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October 9, 2019

When you look for SEO experts on the
internet, it’s very hard to tell the posers from the real deal. I’ve been in
this business well over 15 years. And I’m going to give you a behind-the-scenes
pass to the best experts and the specific disciplines and that makes them
an expert. And the books that also supported their expertise. So, when you think about who to follow in
the world of search engine optimization or just in online marketing, I’m going to
talk about how to find and follow those people in LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a
fantastic tool for hunting down the best experts and following what they do in
regard to their content generation and where they’re going and they’re the
movers and shakers of this business. So, here’s mine. Mine is Heather Lutze. To
search me in Google Heather Lutze LinkedIn, you’ll find my profile. I am
super committed to posting content here on a daily basis and it’s been
incredibly good for my business to be active in the LinkedIn community.
Especially content that you post resident inside of LinkedIn. So, not a
linked to another resource but actually posting it as a published post in
LinkedIn. Now, here’s a couple of the people that I really admire and follow.
So Cindy Krum, K-R-U-M. She is with a company called Moxie Mobile. Now, I don’t
know Cindy super well but I’ve always admired her from afar. She is a genius on
mobile marketing. Man, she’s got that figured out. She has been talking about
mobile marketing pretty much from its inception. And she’s definitely somebody
that you want to follow. She’s genius. She speaks at all the major
conferences and she is definitely someone you want to keep your eye on. And
she went to CSU. Go Rams! That’s where I went to school. Alright.
The next person is Bruce Clay. Now, I like to think of Bruce as the godfather
of SEO. He was the very first SEO training that I ever took.
He’s been hugely supportive in my books and has given me quotes to use in my
books and I’m just such a fan of his. I’m sort of a stalker actually I go
to all of his stuff. I go to conferences if he’s speaking. I’d watch him if he’s
doing a breakout session. And I just think the guy’s genius and he has this
amazing tool set as well that supports SEO people like myself in their craft.
So, here’s Bruce. He is somebody you definitely want to keep your eye on. He
is genius. Now, when we are talking about experts in social media, I want to tell
you some of my favorite people. One of them is Viveka Von Rosen.
now Viveka is an expert (There she is) on LinkedIn.
She knows LinkedIn front and back like you cannot believe. She has been in this
business a very long time; is also a very successful published author on LinkedIn. So, I would definitely have you follow her. She is genius on LinkedIn. She’s also
a professional speaker and influencer on social media. So, she’s definitely someone
that you want to follow. Now, if you’re interested in Facebook, you want to
follow Andrea Vahl. Andrea wrote Facebook for dummies. Facebook marketing for
dummies. And I tell you now that I know the process that they put their authors
through to do these dummy series, look, there’s no dummy happening there. It is a
very strict rigid process by which they have them write these books. And not all
authors really love that too much. But Andrea is really an expert in space.
She’s also a dynamite comedian as well. Which makes her a whole lot of fun. So, if
you want to follow her on youtube or on LinkedIn, you’re definitely going to learn a
ton about Facebook. She’s a great gal, very smart and really on her a-game when
it comes to Facebook Ads. So, if you’re looking for someone who’s a Facebook
expert, Andrea is your person. Okay. So, the next person is my friend Marty. Marty
Weintraub has been a savant (if you will) inside of the SEO space. Marty is one of
these people that people flock to because he’s so freaking smart. 50% of the
stuff he says out of his mouth, you don’t understand
because it’s such in a stratosphere above most marketers. I mean he really
lives inside a very detailed savant world when it comes to psychographic
targeting. So, if I want to find someone who’s in their 50’s who’s been divorced
who loves certain kind of watches and drives certain kind of cars and I can do
all of that through psychographic marketing. Marty really is the expert. He
speaks at all the major conferences including ones like on gagged. He speaks
at the course search engine Marketing, SEMS. He speaks at SMX. He
speaks at PubCon. He is really a genius. And he’s a person I have followed
forever and I highly recommend you follow him on social media as well as
and LinkedIn because man, he knows his stuff. His agency AimClear has won the
u.s. search Awards like 5 years and running. So, he’s definitely someone to
keep your eye on. Another person who’s a LinkedIn expert is Jennifer Darling. Now
Jennifer is the easy non-technical LinkedIn expert. She’s like my people. I
love Jennifer. She’s just really super open. She talks a lot about… There’s
something in LinkedIn called a sales score. And you’re able to actually go in
there and see how LinkedIn looks at your score and how… It’s called a selling
index. And she is genius on explaining all that breaking it down and making it
doable by smaller business owners. So, Viveka is all about the big corporate
LinkedIn and and Jennifer is about helping you to refine your own LinkedIn
profile so that you get the most benefit from your efforts in LinkedIn. So, these
are some of my favorite peeps. They live in my hood, right? We all love and talk
about SEO. Boy, who had us in a meeting together, it would be geek town to no
one’s business. It would be awesome. And so, if you are looking for some real
movers and shakers to follow in LinkedIn, that’s my guest list for the best SEO
party ever. LinkedIn is the place where business
happens. And I highly suggest that you follow me on LinkedIn. Just search for my
name in LinkedIn and Heather Lutze. Don’t forget the E at the end. And I post
blogs, articles all kinds of great information on LinkedIn. And of course,
follow my YouTube channel. Subscribe, hit the bell and you’ll get a notice of my new
videos every week which i also show on LinkedIn. So, we’ll see you on LinkedIn.
Make sure to follow me. And don’t forget, people are searching for you. Go find

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