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AllnOne Loom | Chain Cast On in-the-round | Clockwise

November 8, 2019

– [Kristen] In today’s video, we are casting on in-the-round on the AllnOne loom. (upbeat music) Welcome to GoodKnit
Kisses we’re all about helping your stitch your
love and love your stitches. The AllnOne is great because
we can work it in-the-round, such as a hat like this or
a cowl that you can also work it flat panel or
take these sliders out on either end and push it
together for double knitting. So today we wanna work
in-the-round, continuously, just as this one is doing here. And I wanna point out something
special that I’m doing. So you can see that I
have removed these sliders from the bolts on the
ends on this end here and marked my first peg,
as well as down here. And then I just loosen
it, and then slide it into the position and count
how many stitches I need, and then tighten it up. Okay so now you would
normally assume to do that on one end, but maybe this
end, you normally would keep this slider around this bolt, because that’s the way it comes. But if you will go
ahead and take it off before you start, you
can do something like a decrease crown,
such as on here, to where you have
a nice smooth look, and you have more
flexibility to be able to actually move
these sliders around while you’re working
on your project. Alright, that being
said, lets go ahead and adjust your loom. Pause your video as you
need and then count out how many stitches that you need. I usually suggest that you
do a multiple of two or four, or even a multiple of eight,
which divides really well when you wanna do
a decreased crown. So go ahead and get it adjusted to the right amount of stitches. Pause your video and come back. And we will start
doing a cast on. Alright in this video,
I’m going to show you how to make a chain cast on. You need a crochet hook, or
you can use your fingers, and then you’re going to
need your yarn of choice. Now if you would like of
a type of cast on video, I have some down
in the links below to all of the overview
of my cast ons. And you can pick the
one that works best for the pattern you’re choosing. I’m choosing this one because
it has a nice clean edge. This is a chained edge. You can see how it has these
lovely V-shaped designed stitches that go around. So it mimics the knit stitch from the side, which is actually
just a nice little chain, like a crochet. So we’re gonna do that. We’re gonna place a slip
knot however you like it. I just wrap it around
twice for my finger. Lift the back loop over
the front slightly, and then do it one more time. Up and over the
tip of my finger. Okay and then I’m going
to grab a crochet hook and place it onto my hook. And now I’m going to
put the hook at the back and between my first
and second peg. Now I’m working in
this direction here. I’ll flip the video to
do right or left handed. On my video, I’m
working to the left and that is the way my
pattern is going to go so I’m just choosing
that direction today. You can do it in
either direction. Alright so I’m going to wrap
the yarn around my first peg, with this working yarn. Alright. And then I’m going to
put my crochet hook in between here. Just pick a hook that will
go in between the pegs. And then we’re just gonna
wrap around the working yarn and pull through the
loop on the hook. Now this first one is a
little bit harder to do. I’ll just use my fingers here. Okay so I pulled it off. It’s a little bit fussy here. So I’m just gonna
place it right back on. You can see, I’m just being
nice and loose with it. And now I can pull
a little tighter. So what that does behind
here, is it creates a little bitty chain. It’s harder to see now with
these smaller stitches, but it’s there. And now I’ve got a
loop on the back. When I go to the next
stitch here, the next peg, I’m just gonna put my hook here. And then I’m gonna yarn over. So wrapping it with
that working yarn. Pull through the
loop, right here. And it creates a chain
on the back again. And now I’ll go
into the next one. You can see that that next
one is gonna create a chain. So the inside is gonna have
two stitches or two loops and then the outside has one. Okay so I’m just gonna yarn over and keep pulling
through like that. And again, you can
use your fingers. Some people take this
loop from the back and pull it through the
front, and then kind of mess with it up front. There are videos
around to see that. And this is just the way
I’m teaching it today. So go ahead and keep doing that. When you get to the end of
this straight away here, this slider, you can turn it. And then go between
the next peg. And you’re gonna go around this this first peg on
the other side here. When it lines up, make sure
that your slider is lined up with these pegs here. And then just keep
going along the side. Pause your video and continue
working on all your stitches. And go all the way
around until you get to this very beginning. I’m gonna show you a nice
little trick to join. Alright see you soon. Alright so I am at the end,
and I have this last peg done. The first peg, of course
has that one loop on it. And then it has a chain
going from the first peg to the second peg. But I have this one last loop. And I can place this one
last loop on this first peg. And be done with it, yes. And I’ve told that in the past. But there’s actually
a different way and I really like this next way. If you go ahead and
just cast on one more and go back on that
number one peg. And then come through
again, you’re gonna get a nice chain going from the
last peg to the first peg. And then just place this very
last loop on the second peg. So your first and second peg
will have two loops on it. And so you can go ahead
and lift up and over on this first one like that. And then go ahead and
start working your pattern. And when you start working
this next stitch here, go ahead and treat these
two stitches as one. So if you were to knit
this first stitch, you go ahead, and then
yarn is coming out. It looks like it’s
actually coming out from between these two. But go ahead and knit this
first stitch, or purl, whatever your pattern
says, go ahead and do that. And when you work
your number two peg, then you will just knit
both of those two over or purl those two together. Alright so that’s how
you cast on in-the-round. Just continue working
on your next project. Or you can click
down the link below for the next video coming. And we’ll talk about
the Boyfriend Hat. See you soon. Thanks for joining us today. Where we help you stitch your
love and love your stitches. See you again soon.

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