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Affiliate Traffic Bots Review-⚡ALERT⚡Don’t Buy Affiliate Traffic Bots Without My Custom Bonuses👈👈

October 10, 2019

hey guys welcome to the demo and review
video of the affiliate traffic bots in this video I am going to review this new
cloud-based software and its name its affiliate traffic bots inside this
video I am going to talk about my bonuses first then I am going to show
you the demo video of this software and at the last I am going to talk about its
features so let us talk about my bonuses first so if you click the link in the
description of this video and get the affiliate traffic boards so then I am
going to give you my 7 custom and exclusive bonuses to you so you have to
just click this yellow button in order to get all these 7 bonuses my bonus
number one is affiliate marketing action plan so if you are struggling with
affiliate marketing then inside this bonus number one you will get a
step-by-step blueprint about affiliate marketing my bonus number two is
affiliate marketing booster in this bonus number 2 I am giving away my full
affiliate marketing training course that is going to show you how to make more
than one hundred dollars for a day online with affiliate marketing my bonus
number 3 is email list building training in this bonus number 3 I am going to
show you how to build your email list totally from scratch and how to make
profits from that along with this bonus number 3 I’m also going to share with
you my 10 done-for-you landing pages that you can use to capture the emails
of your visitors my bonus number 4 is youtube I rank jump course inside this
bonus number 4 I am going to show you how to rank any YouTube video in less
than 24 hours in the youtube search my bonus 5 is going on traffic in this
golden traffic training I am going to reveal my five secret traffic sources
that I am currently using to drive traffic to
affiliate offers my bonus number six is ultimate link building guide inside this
ultimate link building guide I am going to show you how to rank your affiliate
website on the first page of Google in 2019 and my seventh bonus is Facebook
Ads training course in this bonus number seven you will learn how to create
Facebook ads how to run Facebook ads and how to make money with those Facebook
ads so these are my seven custom and exclusive bonuses that I am going to
give you if you get the affiliate traffic bots by clicking the link in the
description of this video so that is all about my affiliate traffic bots bonuses
now let us talk about the affiliate traffic boards inside the affiliate
traffic boards you are getting seven softwares that are going to show you how
to drive traffic to affiliate offers so let us see all these seven software’s
inside this demo video first tool is niche money which is a very very
powerful tool for researching any niche not just for search marketing by the way
but this is very powerful for any kind of niche research whether it’s social or
local or video marketing this is really gonna allow you to find the most
profitable keywords you can see that there’s a hundred niches pre-loaded the
way that this one works let me just click on affiliate marketing for example
is it brings up the top domains in a particular niche and then what you can
do which is very cool is you can assign a relevance score very quickly as you
can see out of five for each of the domains so you can check the domains out
and ones that you think are similar to what you want to launch the product the
website you want to release you can just give them a mark like this and then when
you’re done of course you can see the SEO and PPC
data you click on export keywords and it’s going to rank the keywords that are
most relevant based on all the keywords that we found and based on where those
domains appear so it’s going to give you a relevant score and you can then either
export those keywords or run a search on keyword Titan which use the second tool
which is basically a keyword research tool for both SEO and youtube so you can
see that we’ve got some useful data here we can click this button to go back and
research on niche money we can click here to run a domain search using that
domain a very tool which is one of the tools included and that will then search
that keyword for available domains and we also have a very very cool website
creation tool all they need to do is enter their email passwords the username
which is gonna you know there’s no hosting or domain required it’s going to
create a page at this URL for them and then we just enter their Clickbank ID
and the keyword and it’s going to pre-fill and create a landing page with
content and also affiliate programs that relate to their chosen each preloaded
with their Clickbank ID let me just click this button and it’s going to go
ahead and create the website so that’s just three of the tools that are
included this is the main research tool as well and there’s a wordpress theme
and collectively this is going to allow people to drive very targeted traffic to
their websites as you can see there’s a huge done-for-you component this massive
automation era of a lot of the things that people crying out for traffic SEO
people you see website builders affiliate marketing it’s all going to be
there inside this five-in-one done for you suite and of course the
final reason to promote is EPCs is going to be 4k in prices no minimums gonna be
able to earn up to two hundred dollars with the funnel we’re going to be having
scarcity coupons all that kind of good stuff through the launch
and as you can see the lawn she said I’m doing with rich each and every time they
get better we become better when it comes to design when it comes to video
when it comes to the funnels and the EPCs reflect that the refund rates
reflect that customers love these products
JB’s love promoting and we definitely hope that you gonna be on board to
promote affiliate traffic BOTS when we go live on both jvzoo and clickbank so
thanks for checking out the page on behalf of myself and rich and I look
forward to seeing your success with traffic BOTS so guys how was the demo
video of this affiliate traffic bots I hope you liked it and I highly recommend
you to get the affiliate traffic bots talking about the price of this software
then it comes in two versions affiliate traffic bots
I think it’s light version and affiliate traffic bots it’s a pro version the
price of the light version is $26 and that of the pro version is $16 and I
highly recommend you to go and get the affiliate traffic bots because it is
really an amazing collection of six different cloud-based softwares
also you are getting 100 done-for-you niches one hundred thousand websites
crawled and 100 thousands done for you keywords inside this software so I
highly recommend you to get the affiliate traffic bots and I am giving
this software 4.9 rating out of five and I highly recommend you to get this
software so that is all about my affiliate traffic bots review and see
you in the next video guys

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