Best Keyword Golden Ratio Format

September 21, 2019

let’s talk about the best format for
keyword golden ratio terms they’re a little hard to find when you’re first
starting out and it’s confusing right I mean you’re trying to do a formula
you’re doing an advanced Google search term and it’s just kind of weird right
so one of the most common questions I get when someone has at least bought in
or has some amount of faith in the keyword golden ratio is how do I find
these it’s too hard I can’t find these keywords for my niche and it’s tough I
mean it took me several months to sort of hone in on this approach and then to
refine the process but I think you’ll find once you put in the time you’ll
develop a skill and finding kgr terms so that once you start looking you can
start with a few seed terms you know refer back to the SEMRush demo a couple
videos ago in this playlist and you’ll see you can start with a few seed terms
and really come up with several in half an hour and once you develop that that
muscle for finding kgr terms then it’ll be much easier in this video I’m going
to give you a couple common formats that I see that worked out really well so
let’s let’s go on the machine here and start playing around and I think it’ll
be much easier once you see it in practice we know that this is a super
common question because I get it all the time this is a comment from gareb who
says how do you find buyers keywords with the kgr and then very recently I
got a comment which I actually can’t find right now someone was asking how to
find kgr terms that don’t follow the format that i’m going to tell you about
which is pretty standard I’ll get right to it
I’m not gonna beat around the bush too much here but basically people have a
hard time finding different formats and if if they are a little concerned about
finding a format that is different that doesn’t have best in it well they may
have a little trouble so let me just show you real quick so a lot of times
for keyword research I will just use keywords everywhere right off the bat
I’ll tell you that that’s a free tool there’s a video about it
a video in this playlist where Alex showed us how to do that and keyword CAG
is sort of like one of the you know it’s a made by the same company so some of
the same technology keyword CAG is a more robust tool it has a lot more
options and it does a lot more versus keywords everywhere which is just a free
plugin for is very useful of course however with keyword CAG you actually
gets him you know more high-end functionality so we’ll reference this in
a second and like I said I’m not gonna beat around the bush I’m gonna tell you
the format most of the time if you’re looking for buyers keywords it’s going
to be something like this best product right for a specific use so that is one
of the best formats you can do for any niche because in fact the product name
for a specific type of abuse is a really good like format to put a keyword in and
that is a buyer’s keyword if you’re unfamiliar with like the buyer’s keyword
concept I can place a link for you know basically a keyword research information
session a workshop where I go over some of the details so most likely you’re
gonna want to use a keyword research tool and this is just a nice way to do
it I’ve obviously saved these eight because these are interesting to go into
you’ll notice there’s various formats here so I talked about there’s like a
best pen and then there’s like a type of pen so best ballpoint pen right so we’re
getting more granular there and then we see other stuff like best pen for
journaling and you could put these ideas together and say you know best gel pen
for bullet journaling right so that is generally the format and when you start
digging into a topic you’ll find more and more and more of them so it may seem
insurmountable at the beginning especially if it’s a topic or niche or a
set of products that you don’t know much about which that could be very common
especially when you’re doing preliminary research for your site and maybe you’re
brainstorming a lot of different topics maybe you’re only
knowledgeable about one or two of them and then there are others that you don’t
know anything about like if you look at me right now
it looks like I don’t know anything about shaving I haven’t shaved in a few
days which is one of the luxuries of working for yourself you can look a
little bit like a slob from time to time and no one will give you a hard time
about it except maybe your wife but I am digressing so let’s get back to the
topic here so one thing you could do let’s like hop over to Google and this
is a sort of a a201 level thing that we’re looking at here so we have been
talking about the keyword golden ratio for several videos here and at this
point I assume you’ve bought into the idea right so the first thing that I
usually tell people about is like hey here’s the concept here’s why it works
here’s the spreadsheet and here’s the data and by the way here’s a bunch of
people that are telling you that they’ve tried it and it works so once you’ve
gotten past that point you may start thinking well Doug you’re missing out on
a lot of keywords because you’re really kind of only thinking about things in a
certain way and you’re right but I can’t open with that because that is level –
right that’s 2.0 stuff that we’re not ready for at the beginning but you’re
ready for it now so one thing you could do is check out autosuggest it’s one of
the best ways to find kgr terms all right and the reason why is Google is
literally telling you the people are searching for these terms and a lot of
times they fit in perfectly 100% perfectly with like the keyword and
niche that you’re looking at so I’ve just typed in ballpoint pen and in a
minute this is Google just straight up I’m going to click space and then all of
a sudden it’s best ballpoint pen for like a lot of different uses so we have
for drawing for writing some of them don’t apply it like reddit I usually
don’t go for years like 2018 because obviously those have a you know a
lifespan and you have to change it often so I basically ignore anything with a
year in it I don’t care sure you may get some short-term bumps
but that’s not really what I’m trying to do I’m not trying to do any kind of
short-term anything’s so best ballpoint pen for a number of different items and
by the way key words everywhere working behind the scenes the you know
170 per month and then they have the CPC as well as the competition we don’t care
about those two second factors here but 170 it tells us that’s the number of
searches per month that’s keywords everywhere again the free tool if you
didn’t watch that video it’s in the play list as well and we just get a number of
different ideas and the ones I mean in fact almost all of these fit except
ballpoint pen as far as the keyword search volume so we have 170 110 we have
50 20 20 10 these don’t get any searches right best ballpoint pen read it no
searches per month right but the fact this people are indeed searching for
that so if that comes up it’s like the UH Navarrete is zero searches per month
but someone’s looking for it now chances are Google is smart enough to provide
Reddit results like results so that wouldn’t be one that I would go
for for the obvious reason that you know people are not really trying to go to an
a site to get information they just want to go to Reddit so I wouldn’t go for
that one but if it we’ll see other examples coming up soon so let’s just
say four so now this is the perfect format each one of these is a perfect
format for this specific like niche ballpoint pen which I use often because
often pens are cheap there’s not as many niche sites out there on it and it I
like pens I have a crapload of pens right here in front of me
all different colors these are all pilot g2s by the way if you care those are the
Pens that I use personally they’re they’re cheap and they’re pretty they’re
everywhere right you can get them anywhere refills are cheap as well so as
we go a little deeper I’m just gonna say for journaling so now we’ve jumped into
another area best fountain pen so no one’s typing in best ballpoint pen for
journaling okay so Google is sort of jumping ahead they’re like hey no one’s
really looking for but if you’re if you want to journal
this is how smart Google is if you want a journal it probably shouldn’t use a
crappy ballpoint pen maybe you step up your game use a
fountain pen alright so that’s kind of what we’re learning there but the fact
is all of these would fit in quite nice for a niche and in almost all of these
cases I would write a separate article for each one of these so now we’re
getting into the content area and basically I would write a separate
article for each one of these because each one of the users has a distinct
like idea of what they’re trying to do the ones that are very closely related
would be drawing and sketching because those are more artistically oriented
however I’m not an artist or a drawing person or a sketch or anything like that
my skills lie elsewhere the point is the those two are closely related but if you
were an artist you may know that based on the vocabulary like drawing and
sketching there’s maybe different kind of users but the point is a best
ballpoint pen for lefties and best ballpoint pen for work those are a
hundred percent totally like different types of users looking for something
right so the you know the results of what you are trying to provide the
information and trying to get to them are different right it’s totally
different and that’s why or best ballpoint pen for business versus
sketching I mean those are there couldn’t be more different types of
users right I’m making some assumptions but it’s very distinct okay so the other
thing we’re going to look at here we have that and what we can see so best
ballpoint pen for everyday use so what I could do I’m guessing there’s not many
searches for that so I’ll just I’ll do something a little more interesting
we’ll do the sketching because that’s a low search volume okay so that is a
great format what’s the ball best ballpoint pen for sketching so we have
best and then the product name and then the use or the user type all right so
that’s the other thing to know now a cool thing you know real quick a
keyword tag has just added this new panel for people also search for so they
are you know there’s some potentially machine learning some AI in the
background I’m just I haven’t talked to I haven’t talked to him yet but they’ve
just added this in the last couple days like since you know the last time I shot
a video on keywords everywhere so this is over here but you’ll notice that
they’re not it’s not very directly related to buyers keywords or super
related to this term now it’s kind of related as related to pens and stuff but
it’s not super related okay so we have best ballpoint from pen for sketching we
see the volume is 20 and then that’s great so one thing I could do is I could
just put my mouse at the cursor on the search bar again and we see Google again
is smarter than than me and I don’t need to be original we could just take the
signs from Google so best pens for sketching for industrial design for
illustration waterproof pens doodling pens all these things that I didn’t
think of and I don’t I don’t know anything about the topic right I don’t
know anything about art or anything right so I’m just clumsily fumbling
around and finding all these keywords that are probably pretty damn good right
in the exercise in this video is not to actually like calculate it if you need
to figure out how to calculate kgr terms go back to one of the early videos where
I show you how to use my personal spreadsheet which you could get you know
freely available and make your own copy and start finding you know the
information on your own we’re just trying to find the format to give you
some ideas on how to find more of these so the next thing I’m going to do is I’m
going to scroll down to the bottom and then we see related searches to this
that we’re looking for right so but best ballpoint pen for sketching so again
these are some of the related ones that we saw up there and keyword tag again is
coming through and telling us that there are 880 searches for
but for industrial design that’s zero and this is a question that I get really
often if we see this down here in the search volume is zero well the formula
doesn’t work so Doug does that mean don’t publish it no I would basically
whenever I see a search volume of zero I basically publish that article like 100
percent of the time there’s a couple reasons for it kind of beyond the scope
but I’ll just a little tidbit basically if you have a site that’s been around
for like six months or more you’re probably gonna be able to rank a little
bit for a term like that the other huge advantage with a zero search volume is
it means very few people are actually going for it because people are greedy
and if you had the option to go after something with a zero search volume or
110 or 1,000 searches per month most people are gonna sir like go for the one
hundred or a thousand searches per month again they’re they’re greedy you know
they’re going for the bigger win even though it could take longer it could be
harder maybe they’re never gonna get to it but if you go after zero searches per
month you’re probably gonna rank for it all right
not a hundred percent of the time but if you’re doing this at a scale let’s say
you published 20 articles and everything has a zero search volume but it was an
auto or related suggests from Google that’s gonna do pretty good so just keep
that in mind all right now we’re gonna hop over to keyword tag and look at a
couple others so as I was just coming up with a few like different formats you
can you can see it in this specific one so what is the best gel pen for bullet
journaling so we have gone in deep for a couple areas so again the format best
product name for a use or a user type and what we’ve done here is we’ve
specified exactly what the product is so instead of saying pen we’re saying gel
pen that that is a specific you know type of ink it’s a gel ink so we’re
being specific there and then we’re not just saying journaling we’re saying
bullet journaling so in the two cases we’ve gone very very specific
there and the interesting thing is there’s zero search volume for that but
I’m not a hundred percent sure I didn’t check this before but we’re just gonna
see what happens when we actually google this so what’s the best pen for bullet
journaling you’ll also notice that I put in the what is the best at the beginning
because some people some people search for that exactly
so we’ll see zero searches per month okay that’s interesting and this may not
be a great example but it’s specific that’s why I’m going over it so we have
best and then we have gel pen so we’re being specific
and then we’re being specific again about the specific use all right now
what we can do again we just click up here we see the related searches and
each of these could be like terms that we are looking for specifically again
without even knowing anything about the topic or the specifics of what the users
and people interested in the niche would be looking for Google is telling us so
bullet journal supplies for beginners like journal pens that don’t bleed I
mean these are very deep that you wouldn’t think of unless you were like
part of the niche but you could very quickly like understand what’s important
for these folks now I’m gonna go ahead and just take out the what is the best
here and just see what we get see if there is some number of searches per
month so we’re still at zero per month so that’s not the greatest sign but
again it seems to be an OK way to approach this so best colored pens for
journaling and again like same sort of idea same sort of topics here now I’m
just going to see if we can get some other ideas if I just say you know I’m
gonna get rid of gel so best pen for bullet journaling see if there’s some
number of searches for that using again keywords everywhere so still no searches
but as we scroll down we could see that people are
asking this what pens are good for bullet journaling what’s the best pen
what is a bullet journal use for so again the point is this is apparently
zero searches per month however we see that there’s you know a lot of related
searches and a lot of like ways that people are looking at this now just
gonna get rid of bullet journaling and see what comes up so still it’s now it’s
kind of amusing so we’re seeing zero searches per month here but what we can
do is again click and we see just more related searches so the like one of the
main takeaways is you know start with that format start looking deeper into
the topic now and the thing is like some of these are not gonna be buyers
keywords some of them will be even though they’re not a format of best
blank for whatever but you wouldn’t know it until you start digging in and just
literally spend this is what I do alright you just spend time researching
and looking for ideas so here is a buyer’s term that doesn’t look like a
buyer’s term it will vary for every niche that you’re in so pens that don’t
bleed through thin paper alright people are looking for a pen that blank right
so if we go back to my old standby of beer brewing there are like there’s
vocabulary around home brewing beer that is not common knowledge you have to be a
real beer nerd to understand it but the point is you could find terms like that
all over the place in any niche where it is literally a buyer’s term but it’s not
going to be in a format that you would know if you’re not in the niche it
doesn’t mean you have to be an expert it just means you have to go look so you
can find you know I’m just gonna throw out something that most people won’t
understand but you could be looking for a you know a mash tun that doesn’t have
stuck spar jizz right so I’m using vocabulary that most people don’t
understand unless you’ve you know through a hey a brewery tour and you
paid a lot of attention you probably went through a lot of brewery tours and
that may indicate that you were drinking while you’re going through the tour that
is probably what I would do but the point is you could find buyers key words
without using the standard format but you have to go dig and you have to
understand some of the vocabulary around the specific niche so I hope this was
helpful if you have questions about like the way I was going through this or
anything please leave a comment feel free to you know ask and go deep in the
next video Alex is gonna talk about key words that maybe you should avoid and
he’ll he’ll get into the details there are some terms that are just not going
to work out even though they may fit in the kgr formula and everything if you
haven’t checked out any of the other videos in the playlist be sure to check
out the link below or the card and start from the beginning so if you’re catching
this in the middle be sure you start back at the beginning watch all the
other videos we’ll see in the next video

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