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Australian 1920 penny variety and values

February 12, 2020

so hello fellow coin collectors how you
going this is Glenn back with another video and today we’re going to review
the 1920 penny and this is actually the most complex of Australia’s pennies
because of the number of varieties that you can actually get and I’m not
including errors I’m just talking about two things so we have some varieties
they actually have dots either on top or bottom of these Scrolls so the top and
bottom scroll and the other variety is we have an Indian in a London obverse so
if we go to the end you can see that the end let’s zoom in okay you can see that
the end points up to identical this is the London not the London this is the
Indian variety so yeah if it endpoints up two identical that’s the Indian
variety and that is a common obverse for these coins and on this 1922 penny
so in 1922 we have the N pointing in between identical and that it’s actually
a rare type of obverse for a 1920 penny so first of all if you have a 1920 penny
with this type of obverse it’s rare it doesn’t matter if it has dots or
anything it’s just rare anyway and there are actually free varieties so you can
get all of them either have no dot they have dot above bottom scroll bar below
bottom scroll there are no London or verses with dots up here so if you
actually find one we’ve got up here it’s actually very rare so it actually worth
a lot of money and these coins with the London
obverse are actually very expensive I wouldn’t expect to buy one for less
than $100 so that is how rare they actually are and the Rennicks catalog
doesn’t actually include this type of variety it just includes the doctor
variety so just keep out for any obverses with the endpoint in between
the tentacles so then we have the so that though those are free with three
types of varieties and now we have the fourth to eighth type of variety and
that is the one with the indian averse with the end point in 2d tentacle and
these ones have a variety of dot combinations so you can have don’t dot
you can have dot below bottom scroll dot above bottom scroll a a dot above top
scroll so just up there and we can have a double dot so you double dot I have a
dot up here and also a dot down below the bottom Scrolls so that is actually
the rarest the double dot variety and the rarest of the lot is actually e dot
above the top scroll so what would be the values of any of these coins with
the dots so if you have a note variety and then it’s actually very common so no
dot variety with the Union obverse is actually common if you get the dot below
bottom scroll so do we have one here I believe I do this one’s actually an
error coin as well but you can see the flam floor there but we’re not worried
about there at the moment so if you turn around this one’s actually very worn so
it’s actually a lot harder to see so so it’s actually hard to show in here but
you can just make out the dot which is just there so in the center of that just
there if I can zoom in so you might be able to see the extra dot better there
it’s just so hard when the actual dot is actually very damaged as well as the
light so you can actually see the dot it’s the circle part that is actually
right in front so just right at the tip of that shadow so I’m not too sure if
you can actually pick it up move this coin around so it’s actually a dot below
D bottom scroll it’s actually very common and on ID coin books I actually
have these as you know starting at $35 but because this coin is actually very
common I would say the values are probably the same as the one we’ve made
dot so probably about six dollars I would say it’s a mistake in the catalog
in the pricing and then we have the no variety no dot okay so these two are
actually very common okay the dot above the bottom scroll so we
call them bear up here that is actually a scarce coin and they’re actually
to the bear ooh probably about $35 so if you’ve got one above the bottoms gone it
goes higher so I talked about coins pretty much in this condition so
probably in fine condition so it’s basically the base value if you want to
point at actually eating very fine great talking about two to three hundred
dollars if you want one in the uncirculated probably talking about at
least seven to ten thousand dollars in nice ones forties ones that are actually
common you know find value you probably talk about seven eight dollars so these
coins if you’re talking about verifying probably about twenty to thirty if you
want uncirculated probably talk about thousand dollars for just these coins
that I have here but as you can see these two actually are errors so this
one has you know error here every day and oh not that one
got picked up on line 22 ah this one has you know it was actually a flame floor
going for a day and this one actually has a plan for there so that’s pretty
much and I was using the wrong coin there but I won’t really record it we
just continue on so we talked about II know dot and the dot below bottom
scrolled dot above bottom scroll so how about the dot above the top school
that’s actually the most expensive off the lot so if you have a dot and it’s
actually up there and so the dot above the top scroll you’re probably looking
at probably a hundred fifty dollars in very good grade so fine grade you’ve
probably talked about two to three hundred dollars and then we have the
second rarest and that is the double dot so the dot that is above the top scroll
am below the bottom scroll so that coin you’re probably looking at
in very good grade probably 20 to 30 dollars in fine grade probably at least
a hundred dollars you know uncirculated grade you’re probably talking at least
five to six thousand dollars so that is actually what the values are I’ll put a
link to a good website that actually has information on the varieties and you can
research it yourself but those are what you should be looking for so there are
eight varieties and the chances that you’ll come across all of them in a lot
is probably very remote and then we have the error coin so there’s actually quite
a lot of errors so you got like blobs dye cracks I’m not actually going to go
through them it’s probably at least 70 different types of error coins have
actually been described so a lot of them are diet so net will get dye cracks that
actually go through the letterings all the letterings that are any double no
there’s no doubling that’s actually been reported there’s a lot of space or spurs
on the first leg of the end so I don’t have this one in 1920 or habit in 1919
you can check out that video doctor twin in a wine penny so let’s have a look to
see if these two actually have any varieties so the mintage of this coin is
actually quite high it’s nine million and forty one thousand and you can see
there I know that’s actually damage on the ice damage from the guy now this
coin is very worn so as you can see the room is worn but there is like a flame
floor so there and going toward to see so that’s actually one type of error
lamination floor flam floor one you wanna call it that wearing there
is just pretty much postman damage because actually wearing the coin and if
we have a look on the other side you can see is a little bit of a flame problem
there as well but apart from that I don’t see any dire cracks on this coin
that actually looks like I might be post 9 under sleep another flame problem
because it goes under yeah so and then we look at this coin so if there’s any
problem looking at that I thought that might have been a lamination for but
might be just a post meat scratch so any problems I don’t see any any dire cracks
or anything like that so this she actually has quite a lot of
problems with the points that they actually minted but know that sees fine
so really you’ll be looking for a lot of variation in the 1920 penny and just
remember so the first thing you need to know is that any of them with the London
obverse are rare and with the Indian obverse you’re
looking for the ones with the dot at the top and in the bottom one with the dot
just at the top and one was the dots after the top of the bottom scroll you
find any with no dot or dot below bottom so I’ll actually got very common so
they’re actually worth any a few dollars so yeah that here’s what you need to be
looking for indi 1920 penny as I said very complex that’s why I’m gonna leave
that link below so you can have a look and yeah just keep hunting thank you
very much for watching my video please like this video thumbs up subscribe to
my channel and also check the links below thank you and bye bye


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