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Air Fryer Meal /The Purchase that Waste my money !

January 26, 2020

everybody and welcome to my home today
I’m going to do something a little different
I love cookbooks I have about 80 of them I love researching them and reading them
and getting ideas but I thought maybe you would like to know what I cooked
this week and some of the meals that I made now of course this isn’t everything
we ate it’s just I took two meals and I thought I would share with you what we
make for a family of two I hope you stay tuned I’d start doing some meals where I’m
just sharing how to cook for two people a lot of the people on my channel it’s
either one person or two people or it’s just a small family instead of making
big huge meals I thought I would just share with you what I make and what I
make on an everyday daily basis I thought maybe you’d like to see what
kind of foods that we cook of course come February I’m going to go back to
cooking out of my cooking actually using recipes but I thought for just a little
bit I would just share with you what I make thought of people ask me to do
videos on my pantry and the thing is that I make out of my pantry as you know
I haven’t been going to the grocery store hardly at all in fact the last 30
days I only went to get milk and cheese and dairy products
I really didn’t buy anything else and I haven’t been to the discount grocery
store but I’m going to be going with my daughters and this would be the first
time in two months that I went so I’m really excited about that but I’m really
trying to eat foods that we have here in my pantry and that’s what all of you
want to see you would like to see if foods that I can door foods that I had
that were in my pantry and I thought I would share with you some things that I
made and some things I made this week so let’s get right into the video and I’ll
share with you I hope you enjoy it today I’m going to be using my airfryer
I know it’s something a little bit modern but it really can help when
you’re busy in the kitchen so we’re gonna make some grilled chicken breasts
and I’m gonna have some baked potatoes and who knows what else I’m gonna find
everybody so I have my airfryer and I’ve only used this a few times on my videos
but I really like using the airfryer for certain items and so this is the first
time I’m gonna use it for chicken breasts I love it for chicken nuggets
for french fries I love it for grilled cheese sandwiches but today I have some
chicken breasts and I have a marinating and I have been marinating in a missus
McCormick and this is a chicken breast marinade
this one is lime so it’s going to be a lime and pepper flavor so let’s get
started making this and we’ll see how it turns out all right so we’re gonna just
put the chicken in the air fryer I know a lot of people have any air fryer and a
low no a lot of people don’t have an air fryer so basically if you don’t have an
air fryer just put this in your oven but I want to try the chicken breast in an
air fryer all right so it’s three pieces and it is marinated really simple i
marinated overnight now we’ll put it in our air fryer and see how it tastes
where I got free as a product review almost a year ago and I’ll share with
you then Inc above here so I’ll share that with you in case you’re interested
in seeing what how this vera fryer is all right so I’m gonna go with the
setting where it says chicken I think there’s a setting yes poultry so it’s
setting number five so we just go to number five and start all right we’ll
see how it tastes and with you what I’m working on today
for a meal I had to share something with you now you’re all gonna laugh at me so
it’s been really cold here and so I thought wouldn’t it be neat to get a
couple blankets some nice brown blankets to go with my house I thought it would
be nice to have something fuzzy and warm to cuddle up with and you know I love
Brown and I got a brown rug for Christmas well I went on eBay and they
had a sale and you know me I love sales and I thought well this is gonna be
great it was on sale for six dollars instead of twelve six dollars I thought
this is great so they had different sizes and one of them was called a lack
cover well I thought oh can that cover would be you know like a baby’s crib who
would be something you know that I could use and for the price you can’t go wrong yeah this is my cover that I bought um I
don’t know what you would call it but it’s even too small for an animal I
would think so there you go everybody this is the bargain of the week yeah
I’m pretty dumb I know but I thought hubby could have won and I could have
won so hubby and I are going to tonight
snuggle with our covers he gets his it will keep the top half of me nice and
warm and I I’ll have mine there you go so that’s my buy of the week I had to
show you that I just had to show you that now in my my
idea is I’m just gonna have to use in my tea towels or to dry like dishes put put
them underneath my dish drainer what’s gonna happen it’s gonna be used for
drying my dishes yep as you know years ago I did a video on
my broom and boy did I ever get some feedback on that because I felt like the
dummy because I bought a broom that was only this big and I didn’t realize when
it was for I thought I was scammed well here take a look at this video you’ll
get a laugh at this one it’s right up here alright so put these away and I’ll
show you what I’m working on $4 4900 Wayans and we made them once
before and they weren’t that great so I thought today I’m gonna see once if I
can make them better than what I had before
so what I’m doing is I’m gonna actually should have had my cutting board but I
don’t feel like getting out so what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna cut them this
way a little thinner because they were too thick before but you know when you
buy something and you don’t necessarily like it you know you still you still got
to use it all right so just pound it a little bit
like this all right so what I’m going to do is I’m going to wash my hands and
then I’ll show you what I do next got this salad dressing at the food
pantry and we don’t really care for it but I think I can use it as a dip for in
this chicken that’s my idea and then I got bread crumbs as you know I put it
together this was at the food pantry but then I added my own seasonings to it so
we’re just gonna dip our chicken into the salad dressing I think this is going
to be really perfect for it I got a lot of this they were they were giving them
by the case and you know what I think this is gonna be perfect way to use them it just uses like half a bottle up once again it’s time for Feeny’s diary
we are on January the 22nd 1944 Danny writes I helped to strip tobacco in the
morning and in the evening in the afternoon we went up to the locker in
town because they cut our beef in town where they kept their large freezer
where they put their food from the garden they also had a there was a
butcher up there and that is where their beef and their cattle were taken when
they wanted to have their meat to put in their locker so they would have their
very own butcher that would be up there that would take care of the beef for
them a question do I always stay dressed like this after the filming of my videos
well no not at all in fact after I’m filming my videos I take off all these
nice clothing that I have because I don’t want to get messed up then I put
on my homesteading clothes you know I dress up to show you a nice presentation
in my videos but actually I do so much work with hauling out slop buckets and
working with water and feeding chickens I don’t want to get my nice clothing
dirty even though it’s sweatshirts these are like brand-new sweatshirts and like
my mother always said after church Tessie put your clothing away and get
out your plate clothes and so after my videos I like to take off the nice
clothing and put on my play clothes so in a moment you’re gonna see what I
really look like what I don’t have my camera on and so this is what I look
like this is what I look like most of the time when I’m not videotaping as you
know I wear these sweatshirts but I have two of everything so I have one nice
hood then one that has the stains on it because I try to look as presentable as
I can so you I have to show you my wardrobe you guys would not believe what
my wardrobe looks like because I don’t know there’s anybody that has a wardrobe
like mine I’m a tomboy when it comes to dressing up I am a tomboy I wear
sweatshirts and sweatpants and so I have two green sweatshirts one
just like this that’s nice one like this that’s dirty
pink and all different colors and so that is my signature is wearing my
bright colored sweatshirts and actually these are men sweatshirts believe it or
not these are men sweatshirts and I like getting the men’s sweatshirts they’re
more roomier because I am a big girl and so I like having these sweatshirts
believe it or not before my youtube videos buy more all black I wore black
sweatshirts black pants black shirts everything was black but because of you
don’t need to I just really decided to just express myself with the bright
colors and this is what I like to wear so there you go
t-shirts sweatshirts they’re all Hanes and they’re all men’s even the bright
colors even the pink ones are men’s gotta love me hey everybody if you like
videos like these take a look down below take a look at down below on my
old-fashioned way of living I hope you enjoyed them see you guys tomorrow


  • Reply Helen Mathieu January 23, 2020 at 6:34 pm

    I change my clothes too ! I have " House clothes " and " Work Clothes" AND I wear my husband's sweatshirts, t-shirt and sweaters.

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  • Reply Betty Adkisson January 23, 2020 at 7:15 pm

    I do the same thing. I even have a set I wear for the garden. On the Turkey breast tenderize them stuff them with stuffing spinach& cheese and roll them up. It's tasty. And I do steaks the same way. My husband and kids loved them.

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  • Reply reneyc723 January 23, 2020 at 7:40 pm

    My grandma used lap covers this size to keep her knees warm, with the mid calf length dresses she wore it helped with modesty and arthritic knees

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    Tessie Ivegot to share my story simi5to your brown blanket. My dad (back in 1990)saw a postcard I recieved about winning a sweepstakes, I knew it was a scam but he just insisted I couldnt pass up getting a 15 peice of luggage for a $5 processing fee. So i sent the money. A few weeks later this package, a small brown envelope arrived. I opened it to find my 15 peices of cheaply made nylon "lugage"!!🤣 We all laughed so hard it hurt. Every once in awhile i would say "Daddy remember when i bought that luggage" he would check the oil or wash my car.😉 I miss him terribly but have lots of sweet memories.

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    Oh Tessie..sorry about the lap cover🤭It reminds me of the broom you ordered around a year ago …lol . So many things are misrepresented on line. You can return Blessings for you and your family🙏🏻🦋

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