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Best Render and Export Settings for Sony Vegas Pro 14

September 30, 2019

If you want to learn the best high quality
export and render settings for your YouTube videos, then you’ve come to the right place. I’m Pete from the Gaming Careers YouTube channel
where we have videos explaining everything you need to do to grow your passion into your
profession and today I am going to be talking through the best render and export settings
for Vegas 14. Before I get started, I just wanted to mention
that the software I’ll be using for this tutorial is Vegas Pro 14. It doesn’t really matter if you’re using an
older version of Sony Vegas as the render settings haven’t changed that much. If however you are looking for render settings
for Adobe Premiere Pro, I’ve got another video that I’ll link up here in the top corner,
so check that out if that’s the software you’re using. With that being said, let’s get into it. So here you can see we’re in Vegas Pro 14,
and I’ve got some test footage down here which is basically some Overwatch gameplay, some
commentary over the top and an Intro and an Outro. The kind of thing that I’d imagine you guys
are going to be rendering out of Vegas. So first thing you want to make sure is that
you have the full timeline selected of everything that you want to render. Then you go up to File, and then down to Render
As and it will open up this new box. So the first thing you want to do is select
the right output format, we’re looking for MainConcept AVC/AAC, this one here. So if we click the little down arrow next
to that it’s going to give you a lot of different templates really. It doesn’t really matter which one you choose
because we are going to be editing it anyway but we might as well start with something
quite close so if we select this Internet HD 1080p and then click Customise Template. This is going to open up some more advanced
settings which we are going to play with now. You want to make sure the Include Video is
check marked obviously otherwise you are going to get a black video which won’t be very good
for your YouTube audience. Frame Size, this is the actual size of your
footage so hopefully you’ve been recording in 1920×1080 as that really is the standard
now for YouTube gaming videos, obviously if you’ve had hardware limitations and you’ve
had to record it in something like 720p, you can change it here if that’s what your source
footage was. You really want to be rendering out your video
in the same resolution as the source footage was recorded. But hopefully you’ve got something recorded
in 1920×1080. Make sure that this box is unchecked because
you don’t want the source to adjust the frame size at all. On profile you want to select high. Now frame-rate, again this is similar to resolution
you want to be choosing the same framerate that you recording your actual source footage
at. Mine’s recorded at 60 but sometimes you might
not have the option for 60 but you can just type it in anyway so I’m just going to delete
that, type in 60, as that is what I want to be rendering at. I really do recommend as well now that you
upload your footage at 60fps and 1080p as YouTube does support it and it gives you a
slightly higher bitrate for 60fps so it does look better and especially for first person
shooter games it’s going to look a lot more fluid. But obviously again if you have hardware limitations
and you had to record at 30 then set your framerate here to 30. Again, untick this “allow source to adjust
frame rate”. You want to make sure your field order is
left here at None (progressive scan) and your pixel aspect ratio is set to 1 otherwise it’s
going to look really strange and stretched. Now number of reference frames, I’ve seen
some people recommend upping this but I have noticed any difference. If you really do feel paranoid about your
quality you can change this to 14 and tick “use deblocking filter” but I haven’t noticed
any difference at all so I’ve left it at 2 here. Bitrate settings, now this is where you need
to concentrate a bit more. Firstly you want to select 2-pass and I’ll
just explain why. If you use a 2-pass system, the first pass
is just analyzing your project and the second pass actually executes the compression, so
2-pass does yield a better result especially for gaming video where there’s a lot of high
motion, it will really benefit from the second pass. But it does take significantly longer than
if you just use a 1-pass system. So if you want the best quality you want to
tick 2-pass here. Now maximum and average bitrates. I see a lot of videos on YouTube recommending
people put in 50,000,000 here on a target bitrate and it really does surprise me because
YouTube compresses the sh*t out of every video that you upload, so once you go past a certain
amount you aren’t going to be able to see any difference in quality as YouTube will
compress it anyway. Save yourself some time, I’ve done the testing,
let’s set these to 16 for the maximum, 16,000,000. And 14 for the average, any higher than that
you’re going to get such negligible differences in quality and it’s going to really increase
your render time. So the people that are recommending doing
50 or 100 here are just honestly wasting so much time and processing power. Number of slices can be left at default on
4. Now you might have an option here for encode
mode which allows you to, if you have an NVIDIA graphics card you’ll be able to use some special
technology to decrease you’re render time and offload some of that task to the video
card. I’ve had quite a lot of issues with previous
versions of Sony Vegas and this version of Vegas Pro so I’ve actually disabled it completely,
but if you’re going to be rendering out a lot of different videos which I hope you are
for your YouTube channel and you don’t have any issues by selecting one of the technologies
here such as CUDA then I do recommend using it as it will cut down on your render time. But if you are having any issues, make sure
you are selecting the CPU only for your render method. Enable progressive download you want to keep
that ticked and then we’ll go across to the Audio tab. Obviously again, make sure you’re including
your audio otherwise you’ll have a video with no audio. You want to leave sample rate at 48,000 and
bitrate for the audio I wouldn’t recommend going any lower than 192 just because it will
start to sound a bit sh*t. I actually do go up to 320 but that’s probably
unnecessary, anything between 192 and 320 is absolutely fine. System doesn’t have anything that we can edit
anyway and then finally on Project there’s only 1 setting that we need to change which
is Video rendering quality, we want to up that to Best. Now, we don’t want to have to do this every
single time we render a video so we can actually save this as a template. I am going to call mine “YouTube best quality
1080p 60fps”. Click the little save icon and then I can
now select that every time I want to render, so we press OK. You’ll see here, our newly created template. I recommend clicking the little star there
because then you can find it easily when you’re rendering each time. Last thing to do is to browse and name our
project so if you want to save it wherever you want, I’m just going to save this in my
documents with the name TestProject. Click save. Render loop region only is if you have your
region selected, I’m going to render the whole project anyway as it’s the same as my loop
region so I can uncheck that. Last thing to do is to click Render and your
render should start. And that is it! Once your render has finished, upload it to
YouTube, enter in your description, your titles, your tags, all that good stuff, upload your
custom thumbnail and then prepare for the sudden influx of comments from people telling
you how great your new video looks. Thank you so much for watching and I hope
you found the video helpful, if you did be sure to give it a thumbs up because that really
helps us get to know which kind of content you guys enjoy and we can make more of it
in the future. Also, if you’re new here at the Gaming Careers
YouTube channel be sure to have a look around, we’ve got loads of tutorials helping you grow
your passion into your profession, really up your numbers on YouTube and on Twitch so
if that’s something that interests you be sure to click subscribe and see you in the
next video, Peace!


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