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Atlanta Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

February 12, 2020

The US city of Atlanta is situated in the
South-Eastern state of Georgia, near the Southern end of the Appalachian Mountains. Atlanta is the center of a sprawling metropolitan
area of five and a half million people, and growing! Atlanta’s downtown is over there on the horizon, but the rest of the city is a little harder
to see. It’s under all those trees! Atlanta is blessed with such a thick, continuous
canopy of greenery, it’s often referred to as, ‘the city in a
forest!’ Journey through the city’s past at the Atlanta
History Center; from the city’s beginnings as a railway terminal
in 1837, and through the plantation era to the American
Civil War when the city was almost completely burnt
to the ground. The museum holds one of the largest collections of Civil War memorabilia in the country; but it’s not all flags and cannons, many exhibits focus on the human cost of this
terrible conflict. Over time the city rebuilt, and boomed. First the freeways came, and then the Civil Rights era when Atlanta took the front seat in the drive
towards racial equality, earning it the title, ‘the city too busy to
hate’. In 1996 the city lit up again, this time for
the Centennial Olympic Games. Atlanta got all gussied-up and was presented
to the world, and it just gets more graceful with every
passing season. Atlanta today is a dynamic centre of innovation
and investment. Two of its leading corporations are also major
tourist attractions. Go behind the scenes at CNN’s global headquarters by taking a guided tour through the television
network which pioneered 24 hour news. Nearby, you can learn some ~ but not all ~ of
the secrets behind another little home-grown product. At the World of Coca Cola, travel along a bottling-line and though the
125 year history of a company that produces over a billion
gallons of cola every year. Right next door and containing 10 million
gallons of water, is the Georgia Aquarium ~ one of the world’s
largest! The aquarium features six exhibits, from cold-water displays featuring Beluga
Whales to touch-tanks featuring rays, crabs and star
fish. But by far the biggest attraction is a massive
saltwater tank, the Ocean Voyager, where you can actually
swim with Whale Sharks. Atlanta is a city filled with architecture synonymous with Southern style and grace, but for a taste of pure 1920s indulgence,
step into the Fabulous Fox! Like a vision from Arabian Nights, the Fox Theater features a ceiling embedded
with more stars than a moonless night in Georgia. Atlanta has long been an arts-loving community. One of the world’s greatest stories ~ Gone
With The Wind ~ was written and set here. Visit the humble apartment where novelist
Margaret Mitchell once lived and worked before her Pulitzer Prize winning
novel set the world on fire. While Atlanta’s favorite novelist dreamed
of bestsellers, one Atlanta son dared to voice the shared
dream of millions of African Americans ~ equality! The Martin Luther King Junior Historic Site celebrates the journey of one of history’s
most inspiring men. Visit the civil rights leader’s humble birthplace, the museum dedicated to his achievements, and the Baptist Church where he once preached,
and now lays at eternal rest. Step a little further back in time at the Fernburg Museum of Natural History and the adjacent Science Center, which examines history and science from the
Big Bang to more contemporary times. If you prefer your animals a little more active, head over to Zoo Atlanta where a fabulous
collection of Giant Pandas, Gorillas, Giraffes and Rhinos awaits. For a different kind of wildlife, spend an hour or two exploring the vintage
emporiums and bars in Little Five Points, one of Atlanta’s many
diverse neighborhoods. Atlanta wears its gracious parks like a Southern
Belle’s ball-gown. Cool off in Centennial Olympic Park near the
city’s downtown, or stretch out and rest awhile in midtown’s
Piedmont Park. But for the best views of all, head East to
Stone Mountain Park. Take the scenic train around the 5-mile circumference of the world’s largest exposed granite monolith. Then mosey on up to the summit via the hiking
trail or on the Summit Skyride cable car. There it is again, Atlanta, Georgia, sitting pretty under all those trees. Waiting,
to be discovered.


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  • Reply bcoop85 January 14, 2018 at 3:12 am

    Lived in Atlanta for 12 years, very over rated, sprawled, bad drivers, segregated, no social diverse integration, low wages, saturated in job opportunities, ppl are unfriendly that are actually from Atlanta, transplants are nicer. Blk ppl don't like blk ppl, no cultural acceptance. And gentrification at its best. Pls don't move to Atlanta

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  • Reply Ella R. January 19, 2018 at 8:16 pm

    Why the hell you guys compare atlanta to other big cities?!? For example, NYC is a very trashy city, Chicago crime, LA wayyy too much people and a lot of Mexicans ( no offense Mexicans), Miami looks like Africa ( metro area) and the city has A LOT of homeless people. Boston looks like a city from 1600s. Every city have their own positive and negative stuff

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    I'm planning on moving there

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    I’m hopefully am traveling their for a conference later in the spring.

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    If you're heading down to Atlanta and want to understand some slang check this out –>

  • Reply Inside looking out February 12, 2018 at 7:47 pm

    The video highlights many beautiful places and events in Atlanta. Be aware of the Downtown area where muggers and thieves linger around waiting to rob you. I went there on Nov. 1st and was approached 4 times and 2 would have ended badly if it wasn't for my upbringing in the City. Right in Downtown, 2 blocks from the statehouse, in broad daylight. There's always good and bad places throughout any City. Keep your wits, stay focused, aware and don not let anyone show you "they way" to get somewhere.

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    I’m thinking of running away and starting a life here in a few months

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    Do Nigeria Next 🇳🇬 . Like and comment this again if you agree.

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  • Reply GEORGIA GOGNI GUESTHOUSE MAPS ME February 20, 2018 at 11:47 am

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    As a native of Atlanta, "Just say 'NO' to CNN!"

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    0:48 Should've edited that out …

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    Home of Wrestalmania 27

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    I'm truly love Atlanta,GA could be my 2nd home. Love ATL.😉👍

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    Wooow.Atlanta is magical city.I wish one day I will visit it.I will love to live there💘

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    Thank you for showing me my hometown. I mean that I live in Atlanta.

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    It’s airport is larger than the city itself

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    it's called fernBANK, not fernBERG

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    meine gfs ist glaub fix

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    Atlanta seems like a beautiful city. 😊🌱

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    i wanna live there someday

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    I lived in Atlanta for four years and never once visited the aquarium because it was so prohibitively expensive.

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    You haved always been a dream!!!

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    Beautiful city , buildings , history my favourite drink Coca-Cola 👍.

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    " Georgia on my mind ". Sensacional, apesar de ser considerada uma cidade perigosa para os padrões norte americanos.

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    Who else is here from the walking dead?

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    I'm moving to Atlanta within one month due to a new job, I'm single and will be all alone there, what would you recommend me to visit first during weekend?

  • Reply Audrey G July 26, 2018 at 2:30 am

    Atlanta United!! Try the Ferris Wheel too

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    Appalachian (appalachin) you said it wrong

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    I highly recommend you guys to visit the Atlanta botanical gardern! It is so beautiful !!

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    Diversity diversity diversity that's all you have in your brain

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    I got broads in atlanta twisting dope lean and fanta

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    Party people:
    1. Rent an exotic car
    2. Make it rain at magic city
    3. Party in athens
    4. Party in buckhead
    5. Go on walking dead tour
    6. Go to zoo and aquarium
    7. Walk around downtown where all the colleges are at. Hella baddies walking around
    8. Visit Little 5 points
    9. Cruise through bankhead, west end, college park…a must see, hella ghetto

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    Atlanta ❤️😇

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    l liked nature. The museum end l would like to have a vacation there . where are Desiigners broads?

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    this aquarium is so incradible!
    when i will be young i travell in atlanta amsterdam athens pariz and athers but atlan amsterda and pariz i like very much.

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    good towers good museums and dinosaurs

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    atlanta is very good city from my point of view

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    It's vary interesting to swim with sharks.
    😆but it's dangerous too.. Thats ibterecting city with interesting places

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    Atlanta is very interesting place with its museums and interesting places.i really want to visit it.I really like ocean creatures

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    I'm traveling there in 4 days

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    Nice city, could this be the largest greenest metropolitan area in USA

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    Just avoid downtown

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    Атланта мне нравилась, но не был там с 1999 года! Интересно , что нового появилось? I liked Atlanta, but have not been there since 1999! I wonder what's new?

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    I have been to the airport, but several employees were rude to me so I said, not visiting here for sure. It's too bad, bc it looks very nice. I wonder how their public transit is, they didn't cover that in this video.

  • Reply Robert Rajuncas December 23, 2018 at 8:59 am

    I been there-
    Please Build Proper Olympic Water Park and Rollercoaster Rides with BIG Pictures and Videos and Stories live athlete guests from 1996 like Michael Jonhson!!! How about MJ restaurant inside His Golden sneker- this dude won 12 gold medals 0 silver and 0 bronze and have no exibit in Atlanta??? Forever Olympic Tourism and you can do it NOW- you will be shocked, what Power of Love can do!!! Booya!!!

  • Reply Robert Rajuncas December 23, 2018 at 9:14 am

    Ok Atlanta- if you make those Olympic Fountain Rings 100-1000times bigger so we can RENT and CHILL inside personal or group inflatables- 365 days a YEAR and Later visit PROPER Michael Johnson Excibit- i would travel there NOW!!! Where is MJ Love USA? 12 Gold Medals- Fastest American!!!

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    I was born in Atlanta GA September 6 1996

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    wow atlanta is beautiful. who would have thought

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    I feel like Atlanta is overlooked too much. However it could just be that the city grew really fast recently and people haven't yet realized how good a city it is

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    I'm considering an internship in Atlanta, but I don't have a car. It is possible to get around by bus or train? Such a large city probably doesn't have a lot of things at walking-distance…

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    Young Thug

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    Any locals have suggestions on spots to visit and places to eat for someone visiting?

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    Avengers is shot here again and again. Like Endgame's first scene..

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    Been to Atlanta.

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    My dream is to live in Atlanta❤️ beautiful place

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    Here from gone with the Wind hehhe

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    America 😚😚😚😚😚

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    Lovely place to visit, how is it as far as natural disasters and such?

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    Great video. I'm brazilian.

    I am planing to travel to Atlanta and New Orleans.

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    I remember in kindergarten I went to the Georgia aquarium as my first field trip.I will never forget it and in 5th grade after years of not seeing Atlanta which in this case I was born in which makes me really proud,I went to Coca Cola world and when we got off the bus and waited in the big field and saw the big buildings I felt like I was back at childhood…Im moving to Atlanta when I’m fully grown up.ill see you soon Atlanta…soon…

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    I loved visiting Atlanta! I did a solo trip here for 30 hours and the aquarium really IS awesome. Here's my travel vlog

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    Wish to visit this place

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    Make sure to check out Noahs ark in Locust Grove..It’s free and it’s amazing and it supports animals great for all ages

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    Stone Mountain

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    Ugh wish I lived I USA

  • Reply Teresa Davis January 1, 2020 at 7:04 am

    Ok. Another local chiming in. 1. Do not come here and complain about the traffic. 2. The zoo if full and no longer allowing entrance usually about 15 minutes after opening each day so be prepared with option b. 3. Stone Mntn is really just a rock but do not take the train… u got to hike that [email protected]#$. 4. Do not come here looking for Gone with the Wind or wanting to see some Antebellum mansion b/c THIS IS NOT MISSISSIPPI and GWTW was fiction. 5. Anything around the world of coke is built by us for all of tourists. The Aquarium is freaking great though. 6. The Fox Theater is a local joy for us all. It was on the chopping block many times and for a long long time. We, Atlantans, saved it and work hard to keep it functioning. 7. Little 5 Points is edgy and awesome but probably not where visiting tourist would want to go. 8. We are ALL very honored and proud of having the largest affluent (middle class and above) community of African Americans in the whole nation. 9. The varsity is cheap and great but be careful! It can kill you. and 10!!! DON'T COME HERE AND COMPLAIN ABOUT [email protected]#%%@# TRAFFIC LIKE WE DON'T ALREADY KNOW~~~~

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