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ASW10 Video: The biggest affiliate marketing opportunity since google

October 12, 2019

So the next session that I went to was called
Video: The Biggest Affiliate Marketing Opportunity since Google uh which I think is a pretty
bold statement but I tend to agree with it video is a very powerful medium now a days
it was put on by Rosalyn Gardner who is a fellow Canadian and Jeremy Palmer from
and these two people are fairly big users of online video I am too obviously I’m talking
to you on video right now so clearly I’m a I’m a believer in online video so um but I
got some really good information out of this mostly some stats and kind of general stuff
but I really liked it um one of the things I learn was that the average person views
five youtube videos every single day um whether it be at home or at work um and ah the average
youtube video or good youtube video is less than two and a half minutes and some of mine
run longer so I’m going to try and make sure that I keep mine under two and a half minutes
cause we all have short attention spans um 81% of American users have watched online
video thats a staggering number 20 new hours of content 20 new hours of content is uploaded
to youtube every minute um so that is pretty staggering as well um both panelists agreed
that how to videos are very good so you know tutorials so you know something as simple
as how to fix your furnace or how to change your furnace filter or something like that
would get a lot of views so think in your own area of expertise as I always kind of
preach and you know look for things that you can teach people that you may know but they
may not as a for instance I don’t know how to put up drywall so you might now how to
do that really well make a video um and ah one of the other things I learned and I’ve
heard this before as well but its always an interesting thing to hear is that youtube
is now the number two search engine in the world Google is number one and youtube is
number two more search queries going to youtube everyday than yahoo or even bing so um I thought
that was a pretty good stat and both panelists agreed that you should use videos to gain
trust engage with your users video will increase the conversions on your sales pages if you
are talking you know on your sales page versus a big long sales page or maybe still have
a big long sales letter but you’re there talking they have quoted stats where essentially its
doubled their sales so if you are doing a 2% conversion ratio by adding a video to their
sales page they are going to get a 4% conversion ratio so that’s a pretty good indicator that
video is the way of the future um other things obviously being on youtube and other various
video sharing sites gives you access to the related content channels and all that kind
of stuff so somebody might have a really popular video in your niche and if your video comes
up in related content you are going to get a lot of views um they talked a lot about
cameras and tripod and that sort of stuff um I’m not necessarily going to get into that
kind of stuff with you right now thats not important um studios and background and cleanliness
um thats important obviously where you are shooting is important I’m sitting in my hotel
here at the Encore in Las Vegas and I’ve actually closed this window to actually minimize the
reflection behind me which you can probably see the Wynn resort sign behind me obviously
I want you to know I’m here in Vegas I’m at the Affiliate summit I could have just done
this from the sofa you know with an ugly background but I’m using the strip as my backdrop because
I can um so you know its always good to have a backdrop not one that is too distracting
which mine might be um they talked about if you’re not into video editing you can hire
a video editor on O Desk or one of these other services ah for like 15 bucks you know these
video editors are dirt cheap for these services um avoid scripts and use an outline instead
thats what I’m doing right now I’ve got notes here on my iPhone that I took at the seminar
and I’m just kind of looking at them as a guideline as to what to talk about you know
I’m not following a script I don’t have a TelePrompTer in front of me telling me what
to say um in fact that is counter intuitive these days we’re not news anchors this isn’t
you know CNN we are real people talking to real people so you have to be as real as you
can so scripting is out um be yourself that is part of not scripting keep it short I’ve
already said that um let the tape run and edit later you know um the worst thing you
can do is expect to get perfect in one take or whatever it might be just let the tape
run you can always go back and edit the video be energetic be animated move around a lot
you know use excitement in your voice use your hands when you talk all that stuff is
good um add a link to your website in your description on youtube pretty straight forward
um title tag and describe your video well again pretty straight forward um choose a
good thumbnail they say using title screens at the beginning will help you choose a thumbnail
when the video is done uploading they allow you to choose a thumbnail that is part of
your title screen thats assuming you want to do that I don’t do that um allow commenting
ratings uh all that kind of stuff subscriptions to your channels all that stuff ads social
proof to your videos very important these days I don’t think I have to tell you the
importance of allowing people to comment on your videos but if you have commenting turned
off go and turn it back on cause its really good and encourage you know in your videos
you should encourage these comments these ratings you should ask people to do this for
you all these things will improve your search engine ranks as well social proof in bound
links all that sort of stuff and ya build links to your videos don’t be afraid to put
good text links up with anchor text back to your videos to try and rank them in the search
engines um one of the things that was talked about that was actually brought up by a person
a a a that just came up to the microphone and asked this question which I thought was
really interesting was um there’s a closed captioning feature that has been added to
youtube that not a lot of people are using right now and the common belief right now
and everyone sort of agrees that this data will be searchable this closed captioning
data will be searchable so if you can get your videos transcribed or do it yourself
and put that information into the closed captioning window option within youtube there is sort
of a consensus right now that stuff will be searchable and in the near future if it isn’t
already so that will probably be worked into youtube’s alagrhythm and its probably that
is something I’m going to look at doing as much as I have verbal diarrhea and I shouldn’t
be transcribing my videos I’m going to get it done ah and that’s it that’s it for ah
the ah video session at Affiliate summit and I will check in with you tomorrow when I’m
done my day of session


  • Reply Elesha Aflalo January 19, 2010 at 6:37 pm

    a bit long but a lot of helpful info on video. Great Backdrop, who is the dude running around in the reflection of the window ? xo e

  • Reply Brad Gosse January 20, 2010 at 3:31 am

    Thats my wife and videographer 🙂

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