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February 14, 2020

hi everyone welcome back to my channel
and if you’re new welcome I’m Nydia I’m a married working mama of two baby girls
and my videos are all about mom life today I’m excited to do a little
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to a little fun give me a guess below on how many times total you saw me go up or
down the stairs in this video for today’s video you’re in for some major
claiming motivation and if you’re looking for an extra-long clean along
with me well you’ve come to the right place hello guys welcome to today’s
video OMG yeah I’ve got my work cut out for me
we had a roof leak and this is the result of it I really hope I’m gonna get
this done because it is a total disaster I don’t even know what to say I’m I’m
I’m like speechless I don’t even know what to say about it it’s bad I was
debating whether I was even gonna film this because I don’t even have a spot I
don’t think to put this stuff away because all of our closets are ripped
out now we don’t have that many closets to begin with in this house even though
there’s a lot of square footage so yeah this is going to be interesting but I
really want to get this clean though both children are going to be watched
here over the next month they’re not going to be at their caregivers house
and we have been having a lot of rain so I want them to have the option to come
down here and play with their stuff so wish me luck and I’m gonna get started honey I’m perfect in whoa honey Hudson yeah and totally out of my way with us I
do not know what I am doing I think I’m going to move all the toys down there to
the toy section and then deal with this heavy stuff after that it goes this comes giving to journalists certified
my body to be sorry is fine my weakness constant oppose my weakness
comes and goes I’m reaching out for the easy okay guys I’m already dying but I’m
going to show you what I have going on so over here I have stuff that’s gonna
go in the garage or leave the house and then I have emani’s clothing or blankets
all the stuff needs to be washed because it got wet it’s damp so I’m going to
salvage whatever I can and I think I’m gonna put those in our guest room for
now just until the closet is you know back to normal where I can store things
so yes I have to carry all the stuff up now it’s going to be brutal and then
over here this is actually cards and pictures I have in here that I’ve had
forever that I never sorted now I really regret it because it’s very heavy and I
don’t know what I’m gonna do with it and then I have a bunch of stuff here I
think most of the stuff we can get out of the house but if not I’m gonna put it
in the garage like the extension cord there we have some tools over here I’m
gonna donate this container it came with something I thrifted and then over here
I’ve separated out some storage containers that were in the closet a toy
bag there these are tiles ceiling tiles I think we’re gonna donate those to the
habitat of Humanity ReStore and then I put all of the toys to the back here
that need to be organized and put away if you know me then you know I’m crazy
about keeping the parts together and I’m always so good about that because we
have like hundreds and hundreds of toys we have a full playroom down here and
that’s exactly what I envisioned for our children and their friends and our
friends children but I haven’t been able to put things away that should actually
be the easy part because everything does have a home so to speak it’s just
everything else that’s displaced that I have to figure out what I’m gonna do
with it that closet down there is the only actual storage closet in the house
and it’s very small so I pack up to the ceiling but I organize it very well so
I’m going to put everything back in there that’s a closet
I can you now so I put all the holiday things here
that were displaced and yeah I’m gonna put all that stuff back in the closet
which is this basically home decor or holiday decorations
wish me luck if anyone is wondering why I look like a weirdo going down the
stairs I broke my foot I shattered it and I still have trouble with the stairs
it’s still healing so if you broke your foot don’t try this at home
carrying all this heavy stuff but this is mom life this house isn’t gonna clean
itself so let’s go upstairs and deal with the
mess that I’m landing in my foyer I can’t leave this here for my toddler to
have a field day with so for now I’m just gonna put it up in my spare bedroom
another time I’m gonna start washing and reorganizing and sorting and I have to
take this now all the way up there okay let me show you what that looks
like that is all clean laundry oh yes there
is so regular cleaning to do after this so this is one of our guest bedrooms and
it’s needed some attention I do clean it regularly but this is where a lot of
stuff goes that we’re sorting through and monies things from the Attic and
things like that for Evangeline so now I have this huge pile here this won’t even
be a Power Hour because I have to wash a lot of it like totally out of breath but
yeah you can see that this needed to be picked up and something’s donated to
begin with that’ll have to be for another day hanging by a thread all the words you said
breaking free from this conformity all righty then
I put that into a nation to see if my husband would rescue it but he didn’t so
I guess it wasn’t important I’m sure you can tell how difficult this
cleaning day was and the damage to the house was more than the cost of a luxury
car but when something like this happens you always have to remember how much
worse it could have been and just be grateful for what you have my husband
was just saying how he loves our old kitchen table more today than 10 years
ago when he bought it because he has his own family sitting at it now and I think
that’s just the perspective that we have to be okay I’m upstairs now I am a wild woman
like a complete disaster I am just a dust ball I have to take my daughter to
gymnastics this morning I stayed home from work to do that today I’m taking
off the morning and so I’ve been doing this at all all this work at the crafts
that one this morning just so that I could be there to take her for
gymnastics make up so I have to stop shortly and get myself together looking
presentable so I’m going to try to find a home for these items here this is
going into my mudroom where the light is not on obviously and then these items
I’m just gonna put in my garage for my husband to get rid of just try to
quickly do that right now just to kind of wrap up my time I went off so I
didn’t finish that part so I’m actually gonna have to start there when I get
back yes okay guys so I’m off to pick up a money for gymnastics yeah as I said I
stayed home this morning from work so that I could bring her to her makeup
because it’s really important to me that I’m there for these things unfortunately
I’m not always there for everything I missed a lot of her first
rolling-over and her first word and a lot of those things but this is
something that I’m in control of I can take the morning off and take her to her
makeup so that’s what I’m gonna do now I left her at her normal caretaker this
morning so that I can get all the stuff done and then later on in the day I’m
actually gonna work from home oh there’s a deer here Wow buddy you better watch
where you’re going well that was close so I put on gym
clothes as if I was going to the gym myself because this is mommy and me
gymnastics and it is like gymnastics for mommy where you get to basically where
you get to basically chase your toddler for the entire time believe it or not
guys my two-year-old is not perfect actually she is a crazy and maniac I
love her so much but that’s the truth she is just a wild child and she doesn’t
listen to directions at gymnastics and I spend basically the entire time chasing
her because it’s hands-on obviously can’t film during that time but I think
it’s important to acknowledge that yeah our kids are not perfect she’s not
perfect she’s been going to this class for a couple of months and now she’s
falling getting the hang of it so she’s paying attention but when she first got
there she thought that she was out of play gym and she just wasn’t paying
attention at all to the teacher and trying to run away to different areas of
the gym this is going to be just more exercise for mommy on top of what I just
did in the basement there’s a money there you are
well we can’t really see you that well we’re going to where we going
gymnastics yeah it’s gonna be so fun yeah kochu who’s your coach who’s your
coach Oh your coach is Imani grace Wow you’re lucky and enjoying my youtube
channel and connecting with you all and I know that a lot of you have your own
channels you know lately I have noticed unnecessary comment and I have seen on
other peoples pages you know I’ve never really noticed that before
people leaving comments that are nasty like they’re going out of their way I
gave them mommy’s so much credit who handled it with grace or just ignore it
I don’t know what do you guys think about that because I’m not that person I
will slap back if you come in my home and insult me or insult my children I
just feel like sometimes it’s necessary for people to be put in their place like
a lot of bullies they’ll just continue bullying on until you snap them back
maybe that is because I am the product of corporate America but yeah I’ve just
learned to snap back what do you guys think I mean I know that there’s one
school of thought not to give it any negative energy but on the other hand
like somebody is going off their way to leave an unkind comment I just feel
obligated that’s just my personal view so I don’t know let me know what you
guys think you just ignore it and not give it any energy or do you stick up
for yourself and put that person in their place the other thing I’m thinking
about like if it were to be Imani and I’d want her to stick up for herself
I wouldn’t want her to just ignore it sometimes you can’t just ignore it so
yeah I mean that’s the other thing I think about early what should we do with
our spare time when I say hello YouTube friends say hi welcome to my channel
thank you for watching bye how about let’s give some shoutouts let’s give
some shout out to our new YouTube friends
how about shout out to Nicki B or a loving life as Megan or Gillian Starling
yeah some of our new favorite channels andrea jean ruff kitchen variety cooking
I’m drawing a blank now Melissa T yeah Anna C yes thank you for subscribing
guys are doing a great job on your channel and I really appreciate your
support what do you think of money some shout
outs are in order oh yeah it’s a monster
geez oh no it’s broken
oh yeah it’s definitely broken nope it’s broken what number is that excellent job I’d go get you so sure so there I worked a half-day and back at
it see keep
take it easy take it easy and you know how to forget all the wrongs and every Sun bar we’ve
changed and there’s a storm inside my head it’s getting me in trouble baby and
I can break believe it or not this was an easy part
of the cleanup just because we have a system for storing our toys they always
go back to the same place so I was just my photo pilot at this point even my
two-year-old those what’s on the higher shelves and she will ask me to get
specific boxes down she’s only two and she knows where everything goes I am feeling lonely in a born amidst
answer and they’re right they need this Aldi for those girls live me up this
time alright guys so sorry for their weird lighting I really not good at
lighting I have this big light behind me here but obviously it’s not positioned
properly anyways I had groceries delivered so I’m gonna go take care of
that now I have a lot of just regular household duties to do so I’m gonna have
to quit for now just like shoving things in the container so there’s a lot of
loose things in here where normally each thing would be in its own sandwich bag
or baggie and everything would be organized like a home within a home I
guess you could say so I need to come back to that at some point yeah so it’s
much much better I can definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel
no pun I have my light there but yeah I can definitely see digging out of this
mess if you guys are interested in how I organize this playroom with tons and
tons of toys I do have a video on it I think there we have some added some
things to it since that video but yeah we have tons and tons of toys
there’s no apologies for having all these toys and we love our playroom and
it’s just a place where children could come and be free and learn and enjoy
themselves so alright I’m gonna go upstairs and start my chores up there
and I’ll see you later hi guys I know I’m looking so Haggard
right now i i am i finished working i cleaned up the entire upstairs and but
the kids and put them to bed and now i’m like practically at delirious but i
really want to get this picked up so that i can vacuum tomorrow
but I’m gonna finish strong tonight I can’t vacuum at night because we have a
central back and you can hear it running all through the house so it’s really
loud yeah voices getting near breath
hardest pumping thoughts are running wild you got a good thing goin why we
got a feel simplified here’s the second day after everything is vacuumed I love
a fresh of vacuum worked I’m so happy I’ve been able to get this
done because the weather hasn’t been good and my children have been having a
blast down here I hope this gave you lots of cleaning motivation don’t forget
to subscribe and leave your starck out in the comment below thank you so much
for watching and I’ll see you in my next video we


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