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BALIK BAHANE MUHABBET ŞAHANE !! (Tereyağda Alabalık Tarifi) (Hacı Mutfakta Yeni Transfer)

February 13, 2020

Hello to all of you. + We have a special guest today. Ayşegül: Aunt Ayşe! + We have already mentioned in a video, Ayşegül was a guest for tasting in a video before. She is our neighbor. Ayşegül: Hello. + For about 20 years, I suppose – maybe more – she is our neighbor we are like siblings now. + Now for the ‘Dad in Kitchen’ series … + We will make trout fried in butter. + But Ayşegül makes it really well. + We asked her to help us. + Thanks to her, she is here now. + I will not be in the video today, guys. + I’m sick by the way, my voice is not ok. + I’ll be in the shooting. + So, the stage is my dad’s and Ayşegül’s now. + Let’s start. -We said fish, now we keep our promise … -… we’re making trout. Ayşegül: My little son loves it. -Suitable for every budget. -But, we have to accept the importance of the presence of Ayşegül. -I said to Ayşegül, “Ayşegül you should come, it will be good for sure if you join” – “Your presence will be enough,” I said. -Therefore, now we say Bismillah and start. Ayşegül: Now we flour our trout a bit with corn flour… Ayşegül: … and a little bit of salt. Ayşegül: We’ll use just a little bit of cornflour. Ayşegül: Now, we cover the trout with cornflour. Ayşegül: Then … Orhan grandpa, can you put oil? Ayşegül: A glass of oil, more butter. + It should not be on high heat, right? It needs low heat. Ayşegül: Let it sizzle. We may use high heat, at first. + How much oil will we put? Ayşegül: About 1 glass. + Volume like this, there are 200 milliliters of oil here, guys. Ayşegül: But I think we’ll use 3-4 spoons of butter. -This is neroli oil. Ayşegül: Yes, so put 3-4 spoons of butter. Ayşegül: Actually, we don’t need any oil but… Ayşegül: … I think without oil it would be too much butter, in terms of taste. Ayşegül: I think this way is better. + We all know that butter is expensive. + Under normal conditions, originally they use full of butter, on low heat, but … + … that is not very economical, of course, if you will cook it constantly. + If you cook many trouts than maybe you can choose that way. Ayşegül: I think this way is better by the way. – Enough friend, that’s okay. + Shall we put some more, Ayşegül? Ayşegül: No, it is enough. Let it sizzle. – That’s enough, but also this butter; real butter. – This is pure. Ayşegül: I am from Trabzon and we can never eat fish without boiled potatoes. Ayşegül: If friends from Trabzon are watching, they know for sure. Ayşegül: Now Mustafa is already doing it. Ayşegül: You will see it too. + Normally they also put grapes on the table. Ayşegül: Yes! Ayşegül: Grapes are also very common with fish. Ayşegül: But we eat fish in the morning and evening! Ayşegül: So we eat it often. – These are amazing! Ayşegül: Yes, they are beautiful. -Mustafa, how much did we pay per kilogram? + We paid 8 Turkish Lira per trout. -Oil started to smell. + Shall we put the fish now? -Let me put the trouts now. Ayşegül: Yes, grandpa Orhan. – Come on, Bismillah. Ayşegül: They are very handsome, by the way. + Friends now the heat is like the medium. + Neither too high nor too low. Ayşegül: Yes. – It is enough for 4 trouts. -It started to boil up. Ayşegül: If there are friends going to Uzungöl, they probably saw it there. Ayşegül: But as we said, they only use butter there, Ayşegül: We mix it with some neroli oil. -We haven’t seen them there either … – Are they using only butter … Ayşegül: Please, please! -They are not letting us to the kitchen, Ayşegül. Ayşegül: My hometown is doing whatever it requires. Ayşegül: It smells so good here. -Look at friends, it’s so simple! -There is no student or housewife… …who can’t do this. -The fisherman cleaned it for us. -You can also ask your fisherman, to clean it. -We will do this again with Ayşegül one day … -… We will make it in on tile, I hope. – We will shoot a video like that. Ayşegül: That would be amazing too, but I prefer this one. + I guess they use kashar cheese in that recipe. -We’ll make it with mushrooms. – I actually wanna eat from the pan; + I won’t pour the butter after cooking, + I’ll be eating with the butter. Ayşegül: Trout is a lean fish. Ayşegül: This is a fish with a predominance of white meat. Ayşegül: If it is not cooked in such oil, it will be something tasteless. Ayşegül: Let’s make haddock with baked eggs, someday. Ayşegül: It’s also a nice recipe. Ayşegül: We do not use it much, but it is a beautiful fish. Ayşegül: It is also a lean fish. Ayşegül: It is a fish with plenty of white meat. + I don’t like fish very much, but I love the haddock with eggs. + I also love horse mackerel. Ayşegül: I love fish more than meat, chicken … more than any of them. + That’s why we invite you to this video. Ayşegül: It is the fish of the North. – Let me check it like this from time to time… -… it will not stick to the pan, but just in case. Ayşegül: The skin is also very beautiful. + Crispy! Ayşegül: Yes, it is crispy. Ayşegül: I love to eat the skin too. Ayşegül: I have a brother, Ayşegül: He ate 8 of these in a meal, once. -Wow, God! Ayşegül: Really! -Wow, mashallah. -Poor man’s salmon ha! Ayşegül: But that was not the case back then! Ayşegül: It was very cheap. Ayşegül: Now the fish is expensive. -Friends, Ayşegül speaks so wisely… -…because she looks young but she is 40. Ayşegül: We went with Kartal, Fatma sisters, Mustafa’s altogether… Ayşegül: … We went to the Balkans, we went to such a hotel there. Ayşegül: The hotel was a very nice hotel, such a hotel with a pool all around. Ayşegül: We visit the hotel garden with Kartal at night, Ayşegül: There were huge big fish in the pools. Ayşegül: I said to Kartal, “Are these fish edible?” Ayşegül: They were many! Ayşegül: Do they feed them to eat or not? Ayşegül: Kartal asked the waiter and started to talk in English. Ayşegül: I said “Let me ask” Ayşegül: I said to the man, “This fish …” Aysegul: and the man… Ayşegül: Then I looked at Kartal, I looked at the man … Ayşegül: … have we agreed? Agreed. Ayşegül: There’s no need for details. Ayşegül: Just ask it. Ayşegül: The man understood it, and I understood it. Ayşegül: Allah Allah! Ayşegül: There is no need to complicate the work. Simplify! + I guess we don’t turn it often. Ayşegül: No, let’s cook some more crust. Ayşegül: But it smells very good, guys. Ayşegül: I hope you may cook and experience it. Ayşegül: It has a nice smell. -The quality of butter can be understood now. Look, you see? – It smelled. Ayşegül: Like you have cows! + Our butter is good, we get the butter from our cousin. -But butter smelled good even though there is neroli oil too. Ayşegül: It smelled really good. Ayşegül: Let’s turn it, and check it, grandpa Orhan. -Wow, God! + OK? Ayşegül: Okay. -Look at it! Ayşegül: Yes, it’s really good. -Mustafa shoot it. + I’m already shooting. -I don’t even spoil the skin, see Ayşegül? – No harm to the skin. Ayşegül: Yes, it is very good. -I couldn’t get used to these tongs of Mustafa. Okay, you’re done with the tong. + Pull it from the back, it locks. + Pull it from the back, it locks. Heh, okay. -Mustafa, shoot it like this. – Can you shoot it like this? My God! Ayşegül: Yes, it looks really good. -Ayşegül loves students. Her children are also students. -I said, “Look Ayşegül, students will make it.” – “Come for them,” I said. – “Okay, I’ll then,” she said. – Thanks to her, she was so kind to join us. – So students should make it! -One is enough. + You need to eat bread with it. Ayşegül: But a good healthy meal. Ayşegül: Eat fish two days per week. – Seriously, it is expensive to eat fish outside. – It is really expensive outside. – So everyone will learn how to cook at home. – A little bit … -… they say; -The pants will get wet, so when you fish. -You will also sweat a little when you are in the kitchen. Ayşegül: As I said, there is always such a boiled potato with us, next to the fish. Ayşegül: Therefore, we do not have a culture of eating fish outside. -You know why? -You’re eating at least 2, 3 of that now. – Some people eat 5 or 6 of them… – Where can they eat that much of it?
Ayşegül: Sure, dear. -They can’t, it’s really expensive. Ayşegül: We’re used to childhood. 10 kilograms of fish, in one meal. -Also guys, should I tell you something? -You know what’s the most beautiful fish? -You know Norway, Norwegian Mackerel, fish from icy waters. -It’s is the best fish. + It is now expensive too. -Now, it’s expensive too. They were so cheap. -Seriously, these were so cheap. Ayşegül: I think 3 pieces of it 8,5 Turkish Liras in BİM (low-cost grocery store). – BİM? Really? Ayşegül: I mean people can buy it if they can afford that one. -Is it cleaned in BİM? Ayşegül: It was cleaned. Fillet made. + I mean, why not? Ayşegül: Especially for students. Clean, easy, easy to reach … + Maybe we can try it later. -As a whole? Ayşegül: They made fillets in the middle and cleaned them. It is very beautiful. – So there is one trout in the package? All?
Ayşegül: 1.5 trouts. -1.5. How much? Ayşegül: I believe it was 8.75 Turkish Lira. – Well then. – Well, it’s 25 Turkish Lira per kilogram in the local market.
Ayşegül: It is also a fatty fish. Ayşegül: As you said, it’s better for making a sandwich. + If you like, comment below. + Ayşegül is a lovely lady to talk to. + I know you’ll love it. + After that, I believe there will be many requests for Ayşegül. + But really, she is really nice. + If we sit like this, we can chat for hours. Ayşegül: So is Mustafa! Ayşegül: You can listen to Mustafa for 3 days. Ayşegül: I can chat with Mustafa for 3 days without getting bored. – Look here, friend! -Look at this beauty! Shoot this, Mustafa. + I’m shooting dad, I’m already shooting. -For God’s sake, look at it. Ayşegül: It’s a really easy recipe. Ayşegül: What he makes starts from the day and continues even in the night. Ayşegül: My boys, “Mom, run, Mustafa shared a video” Ayşegül: I mean, my son, I can’t do it anyway. Ayşegül: Go to Mustafa. – I say that, Ayşegül. -Mustafa’s always been … Ayşegül: So do not think that we are so close so I can learn everything from him. Ayşegül: There is no such thing. Ayşegül: He does such things! I mean, I say OK, enough for me, I can’t. Ayşegül: I eat my fish. -By the way, it’s really good. Ayşegül: He really works. He’s trying and working too much. -By the way, he’s so perfectionist that… -… my son … -… “What do you mean, Dad? Don’t disrupt our channel” he says. – “Whatever I do will be nice” Ayşegül: You and I will give a magic touch to channel. -Yes, Ayşegül, never mind. + Exactly. You are the part of the channel … You do the simple side. -This part is the flavor part! + Friends, at first … … even there is “Who am I” video, + I was there when I just opened the channel; + as I explained there, my concept is actually … + … restaurant concept at home. + Because I try to do what we do in restaurant-quality … + … I’m going into a little bit of detail, it’s true. + It is true that I also need extra equipment, but … + This is my concept. + I am not trying to do the things that everybody else does at home. + I’m trying to cook things that even restaurants can’t. -But Mustafa, I get upset when I watch your videos. -You know why? -My brother, man, any man make the easiest recipe… -and we see that the video watched too many times. -Looking at Mustafa’s, the amazing things… -… sometimes less watching rates. Ayşegül: Mustafa, but he is very fastidious in everything, in everything. Ayşegül: He does the best of everything. Ayşegül: Don’t think that just for this. Ayşegül: I have been a neighbor with Mustafa for 20 years, no matter what he does … Ayşegül: … does the best of everything. + It’s about my characteristics actually. + Because I’m a little perfectionist myself … + … once I can not be happy myself from my work, so it is so. -Yes, guys, I think this is ready. -Look, you see? Look at it. -This is ready. – I don’t even have to look. – But let’s take a look. Still, in case. Ayşegül: Yes, friends, we made our fish. -Aysegul, do it by hand. This is the fish! Ayşegül: I taste it. – You should eat it by hand, like this… Ayşegül: Grandpa Orhan! + No exaggeration, no exaggeration! Ayşegül: But I really love fish, it is very good. – Friends, fish is eaten by hand. Ayşegül: This is our potato. – I’ll take it with the skin. Ayşegül: If we have fish, this is definitely there. + Exactly. This is my favorite thing! + Since I do not love fish, I always eat the potatoes. -Let me see, let me taste. + I’m going to keep my hand clean dad, give it to me one. -Mustafa, it’s great. Ayşegül: Yes, it is very beautiful. Ayşegül: I think its skin is very beautiful. + Actually beautiful!
Ayşegül: Full of white meat. + Yes friends … + … thanks to you really. + I don’t like fish, but I can eat this fish. + because it doesn’t smell too much fish. + Butter is very beautiful, it really gives flavor. + The outside is also slightly crunchy, the juicy inside. + It’s really beautiful. + Thanks to you. They prepared a very good presentation for us. + It is obvious that a lady worked for this right? + I mean you can see the difference if you compare with my presentations. Look at it! Seriously, it’s really nice. Ayşegül: Bon appetit to everyone. + Ayşegül, thank you very much for participating. + Dad, thank you so much. -Bon appetit. + I thank you on behalf of my brothers on the channel. + Yes friends, + I hope you liked it. + There was a different content today. I leave the job to the people who know about it since I do not have much knowledge about it. + I say everyone should do what they know, so I trust Ayşegül in this regard. + We invited Ayşegül. + I guess you like Ayşegül, and for the next fish recipes… + … because everyone likes Ayşegül. + If you want to see it from now on, please write below in the messages. + I hope you liked it. + If you like, hit the ‘like’ button, + Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for the continuation of such videos. + See you in the next video. + Take care, goodbye!
-God bless you.


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