Best Vlogging Tripod? Joby GorillaPod 1K, 3K, & 5K Review

September 29, 2019

– One of the coolest tools
for creating YouTube content and vlogging is the Joby GorillaPod, but which one is right for you? In this video, I’m going
to be breaking down each of the current models, talking about the different price points, the different features,
so you ultimately can make the right decision when
leveling up your kit. Coming up. (upbeat music) Hey, what’s up, Sean
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reviews, just like this one. So if you’re new here, consider smashing that subscribe button. So I have been a massive
fan of Joby GorillaPods for the last few years. In fact, right out of scene here is actually one of the
older school SLR zooms that had the gray coloring and
we’ve got a RGB light on it but hey, I digress. But recently, they’ve added a few new GorillaPods to their lineup. So I just wanted to go through the best GorillaPods for vlogging, depending on the size of
your camera and your budget and the first one is
the Joby GorillaPod 1K. Now 1K stands for one
kilogram of weight payload, which is equivalent to 2.2 pounds and I would recommend this
one if you have a mini point and shoot camera
that you want to vlog with. On here is the Canon G7 X Mark III and this GorillaPod comes
in at $20, here in the US. Now, if you want to check out
current prices, they vary, we’ll put a link to all
of these GorillaPods in the YouTube description below. So definitely check those out and this is a pretty solid GorillaPod, but you’ll notice, that when
you’re on the lower end, you’re usually dealing with pretty much plastic construction. There’s plastic on the legs here, even a little, mostly plastic through the actual mount itself. There isn’t a quick release plate, so you have to basically
screw your camera just on. None of those things are a huge deal and this is a nice GorillaPod for just running gun kind of vlogging with the point and shoot camera to give you some extra stabilization and of course also, if
you are in a coffee shop, you’re in an airport, it
gives you the chance to table mount your setup,
so you can create content, speak to it and like
any of the GorillaPods, wrap them around a pole or
a tree and things like that. So a good place to start
but not my favorite because of the all plastic construction. Which brings us next up
to the Joby GorillaPod 3K, of course a three kilogram
payload, which is 6.6 pounds and this is a $44 GorillaPod. Now, I have a couple of these in my kit. I do love them but one thing I notice, is again, your all plastic
construction on the legs here, which does kind of get loose over time. This guy’s a little bit loose here and the truth is, eventually, sometimes you will get a crack in one of the balls and it will actually fall apart like this. Now, the fact is, you
can actually reattach it relatively easy and
even if it does pop out, this is still a great GorillaPod
that is fully functional, I can use it, I’ll put
it on different kits and on top of here is a Sony a5100, you know, about the same weight as this, a little bit heavier. What I would say is that, on a 3K, even though it says it
can hold 6.6 pounds, while that’s probably true
if it’s perfectly balanced, it’s really not that stable if you start putting a
heavier camera on there. For a lighter camera, like a Sony a5100, the Sony a6400 with maybe no accessories, you know, a Canon point and shoot camera, you’re going to get, even
kind of an upgrade from here. You can still wrap it around poles and then, the ball head is really nice. Having the ball head leveler. You know, the 1K has a ball head leveler, but it’s kind of simplistic. It doesn’t give you a
whole range of motion. This ball head leveler is more aluminum and it’s really great. You can just tighten it down,
move it, tighten it down. It also gives you a
little quick release plate and so, you can get it nice
and tight on your camera. You have the leveler there, if you want to actually make
sure your shot is level. So you have quick and versatile operation with this GorillaPod and again, I actually think this is a good buy at around $44 here in the US. It’s not necessarily going
to last you for years, but then again, it might, if just going to use it
for mobile streaming, maybe you want to get a little
Vastar $7 kit like this. This is really what I shoot with a lot, is for mobile live
streaming, just in my office. I basically just have that
set up, I mount my phone and I can move it around the house and so, a very good buy. Yes, it’s plastic, but
you get what you pay for and it should last you, just ask yourself, how much wear and tear do I
plan on putting on this thing when you’re thinking about investing. That brings us to GorillaPod number three and that is the newest in the lineup and that is the Joby 3K Pro. Now, this is my favorite
in the whole setup. I am obsessed with this
thing, I’m in love with it and that probably comes as no surprise, as it’s the most expensive
in the bunch, surprisingly at $150 here in the US at the
time of shooting this video. Now, I definitely see the prices fluctuate and they drop from time to time
and that seems kind of crazy for a little GorillaPod like this, but I think it’s because the
build quality backs it up. We’re dealing with all
aluminum ball joints here and so, this is the type of GorillaPod where you get what you pay for. You know, you don’t have to buy one of these a year for three years, but you just buy one and
use it for the next five. This thing can take a
licking and keep on ticking. I’ve traveled with it to
Tahoe, to Austin on the road and what’s also pretty amazing about it, is I trust the weight
rating a little bit more. You know, it’s a Joby 3K,
so that’s three kilograms and it’s 6.6 pounds here in the US, but because it’s so
sturdy, it’s so robust, I don’t feel like the legs
will just quickly bend. They won’t right. It has this real sturdiness to it, where I don’t mind putting my a73, in this case, this is an a6400 and this is, you know, my
favorite vlogging rig right now. You’ve got this incredibly
strong Joby GorillaPod on there, the Pro version. Similarly, it’s all
aluminum on the ball head and they also added some other thoughtful aspects to the design here. The quick release plate is very slim and it’s intentionally made,
so it’s not going to block the battery door on any of
your mirrorless cameras, especially Sony, very slim on top. So it’s just a low footprint there. They just put a ton of detail and thoughtfulness into this GorillaPod and so, this is the
best buy in my opinion, if you’ve got the budget, because again, I really believe it’s going to last you. You know, one thing to
consider here, is that, while it’s, yeah it’s
about the same tallness of this GorillaPod, this guy
might get a little bit taller. The ball joints, everything’s
just a little bit bigger there, you know, at full height, it’s about the same, but
you can see this one’s just a little more leaner on
the ball joints themselves and so, that is the GorillaPod 3K Pro and an absolute favorite of mine. If you’re getting value
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mirrorless camera accessories, there’s a lot of cool tech and
gadgets that might help you take your video game to another level. So I’ll link to that
playlist on the YouTube card as well as post a link to
it in the description below but that brings us to our final GorillaPod and that is the Joby 5K. Now, this guy has been out for a while and it actually, is an absolute classic. Five kilograms of payload or 11 pounds and so, it’s a fantastic GorillaPod if you’ve got a larger camera. This is a 60 Mark II, a bigger DSLR body with a heavy 16 to 35 L
Glass lens on the front and so, an amazing GorillaPod for that. It’s all aluminum. It’s very similar to the 3K
in just a larger package. You’ve got, not only the really
great ball head aluminum, you know, get the different
angles, tighten it down up here, but you also can loosen it
here to get some panning shots. So this kind of enters in a video element that is really really
cool with that second knob that is not found on
either of the 3K models and then, you’ve got
your quick release plate which pops on and off. Again, it’s not as lean as the new 3K. (squirms) (roars) (debris hit ground) Nice and tight, huh? and so, it’s kind of this X type of looking quick release plate, but what I love about these, is sometimes on these lower end models, the plastic quick release
plates make me nervous if you’re using a heavier camera. For a nice heavy camera,
I mean if you’ve invested $1000 or more in a full frame
camera or whatever it is, it’s like, you don’t want to cut corners on your GorillaPod set up and so, you’re talking about pro construction from head to toe and the other feature I love about this particular
GorillaPod, is just the fact that it gets taller than any of them and so, because I’m a bigger guy, if I’m shooting on the road,
vlogging at a picnic table or sitting down in a hotel somewhere, I’m able to get it to a higher level than any of the other ones. So I love having this in my kit as well. Even if I’m using, maybe a
little bit of a smaller camera just because the overall
height is amazing. Now, the crazy thing about this GorillaPod is that, at the time
of shooting this video, I was able to find it
for right around $100 or $90 on Amazon, maybe
the actual price and so, you could check out current
prices in the description. But I also love the section on Amazon that’s like Amazon Warehouse
or the Used section. I mean it might be open box, just a little bit of, you
know, a scratch on there. I’m going to scratch it up anyways, so you could probably get
this for a great price. It’s stunning that it could
be as much as $50 or more less than the 3K, but
I think that’s because it’s been out for a little while. The only downside really
is how massive it is and so, you may not
want it to be this huge kind of vlogging set up, it’s getting a little bit more bulky, but for, maybe a pro video
producer or doing other projects, having this in your
kit is super versatile. So naturally, my two favorites are the 3K and the 5K Pro versions, right. But the 3K is kind of the ultimate cause you get the best of both worlds. I almost feel like the payload on this guy could be, sort of the
same, like it’s so sturdy, it can handle so much weight, but I want to pass the
question off to you. Which GorillaPod do you think
is the best for vlogging or do you use a different
brand or a different solution for your vlogging set up? Let me know in the comment section below and I will see you in
the next video, peace. (upbeat music)

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