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Best Way to Make Money Online- Affiliate Marketing

February 14, 2020

hello guys I was on a beautiful bike
ride today and I just came across the idea that you know there’s a lot of
people out there they want to make extra money and I am gonna give you the best
way to do that the first thing to do is to find an
audience- who you want to talk to now like for instance, I chose the audience like
myself father who has no savings set up I have chosen this audience because I
know the pain that I feel every time I see my son in the store and I want to
buy him a toy but I just can’t or I look at the bank account and I just cringe
because there’s nothing there set up for the future- no education
savings nothing like that so that’s the first step
find your audience the second step is to find an offer an
offer that is going to help solve the problems that your audience faces and
there are many many platforms that can help you with this you can do two or you can go to clickbank com these are affiliate marketing
platforms you could also go to the
websites of big businesses like or you can go to
and you can go down to the bottom of the page and you’ll see a little link for an
affiliate program and that’s the way you do you find that product that is going
to help best help your audience once you find your product you have to
figure out a way to reach your audience to show them this product that you have
that you discovered they can help them in so many ways to release them from the
pain that they’re in you could do
Facebook Ads you can go on Instagram
you can do all these other things but the
thing that I found to be the most powerful is YouTube video
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notifications check out the PDF below check out my number one affiliate site
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on this video what you would like to hear from me in the future um just let
me know I’m here to help and have a great day everybody next time I want you
to come on this bike ride with

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