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Beginner Affiliate Marketer | 6 Mistakes That Will Keep You From Making Money Online 2019

September 12, 2019

– So you’re interested in making money with affiliate marketing. Maybe you’re just curious or maybe you’re already working on it. But wouldn’t it really stink if you put all this energy
and work into something and then you didn’t actually
end up making any money? Hey, it’s LeahRae from, and I’m gonna help save you from six super common mistakes that affiliate marketers fall into that will definitely keep you broke and prevent you from making money. If you wanna dive deeper and to get to more thorough
training on how to help you build your affiliate marketing business, grab the training, top
link in the description. That’s gonna help you out as well. Mistake number six is
not having an audience. So many times, affiliate
marketers get started and they think they’re gonna make a bunch of money like that,
but they’ve spent no time or effort working to build an audience. Guess what? If you’re sitting there
blasting and blaring about this great offer
that you’ve come across and you wanna share with
people, that’s nice, but if no one’s listening to you, you’re not gonna make any money. You have to work to build
an audience, and guess what? Having an audience, it
doesn’t happen overnight. That’s something that builds over time, so you have to be willing
to put in that time to understand this
isn’t a short-term play. This is something that takes time to do. Whether that’s on YouTube,
Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, blogging, wherever
you’re putting your effort, your main marketing strategy, understand that it takes time and you’re going to have
to learn some skills and some ways to grow that audience. But across all those platforms, you’re going to have
to learn how to be good at what you’re doing
there on that platform. Improve your skills and
grow an audience over time. No audience means no sales. No sales means no money. So you need to work on
consistently building an audience online if you’re
looking to make money. Mistake number five; not providing value. I don’t know how many
times I’ve seen this, but people are just pushing an offer. They’re just pitching. Pitch, pitch, pitch. They don’t give any value. Guess what; if you don’t
give any value to someone, a reason for them to watch, to read, to check out whatever you’re doing online, they’re not going to. They’re just gonna see you pitching stuff and then they think, oh, well, that person just wants to sell me stuff. Guess what; people don’t like to be sold, while people do like to buy. What you wanna do is give value. Know who your target audience is. Know who’s most likely to be interested in whatever offers you’re providing and then give them value. Give them a reason to follow you, to consume the content, the stuff that you’re creating online. Give them value. When you give people tons of value, then you can slide in
an offer here and there, but you can’t just pitch people. You can’t just promote. This applies to the content
that you’re creating online, but also to your email
list, to your ManyChat list, wherever you’re marketing to people. If you hit them with offer after offer, they become very unresponsive and uninterested in what you’re doing. You kinda have to think of your audience like a bank account. You need to make deposits over time before you can make any withdrawals. If you try to just withdraw all the time, you’re gonna go broke. You have to make deposits
to get withdrawals. With your audience, you make deposits by giving them value, by giving them helpful,
valuable information. Stuff that they want, stuff
that they’re looking for. When you do that and you
fill up that bank account with that good will, then
you can take a withdrawal. You can put an offer in front of them, and that’s when you make money. So understand, key principle
of online marketing; you have to give value. The fourth mistake is spamming. This is so obnoxious. (laughs) We may even get one of
these on this video, which we quickly delete. But you see this online
where people will come onto a YouTube video like this, and instead of engaging
and getting some value from the video, they just pitch. They spam their offer. They put their link for something else or whatever they’re doing,
and they just put it on somebody else’s video or on a post that they’re
doing on social media, or even on Facebook ads. You see people do this on Facebook ads. It’s totally ridiculous
and it’s super ineffective. Guess what; you’re not
gonna make money doing this, plus you’re gonna get
your account shut down because guess what? When people spam stuff
like they sometimes do on our videos, what do we do? We report it to YouTube. We delete it and we report it. When YouTube gets a bunch of reports that you’re spamming people, guess what? Your account goes away. Same thing with Facebook
and other platforms. Instagram, it’s the same thing. It’s not gonna make you money. It’s gonna get your account shut down and it’s just a waste of time. Instead of wasting your
time spamming people, actually spend time creating
an audience giving value so you can actually
promote and make money. You’re not gonna make money spamming. You will make money marketing. How do you market? It’s a process. Just what I’m going
through here with you now; build an audience, give value, and then you can promote. Spamming is not marketing and it’s not gonna make you money. Plus, it’s just super annoying. Mistake number three; promoting whatever’s gonna
make you the most money. This is not a good play. Yes, if you find an offer
that converts really well that can make you a lot of money, it can do that in the short
term, but you need to be able to stand behind whatever your offer is, and it needs to serve
your audience long-term. If this isn’t a long-term play, if it’s just a flash in the pan I can make money before it
gets shut down type of offer, and we’re seeing those
more and more these days, then that is something you
should really stay away. Because any time you promote something, you promote an opportunity, you promote some sort of offer, you’re essentially putting
your name behind it. Online, your name is everything. Your name is your brand,
it’s your reputation. People are not going to
trust you if they … Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. They’re gonna learn not to trust you. If you promote something to them and then it gets shut down
or something falls apart, or it’s shady, or it’s
bad, or something happens, they’re no longer gonna look to you. You’re not gonna create
repeat customers that way. Repeat customers are the
most valuable customers in your business, people
who are gonna purchase offer after offer from you, whatever you put in front of them, because they trust you. The quickest way to break that trust is to promote something that’s shady and you’re just promoting
it to make money with it, not because it’s really gonna help people. Avoid the temptation of pushing something for a quick buck, and look
for things that truly serve and are gonna help
people in the long-term. That really is very related
to mistake number two. It’s promoting something
that you haven’t checked out. If you’re promoting something, you should have some level
of experience with it. If you’re promoting some sort of training, oftentimes the owners of that course will give you access so you
can check it out beforehand. Or maybe you’ve purchased
other trainings from them in the past and you know what
to expect from that trainer. But if it’s a book, if
it’s some sort of guide that they’re purchasing,
software that they’re purchasing, you should use it yourself. You should read it yourself. You should assess it yourself before you put your name
behind it, because again, your reputation is everything. You want to truly be able
to stand behind something and know that it’s going to help and serve your audience. When you do that, you
create loyal, raving fans that are going to keep purchasing from you time after time, and that’s how you build a very substantial online business. If you wanna promote it,
invest in it yourself or ask the owner of the product for some sort of sample or something you can get your hands on so you can assess it for yourself and make sure it’s something that’s truly gonna serve your audience and is worth their precious money. The number one mistake,
I see this all the time, especially here on YouTube, is not building an email list. Come on, people. This is a bad idea because social media, the Internet, things are always changing, and your email list is
something that you own that people are not
gonna take away from you. Guess what; YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, if you make them mad, if you do something against their policies or you get reported for something, maybe you didn’t even do something but they think you did,
you can get shut down. Those accounts can go away overnight. If you haven’t built an email list, it doesn’t matter if you had a half a million subscribers, the next day you’re gonna be down to zero. If you build an email list, you can move that audience
off to a new channel or somewhere else we’re
gonna give them value. I’ve heard it said, especially over the last couple of years, email marketing is dead,
email marketing is dead. They’re really pushing
Facebook Messenger bots. Facebook Messenger bots are awesome. We love them, but guess what? Those are also changing, and it looks like this coming summer, they’re
going to be taking away some very important features
that people are using. So what does that mean? It’s really good that you were building your email list this whole time and not solely relying on Messenger bots. While you may own your Messenger bot list, you don’t own Facebook,
and a Messenger bot list without Facebook is useless. You need to own a list,
you need to build a list. Offer something of
value; free PDF download, video tips, whatever it is
to collect their information, collect their email. And then when you have an email list, you can send them your new content. You published a new video, you published a new blog post. Send it out to your list. Give more value. Make that deposit in the bank account. Give that out to your list, and then to that same email list, you can invite them to webinars. Training-only webinars
and sales-based webinars. Plus, you can throw in direct offers every once in a while. You need to build an email list. It is a solid strategy
that’s gonna help you build a long-term business. For more help to build
a solid online business, make sure you grab access to that training down in the description. If you’re ready to start
building an email list and you need an email responder system, we recommend ActiveCampaign. ActiveCampaign has been awesome. We’ve tried other stuff. It’s definitely our favorite. I’ll have our link down in the description if that’s something you’re looking for. Please know that we are rooting for you. We are here to help you
create time freedom, create financial freedom,
create the business, the lifestyle of your dreams. You gotta subscribe so
we can help you. (laughs) Say hi so we can welcome
you to the community. Again, this is LeahRae
from Head over to this video
that should be floating right above my head (laughs), and I’ll see you soon; bye bye.


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    I have a fairly large audience and generate nada

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    Don’t know how I stumbled upon this channel, but thank you for the great info. I haven’t started email marketing and I absolutely need to. Thank you again

  • Reply Maria Meiners May 15, 2019 at 4:01 am

    Yup it seems like the majority of people are pro at these mistakes, instead of taking the time to actually engage with people.

  • Reply Timesha Holmon June 4, 2019 at 5:25 pm

    I have an email list but getting people to open the emails is tough. Do you see that with Active Campaign or is that the same everywhere?

  • Reply Chris Njigha June 5, 2019 at 2:11 am

    I agree, valuable content is the online currency for the digital age, only way to make money. Awesome vid Leah!

  • Reply Mitch's Niches June 5, 2019 at 2:18 am

    I love this video. Such great advice. I need to work on my audience for sure.

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