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BlitzWolf BW-HL1 Smart Watch Review – Best Smart Watch Under $30

February 10, 2020

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there’s so many smart watch out there in the market some are really good
inexpensive some are pretty bad in shape and then there’s blitz wolf a company
that you may not know however their Smart Watch product does not disappoint
and its price appropriately so in today’s video I’m
going to be providing my review of the little BW HL 1 SmartWatch coming up hey what’s up everyone its Dennis here
I’m back with another product review video today so today I’m gonna be
reviewing the BW HL 1 SmartWatch by blitz wolf little it’s a Chinese brand
and it’s known for providing the latest tech products such as USB cables power
banks chargers and more before I continue on make sure you hit subscribe
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videos oh by the way before I get started the review just so you know
banggood has sent me this product to review and I actually received this
about you know two weeks ago so I’m just gonna quickly rewind the clock and show
you the unboxing of the BW hl1 you know what’s inside the box okay oh it’s arm
unboxing the Blitz will be WHL one SmartWatch finally arrived on the band’s
are in here sports strap charging cable comes with
instruction manuals so the contents comes with English French German Italian
blah blah blah blah blah put the strap on and turns on it’s probably because I
ran out of battery so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna charge this this magnetic
thing in there there you go so I’m gonna charge this it’s going to take two hours
and yeah I’m gonna use this for good you know a couple of days probably a week
just to test it out and figure out how this all works and yeah I’ll provide my
review ok now I’ve been using this SmartWatch for over a week in a bit now
and have to say it’s pretty pretty good for its price okay value for money now I
know you’re gonna say it looks just like an Apple watch look it has a very similar design and
look let’s up with some judgment in here just because of its look okay so it has
a rectangular design and measures thirty five by ten point six millimeter it
weighs in at just under fifty grams it’s comfortable it slide and yeah it doesn’t
feel heavy I love the simplistic design of the
SmartWatch and it doesn’t have any physical buttons that you know comes out
or stands out the strap is made of high-class silicone which makes the
watch very comfortable to wear even for long hours pretty much use this for over
a week and it’s still it’s still looking great now the watch comes with the basic
black strap but you do get option to buy blue or a pink or any other future
colors that blitzwolfer Kent will release just head over to Bangor comm
for more details on that one it has an IP 68 certification which completely
protects this Smart Watch from water and dust you can definitely use this while
you’re swimming or even showers you know it actually works up tested this out
well they say it’s waterproof it does says in the website that it’s not
suitable for diving or bathing in hot water plus there’s a limitation in terms
of when you’re swimming the max depth is about one meter and the time limit is
about 30 minutes now looking at the screen display its features with Chris
color screen and as an impressive interface so this is the home button and
you press this here and then here there you go you can see the screen moving
look I’ll find the display wide enough and sharp enough you know to view and
the home button and you know the press if the home button is very responsive it
doesn’t lag at all again I’m gonna keep pressing this and you can see it moving
if you hold the home button it’s gonna select again so and then you can see
just submenu not one so it’s pretty easy to to interact with this Smart Watch
specs of display isn’t too bad it’s not the best it has a 1.3 inch IPS color
display with a resolution about 240 by 240 pixels I have to say that was the
color display are bright or bright enough
you know specially in this room however I do find that
when I went outside for run on a bright sunny day the brightness levels could
have been a little bit better you know I’ve turned the brightness all the way
up and yeah I could barely really see the display I really have to sort of
hide or cover it in the shade just to have a look I know it’s not easy to
display information the screen from direct sunlight but yeah that’s one
thing that I’ve noticed and this one doesn’t actually have a sensor you know
where it just is the brightness levels accordingly you know that could have
been a further improvement or enhancement on the next version outside
also this display gets fingerprints quite easily you know hopefully you can
see fingerprints in it or smudges so I tend to really wipe this you know almost
every every hour you know just to clean it out now that talked about the
cosmetic or the aesthetic of the design of the SmartWatch let’s talk about the
key features of this this Smart Watch comes with eight different sports mode
you’ve got walking running cycling swimming skipping badminton basketball
and football during exercises it shows your heart break reading and once you in
case you cross the limit furthermore it could monitor your blood pressure and
blood oxygen saturation as well not that I know any of those metrics or use those
metrics but it can measure them not only that it also comes with slim interpret
domitor weather forecast call or message reminder calendar alarm clock camera
remote for shutter I’ll show you all right here’s the shutter and use me
there you are pretty impressive with this one is the
battery life this has a 180 mega amps battery capacity with 15 days of standby
time and seven days of normal usage now I’ve used this for over a week in a bit
now probably about nine days and it’s still going strong you know there’s
still a little bit of battery left in there let me just double check I think
it’s about 27% remaining so this battery life is pretty good now to help you keep
track of your records this month watch comes with an app okay for both Android
and iOS phones it’s called that fit pretty simple interface hopefully you
can see that again I’ll put up a screen here you get in tracks your steps sleep
heart rate blood pressure blood oxygen your sports motor which is you know
akhter running and change that to something else oh yeah when you click on
each each module it’ll bring up a lot more information by your blood oxygen
level there the blood pressure now heart break sleep you know you can look at
week month again with the steps as well customize the watch face no choose the
dial and look I find out pretty simple to navigate it’s again it’s a typical
you know SmartWatch app it comes with all each of those groupings modules
again they really allow information regarding the data that sits underneath
it I don’t really have any complaints or anything about it again it’s pretty
simple and easy to use so in summary this SmartWatch is value for money it
has premium look really good battery life great interface built in sports
mode and most of all it’s affordable the SmartWatch industry is becoming more and
more competitive more and more brands and companies releasing SmartWatch
pretty much every month but more importantly this little bit WHL one
SmartWatch has all the right tools and features that you need at a reasonable
price so yeah let me know your thoughts or views of the Blitz will be WHL one
SmartWatch leave a comment down below that’s really for today thank you so
much for dropping by and hanging out with me and checking out my review of
the Blitz Wolff SmartWatch if you enjoyed this video remember to give it a
like I really appreciate it and subscribe to my channel for more videos
cool this is that is signing off I’ll see you in the next one bye


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    Do you even wear a smart watch? if Yes which brand and model?

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