Best Things to Buy on Ebay that Save CASH💰

September 30, 2019

there’s a reason why eBay is one of the
best places to shop online so today I’m gonna talk about the five things to buy
on eBay that are gonna save you a lot of money now I’ve bought and sold a lot of
stuff on eBay so I’ll tell you straight up that this list comes from my own
personal shopping experience with them and it will save you money now if you
just found this channel I’m Jason with honest finance and I make a lot of
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onto this list from eBay now the first thing I want to talk about on the list
is what I like to call kit items these are basically items that are sold
individually rather than a kit like they normally come in let’s say that you
already have a power drill at home and all you need is a new battery for it but
you don’t want to go to Home Depot because the batteries are pretty
expensive well I guarantee you that somebody out there has already bought a
kit and they’re gonna be selling that battery on eBay for a better price than
what you can get at Home Depot and on the flip side if you’re looking into
buying something I would recommend buying it as a kit and then selling
those items individually on eBay because you’re gonna end up saving more money as
well it’s a win-win for everybody because the guy that’s selling the
battery probably didn’t need it and that’s why it’s on sale on eBay and now
you can snag the battery for a better price and it’s new as well now if you’re
buying kid items they’re generally not gonna come with a warranty but that
doesn’t really matter because you’re getting them at such a better price so
the next time you need some random accessory that generally comes in a kit
be sure to check out eBay first because you’re probably gonna find a much better
value next on the list is overstock items which I know is obvious but let me
just give you some examples so that this makes sense so let’s pretend that
there’s a bike shop in the middle of Kentucky and they’ve got all of these
different helmets that they weren’t able to sell during the biking season now if
they really want to sell those helmets then they’re gonna hop on eBay and
they’re gonna list the helmets at a much better price and then you can come in
and get a much better deal because they’re just cutting their losses so
instead of going to the big retailers to try and find that stuff just hop on eBay
and try to look for small sellers that are trying to sell their overstock items
I’ve done this with a ton of stuff like ski goggles camel backs and all sorts of
things that you would find in a small little hobby shop I mean check out these
oakley sunglasses that I got for more than half off all because they come with
this stupid folding thing that nobody seemed to want now these were the style
that I wanted anyway but because I checked on eBay
I found that they had the F version that was overstocked and then I got them for
a lot cheaper than the regular version all because nobody wanted them and I
assumed that F just means folding which I didn’t really care about anyway so
just think about all the tiny little shops out there that are trying to sell
their overstock items and if they’re smart they’re gonna be on eBay and
you’re gonna be able to find that kind of stuff and get a much better value now
next on my list are gift cards and these are some of the best deals that you can
get on eBay now if you’ve made it this far into the video could you please just
comment down below and say I’m still here because that’s gonna help me out
tremendously thanks now I know that we’ve all gotten
gift cards before that you don’t really want but that’s the kind of stuff that’s
actually sold on eBay so it’s a good thing for you if you’re looking for a
gift card and that’s all because those people just want to get rid of the gift
cards but they’re gonna be selling them at a better price than the retail amount
of the gift card so typically you’re gonna see gift cards that are about ten
to thirty percent off their face value which is excellent and I guarantee you
that if you just hop on eBay you’re gonna find gift cards for almost every
single retail store that you’re looking for so as an example if you want to buy
a new TV from Best Buy then go on ebay first buy a gift card and then go buy
your TV because it’s gonna be a better price overall now next on my list are om
car parts from eBay so if you’ve got an accessory that you want for your car or
if you’ve got something that you need fixed then I would highly recommend
going to ebay before you go to the dealership and get ripped off
I mean seriously there’s so much inventory for car parts on eBay that
you’re gonna find what you’re looking for I mean I sold the running boards on
my truck on eBay because I didn’t want them anymore and they sold really easy
there is a huge demand for third party and OEM car parts so if you need
something like that then I would highly recommend checking out eBay first
because they’re probably gonna have the best deal now next on my list are
coupons which I never thought twice would ever be on eBay but they are like
for instance if you ever gotten a 10% off your entire purchase coupon from
Home Depot in the mail but it just wasn’t the right timing for the coupon
well instead of just throwing the coupon away there are people that actually sell
those coupons on eBay so seriously if you were gonna buy something really
expensive from Home Depot then wouldn’t you rather have a coupon to get 10% off
just because you went onto eBay and paid a little bit for the coupon they’ve even
got a coupons that’ll go straight into your email and those are freaking sweet
because you don’t have to pay for shipping and you don’t have to wait for
them in the mail I’ve bought them before and I know they work because all I had
to do is just take the code from the email and then plug it it online and I
instantly got the discount and if you really want to get the best deal
possible then I’d buy a coupon on eBay and I’d buy a gift card that way you
could double down and get the best price possible
now just for kicks I want to add a bonus item to this list which are called open
box items now let’s say you buy a fancy stereo and there’s nothing wrong with it
but you just don’t like it so you return it well some of these types of returns
can’t actually be restocked because you would have messed up the packaging or
something like that and because these returns can’t be restocked they’re gonna
end up on eBay as an open box item and a lot of the time they’re in really new
condition so just check the descriptions on eBay because they’re gonna give you
the best idea of the condition that the open box items in now once again I’m
Jason with honest finance and I make a lot of videos that’ll give your life and
your finances more value so feel free to subscribe if you feel like it or at
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