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Best Home Fried Potatoes with Garlic

February 9, 2020

chef buck here and today we’re gonna
cook up some breakfast hash brown potatoes what is it am i hear the sound
of a dog jingle and jangling around a might hear a bark random cat meow we’re
in a new kitchen new to us mi we’re at a house it in Mexico if you’re interested
in house-sitting information or Mexico information I’ll have links down below
to our Travel Channel but for right now it’s all potatoes all the time so we’re
gonna get our oil heated up boom boom boom now I like cooking a hash brown
potatoes with bacon grease that’s a nice combo when you’re making bacon and hash
browns bah bah bah but this is a vegetarian household we’re house-sitting
so we’re going to sands the bacon and just do kind of like some garlic butter
potatoes pretty good stuff now while our oil is heating up I’m gonna go ahead and
chop up my tater you just got one potato but it’s a pretty good size potato and
for two people this is a lot now when you’re cutting up your tater the key is
to make the pieces uniform you know it doesn’t have to be an exact science but
you want to make them kind of as much the same size as possible so they’ll
cook evenly and you don’t want the pieces to be too large cuz we don’t want
to be cooking it all day although it’s gonna take a little bit of time because
you can’t rush them because you don’t want your potatoes to be crispy on the
outside and raw on the inside so you got to cook it low and slow don’t you know
so I’m basically going to dice it into some uniform cubes you know an ideally
for these kind of skillet potatoes you know you want them about this size here
you know that way they will cook up in a reasonable amount of time and you’ll be
having your potatoes for breakfast instead of for lunch boom boom and
that’s an awful lot of taters and I think in the amount of time that has
taken me to chop that tater our skillet should be nice and hot in our rule
should be hot cuz you don’t want to put it in here the oil isn’t Cod
boom boom boom see that sizzle you can kind of hear that’s what you want you
want it to start cooking right away when it hits the pan and then we’ll just kind
of get our potato mixed up in the oil get them nice and coated and I didn’t
peel the potato you know a lot of times for hashbrowns you know you can peel the
potato but I don’t know that wasn’t just didn’t sound very appealing this morning
I don’t you can see I got my burner as low as it’ll go
I mean that’s that’s pretty good right there that just happens to be as low as
this one’s gonna go and now we just have to exercise some patience so we’ll let
it cook away and get it a little bit of color on here and I’m using a nonstick
skillet if you’re a masochist you can use some other kind of skillet but if
you like light nice and easy use a nonstick skillet alrighty while
our potatoes is thrown away I’m gonna go ahead and chop me up some garlic this is
fresh garlic I’ve already got it peeled and I’m just going to give it a wacky
whack is the dog in the background because I can’t afford to have a dog in
this video because dogs are too cute and it’s keyed and I’m the cutest thing in
the video dog you’re up cuz I’d have to have the dog sign a waiver and we all
know dogs can’t write that dog wants to be in show business
and you can use as much garlic as you’d like but too much is always the right
amount so just give everything a mince mince chop chop and about this size is
the right size for this recipe all you really need all you really need for
these garlicky buttery home fries is garlic butter potato and a little bit of
oil and some salt that’s all you need are those ingredients but I had a little
bit of jalapeno left over a little nubbin of jalapeno so
I’m gonna throw this here for flavor and spice and color and
I’m also going to throw a little bit of paprika in here when I wake up this is a
smoked paprika yes any kind of paprika I just like paprika and hash browns I’ve
also got a little bit of salt this is garlic salt you can use regular salt or
garlic salt this has got some dried parsley in it cause that’s just what’s
here butter garlic salt potato oil that’s all you need what is that that
just happens to be how many fingers I had think oh all right so they’re still
sizzling away been going for about five minutes I’m going to let them go a
little bit longer before I turn them over like I said low and slow buddy
they’ve been sizzling away for about seven minutes now I’ll give them a stir
so they can start coloring up on the other side get them all mixed up turn
around and we’ll spread them out again and let them sizzle away we’ll come back
and check on it in a few minutes all right they’ve been sizzling away there
for a few more minutes so I’m gonna go ahead and throw my help peanut in here
boom I’m just putting the jalapenos in about half way because I want the help
he knows to cook a little bit longer than the garlic but it’s it’s still way
too early to put the garlic so I’m throwing the jalapenos and I’m gonna go
ahead and throw in my seasoning in here like I said all you really need is salt
but I got garlic salt and I’m gonna go ahead and do the paprika here too
that’s my personal taste but if you don’t have paprika don’t sweat it
so we’ll go ahead and get them stirred up now we’ll go ahead and let it sizzle
away I would actually have this a little bit lower heat wise than it is but
that’s as low as this burner we’re good let’s let it go for a couple more
minutes all right so they’ve been cooking for about another five minutes
and I’ve been giving them an occasional stir go ahead and make me a little well
here in the center of my tater you know that’s a including business
call it tater well and you can put as much butter in here as you want that’s a
lot of butter wow that was cheese you thought that was
a block of cheese decadent now I’m gonna take my garlic
and throw it in here lots and lots of garlic and you want to wait near the end
to throw in your garlic and butter it’ll give you that garlic butter flavor flav
and low and slow on the potatoes you see my potato sir we’re just about ready
they got a nice little crispness on the outside but they’re done on the inside
you don’t want your skillet so hot that you get that crispy brown on the outside
but the potatoes still raw on the inside so cook it slow then I’ll throw it all
together and let it go for us a final minute or two and then that’ll be it
man that smells so good that garlic and butter don’t be shy with the garlic
don’t be shy with the butter and while that’s going finishing up I’m gonna go
ahead and heat me up a little skillet for my eggs cuz with breakfast you know
timing is everything you got to think about it beforehand
it’s a while I extend the men to the moon you know how a NASA sent men to the
moon they thought about that I mean weeks in advance
a lot of plan since we’re in Mexico we’ll go ahead and serve our eggs on
tortillas instead of toast dogs love it Makemake taters I can be enough data
stress boom boom boom you ready to wine and dine without the
wine yeah yeah good morning
for breakfast come on blg how’s the light camera girl you look fabulous so
here are ambience how’s that okay and that’s all there is to some garlic
butter potatoes some nice little crispy edges but it’s got a lot of butter on
them so they’re very buttery creamy delicious now a little bit of heat from
the jalapenos you know you don’t have to do that I recommend it
Holyoke Batman you know if you want to have some easy-peasy bueno lip focus
potatoes for breakfast then I try this eyed garlic potato recipe cg says she
hasn’t come to here so I can’t put her in the video or can I
here I’ll just leave the top your head off so how are those are they are they
garlicky meant for you yes they’re delicious butter garlic hash browns the
ultimate breakfast date food right all right if you want to check this recipe
out go to I’ll have a link down below you know thanks for
watching all our videos you know what I mean if you want to check out our Travel
Channel and our Mexico travels I’ll have a link around here for that too thanks
for watching we’ll see in the future


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