you’re selling your own products or services okay
this is what works it’s been proven to work and as a matter of fact in some
form or another every example that I shared with you today is doing this okay
and it’s exactly what I do I will continue to do it but it has it has to
do with branding okay you’re building a brand that stands the test of time so
you can promote whatever you want and make money from it
okay now the the the strategy behind this is by providing value to the
marketplace okay just like this very video right now is
it’s providing some sort of value to the marketplace I know that when people
watch this this video specifically is to inspire people it is for people to
understand the Opera of affiliate marketing and how it still
exists to this day all right now you can do tons there’s tons of
other different ways that you can provide value to the marketplace all
right a lot of times I’ll do how-to videos all right and I’ll do maybe a
tutorial of how to do something and maybe I’ll link down as an affiliate
let’s just say I do how to do an email sequence or email marketing and then I
link to an email software I use and when people purchase through that affiliate
link I make Commission’s or I might may do as a sales funnel teach people how to
put together a sales funnel and I’ll do a how to video or step by step or I’ll
put something on my blog and inside of there maybe I’ll tell them how to start
a blog right I’ve done that and I’ve made a good amount of money with hosting
so people will click they’ll go and they’ll start purchasing using my
affiliate links and I make money that way but I want you guys to truly
understand the power of a brand in long term success all right I think that a
lot of people look for fly-by-night get-rich-quick strategies because when
they’re looking to build an online business they want the money now but
when it comes to long term success this is the strategy it is to provide value
to the marketplace and it builds your brand by doing so what does that allow
you to do allows you to build an email list it allows you to build fans and
followers who trust the advice that you’re giving and when you do this over
and over and over and you show up and you hustle people see that they notice
that hustle and not only that when you’re providing value to people they’re
going to remember you and they’re going to trust you and they’re going to buy
from you or they’re going to purchase other things that you recommend as an
affiliate it’s pretty simple it’s a simple strategy but most people are
looking for something that’s fast right and to be honest this is the fastest way
to success now I will tell you from personal experience I think that the
fastest way to make money with affiliate marketing is to play the long game like
I told you but if you want to make money faster okay
you’ve got to start producing at a higher level what do I mean by that well
let’s just say that you are creating a YouTube channel okay or you’re creating
blogs you’re writing articles it doesn’t matter what strategy you use but if you
want to move faster and make money faster and grow your income at a faster
rate rate you’ve got to produce more content and get yourself out into the
marketplace all right this is exactly what I did and it was proven to work
when I started having a couple back-to-back six-figure months this was
why it was because I started producing at a high level and at the time nobody
in my opinion in my niche was creating more content that helped people than me
and I truly believe that is why I saw the growth that I’ve I had all right now
today I’ve taken a break from that hustle and that sacrifice that I was
making at the time and now I have the luxury of not having to do that I don’t
have to create a video every single day I don’t have to write a blog post every
single day I don’t have to hustle my face off to make good money
I just don’t but I understand where most people are at if you’re watching this
and you don’t have a huge YouTube channel you don’t have a huge email list
here’s what I understand because I felt like I was there yesterday you must
understand that you can take business your business into your own hands
and you can grow it a lot faster by producing more valuable content than
everyone else and I say you you got a sacrifice all right low Nipsey Hussle
for you sacrifice hustle pay the price okay and it’s so true
have you been hustling have you sacrificed have you paid the price to
deserve your dream business the reality is most of you haven’t you haven’t
proven yourself to yourself that you’re willing to do the work to make it happen
so here’s that here’s the reality most people look at affiliate marketing they
look at online business and they see the success of people who’ve made it
right people who have done extraordinary things and they’re inspired by it and
I’m glad I hope that I inspire more people to start businesses and to grow
them but I will be completely transparent in the fact that you’ve
gotta sacrifice you gotta pay a price for success it does not come easy and a
lot of people will look at the success of other people they look at affiliate
marketers like myself and other people who have even gone on to do bigger
things and than me and they they connect with these people and say oh I’m gonna
do it I’m gonna start my business and they’re just not willing to hustle hard
enough and sacrifice for a short period of time in their life to be able to
create their dream business and in my opinion it’s it’s sad because I know
that a lot of people are capable of doing it they have the ability to do it
but they just they just don’t have that firm belief that it’s possible and I
know that I know that they don’t believe that it’s possible for them otherwise
they would make the sacrifice they would do it you would do it if you actually
believed in yourself that you could make it happen and I don’t know what your
income goals are but a lot of times it’s $10,000 a month right that was mine when
I first started say okay I want to get my business ten thousand dollars a month
well I know what it takes I got to create content I got a partner with
maybe affiliate programs or create my own content or my own programs I gotta
have something to sell obviously that should be number one is
you know you have to have something to sell as an affiliate or create your own
stuff and sell it and if you don’t you’re not gonna make money okay so
that’s number one number two once you have that in place and you start
creating content you just create the whole strategy of
what I’ve told you you create valuable content for the marketplace you do it
over and over and over and you get better you it can easily in my opinion
easily make a ten thousand dollar a month per month business by the end of
this year by the end of this year if you do that
you could be making easily ten thousand dollars a month by the end of this year
if you actually believed that you’d be putting other crap in your life on hold
that does not matter if if you actually believed that you’d put in the work and
you’d make the sacrifice you would sacrifice things most of you are working
jobs a full-time career or you have multiple jobs and you’re limited on your
time you would sacrifice a portion of that and you would focus on growing a
business that can change your life I know that most of you don’t believe it
because of what you’re showing me okay what you’re showing me in the work that
you put into your business every day or the lack thereof that’s how I know and I
do I here’s the other cool thing is I also know that a lot of you who do watch
my channel there are a very specific few of you that are putting in the work and
you are leveling up and guess what it’s a matter of time before you really reap
the rewards now a lot of you guys have you’re doing it you’re hustling you’re
in that sacrifice phase and I’m telling you it can be very stressful and it can
be very discouraging when you do it for a few months maybe six months go by
maybe even eight nine ten months go by and you’re still not at that level yet
and you’re wondering now the doubt starts to creep in you said should I
quit keep going and I’m telling you guys if you push through where most people
quit that’s where the biggest return on your time and financial investment
happens and it happened to me too and I almost quit in my business I’m glad I
didn’t and now I get to inspire so many people that’s what I love about YouTube
and I love online business is that because I didn’t quit I’ve now inspired
so many people to continue their journey as entrepreneurs whether it be affiliate
marketing or selling their own stuff or whatever
the case may be so if you like this video you got to hit that thumbs up I
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make the sacrifice to grow your business if you are or if you are in that phase
of sacrifice drop it in the comments and let’s have a conversation about it this
is Nathan with freedom influencer see you guys down in the comments section
and of course on the next video bye for now


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