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February 23, 2020

Hi FitFlavah Fam, welcome back to another
video. If you like our approach towards fitness,
yoga and lifestyle, don’t forget to subscribe. And like the title says, in this video we
give you 10 anti-aging yoga workouts to keep you young. I know it’s quite a mouthful. But it is true. You can slow down the aging process or even
add a few more years to your life. But what’s also true is there are people in
their 50’s who look and feel like they are in their 30’s and there are people in their
20’s who look and feel like they are in their 40’s. Of course, good genes do play a role, but
besides hitting the jack pot in the gene department, there are lifestyle choices and habits that
either slow down or accelerate the aging process. Of course, we all know that we should eat
healthier, reduce sugar intake, drink more water, exercise on a regular basis, add more
mobility and flexibility training to our workout, reduce stress and do yoga. So let’s focus on yoga for a moment and talk
about what it can do to slow down the aging process. Studies have shown that yoga is one of the
best ways to slow down the clock because it combines movement with the breath to cleanse,
restore and relax. It improves circulation, flexibility, strength
and balance, all of which helps you to look and feel younger. So in this video we give you 10 anti-aging
yoga workouts you can easily do first thing in the morning or in the evening right before
you go to bed to feel good and start to turn back the clock. Our first workout is all about Standing Forward
Fold. And Standing Forward Fold is an anti-aging
pose for two main reasons. For one it’s a gentle inversion, which means
the head is lower than the heart and with that you improve blood circulation especially
towards the brain. So you get fresh, new oxygen and nutrients
to the brain to keep it healthy and young. It’s perfect to do in the morning to clear
your mind and have a laser focused day. On the other hand, Standing Forward Fold is
also incredibly calming and reduces stress. And we all know that stress is one of the
main factors to accelerate aging. So do Standing Forward Fold at night, right
before you go to bed to calm your mind and relax so you can have a good night’s sleep. After 8 hours of sleep or 8 hours at work,
your body appreciates a gentle backward bend. So let’s talk about Bridge Pose. Bridge Pose can be stimulating or restorative,
so your body gets exactly what it needs. The pose is extremely good to improve digestion,
increase circulation and an interesting fact… reverses fine lines and graying. We’re only as young as our spine is flexible,
so make sure that you move your spine in all directions, especially add more rotations
like Seated Spinal Twist to your day. And besides keeping the spine healthy, Seated
Spinal Twist also creates space along the spine and with that unlocks blocked energy. Everybody knows Down Dog and that it stretches
the calves muscles, the hamstrings and the glutes. But do you know that Down Dog can also be
used as an instant facelift? So the next time when you get ready for a
party or your first date, get yourself into a Down Dog a few times. Our next anti-aging pose is Upward Facing
Dog. Just imagine yourself after a long day and
hours being hunched over the computer. Up Dog is a powerful pose to counter our sedentary
lifestyle and it will help to re-energize you and get a second wind. Up Dog is a gentle backbend that opens your
heart and relieves stress. Talking about Bow Pose, this is the perfect
antidote to our bad sitting habits. So if you can do Bow, you can slightly rock
forward and backwards to stimulate and improve digestion and balance your hormones and with
that create a healthy body and a calm mind. If you want to rejuvenate your body, Twisted
Low Lunge is the way to go. It’s the ultimate pose to improve flexibility
in the spine, it strengthens and rotates the core, it opens the chest and it renews energy
from the sole of the foot up to the crown of the head. You don’t just find inversions like Shoulder
Stand in yoga, you can find them in many other holistic disciplines and they all have the
same purpose. They act as the fountain of youth by increasing
the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the brain, which doesn’t just calm the mind, it also
makes you happy. Fish Pose in yoga is known to counter shoulder
stand. It’s also an excellent pose to improve posture
and counter the effects of being hunched over a computer all day. Combined with the breath work, Fish Pose allows
fresh, new oxygen to enter your body and with that it energizes you and brings a lightness
to your being. If you have the feeling of being all over
the place, feel anxious or stressed out, Plow Pose will help you to feel centered again
and brings you back into the present moment. It’s a powerful stretch for the entire back
of your body, particularly the spine and shoulders and it stimulates the abdominal organs. As a bonus pose we give you one of my favorite restorative yoga poses: Legs-Up-the-Wall. It’s a powerful stress reliever and traditionally
seen as a pose that slows down the aging process because it helps to renew the blood and lymph
drainage. So if you just want to relax at the end of
the day and still want to turn back the clock, put your butt on a pillow and put your legs
up the wall. Keep in mind, you have to do our 10 anti-aging
yoga poses on a regular basis to see results. I hope you like them and if you have any questions,
leave me a comment below. Thanks for watching, sharing and liking, don’t
forget to subscribe and hit the bell button and we see you in our next video. Tschuess.

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