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Anti MLM | Exposed | Enagic Kangen Water Scam

November 22, 2019

hello and welcome to my channel my name
is Alanda Carter and I am the recovering hunbot I create anti MLM
videos so if you enjoy anti MLM content you might want to consider subscribing
today’s video is an introduction to a water filtration MLM called and magic
it’s part of a series I’m doing so that I can fully share with you the
information about this particular multi-level marketing company and how
you join which is not a direct path and in my opinion a bit shady so if this
sounds good to you get comfy grab a snack and come with me
as I mentioned this multi-level marketing company is water filtration
but to fully understand it there are some background information you need to
know about Canyon water a water ionizer or alkaline ionized ER is a home
appliance that is supposed to raise the pH of drinking water this machine uses
electrolysis to separate the incoming water steam into acidic and alkaline the
alkaline steam then becomes alkaline water allegedly drinking alkaline water
helps you receive various health benefits however there is no medical
evidence that drinking this type of water has any real benefits according to
the Mayo Clinic plain water is just basically better for most people the FDA
advisory 2014 zero 10 a public health warning against false deceptive and
misleading claims and promotion ploys on applying water and oxygen in water
states any distributors promoting an offering for sale or use equipment or
devices that would change tap water or bottled water into alkaline or
oxygenated water shall be substantiated through valid clinical trials it
a violation of the FDA Act of 2009 to sell or offer for sale or use
purification devices that allegedly produce water known as alkaline water or
oxygenated water and make therapeutic claims without a certificate of product
registration then no type outlets or refilling stations and those engaged in
the manufacture importation and distribution of water with therapeutic
claims shall secure a license to operate from the FDA before applying for ACP our
consumers are advised not to fall prey to these unscrupulous vendors and
peddlers drinking alkaline oxygenated or ionized water does not change the blood
pH level here are a few claims that are made about drinking this type of water according to the an attic website this
Japan based company manufactures alkaline ionized errs and water
filtration machines and magics passion is to transform tap water in your home
into pure healthy electrolyzed reduced and hydrogen rich drinking water now
let’s check out a few things on their website first I do want to apologize if
I sound a bit rough I have been recovering from a really awful cold this
is going on my second week so apologies for my rough sounding voice this is what
I wanted to point out realizing true health around the globe for over four
decades Japan bass and magic international has been the leading
manufacturer of alkaline ionized earth and water filtration machines in the
world change your water change your life our philosophy is based on three basic
true health principles our purpose is to spread these truths throughout the world
be a pure healthy drinking water and exciting business and personal growth
opportunities realizing true mental health realizing true physical health
realizing true financial help and then as you keep scrolling down you finally
get to one of their water machines and you’re also provided with all of these
quote prestigious certifications so now let’s take a little deeper look so as I
mouse over each of these they change you can see these different machines and
there’s also other products over here when you go to shop there are a lot of
other things as you can see and once you enter the shop here are all the
different things that you can get by the way you have to pay for the marketing
material so let’s just check out the machines what I find interesting and
disturbing is this part right up here be sure you have
your sponsors ID name and email address before ordering you see you’re required
to have a sponsor before you make a purchase and if you look at these prices
these machines are not cheap when you purchase an Imagi Kushina
you become a distributor you have the option to make a single payment or an
magic will offer to finance your machine for you in order to qualify for the and
natchok financing you need to have a credit score
it’s either 640 or 620 I can’t remember each but you are basically agreeing for
an adjective with draw forty six dollars a month from your bank account you can’t
return your machine you have to do so within seven days of receiving it or
before one month of receipt if you return it within the seven days then you
pay a restocking fee if you are doing it after the seven days before one month of
receipt then you’re going to pay a processing fee however the machine
cannot be returned if it’s been used so then I wanted to find out you know what
is being thought of and ajik and so I looked at the truth in advertising
website and there is some information there between June and November of 2017
truth in advertising or investigated every company on the November 29th 2017
direct selling Association membership list and found that more than 97 percent
have made or are making either directly or through their distributors false and
unsubstantiated income claims to promote the company’s business of
Trinity next well I’m going to share with you or some images that you can
find on truth in advertising about magic when I look at these claims to me they
seem to be a little bit out there you know I believe that we as consumers have
a responsibility to inform others of risky or dangerous businesses and
business practices I have found some other examples from one of the pages
that was available in truth in advertising so I went there to see
what’s being said a little bit more recently there are a lot of resources
out there that will you know investigate NLM such as in ajik and I want to share
with you I’m going to go to ethan vanderbilt website and what he says
about magic canyon water according to ethan spending thousands of dollars on a
machine that changes the ph of your water sounds like a poor investment to
me incredible claims are made about what this water can do for you also selling
these machines is presented as an excellent business opportunity my
subscribers have requested that i take a look into the in ajik canyon water scam
here is what I found a magic hang in the water scam claims here are some of the
claims that are made by representatives to sell these machines change your water
change your life the benefits of kangen water are numerous promotes healthy
weight loss boost body’s immunity against disease increases absorption of
important vitamins and minerals even when you take a first delicious sip of
canned water you’ll immediately notice the
difference and you’ll wonder how you ever drink anything else kangin means
return to origin and that’s exactly what this water does it helps the body bite
and remedy conditions like arthritis diabetes fibromyalgia high blood
pressure hot flashes joint pain migraines prostate problems sleeping
disorders obesity high cholesterol by using hanging in the water on a regular
basis you can return your body back to its original healthy balanced state and
then there is also a video in here which I am NOT going to play I will lead the
link to this source in the video description so you can go check it out
for yourself fanatic USA and it’s related branch
offices or the dedicated distribution arm and marketing force for in magic
throughout the United States offering kangen water ionization systems in 2001
mr. Peroni of Shiro I’m not sure if I said that right so I apologized mark sue
the company in Japan by the name of Toyo I test again not sure if I’m saying that
mr. Oshiro then became the president of the Imagi
company and the company was born in 2003 and Natick entered the American market
in my opinion the stories that are used to sell these machines are ridiculous
miracle healing water wells have been known all over the world to exist in
these parts of the world in Mexico France and in Germany people suffering
from all kinds of illnesses travelled from all parts of the world to treat
themselves with miracle water miraculously many of them reported
experiencing miracle healing after drinking the water miracle water in your
own home in the 1950s the Russians collected miracle water samples in an
attempt to discover its healing properties they gathered one thing in
common miracle healing water where water
molecules that more micro clustered had high negative orp reading in the early
50s the Japanese continued on the project and in a few years produced a
portable sized outline water ionizer they subsequently approved by Japan’s
Ministry of Health and in hospitals since 1974 today one in
five homes in Japan owned a kangen water machine now you can have one in your
home too and magics water ionizers to a perfectly fine job by igniting water
the problem is ionizing water is of little use so an addict product itself
is not a scam but the promises that its representatives make about the health
benefits of its products our dr. Andrew whale a well-known book author and
authority on nutrition from Harvard Medical School was direct to the point
when he said in one article these health claims for water ionizers and alkaline
water are bogus save your money the simplest reason that
you know up line water is a scam is that the stomach is always acid if the acid
is low your stomach simply pumps in more drinking alkaline oxygenated or ionized
water does not change the pH the blood pH level there is no signup fee to
become a distributor and no product purchase is required it is however
necessary to sell product to earn Commission’s bonuses and rank
advancement you have to give up the commission of your first sale or you
have to purchase equipment yourself to qualify for Commission’s new
representatives are sharing their Commission’s with potentially many other
representatives above them who did not sell the product a total of eight points
or paid out on each product sale and the number of points paid to a distributor
is based on his or her rank commission payout always begins with the
distributor that made the sale and is paid out up line from that point until
all eight points have been awarded the vast majority of sales commissions for a
new representative is paid to their upline and not the person who actually
made the sale and like even I don’t work for a competitor either nothing like
that if an advocate and water machines were sold with no Prime
of riches miracle purest or any health benefits then I would have no problem
with it in my opinion this overview makes some very valid points now here
are a couple of complaints with the Better Business Bureau and you can pause
it and check this out if you would like I’m not going to read all of this cost
you have to give up the Commission for your first sale or you have to purchase
equipment yourself to qualify for Commission a total of eight points are
paid out on each product sale and the number of points paid to a distributor
is based upon his or her rank Commission panel always begins with the distributor
that made to sell is paid out upline from that point until all eight points
have been awarded if it does tribute term within eight levels beneath you
advances to a higher rank your maximum pay could be reduced at any given rank
you earn the amount due for your rank less the amount due to other
distributors between you and the sale rank advancement is a based on a
combination of direct and group sales and is not necessary to advance ranks
one at a time and advance in rank is always initiated by a direct sale but a
distributor will advance to whichever rank is qualified for based on total
accumulated sales volume once a rank is a cheat it is always retained until the
next rank is attained a distributor never has to start over in distributors
ranked to a and higher can have an unlimited number of direct sales the
magic hang and water scam conclusion in my opinion the Imagi hang and water
business opportunity is a recruiting scam since the qualification for
commissions can be made by a personal purchase of equipment the incentive is
to have new representatives purchase the equipment and recruit
others to do the same even with the company telling them not to
representatives used a set of health and wealth claims to get people to purchase
the equipment and join the business opportunity drinking alkaline oxygenated
or ionized water does not change the blood pH level the vast majority of
sales commissions for a new representative is paid to their upline
and not to them spending thousands of dollars on a
machine that changes the ph of your water is a poor investment and a poor
business opportunity i would avoid the magic kangen water business opportunity
so how do you become an energy distributor well let’s check it out you
can become a distributor by buying the machine from another existing
distributor you must get the machine through the distributor that sounds to
me like there’s not this retail you no need for this like people are not just
buying it just to buy it once you place the order the system will ask you if you
want to become a distributor you then select yes and provide the required
information you will get your own unmagic distributor ID assigned and you
will start getting your commissions paid to that ID if you become an AWS member
your ID will be associated to your account and websites so if someone
places an order from the side your ID will be automatically populated on the
online form that way you can make sure that commissions get paid correctly what
I have found is there are at least three and so far I have found three companies
two of them actually have a name you can see the ACE initiative and global
affiliate zone the third is a mystery however each of these do not initially
sell you to join an ajik they start off selling you on creating your own online
business but eventually you are led to join and magic which I will show you
that in a separate video I find this practice to be deceitful and
disturbing businesses that are leading you to join an MLM in a roundabout light
to me it just seems so much more sinister than when someone is just at
least straight up with if you want to you know join this thing an MLM
opportunity you know to me it just seems like what you’re first doing is joining
something through these company so that they lined their pockets with
whatever they’re selling you and then there’s this roundabout to be able to
then actually start selling these machines with magic and what they offer
you are paid affiliate opportunities never ever pay to be an affiliate that
is a huge red flag and I did a video on how I was I guess scammed by somebody
who was offering something very similar to what they offer you end up lining
their pockets by promoting their affiliate thing and then when you
purchase a water machine you know you’re joining a magic you’re just it’s like
they’re double dipping into your pocket in my opinion and I’m gonna share with
you some more posts that I found on social media all about this water
filtration nlm overall problems that I see with this opportunity of event it is
MLM companies that are promoting an affiliate opportunity lead you to join
in Natick which is MLM these affiliate opportunities are paid affiliate
opportunities where you are promoting the same thing as everyone else who
joins the affiliate opportunity and in turn you lead other people to buy a very
expensive water filtration machine most of the money is going to those who are
above you there are warnings from the FDA the Mayo Clinic tells you just drink
tap water then there’s these wild claims being made about the water and the water
that’s created by these machines to me it seems like a very good way to go into
debt considering the price of the machine let me know your thoughts about
this particular MLM and also the affiliate opportunities that I
mentioned below in the comments what does it strike you what do you think
also I want to let you know is that I do have a Facebook group just answer the
three questions it is called hun BOTS recovery because I do believe that us
recovering hun BOTS we really do suffer from MLM PTSD and you need just kind of
a safe space to land I also have a patreon account and there’s a link to
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really I do hope you’ll consider subscribing hit that notification bellow
and give the video a thumbs up I appreciate the time that you spend with
me if you have a story to share an MLM story I’d encourage you to do so because
our stories are so very important I also invite you to follow report with the FTC
in the SEC in your state authorities there’s a link in the description to be
able to help you with that I also made another video in this series that shows
you how to file with the FTC and remember if we want there to be change
it’s up to us to make it happen I believe it starts at a grassroots level
and imagine if we just started reporting all this to all these government
entities I really think that would send a very powerful and clear message that
there’s something rotten in Denmark and remember change starts now


  • Reply Kelly Loomis November 21, 2019 at 8:02 pm

    Wouldn’t oxygenated water be hydrogen peroxide?

  • Reply Leeann Pulchny November 21, 2019 at 9:47 pm

    I knew a girl that was selling these machines. She is a yoga instructor and cycle instructor and I saw her promoting these machines on Instagram a lot. I’m sure she used her fitness certifications as a way to sell her water machines 😫she was always pushing the financing options

  • Reply Charles Davis November 21, 2019 at 11:29 pm

    Only basic people drink Alkaline water…

  • Reply Joseph Hasson November 21, 2019 at 11:33 pm

    Hey, it'll cure my wife's arthritis and fibromyalagia, also my high cholestrerol and sleeping disorder, (shift work).
    Wonder if it'll cure ED and VD? (STD's for younger people)

  • Reply Sharon Moore November 22, 2019 at 12:55 am

    Ooh these advertisements need to stop. The medical claims are false and illegal. I worked in the medical field for more than 20 years and changing waters PH does not cure nor treat these illnesses. This information needs to be reported to The American Medical Association.

  • Reply Sharon Moore November 22, 2019 at 1:02 am

    Do you have Twitter?

  • Reply Domi Reneé November 22, 2019 at 4:36 am

    I’m from Japan and almost everyone here has that machine and I see nothing wrong with it

  • Reply Stephanie Schneickert November 22, 2019 at 7:11 am

    The Recovering HunBot is now a Recovering ColdBot as well! You poor thing. 😓 Great video btw.

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