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Better Than Suitsupply? Pini Parma Review & Suit Try On Haul

December 9, 2019

What’s up, guys? I’m Brian Sacawa, you’re
watching He Spoke Style, and today, very excited to share this with you, a review
and try-on of Pini Parma. So, obviously, the biggest question I’m going to answer in
this video is the one in the title. If you’ve seen my Suitsupply, review you
know that there are many things that I love about the brand, but there are also
some things that really kind of turn me off. I’ve been looking for some
high-quality, sort of price-equivalent, alternatives to Suitsupply for a while,
so I was very excited to learn about Pini Parma and to also give them a try.
So, table of contents for this video. First, I’m going to talk a little bit
about the brand. Next, I’ll show you each of the items that I have. Then, I’ll try
them on individually so you can see how they fit and hear my feedback for each
piece. After that, I’ll put a few outfits together just so you can see the pieces
styled. And then, finally, I will render the verdict and give you the answer to
the question that I know you want to know. This is going to be a good one.
Let’s get to it. So Pini Parma. Pini Parma is an Italian
brand. In previous videos, I’ve worn a couple of these pieces and a few of you
have commented that Pini Parma is a French brand. That is incorrect. They do
have a shop in Paris, but the brand is Italian. It was started in September of
2017 by Thomas Pini. Prior to launching Pini Parma, Thomas worked at Boggi Milano for
nine years. Boggi is kind of trendy in a similar vain to Suitsupply, in some ways,
and Thomas wanted to create something a little more niche and a little more
sartorial. So Pini Parma initially launched as an e-comm site and after that they did
a three-month pop-up in Paris that went so well that they eventually opened up a
permanent location there. Pini Parma strives to be sartorial ready-to-wear. So
you’re getting a lot of details in a ready-to-wear garment that you would
usually only find in bespoke clothing. Things like side adjusters or wider
waist bands with button closures or pleats or lapel widths and shapes. So
everything is made in Italy and the brand really kind of combines two of the
more famous Italian tailored clothing styles. We’re talking about the
Neapolitan style, or southern style, with a more northern style. And with that mix
you get the pattern of the northern style with the details
of the south. So you get kind of like a more universally wearable and less
flamboyant garment. Fabrics play a very big role in what Pina Parma produces and
Thomas spends a lot of time researching and sourcing some really great fabrics.
In addition to their ready-to-wear, they do do made-to-measure and made-to-order
as well. If you go on the website, you’ll see that there are two prices listed for
each piece. The first one is the price for European Union customers. And the
second is for non-EU customers, which includes, obviously, the United States.
Pina Parma ships worldwide in 48 hours via DHL Express. And in January of 2020,
they will actually be offering free shipping on orders over two hundred or
two hundred twenty euros. One thing to note is that you may have to pay duties
on what you order. I didn’t have to, but Thomas said that happens from time to time. So
that’s all I can tell you about that. There’s also a live chat on the website
from 8 a.m. to midnight Italian time. So that’s a little background on the brand,
now let me show you each of the items that I have here. First, we have a gray
stripe flannel suit. Shirts. A light blue button-up shirt. A denim button-up shirt.
And a Bordeaux-colored cotton flannel popover. Trousers. I have the taupe
flannel trousers from the Soragna collection. And also the blue houndstooth
flannel trousers also from the Soragna collection, which I’ll explain a little
bit more about when I get into trying them on. Next, a beige turtleneck in wool
and cashmere. A grey herringbone raglan coat. A pair of blue suede tassel loafers.
And a light gray flannel tie. Let’s try this stuff on. So starting with the pants
and up first we have the houndstooth flannel trousers. Actually, before we get
started, I should let you know that I am 5’9″ and weigh 152lbs. So these have a
higher rise. A single reverse pleat. Metal side adjusters and a wide extending tab
fastening belt with two button closures. These pants come unfinished and, as you
can see, I had my tailor finished them off with a two-inch cuff. I’m wearing a
size 46 and these are classified as a slim fit. For me, the sizing is pretty
much perfect. Through the leg, I have plenty of room to be
comfortable. The leg opening on the website says it’s seven inches, but I
measured it and it was around 6 and 3/4 inches. The silhouette is amazing. And
it’s honestly hard for me to believe that this is a ready-to-wear pair of
pants. Here are the taupe pair of trousers. They are exactly the same style and fit
as the previous pair so nothing really to add. I did mention that these are from
what Pina Parma calls the Soragna collection. And the Soragna collection
basically has all of those details that you would typically find in bespoke and
made-to-measure clothing but in a ready-to-wear garment. So, again, we’re
talking about things like the pleats, the side adjusters, and the waistband. Moving
on to the shirts now. And starting with this light blue cotton shirt. It has a
spread collar and a single button rounded cuff. The material is very nice.
It feels very high-quality and it’s very comfortable. So, honestly, I think I chose
the wrong size here. I’m always a little conservative when ordering online. I
don’t like my clothes to fit too tight. This is a size 15 and 1/2 neck. The
sleeves are just a touch too long. And I have some room in the body. Although I
could totally wear this shirt as is, I think sizing down to a size 15 neck
would result in a little bit better fit. Up next is the denim shirt. Same size, so
same feedback as and last one. With this one though, because it has a more casual
feel, I almost don’t mind having a little bit of extra room. What I really want to
point out and mention about this shirt is that how nice it feels for a
denim shirt. The shirt is extremely soft, which makes it very comfortable. And I
love this color for a denim shirt. Here, we have a flannel popover in a Bordeaux
color. So I wasn’t sure about how I was going to feel about this in terms of style
when I got it. But I have to say I really, really like it. As kind of an elevated
and sophisticated casual shirt, you really can’t beat it. This is the same
size as the previous two shirts, but in popover form, I think it fits just
perfectly. I have enough room to feel comfortable, but it still has a very nice
tailored look to it. And the fabric, once again, is exquisite. It’s very soft and
very comfortable to wear. Moving on to the turtleneck now. Beige color with a
cable weave pattern. Fabric is a mix of cashmere and wool. 30% cashmere. 70% wool.
I ordered this in a size small and I think the fit is absolutely perfect.
Fabric, again, very soft, as you’d expect with some cashmere in it. And it’s not
super thin, but it’s also not super thick either, which is nice, because it allows
you to wear it untucked, but it also gives you the ability to tuck it in your
trousers, if you like. Here is the suit. This is a striped grey flannel suit. The
jacket is two-button. Flap pockets. 3 and 3/4 inch notch lapel. Double vent. Half
canvas. Natural shoulders. The jacket is unlined. We have two inside
breast pockets–one on either side. And then a pen pocket on the inside on the
left. The trousers are, again, from the Soragna collection, so we have the single
pleat, the side adjusters, and the two button waistband. The jacket is a size 48
and the fit on me is phenomenal. The shoulders are perfect. I like the line of
the side of the body of the jacket. The back is very clean. You know, it’s so
refreshing that the jacket looks so well- tailored, but it’s not tight. Sleeve
length is good. Length of the jacket is great. It feels like the suit was made
for me. And, again, I am absolutely blown away that this is ready to wear a
garment. Next up is the grey herringbone raglan coat. Now, a raglan sleeve is a
sleeve that extends in one piece all the way down from the collar.
It has a wide notch lapel. Bellows in the back, which is a great sartorial touch.
And a waistband. Diagonal front welt pockets with button closures. Sleeve tabs.
And buttons up the front with a hidden placket. Very cool coat. Very versatile.
And lots of styling possibilities, especially with the belt. Here, we have a
simple light gray flannel tie. It actually has a bit more of a cashmere
feel to it. It’s an 8 centimeter tie. Unlined. Handmade. And stain and
water-resistant. Finally, a pair of dark blue suede tassel loafers. Leather lining.
Leather sole. Blake construction. They look and feel like a very well-made pair
of shoes, though I am unable to give any kind of feedback on them because the
size that I ordered, 42, which is my normal size,
is just slightly too large for my foot. Loafers, I’ll typically go a half-size
down, but unfortunately this time I didn’t. So those are the pieces that I
got, how they fit, and my feedback on each item. Next, let’s put a few outfits
together. Got to start with the suit. A grey flannel chalk stripe suit has been
on my wish list for quite some time. It’s timeless. It’s classic. It’s a suit that
anyone who’s serious about tailored clothing should have in their fall/
winter wardrobe. Now, a striped suit like this can be intimidating a little bit.
But when it comes to anything with a bolder statement pattern, the rule of
thumb is to keep the rest of the outfit simple. You hear me say this all the time.
So I paired it with the light blue shirt along with the light grey flannel tie
and a simple white pocket square. I feel like this has a little bit of an Italian
flavor, so I went with some double monk strap shoes. And what I consider to be
the perfect watch for this outfit, my Rolex Datejust. One final thing I want
to share is something funny that Thomas told me as I was interviewing him for this
review. And that’s related to the lapel width.
He said that in Italy, the size of the lapel is proportionate to the size of
the ego of the wearer. So, here, with a 3 and 3/4 inch lapel, I think it’s the
perfect width for the guy who’s confident, but not so overly confident
that it detracts from the clothing. Next, a simple casually elegant combo with
just the turtleneck, the taupe flannel trousers, and the raglan coat. One thing
that really strikes me about the entire Pini Parma collection, is that it plays
in this realm of the classic menswear color palette of blues, greys, and browns,
but somehow, all of the versions of those colors in the collection have a little
bit of a different feel, while still being classic. It’s unique. And it appears
very luxurious. Kind of reminds me of Brunello Cucinelli, in many ways, except
for the price tag. As I said, lots of options here in terms of styling the
coat because of the belt. You can tuck the belt into the pockets for a cleaner
look. Or give a simple knot in the front, keeping it open just slightly, for a more
sartorial appearance. And pulling the browns of the outfit
together with my Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle on the wrist, and
dark-brown double monks, once again. One final outfit here, showcasing the popover,
the blue houndstooth trousers, and repurposing the jacket from the suit.
This is what I would consider sort of a grown-up casual, or luxe casual, kind of
look. All basic elements, but with the fabrics and all of the particular
details of these garments, you have something that’s a little more elevated
than just the typical casual outfit. The popover has really grown on me,
especially this one in this color. My glasses are by Cubitts. On the wrist, is
the Rolex Explorer II. In my opinion, a very underrated watch. And then anchored
by a pair of white leather sneakers. It’s a sporty and elevated look. Great for
when you want to put something casual together with a little extra. So it
should be pretty obvious that I think Pina Parma is an absolutely exceptional
brand. The quality, the fit, and the details you get in a ready to wear
garment at that price point is absolutely outstanding. Still kind of
blows my mind that this is available as ready-to-wear clothing. And another thing
I love about Pina Parma is that the selection is not overwhelming. You have a
very curated selection of wardrobe essentials. And everything is very high
quality. And because Pini Parma deals in classic menswear staples, you are getting
a lot of versatility, which equates to a humungous bang for your buck. Now, is
Pini Parma better than Suitsupply? In my opinion, 100%, yes. Absolutely. No
question. Pini Parma is better than Suitsupply. Now, does Pini Parma have as wide a
variety of options and patterns as Suitsupply? No. Is Pina Parma as ubiquitous as
Suitsupply? Like can you find them in multiple cities throughout the US? No. Is
Pina Parma trendy like Suitsupply? No. But that’s a good thing. And in terms of
price, we’re talking pretty much in the same ballpark. So if you are looking for
high-quality, lots of attention to detail, amazing fabrics, sartorial details that
you rarely, if ever, see on ready-to-wear clothing, and if you value timeless,
classic menswear, that never goes out of style, then I would seriously encourage
you to consider Pina Parma. Well, there you have it.
I don’t know what else to say at this point other than leave your comments
down below. Lots to talk about. I told you this was going to be a good one.
Links to everything featured in this video are down below in the description.
Thumbs up. Don’t forget to subscribe. And, as always, thanks for watching, and stay


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