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AMarkets — international forex broker. $15 000 000 payouts to affiliates already!

October 12, 2019

This is the sound of money. This is the sound of business. Share some not obvious traffic source for
advertising trading. I’d like to show you our secret department. Secret department. Our monthly turnover is more than 10 billion
dollars. So, what did you prepare for us? Oh my God. Yes, it’s a real financial market. Hi, peeps! ZorbasMedia continues to travel the world
to learn affiliate marketing inside and out. Today I found myself in a very unexpectable
place — the city called Podgorica, which is the capital of Montenegro. And I am here today to interview the company
that made their affiliate program a main source of attracting new customers, an online broker
AMarkets. They have been around for more than 10 years
and have gained a lot of experience promoting financial products in the Internet. So, let’s try to figure out together both
how to profit from running traffic to online brokerage firm and how to establish a solid
affiliate program that affiliates want to participate to. But before we start, let me introduce you
Alex, the head of affiliate program at AMarkets. Hi, Alex! Hey, Roman! Welcome to Montenegro. Three features that make Binom Tracker good
for working with Google. Integrated landings. You can save your landing inside the tracker. It will then be opened by the campaign URL
without any redirects. Google doesn’t like them. Domain checks for Google blocking. Binom checks your landings’ domains automatically
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an action. You will receive a notification then. For example, if your LPCTR is less than 30,
Binom will switch your rotation automatically. Try Binom Tracker with our discount. Details in the description. So, here we are. This is the main entrance to our office.I’m
a little bit excited because nobody never visited our office and recorded video here,
that’s why. Let’s do it. This is the first experience. Nice. Welcome to AMarkets. Hi! Hi! Welcome to AMarkets. Before we start to talk actually affiliate
marketing… Yeah. That’s our main focus. I wanted to ask you a little bit about, you
know, the business itself. Is it correct to say that A-Markets is a forex
broker? Not really. You know why? Because we did a major rebranding a few years
ago. This company was called AForex, but then we
decided to change our names because it’s not about forex right now, it’s not the main trading
tool because we have a wide range of different trading actives. We have cryptocurrency, we have currency,
we have different types of contracts for difference. So, we have something to provide with our
clients. Online traders? Yeah, online trading. This company is all about online trading. I have been, you know, reading and trying
to wrap my head around this kind of business and I found that information that some of
deals are what it’s called “non-bank” and processed within the platform. Can you tell me a little bit about that? What, what… How that’s really working in here? For example, just to put it simple, when I
buy an asset what happens? So, I got your idea. So, how our business works generally in a
shellnut. Clients come to our company to… for online
trading. We provide them the opportunity to make money
from self trading and from investments. We have different products. We have different products, products for self
traders and for investors. If you are going to open position yourself,
you can do it for the most popular trading platform, it’s called MetaTrader4. Our position and our business is to process
your operation, to give you an opportunity to go to the market, you know, to open, to
open this trade. This is how it works. Can we say that these deals are virtual? Yes, all the businesses is virtual. Virtual? Yes, everyone is online. So, nothing is really bought or sold? No, no, no. How it works, we have internal liquidity,
we have external liquidity. For example, if you are going to buy, I don’t
know, to trade EUR/USD, if you are going to buy this currency, it means that on the other
side, there’s some other trader who are going to sell it. We just bring their positions together, and
take our commissions from every trade operation. Yeah, I’m just, you know, trying to understand
what is the difference between non-bank and bank transactions. Can you explain me a little bit more about
that? So, I’ve been, like, honestly reading and
I couldn’t understand it. Like, some of the deals are processed within
the platform and some of the deals are processed, like, by banks or..? You know, what’s the nature of forex market? Forex market is forex exchange market. This is huge trading operation between global
banks, and they give your opportunity to join this this cash flow, you see, as a individual. That’s how it works. So… I cannot say that it’s only virtual market. So, your trades will be really processed here
and you will have real prices from the… from the market, market prices, you know. That’s why we’re not… here inside. We got liquidity flow, we have traffic flow
from a liquidity provider and transfer this liquidity flow to our clients, that’s it. That’s how it works. So, some of the deals, I guess, small ones
are processed inside and bigger deals are processed..? Yeah, you know, it doesn’t matter, big deals
or small deals. It depends on current liquidity inside of
the company. So, it’s risk management. For example, if you see that our own liquidity
is not enough to process client’s operation, to execute it, of course, we will involve
some third side, in face of our liquidity provider, hedging center. We will transfer clients position to hedging
center and take our markup. It’s an additional commission to spread. That’s it. Yeah, regarding to commissions, I am really
curious to know how do you profit? When bigger clients’ activities, it’s easier,
when bigger our profit. So, we earn from every trade operation. You take, like, kind of fee? It’s a commission. It’s called spread. It’s called spread. It’s differenсe between bid and ask prices. So, your profit is difference between ask
and bid? Yep. You know, it is… I think, in my opinion, it will be easier
for you to compare us with an exchanging center. If you need to change money, you go to the
exchange center to change money. And it will be impossible to do it by market
price because exchanging center has their own interest fee. That’s how it works. It’s called spread. So, we’re global exchanging center. And can you give me an idea how big you are? Because, you know, there are lots of companies
around, and I’m just trying to understand how big you are in the market? You know, it’s safe to say that we are a leading
brokerage company because we process thousands operations a day, and our monthly turnover
is more than 10 billions dollar. Monthly? Monthly. 10 billions? Yep. Of course, we can… We have leverage, 1 to 1000. So, we increase clients possibility to buy
more money, to have more serious deals, serious operations. Let’s switch to affiliate marketing now. Is it correct to say that majority of your
traders are coming from your affiliate program? Yes, it’s safe to say it. Our business is based on our partners. That’s why we’re so partner oriented company. So, your business grows because of the affiliates? Not only because of them because we have our
own marketing department, and guys do their job, and… It’s combination, you know, because, in my
opinion, affiliate marketing cannot exist without direct marketing because the brand
awareness is a very important thing for all, for all affiliates. That’s why we work together like a team. Can you give me an idea on how much your top
affiliates are making monthly? Monthly top affiliates make more than 10,000
USD. You hear? Yeah, what is… Yeah, I have, I have heard it many times already
today. What does it really mean? This is the sound of money. This is the sound of business. It means that we’re alive. So, every second, every minute we have transactions
from our clients. This is a system of notification. It makes us informed that everything okay,
we have stable cash flow, we have new clients, we have new deposits. So, every deposit is accompanied with that
sound? Yeah, depending on the size of deposit, you
can hear different sounds. That’s very smart. Yeah. I mean, and entertaining at the same time. It’s very motivated, you know. It’s some kind of gamification of your sales
process. It’s cool. Our sales team and affiliate team like it. Let’s talk about geography a little bit. What are the best countries, on your opinion,
where it’s better to run traffic? You know, our geography is very high. We have partners from different countries. Can you imaging, we have partners from South
Africa, from Nigeria, from Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines. So, very different countries, but our main
region for us at this moment is Middle East. We focus our attention on Middle East because
we see strong potential for the next few years. So, you would recommend to try those countries,
Middle East countries? Yes, yes. And, you know, Middle East clients, the clients
from Middle East are very profitable for us. They’re active. They are deep inside the markets. So, they are motivated to generate very high
trading volume. And as I told you before, trading volume is
our main interest because this is the foundation of our profitability, of our margin here. And how does an affiliate can profit from
this? There are few types of cooperation models
in our company. We have traditional model of cooperation. It’s called Agent model, RevShare, revenue
share model. We are ready to give them up to 60% of our
income. The other model, it is… It is usual model for webmasters, you know. We have CPL plus CPA model. We are ready to pay for qualified registrations,
up to 20 USD for every new qualified lead, and up to 500 USD for every active client. We will talk a little bit about that later
on. Now I wanted to ask you if you accept worldwide
traffic? Yes. We have some prohibited regions. We have the list of this regions on our website,
on our partner community. So, for example, we don’t work with the USA
clients, we don’t work with clients from Japan. Why is that? Because it’s… There is local strict regulation, you know,
but we don’t want to broker low, you know. And payouts are the same for all countries? Yes, all countries. But, you know, we’re a very flexible company
and we are ready to discuss some individual offer for… with all affiliates. So, if you come to AMarkets and you have some
specific traffic, for example, web traffic from some region, and you… you know that
the web traffic in the region the price is higher, of course, we are ready to provide
the partner with more, more profit with more high remuneration rate if we are confident
that he is going to bring us target traffic. Your top affiliates, you mentioned, they are
making more than, like, 10,000 dollars a month, which is quite a good number. But I am interested to know what kind of creatives
they use. Your stock creatives that you provide, that
you provide them with or they come up with their own creatives? I mean, like, landing pages, banners, whatever
it can be. Most of our active… effective and active
partners use their own channels and materials because they know how to promote it. Some of them have their own specific website,
style of, you know, articles or something like this. But the most effective partners for us are
those who have their own content because I believe that the most effective channel in
our days is content. Because audience is tired of, you know, aggressive
advertisement, banners. I see that it doesn’t work right now at this
moment. That’s why we need to do something more. We are ready to provide them with high quality
articles, we have freelancers, outsource designers, copywriters. And what kind of media buying do you mostly
see? Is it, like, Facebook, Google Ads or maybe
other types of traffic like display, pop-unders, push notifications? In my opinion, the most effective is Instagram
and Facebook. Instagram and Facebook? Do you know if it is allowed to advertise
online brokerages in social media? Is it allowed to advertise it in Facebook? Yes, there is no problems, we can do it. So… No obstacles, it’s possible to do it. So, but Facebook is a bit, not even a bit,
sensitive platform. So, they ban your account for no reason sometimes. That’s why I am asking. Sometimes it happens, and it’s just work
process, you know. It’s okay. And do you know the vision of Google on online
brokerage kind of stuff. Do they also accept this kind of advertising? Yes, you know, but of course you need to be
more smart in your advertisement, in your methods of work. And if you’re a master in this, believe me
you will be the most successful partners. And we have, we have this pool of partners,
you know, we have more than 3,000 affiliate accounts. These guys already earn money with us. They do it. They prove that it’s possible to do it. So, they’re just trying to find a way around? Yes, yes, the way around. And the most effective channels for them in
their case is native, native, you know, campaigns. Because direct marketing, you know, it works,
but it works not so good as… as I told, as content, as any types of content, videos,
articles, you know, interviews like this. It’s the best option, it’s the best option. How much do you think must be invested at
the start to, you know, establish an affiliate program? Depends on your targets, it depends on your
goals. If you are just going to… If you want to attract a lot of affiliates
who will attract you a lot of clients, how much do you think you need to invest? In our industry? In our industry? Yeah. First of all you need to create brokerage
business, you know. You need to buy a platform… Let’s say we have it and… If you already have it? Yeah. If we are already a well-established business,
but we don’t have any affiliate program yet and we want to begin, what budget should we
consider? You know, wherever are you going to buy some…
some, I don’t know, personal area on the side or you are going to develop it yourself, I
might think that at least you need to have 200,000-300,000 USD to create… to create
the infrastructure which help you to start this business in full power. Can you describe me the best audience to target
for those who want to start promoting financial services? What is their audience? Of course, the best audience is traders. But, honestly to say, it’s limited audience. Of course, if you will hunt only for traders,
you need to do a great job, you know. But it’s possible. You can manage your campaigns, you can prepare
special offers for them, you can focus your advertisements on people who are looking for
opportunities to make money. First of all… Where do you find this audience? Forums, thematic forums, Facebook, educational
centers. You know, I don’t know… most our effective
partners have their own products. For example, trading robots, some tutorial
materials. And they bring the traffic from their services
directly to you? Yeah, yep. And probably trading signals? Trading signals is very popular, yep. So, users just looking for some trading signals,
they find some website, and then they go to you. Yeah. That kind of way. Share some not obvious traffic source for
advertising trading. Do you know some not obvious way to advertise
it? You know, there are different sources of target
clients. It depends on of the region. For example, in some countries of Arabic world,
in Middle East, Telegram is very popular, you know. I was surprised, but we have… is a main
source, is a major source of new registrations from Arabic world we have through the Telegram. Okay. So, for affiliates it can be a good traffic
source? Yeah. Telegram. It can be Telegram, Instagram, WhatsApp. What is that like? Telegram groups. Telegram groups, Telegram groups, thematic
groups, closed groups for traders, for investors, just for people who are looking for… mindset,
you know, people. You need to find your strategy to be a successful
affiliate marketer in this area? Yes, I can tell you what’s the main issue
for webmasters, why we have not so big conversion in active affiliates. Because they started to do some campaigns,
for example, but they’re… they expect that results will… will come immediately, but
here they need to understand that they need more time to activate client. Because if we’re talking not about target
audience, not about traders, they need more time to be educated. They need to have more time to realize that
they really need it because we’re talking about money. Here deposits can be equal to 100,000 dollars. It’s a serious decision to invest this money. They need to be sure that they choose right
company. They need more time. So, that’s more, that’s more work has to be
involved? Yeah. As far as I understand, but… It’s like fishing, you know. Mm-hmm. It’s like fishing. You need more time to have a big fish, to
get big fish. And how can be… how big can be the fish? You know, we have clients who have million
dollars on their accounts, who make million dollars. And you share part of their revenue with affiliates
who brought those clients? Of course, then bigger clients deposit, then
bigger trading volume. And, of course, then bigger partners commission. If we’re talking about agent, revenue share
business model. I’d like to show you our secret department. Secret department. Why secret? Because… I like all secret things. Yeah, it looks very serious. You know, this is… It’s safe to say that this is the heart of
our company. This is dealing department. So, all clients’ deals, trades are processed
here. All right. Show me. You see, it’s not easy to come in. You need to have special key to have access… White key.
… to this unit. So, welcome. Hi, Alex! Oh my God. How are you doing here? These guys… So many screens. It’s just like a spaceship. These guys are supporting our clients, yes. We have four dealers here. Oh my God. Yes, it’s a real financial market, you know. Can you, can you explain me what is, what
is happening right now here? Sometimes it happens that we see suspicious
trading and we can analyze it. And sometimes we found fraud activity or scam
activity. So, you monitor every single dealing here? Yeah, year, every single deal is here. We have different stuff for analyzing different
indicators. That is very cool. Yeah, yeah. And it’s almost automatical. I mean, it’s like in a movie. Yeah, yeah. We just need to monitor it. And do you work here, like, 24 hours? And it’s being monitored… Yeah, yeah, definitely. All the time? Yeah, five days per week. It’s very cool. Yeah, thanks. Very cool, thank you very much for this information. Thank you. What are the main advantages can you see of
running financial products for affiliates? Why is it worth to try? You know, the main point, in my opinion, is
high profitability, high margin. Can you imagine, I don’t know, how many clients
you need to bring to gambling or e-commerce to get 500 USD? I guess, many. In our case, you can bring only the one target
client and receive 500 USD for him. I think that it’s fair deal. Of course, you need to do some job, but it’s
valuable for money, you know. How much do you think one should invest? How much money one should invest to successfully
start? You know, it’s not just only about the money. It’s most about your time. The best way, start from the blog, start from
the website because most of our active and effective partners do this too late, you know,
when they realize that it’s not enough to work with only with medias, only with, I don’t
know, social medias or something like this. They need to have some, some, you know, some
foundation, some platform to accumulate all this traffic, to prepare this traffic and
only after that transfer this traffic to the brokerage company. Let’s talk a little bit about affiliate networks. Do you have your offers in any of affiliate
networks? Yes, at this moment we have a few CPA networks
with whom we are working for regarding web traffic generating. For example,CityAds, Admitad, Linkprofit,
RunCPA. But, honestly to say… Do you see significant volume coming from
them? Not so, you know. Because my expectation when we started cooperation
with them was too high, you know. I was thinking that right now we’re going
to launch campaigns and we will have a rocket growth immediately, but unfortunately… Yes, we have rocket growth in leads, in registrations,
but, you know, most of them are trash. What is the percentage of your payouts, affiliate
networks cutoff? It depends on the exact CPA network. It starts from 15% till 30%, as I remember. So, let’s say if you pay $10, then they take,
like, one and a half to three dollars? One and a half, maximum three. And then an affiliate will receive the rest,
like, seven to eight and a half? Yeah. All right, all right. But if I run CPA, do you have any cap? Like, let’s say I bring you thousands of qualified
registration? Will they be paid? It’s easy to calculate because when you know
that you have one time fixed сommission, you know how many clients you can refer, how
many clients you can bring here, it’s easy to calculate your potential profit. For example, approximately, if average remuneration
rate for our active affiliate is near 300 USD for every client, activated client. So, let’s say that you bring ten clients per
month, your commission is 3000, 3000 USD. So, you have no cap. Let’s say, again, if I bring you one thousand
registrations not talking about… There’s no limits. There’s no limits. There’s no limits. If the thousands of registrations are qualified,
it will be paid. Of course. Let’s say all the registrations that they
bring to you are qualified, but people do not deposit. What would you do in this case? Like, leads are qualified 100%, but those
people do not deposit. You know, sometimes it happens. For example, we have our business statistics. We know that sometimes clients need to have
more time if we are talking about beginners, we were discussing it. We will be waiting for some time because we
have passion. This is our business, we know how it works. But if after two months, three months, four
months we see that there is no conversions, you know, I don’t believe that it’s just happened
by accident, you know. At least the practice showed us if you brought
near hundred registration per month at least, in the worst, you know, case, you will have
at least three, four active clients. Deposits? Yeah, deposits, yeah, you know. But if you have zero, it’s the first signal
to think about the source or the quality of this registrations. Then, for example, I can go through the list
of registrations and look the statistics on them in our CRM system. We have very serious CRM system and many processes,
sales processes is fully automated. I can see the statuses, the clients activities. If I see, for example, after one month that
there is no deposits, at least one deposit from this client’s pool side, I will start
to monitor their activities in personal area, in searching for information on our website
or something like this. If I see that they are active, they are looking
for chances to start, they just preparing themselves, of course, we will give the chance,
we will wait and we will ask our sales department to be involved deep inside and to help with
clients to activate them as soon as possible. Look around, Roman. What a beautiful view here. Yeah, the view is beautiful. It’s incredible. And those snowy mountains and everything. I really like it. Do you agree that this is a very good motivation
for our team to work here, to live here? Yeah, it is. You’re asking why we are here. That’s why. Look around. Yeah, I can understand it. Alex, I have already told you that in the
end of every interview we have gifts to our audience, to our viewers. I have already told that, haven’t I? So, what did you prepare for us? Our dear viewers, thank you for watching us. For you we’ve prepared a special gift. We are going to provide you with the highest
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you come through the special promo code we are going to give you. So, the conditions are pretty simple. In order to receive these special payouts,
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and knowledge. That was pleasure. It’s pleasure for me. I look forward to having you here maybe in
the near future just share with you our outstanding results and new possibilities.


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