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March 10, 2020

Ahoj. This is Zdenka. Today, is just
easy video, very relaxed, a lot of fun, frequently asked questions. And we will
reveal the comment of the year. For the new faces, my name is Zdenka Darula. If you want to learn how to take better photos and videos with the latest gear and
participate in creative camera challenges, consider subscribing. About a
week ago, I posted a request under the community tab on my youtube channel
where you could write any questions you might have for me to answer and today is
the time when I’m gonna be answering all of them. The questions will pop on this
side so you will see exactly who it is from. Let’s get started with the first
one. Can you please do a review of 16mm F/1.4 EFM lens? Very similar one. Can you please do a video on insta 360 onex cam for
vlogging… is it or not??? I would love to review all these products but there is a
little problem. I unfortunately don’t have access to such products and you are
asking a lot of times for quite expensive or new products or very
important products. The way it works here on YouTube is that the larger channel you
have, the easier is to actually get those products for review. With my size of the
channel about 34,000 right now and thank you very much for all the support and
the number is amazing, it grew a lot, I don’t have access to those. Even if I try
to contact the company, they look at the stats and they decide if it’s worth for
them to send me something like that for review or not. So maybe in the future,
once the channel gets bigger, but right now I’m quite limited and I can only
review, I can only show you products which they feel they can send and is
worth to show my audience. What is the best free editing app I can use? I don’t
want to pay for apps and to where and when did you used to model? Can we see
some pics? When it comes to video editing apps, I
created a video on that. The link will be again in the video description below.
When it comes to free apps, free apps will be quite limited. You will be able
to do some things, just a very basic things but don’t expect anything more
advanced. When it comes to modeling, I think I’ve done it for about 17 years
and truthfully I’m very happy I’m not doing it anymore. There was lots of up and
downs, I could talk hours about that. Where my images were published? Quite a
bit catalogues, Sears, the Bay, I did a bit of runaway work, I did a lot of
commercials, a lot of print as well, it’s just been so much. Some of the images are
popping up here. And the last year of my modeling career, the highlight was pretty
much cover of Playboy. I know I have asked this before but could you do a
step-by-step video on Premiere Pro? There are plenty out there but they are too
fast and don’t really explain it in enough detail for the absolute beginner. That’s
something I still need to hold on, hold off a little bit because I’m not very
skilled in Adobe Premiere Pro yet. So once I catch up and know it myself very
thoroughly, then I might create something like that. I find your videos as I planned on getting a gimbal. I ended up getting the
Osmo mobile 3 and currently watching your tutorial and I really appreciate
them. A question i would have, would be, what makes you want to start a vlog on
camera equipment? We appreciate you. When I was 15 years old, I said I would never
ever be able to work as a photographer. About four years ago I said, I could
never ever work as a videographer. I don’t know what happened and I’m sitting
here doing all this. I am taking YouTube channel as my job so when I started my
youtube channel, I started talking about modeling. Then I bought the first gimbal
DJI Osmo 2, create a few videos on that and I realized that people really liked it.
And then I also realized that I can use all my knowledge from photography and
mix it with the video, so it took a natural turn there. I didn’t really plan
it and since again I’m taking this as my job, I create videos based on
what people really like, based on responses from you, what you want to
see, what you want me to create. What setting is would you recommend for the
Canon M50 for flying birds, heroes, egrets? To be honest, I don’t do nature
photography. I don’t take photos of birds. It would be probably the same like
sports photography, so you need very fast shutter speed and very fast lens. So
lower aperture, faster shutter speed, it’s hard to tell because again, I haven’t
really photographed that. You would have to ask somebody who does that specifically.
Hi Zdenka. Greetings from Poland. Oh, Neighbour. Awesome channel and its owner. You
know how to share your knowledge very well. I have got, I’ve got Galaxy S10 +
too and I appreciate your mobile tutorials the most which is
already obvious. I have a very old PC system so I can edit my videos only on
my cell phone. Do you have your favorite video editing app available in Google
Play? Could you do the comparison several of them teaching us how to edtit a video
using one of them, among them? Is there any available free of charge? Tthank you for the answer. Bblessings. Again on editing apps
I already created a video in the past. Link is in the video description below.
Right now I will suggest actually Filmora Go or also Kinemaster but I
would rather go with the Filmora Go. I will be making a video how to edit and
colorgrade video on your smartphone. One of the apps I’m gonna be using is Filmora Go. That should be coming up pretty soon. Just a thumbs up. Thank you. Next one… oh boy…. Jao Zdenka. Ja Sam se sva spetljala. Kako ovo sve. … nista ne znam vise. Sto… te vise shvatam manje mi je jasno. okay. The problem is my name Zdenka is originally from Czech
Republic and I know that they use this name in other countries in Eastern
Europe as well. A lot of people automatically assume I understand
those languages. I don’t. I’m very sorry. I have no idea what this means and you
probably had a very good kick out of it as I was reading this. I would like to
ask politely everyone when you are commenting under the videos to please
use English language, not Arabic, not Chinese and all that. For me, it’s very
time consuming to take the comment out, put it in a translator and then try to
translate it. You know I can’t do that. I’m very limited with time so please use
English only or Czech and Slovak. If you had a time machine, what three events or
historical figures would you most want to photograph? Would you use a photograph or use a video with sound?Sometimes sound can actually detract from the
compositions impact surprisingly. Very good question. I had to think about it
for a few minutes. I think I have an answer. Right now when it comes to
history to be honest I always hated history at school. I loved math and all
the other stuff but I’m not a very historical person. But there are three
events which I could actually go back to. First one was when I was a kid and I
grew up in the village, we had all the freedom in the world. Our parents
kicked us out, said go play, come back at five o’clock or something like that. The kids these days don’t have that. I would love to document, take photos of us
being little. Whatever we could do and how amazing childhood we had before we
had all the electronics, phones, Playstations and all that. The second one
would be and I really don’t know which year it was, when Michael Jackson had a
concert in Prague. Many, many years ago. I was working about an hour east of Prague
in one of the small radio stations as a radio announcer. All of my collegues went to watch the concert but they made me stay in the radio and work night shift. I had
to cover everybody’s shifts and everyone else had fun and they actually even
called me live to the radio and I had to air it out describing how much
fun they had and I had to sit there and suck it up. The third option I would use
time machine hopefully a little bit forward. I don’t
know….. I love figure skating and I would do anything to be able to either
photograph or do video of either or Elvis Stojko or Kurt Browning. Bless up Zdenka and good day eh! I appreciate your time and expertise and
I hope you all enjoy the weekend. My question would be along the lines of
what is next in regards to challenging yourself much like you did with your
skating competition? Are there any skills, bucket list type of endeavors that you
are going to pursue? If so please share. Well, yes. Another skating competition is
coming up in a month and should be April 4th or 5th I believe, so I’m getting
ready for that. I already broken into the new skates so all is good and now it’s
just up to me to make the routine better for the next one. When it comes to
skills, there are two right now. Well my coach and a few other coaches,
local coaches said that I would never be able to do proper sit spin in figure
skating to go low enough and also they claim that adults cannot learn to
jump axel. But I know they are wrong. I know they are wrong. I’ve seen many
adults online which also started figure skating in their late years and it
is possible. I see many adults doing sit spins and I see them jumping axes and
all that, so those comments really, really got into me and they really got
me angry I would say. I’m not saying anything to them but in my mind I’m
gonna prove them wrong. So that’s my goals for next years. Definitely get the
sit spin all the way down and learn how to do axel. If you could any other
youtube creator to collaborate with on any subject, who would it be and what
would the video be about? Well, I’ve been looking last few weeks into
collaborations and I’m looking for a channel with the similar size of mine
because the way it works on YouTube is only fair if you find someone who’s got
the same number of subscribers as you do. and then you pretty
much do collab that way. Bigger youtubers are now gonna collaborate with
you. They are looking for also in their level
other creators but I actually found recently I think his name is Teppo Hapooja
and he has about thirty five thousand subscribers right now. I’ve been working
yesterday and today slowly on putting ideas together which I’m gonna
definitely write down and create a proper proposal to him before I even
sent him anything. I want to make sure I have a solid plan before I contact him.
As far as big youtubers go, number one for me is Brandon Lee. He is Mr
videographer, he is Mr filmmaker. He’s somewhere else. I like all the other ones
you know Peter McKinnon and all that but Brandon Lee to me is something else.
Whole different level. Photoshop or no Photoshop? Would you photoshop in elements that weren’t in the original photo or change
things out like replacing the sky? What’s your take on this debate? Very
interesting question. It comes to your personal taste and my personal taste is.
I don’t like when people do that. I don’t like when people replace items in the
photos. To me those are not photos anymore, that’s a digital art. Photos to
me is capturing the moment as it was capturing ,the historical action or the
person but once you take the sky out, that’s not what it was all about. that’s
not how it really was, it’s a digital art. But at the same time I realize that lot of
people like that and actually prefer that. And the last comment is here. This
one I picked from all the previous comments I was getting on YouTube channel and it is actually the best comment of the Year 2019. I had a good laugh over it. If
this old lady can do it, then it must be easy. Is this any better? Well, hit the thumbs
up if you like to this video. For those wondering, the music I was using at the
beginning is from the epidemic sound. I will link that particular song in the
video description below. If you sign up to epidemic sound, you get the first
month free. The link is there. Subscribe to all future videos and if you have any
questions, comments or simply want to say hi, you can do so in a comment
section below and I will see you all of my friends in the next video. Cau… Ahoj…

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