Best Passive Income Ideas With Less Than $100

February 24, 2020

Making money while you SLEEP? Sounds a
little bit scammy, right? Well definitely don’t think of it that way because today when I was at the gym actually, and walking home from the gym, I
received a text message that said “You’ve just got six hundred and eighty three
dollars deposited into your bank account.” Which was one hundred, one thousand,
percent passive income. So when you can get your passive income machine to work,
it really is a magical thing. So I recently made a video about my eight
different income streams, which are both passive and active income, and at least
half of those income streams are passive income and it didn’t cost me tens and
thousands of dollars to create those passive income streams, so that’s why in
today’s video I wanted to show you the best passive income ideas and that you
can start for less than $100 today. And so when you crack that passive
income code, like I mentioned, it’s magical. And so the point of this video
today is to give you inspiration so that your wheels can start to turn and you can
start to take that first step of creating your first passive income
stream. Alright, so right before we talk about some of these passive income ideas
and how I’ve personally made over six figures with a couple of them, let me
just first tell you the rule of passive income and how to play the game, so to
speak. And that is to do your research and not just to do your research on what
you want to invest in and how you want to create passive income for yourself,
but educate yourself. I can’t emphasize this enough because when people
hear of a trend that is money-making and is getting people rich quick,
which is never actually the case, for example, I learned the hard way
back when crypto was super hot back in like 2017, everyone was buying Bitcoin
Ethereum, all these different crypto currencies, I had no clue what I was
doing really I just kind of bought bitcoins because everyone was like “Oh
buy Bitcoin, buy Bitcoin.” I’m like okay, I kind of knew and did some research
about a storage wallet and a cold or hot wallet, or a physical,
whatever kind of wallets you store your crypto currencies in, but I was
definitely not confident in my knowledge that I had about crypto
currencies and it’s the same thing with like trading and any
of investment like real estate, investing into gold and silver, and the
same thing with stocks. Yes, stocks could be a form of passive income if you put a
whole bunch of money, more like tens of thousands of dollars, into
dividend-paying stocks, but how are you gonna know which stocks to use and which
stocks are the best without really digging in reading books and knowing
which are best practices for dividend stock investing? I mean, it’s really
impossible to know and it’s your responsibility to do your proper
research and get educated on what passive income path you want to get
started on, what the barrier to entry is, what the risk is if you were to lose an
upfront investment, if there was an investment, so just be careful in that
regard. So the first method I wanted to talk to you guys about today is SEO or
search engine optimization. This is a method where you can start for free, for
free, which basically means taking advantage of all the search traffic that
people are doing on both Google and what you’re watching right now YouTube
because YouTube is owned by Google and it is the second largest search engine
in the world and so if you rank something a YouTube video on YouTube it
will more than likely be ranked on the first page of Google, which is like icing
on the cake. And so the greater point with all this is that literally you have
an audience always looking for something and searching for something online at
your fingertips, so it’s up to you to figure out what type of content you want
to post and what types of things you want to promote online so that you could
take advantage of that passive income traffic around the clock. So you would
basically set up your online real estate in the form of a blog or a YouTube
channel and you would create content about something that you enjoy
or something that you have an expertise in and capture that traffic by leading them
to an offer. And it’s so crazy to think about how big and how much
traffic is on Google and YouTube and there’s definitely no such thing as too
much competition, people always say that. They use the excuse like “Oh it’s already
been talked about,” or “Oh that niche is saturated,” or “Oh I can’t write or I
can’t get in front of a video camera and give value about certain
information.” Like all of those are crazy myths that should just be buried, and
so the key to all this how-to tutorials, and how-to blogs, or
step-by-step type of content, is the most searched for content. And it is really,
really good and the reason why it’s really, really good is because it is
evergreen content. So if I, for example, post a video or a blog post about how to use this certain type of blender to make smoothies, that type of
content is going to be searchable and looked for forever. It’s not
going to be something that’s not useful five years from now, it’s always going to
be generating traffic and if I have a call to action of my favorite blender
and a link in the description of my affiliate link where I would receive the
commission, that is definitely passive income and so if you are interested in
how I was able to build my passive income machine using my youtube channel
and build a wildly profitable business, and you can too, don’t forget to check
out the subscribers to sales blueprint in the link in the description below.
Alright, and so the next way to create passive income with less than a hundred
dollars is to sell your knowledge, what you have up here. Your story, your
accomplishments, things you’ve overcome in your life is very, very, very, valuable
to somebody else and can easily be sold online through SEO or a social
media platform that you built up, it doesn’t matter. So let me give you an
example of what I mean by selling your knowledge and packaging it up into a
digital product. There is a company I found online called Cymatics and they’re
a production company of sounds, different templates, different presets, and so for
me, for example, as a creator I often need copyright free music and sounds to go
into my youtube videos and so if you check out their website they have a ton
of different sounds that they produce and so when they make a sale on one of
these products, which they charge anywhere from sixty seven to one hundred
and twenty seven dollars, that is not only passive income, something that they
don’t have to fulfill, it’s just there. It’s an evergreen product that is constantly going to be making money, that’s the beauty of it. They don’t
have to reproduce it, package it, ship it, they just deliver it virtually
or they have an automatic system delivering it virtually, and so that is a
super cool idea of a product, these sound banks, which have no
fulfillment costs at all, it is 100% passive income. And so nowadays the
cool thing is it’s easier than ever to create a digital course on anything. I
was recently at a mastermind for my business and I talked to other course
creators that have courses on things like oil painting, how to get over
anxiety, how to overcome the fear and have a professional acting
career, there is this one woman who had a course teaching other women how to flip
homes, her audience was women, she wanted to teach them how to become
successful house flippers. Now that’s so cool to me, but so think about something
that you know very well that you could package up or think about something that
you almost know really well and get to know it better so that you can create a
course around it. And so the next way to create passive income with less than
$100, probably even less than ten dollars, is to create a niche
specific blog. Now this is crazy, I found this example not too long ago and
there’s a website out there, it’s called Pixie Faire, and it’s a website all about
dolls. So they sell doll accessories, different brands of dolls, all kinds of
doll stuff, and so is there a niche for mothers and their daughters who like
dolls? Of course there is! There’s always going to be a niche for that, it’s an
evergreen niche. And so what they do is they take advantage of affiliate
marketing, so they promote other companies who make dolls and they sell
their products on their blog and their website and routinely
they make $60,000 per month from selling dolls on their niche blog. And so that’s
the thing, it’s like, going back to SEO, Google, and YouTube, it’s like
think about what kind of content you can create that is super niche specific. So
if you know a lot about a certain thing, maybe it’s like fixing cars or something
or, I don’t know, you can create a blog around it. And in regards to the blog, you
don’t even have to show your face, you could just write an article
and create that evergreen content and find affiliate products to plug into
that blog post, and by the way this video is sponsored by smash that like button,
and also that subscribe button, and hit the notification bell, but really if you
haven’t joined the family already, be sure to subscribe to the channel, it
really helps support the channel and delivering weekly content to you, just
like this one. Alright, so the next passive income idea that you can start
for less than a hundred dollars is to create a revenue system. So let me
explain this to you, it’s basically everything I’ve talked to you about put
together. Now, in a previous video, one where I talked about if you’re broke
online this is where I would start, you can check that out here, but basically I
talked about what is a sales funnel, because if you are looking to create an
online business or to create passive income online, you are going to
need a funnel and I talked more in that video about what a funnel is, but just a
quick summary, it’s where you have traffic that leads to a capture page
that then drives the customer to some type of offer- service, product, whatever
it is your brand has, and so if we take the digital course example, the digital
course isn’t going to sell itself if there’s no website for it or, aka, a sales
funnel, so something that captures a name and email and sells the product for you.
So any one of those courses that I talked about, let’s take the acting
course for example, so actors who are interested in making a career out of
acting and they’re interested in buying a course that sells that, well you have
to create a system, a selling system, that’s going to do that for you
while you’re not there in person. So what you would do is create a sales page for
your course, right? Sometimes they may not buy on the first time, so that’s where
email marketing comes into play and you would have to follow up with
them with email so that they could see the offer six more times, but the point
is you can really set up a revenue system that way because within the
course you could put evergreen affiliate links and when I mean evergreen, I just
mean links that are going to last forever, so if there’s any Amazon
affiliate links that you can put in your course, so let’s say there’s a microphone
that you love on Amazon, you can put your affiliate link for that
microphone in the course and just start multiplying your affiliate links in the
course, and you can also have things in the course like upsells. So maybe in your
course you say “If you enjoyed this course or you need additional help you
can buy a hour of coaching with me.”
That’s called an upsell, right? So similar to when you go through a drive-thru at
McDonald’s, you order a burger and they ask you “You want fries and a
drink with that?” and you say “Of course I do!” And that’s called an upsell, so it’s
really creating an entire system that is going to create multiple streams of
income within that one generating passive income stream. Now if this is
confusing to you, let me know in the comments and I’ll just dedicate a whole
entire video to just this, so I guarantee if you are liking this video you are
going to love this video where I talk about eight websites where you can make
$100 per day or more and that video starts right now.
$100 per day, so you can have your notifications looking like this so
making $100 a day.

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