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AUstralia $2 C mintmark coins

February 12, 2020

so get a pebble are you going this is a
Len you don’t know my name one in and today we have some $2 colored see ma see
meet my coins and as you can see the earliest one actually have you see 2015
and you can actually get these dating from 2013 the coronation the purple
coronation they didn’t actually oh yes they did come out $52 papi they were in
a purple one not not one who folded it up it’s more likely to set a flat cover
I don’t have a similar one on the table but I don’t actually have those the
actual purple poppy one is a bit probably about 500 bucks the UM the red
poppy not the purple poppy the red poppy is about 500 bucks 2012/2013 looking at
Oh probably at least two to three hundred dollars for that see mint mark
coin and 2014 I haven’t actually got one but two thousand forints going upwards
of $100 then you have these ones so there is the list we forget this is a
Remembrance Day this we forget is the orange one but this one here we’re
talking about Oh eat one forty and fifty dollars so initially these came out
there are about fifteen dollars each and over time these actually increase in
pricing you see the mintage is actually fifty thousand or that’s what the legal
mean to GSA a lot of times the mint doesn’t actually produce all of these
coins so if they mean actually sells out of the initial production they’ll
increase the mintage until they reach the maximum but like if they if they
produce 20,000 of these coins and at the end of the year they did sell them out
they want mint anymore they’ll just leave it as it is so you can go to the
2014-15 and 2015-16 annual reports and they’ll show
you the total mintage of these coins before DC mint mark you won’t find it on
the mintages forward the actual normal coins but this is actually a nice set if
you can fire away it’s not been folded that would be awesome and give some
information there’s more information you can see d.c is actually in the center of
the actual coin so that’s nice there’s honest a static and then you can
fold over its information I actually like the water colored poppy it’s a
beautiful beautiful coin and then we have the next one so then we have 2016
I don’t believe they actually should any 2016 so they didn’t actually issue any
remembrance or lest we forget you should the Olympic coins and the
Paralympic coins but this is the 2017 as you can see this one has what does it
have on it it has a century worn sprigs rosemary rosemary he actually tastes
nicer glam so 40,000 so I’ve dropped the actual mintage on these coins and this
one doesn’t have to see has to see there also but it’s beautiful has it they have
two flowers and your leaves on their aunt so this is the remembrance you can
see remember it’s in there so this one is probably about probably
at forty thirty to forty dollars let’s have a look in between thirty and forty
dollars you actually be paying for one of these coins so and also the other one
as well so here is the ever coin so this is the lest we forget
not as good designers have one and see the seam it mark there on this side and
but the cover is actually quite good and if we turn it around
lest we forget nice watercolour there of a flower it has beautiful and what’s
actually on this I think this is the top of the War Memorial so iconic died off
the Australian War Memorial so these two about forty and fifty dollars each
so initially though fifteen so if you’ve got these another fifteen and increased
in price then it is actually a food investment but so here we have the best
two dollar that I reckon Aires and he says the eternal flame so eternal flame
a sculpture feature to pull reflection in a common welfare at the Australian
War Memorial as you can see the sea is on this side so it’s the flame around
the water war it represents the pool this is my favorite strain $2.00 and
here we have the episode 2018 New Year’s a War Memorial and these ones you’ll be
looking at at 25 to 35 dollars on average you’ll be paying for these or
this coin here and then we have the next one which is the another $2 the
armistice so 2018 let’s focus the armistice 100 years and they all have a
mintage of 40,000 maximum some of them probably bit lower because it of the if
they’re popular or not so this one 2018 the covers not as good
it’s got a poppy and I presume this is the actual wall of the wall of the War
Memorial we’d actually inscribed the names of those who have died and these
are and you’re probably paying about 25 to 30 dollars yeah probably you know 25
to 30 dollar should be paying for one of these so
they were actually $15 two years ago but near there 25 to 30 dollars then we have
the 2019 I don’t know 2020 at the moment so this
is the earliest one so this is the repatriation so when they actually came
home and these coins now for this one you’ll be paying for about $20 so they
haven’t actually increased in price that much the same with the police one you’ll
be paying at the moment back $20 initially these actually went up to
nearly 20 nearly $30 but the prices have actually dropped down and these ones
when they actually afford it they mean to be quite low people would sign them
off for like forty to fifty dollars in their the price has dropped to about
twenty dollars at the moment but that price will increase in two to three
years time because generally what happens on the secondary market so the
Royal Australian Air coins some of the coin shops are still sell them for $15
doll sell out they get rid of these coins and Wow
there’s no more coins sell them for $15 because you know people are not gonna
buy something for $15 and salt $15 probably loose money so then they
increase the price so maybe they add $10 extra or maybe they’ll double it so $30
20 $30 and then they will you know they will all sell up then people get on I
can sell this for $30 and then take out oh maybe I’ll double it again oh maybe
put number $10 on top of it so now I’ve got 40 50 60 and then you saw actually
increase in price to a certain amount from what I’ve seen probably $50 a lot
of these will probably reach a fewer they converge to $100 but I don’t see
that many real and here we have the policeman this is
actually quite a nice one and speak hoo-ha around this last year because
these are actually thought you dribbled out in your circulation and you know a
lot of these coins brought up a lot of interest in collectors net it’s just
totally dissipated then you’re not gonna get a price as you’re walking
so in conclusion even though these two dollar coin cement box I think they’re
about ten years old before they they actually never issued cement mark for $2
and when they study and give memory of coins and the previous midmark coins
were the one dollar and fifty cent coins as you can see handle here but these
ones have not appreciated much in value even though they had a similar type of
mintage actually no the message from something is quite high from probably
like 15 thousand to a hundred thousand that’s roughly the average mintage
because there’s like a hundred thousand daiva high meaty so they have a less
value so didn’t increase in price like this one here probably in about four or
five dollars and they actually sold it for probably two to three dollars I will
over can’t remember exactly but these ones are more favored by collectors
because two dollars in themselves they’re colored which makes them more
special as you can see beautiful two dollar coins so I hope you enjoyed this
analysis of the current state of $2 see Myanmar coins and just keep collecting
and have an awesome coin collecting time thank you and bye bye


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    Awesome video cheers

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    Looking at my old German coinage , I also like them , I've not learnt mint marks etc much

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    Those are really nice! Thanks for sharing! 😀

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    i got 2012 to 2019 c mint mark carded original carded plus coronation 2013 queen on throne 60 years c mint mark

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    Nice video Glen !

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    I love two dollar coins. I have focussed on collecting these. I hope the mint doesn't try and release two many varieties and spoil it like they have done with the 1 dollar coin. Fantastic video dude!!!!!!!!!

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