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February 13, 2020

BMW S1000RR 2020 hello how about youtube friends
welcome to another new video on the day of today we bring a super special review and
is the new bmw s1000rr of the year 2020 are actions that are voting so
that we have to talk about me in the waters more than who was only
in front of the headquarters of the athenaeum transmission in my way of being
in cold water mmm my life well folks this is a motorcycle that is
totally new redesigned regarding the previous version was not used
virtually nothing of the version previous and this becomes one of the
most powerful motorcycles on the planet and advanced of the planet then let’s
see little by little because this one could become one of the
best bikes on the planet of the 1000 category of the highest category
which is used for races so let’s see her friends come I think we have
Friends is the total redesign of the fairing literally well everything is redesigned
but the most impressive is this friends the front because because well w always
have used different eyes this for differentiate yourself from other vehicles and
apart is something very special from the brand so if you go to the other motorcycles
front does not resemble each other side then in this case is a
Novelty that has the same eyes and that be symmetric but it’s funny because no
is 100% symmetric still different as far as the gills of
the sides here we have the gills like shark we see
in the other versions but then the renewed and on the other side well no
we have the gills that we would see then if it remains asymmetric but
only on the sides something very important is this friends we have the
air intake to the engine that this when you go at high speed it works like
kind of branch and here a turbo effect at 200-250 where
enter at maximum pressure and here enter directly to the engine the air and also
we have new headlights led headlights which is wonderful and something that I want to
notice is that the turn signals are on the mirrors in such a way that it is going to
center the circuit removes the mirrors and sant the intermittent and of this
way you can literally convert it on a street motorcycle to a motorcycle
careers in just one step I want to not has something and is that hill now
apart from that super small is redesigned in such a way that the lighthouse
red lights are no longer here friends but that everything is already integrated to the portal
plates already flashing then yes I learn the motorcycle the red lights or the
fourths are those and if you brake are literally integrated into this
section so that if you’re going to enter the circuit you take away this part
and it’s ready for the circuit no longer you need to do other things but
you can only make it super fast of races literally well you can
take a passenger but it’s not designed to carry passenger but
there is the option the seat is very very tiny little I think of
the smallest of the market there for motorcycles I also want you to see the
tank as it is totally different from the previous version has 17.5 liters as
all the other thousand and I want them to see this friends all this is redesigned
look I want you to see these reductions of weight that we can see on motorcycles if
of races we also have the key the key is very interesting because because
it looks like the previous ones but look at nothing else the aluminum finish is
beautiful and has the vw logo which is a wonder I also want you to see this
friends that means that the suspensions are electronic are regulated
electronically and look at all controls those right now we will see
more in detail but hey all this was redesigned and let’s see the board
because it’s crazy let’s go how do you start friends it’s crazy folks now we’re going to
see more in detail this but well come on keep talking about the changes
I want you to see this picture too friends the picture was also redesigned
and also the swingarm so that if you know the hp 4 version that
it’s a racing version of the version previous where the box is carbon
green could only have grabbed and say you know that I put my new motorcycle
the carbon frame but not why because it is necessary for the motorcycle to have
some flexibility so that for be better the behavior in curves and
this way thinking about that was done a box that doesn’t need to be carbon
to have the perfect flexibility and the ideal weight but also the
rocker was redesigned to make it more strong and have better stability in
high curved speeds why because this motorcycle is designed to be
really the fastest motorcycle in the circuit that is what bmw is looking for
get the best motorcycle on the market in the circuit I want you to see the escape
because even though it’s not that big and now the power was also improved
now he has 207 friendly horses and 113 newtons metro has more or less the
sametons themselves r 1 but as for horse we are being
going like 10 horses up then it’s crazy too the weight dropped
under about 10 kilos then is in running order already with gasoline
oil all weighs about 197 kilos if you have the version of m weighs 190
and 3.5 kilos which is crazy friends or be a re 6 weighs 190 in order of
march then we are talking about that it’s a motorcycle with almost twice the engine
the literal double almost double of power and weighs well only about 7
kilos more and with all the technology that in that we have a whole section of
technology because because this one has anti willy traction control has
dynamic control has everything that is can put a motorcycle even
let’s talk a little more about the engine because this is an engineering work
because because we have for technology that has well w applied to an engine of
high performance first the most important is that we have the new
variable distribution that means that depending on the revolutions and what
need the bike will change the tree of cams to improve the opening in
low or high speed yes what is a technology that has no other
motorcycle market this we can see in racing cars and you are barely
the first thing happening for motorcycles once he applied it was the new bmw w
the 1250 the adventure but well now has applied to careers which is where
it really works we also have variable admission so that
like six he has two trumpets that They go up and down depending on if you need
lower or higher is also what has but applied differently the most
important we have how classic it is close anti bounce and with sister which
It is crazy because it serves down up we saw that in
the previous bikes but now it’s perfected and that friends you who
they are professional pilots are they drive motorcycles that don’t have this technology anymore
they will know that in order to make a joke down you need the engine
have technology so that in the moment when you open and clutch the
engine is revolutionized a bit simulating the gas blow this already does it alone
even depending on the way in which these react better then good
this has four driving modes 3 configurable and apart there are about
unlockables that are already practically of races depending on the mode of
I handle that you put the configuration of the engine will change the suspension is going
to change even the elements of security will change with control
traction the abs everything is going to set up depending on the mode you
put it and besides that it has others modes that are configurable for you
leave them as you really want then it doesn’t matter if you are a
beginner you could practically ride this motorcycle because because they have
too much help it helps them speed up background is not going to make you little horse I don’t know
he is going to skate the tire and always the motorcycle it’s going to be super stable even friends the
abs is also a racing abs you can literally enable or disable
but it’s so good friends that you could literally win a race
with the same system even now affairs or told us that if you were
the one in front we also have a small help combined in the section of
back that when this is very rare to see so whenever you brake you go to
have the perfect management to make a impressive braking even you in the
screen you can get to see how much pressure you press on the brake then
that’s something very already literally on the motorcycle is a motorcycle
super smart then she knows all the time what is he doing
in fact friends this bike well literally knows what he is doing
the inclination angle at all times acceleration all friends and something very
interesting is that the system that before it was used was you but now it has
changed by another brand and also the brakes are no longer brembo they are already bm wy
suspensions are no longer mobile but which are Marzocchi but they are very good
They are fully adjustable if they are electronically adjustable that that’s
Awesome we have two 320 mm discs and
four-piston anchor calipers radial then we have the best
market brakes obviously in this vm w case but I want them to see something
very special friends who are the wheels friends the wheels are ultra light yes
you buy the m3 wheels version of carbon but in themselves these are super super
good in this case bring some metzeler sport fr which are tires already very
soft fit for a thousand friends and I want you to see inside friends
because we have the gigantic radiator and the oil radiator then
we have a lot of cooling because literally it is too much power
this is the swingarm literally everything renovated no longer resembles the previous one in
as for materials it seems that they are different is also now improved
the flexibility and reinforced of such way that also had to be remade
this suspension so that to delay the a bit and get her away from the engine so that
so it won’t get hot then that it’s also an update as you see
as here is the cut shifter here we have the cable and this friends is coming
of agency you don’t have to buy this anymore
it comes literally as it comes on the motorcycle or as standard equipment too
I want you to see the controls because they are madness in fact also has fists
series heaters the pump is missing and I want you to see these levers
as they are from a very very painting special indeed when grabbing the se
they feel impressive quality as well as they are adjustable and also look here
we have the deposit reductions of weight as well as the whole pineapple
friends that’s crazy in fact Right now I will show you something very crazy
they had not seen on other bikes by example that this is a joystick
depending on how you do it and also this to go up or down and we have the menus
directional the horn as well as the intermittent traction control this
It is for aid as well as we have as well as we have control
cruise than any other sport bike have cruise control and on this side
because the lights as well as the lever of colors that look at the quality
it’s awesome apart from that they are literally lightened the entire motorcycle
is designed to make lightened and that it doesn’t weigh so much entirely when
you learn it makes you party this is a ft friends screen look what
beauty then no matter the time of the day you are always have
perfect and look we have the first one there the first screen that is the road this
speed teaches us speed the gear engaged and on this side the
hour as well as kilometers of trip but yes we come back we will find
this menu that says my vehicle let’s enter there and display this screen
that not without data to the information of the motorcycle as the temperature the pressure of
the tires forward back next service how much gas do you have left
the battery voltage the hour well as below we can see the battery
the signal we train from the cell phone signal because because I was connected to
your phone through the application as well as the kilometers for the service
if we move to the next one next menu is not found this that
It is on-board computer that tells us how many hours have you driven how many
kilometers brings how many hours have you been in pause since it first turned on
as well as the total kilometers that has 266 and as average friends of
speed if we come back we will find my vehicle again
let’s go to the sport which is the second menu and here we can see the board we can already
see several boards for example this we have here the revolutions that are
limited now up to 10,000 because the motorcycle is also limited by the
temperature and because it is in period settlement then until you don’t
unlock it won’t leave us the others revolutions but hey here
we can see the brake pressure with meter over second the control of
traction the angle of inclination and in blue are the maximums then as the
tendon we have turned it on because it is in zero everything we carry the following gives us
one more circuit that gives us the in the center as well
better side and the previous one if we let’s go to the next menu and give us one
more root that gives us all revolutions in a more graphic way
tilt the side another way as well as traction control here already
it shows us the brake but well here we always have the speed in
kilometers per hour and here it tells us in which way is it if we return we go to the one of
navigation that here would give us a GPS already It is included here in the navigation
we are going to enter but this we have to activate the important thing from the cell phone
is that this is going to happen to the cell phone by voice commands or also
graphically then where do we have to go let’s go back we leave
navigation and we enter the media here this it’s for friends music here
we can see that he is playing a song we can go up and down and
change to the next one that would be raising and lowering the volume and for
change it is like this next and previous and we enter the phone we can see
the call list we can silence even why because here we are going to
show or is calling us then we come back
and we can go to the settings but these are already are vehicle system settings
connections screen information and reset the systems then good
here is how to set up the suspension if you pay to have the option of
ridiculous you must unlock this menu where you can configure up to three
different let’s go let’s see how about it sounds then let’s heat it up a
little so that it sounds good of all ways comes a little limited comes
at 8,000 revolutions or so limited well friends right now this is limited
engine then you can’t pass many revolutions but let’s see how it sounds but
the there is limited to nine thousand
revolutions that is missing as five thousand more
but now it’s because it’s very new friends if you don’t let us speed up the
the rest in
I am a beautiful friends the truth is that it’s an engineering work madness and
In fact, this agency seems that if you already have the launch control for
make a jump even faster and well we have one of the most motorcycles
advanced planet but then let’s try it friends see how
come on good friends let’s give it to me I thought that feels a little small much more
small to read 6 at the time of being parked
now you are a little cold then we are going to test it both in road mode feel that I feel that if it sounds
similar to the other one to the previous one but yes Change the sound is nothing more than you know
which is crazy to move it this is how if the r6 registered the engine and so
feel moving left to right it feel crazy folks as if not
nothing will happen the motorcycle is very easy to move in zig zag that’s crazy folks is
awesome that the bike feels like this not even the m3 agusta f3 feels
well the dynamic friends is awesome also the handlebar feels wide not
the handlebar feels so compact it feels quite wide but in the
dome feels very compact as soon as to the position then if you go as in a
sports bike but it doesn’t feel either so wide the motorcycle then it’s weird
because if you want to make a move as well as sports
it also feels like super easy to do so it’s a very strange feeling now
in theory it is limited there were how good BMW S100RR 2020 brakes to see let me try to brake
here there was crazy folks definitely
it’s a combined braking friends because the abs was heard as triggered but
it also felt like braking from behind the motorcycle we have a madness of the ordinates
friends they listened and the abs is super fast girdle
I think it is one of the best that marketplace knows the piecebacks the
they really look a bit simple half chafas and vibrate a little does not look
much back but hey this bike remember it’s racing then no
mirrors matter a lot like a little compact and vibrate like ah
well if they vibrate then they are not so stable the mirrors locked not
it matters because we are anyway we would remove if we had this motorcycle to
nothing will be like for the street the board looks impressive or not
matter the change of light that is doing now the board looks
perfectly at all times we will see as soon as the first order arrives
it is limited because it is eight thousand revolutions 8500
and 120 150 tube
the first friends the torques is that is immediately as if you wanted
be there in two seconds although they go to who steals it still
feel the progressivity is no longer so explosive two stairs as well as the
ball is riding does not explode if fans but it’s something new I know if it’s very
progressive is wonderful this engine doesn’t feel like a ducati
that throws you as well as backwards nothing of the first milestone not so on the road
the truth is that the mode Winter is not a super beauty
soft the quick sister las reductions also listen to how
does the gas blow alone mom I feel like exceeding
nine thousand revolutions but no friends no leave us now because they are very
limited let’s try another test
later when you’re already limited friends I feel that if it is among the best
braking is in the ‘top ten’ definitely Real friends that I stopped beautiful
I feel that although they changed to fannie without I think it was more like the subject
brake combination technology that for a power issue so start
is a woman or well I think it was like the passionate about the technology they put
as for the abc technology although the brake discs are am are
brembo and caliphs are from another brand to real friends that a curve is
delicious the times that the cannon is caught as if you had an impressive grip and
also very impressive control let’s go back here let’s try and
let’s turn the extreme wheel and see how much spin range it has
because he definitely has more than 16 yes but still you have to do it a
little back there is if not the rotation range is not much but
I think that even for the city feel very good friends it’s like you
help turn this is thanks to the box available to children
ultralight 2 indeed they become ultra lightweight 2 to make it easier
start it at the inclination of movement then well this is over
too much technology applied friends I also like the sound and suddenly suddenly aggressive do not can definitely be so aggressive
as you want to be what I love is how super progressive we are going to change the
mode here the road a dynamic which is a a little more powerful I also like it because it has very good
low that is characterized by having very good bass in itself but it’s
in particular it is very very good too control over the curve is
awesome though we have all those things that dirty the
road and that gives us a little grip it feel control at all times I think what I like the most
it’s how easy it is to move it it’s like imagine the 790 have been approved is
as if I had about 790 which is much easier to move than even a
250 then I’m already super impressed with how easy it is to move it start the
movement that is the rectum normally on a motorcycle it costs
start the movement to dodge something low but not on this motorcycle is
only make up for it but it does a way as if it will help you if it’s a
madness let’s try a more wild way and
another board I think we will try a wildest way that would be the wise
there is the race already applied if you feel 20 or 30% more aggressive
let’s put a little here Y yes friends it’s definitely crazy
it’s very interesting because it doesn’t feel so aggressive as to lose control is
very controllable then I think that is his strong respect to the other motorcycles
well of the other brands definitely control as much control as you do
would be based on a bushel but much more progressivity
I don’t feel like I’m going to kill myself with accelerate it thoroughly and curved letter is a
delight let’s stop here
let’s make a small one it will be 100 but well with few revolutions
tranqui ready reconnects limited to 500 321
there is between traction control already
2 in the first speed even the I told friends but I think to the limit
of the 8 thousand revolutions reached 100 kilometers per hour then came super
fast and I could tell because I was looking at the board to do the
exact change but I think it is as in about 34 seconds here for the
height should be as giving as 5 seconds but hey it’s one is crazy
let’s try the curves in fact let me tell you a little
more engine variable distribution causes the camshaft to resort to
such that changes the opening of the valves then where I know you don’t have
which is a different opening at high and casualties in this way gives us more power
in low and more power in high we saw that applied in technology
of the r-15 of the new distribution variable but it’s just being applied
even to me that has many years in the cars but now it’s being applied in
a 1000 and this I assure you gives the advantage in the circuit but cannon like
it is a lot of development and nowadays this technology is already perfect as
to have her on a racing motorcycle because it has been seen in engines well no
so racing but that would be like a kind of biden it’s not crazy folks
by gas can you enter beautiful friends
the sporting position is also perfect sandinistas a lot of effort
with these no efforts to make sports flex no friends i think limited feel
so beautiful without definitely limited i would beat my r 6 but twice It makes me see in a very easy circuit
because even if the power delivery is that beautiful and
How are these bikes progressive? obviously more revolutions are going to
give much more power and that’s where let’s see the true acceleration
extreme that has this bike and anti class Bounce widget against traction se
is despite being a motorcycle very powerful is also super safe friends low torque is also beautiful and well friends I discover that this happens to
be on my top yourself two favorites provided they come to the right care
with this hole without going over the other lane a second so they don’t get in
of that hole yes friends is definitely one of the
more stable bikes during a bend I keep saying it’s the most stable I’ve ever
tried definitely friends this is one of
my favorite photos friends well folks we are here with first the
production is going to give this bike to to modify it there in your workshop
ebro action but we wanted to make it some questions what do you most
like this bike, look at the truth what I liked most about this
motorcycle is in the basement of the variation of the camshaft in girl the
it really is a beauty that decides on sixth and want to accelerate strong and two thousand
three thousand revolutions and you feel the push I think this motorcycle is
what can be differentiated from all the variation in milliseconds and young light
and camshaft the truth is that that’s the most amazing thing I think what
did bmw w regarding this motorcycle is what you don’t like what
I didn’t like the motorcycle and Joel is that bastard, well in this case it is that
we had gotten very used to all previous versions we had
this then brembo forward I don’t think so that the only thing we can
highlight or claim bmw w braking with respect to calipers
brembo that previously had and what I just don’t like how good it is
that we are going to modify because it brings a bomb starts said braking wisely
beastly but there is a bomb anise and some caliper bmw
I would love to have brought brembo is not than the previous that are a bit more abrupt I think that
there what we can do is that these they were fully manageable not the
you can enable or disable them the amount of help you want to
the braking and with respect to the models previous and well if the braking is to have
a very good touch we will be very very used to your brakes
motorcycle because if the abc entered but if it’s a little more this is
completely likes not pilots professionals will obviously make them very
abrupt and that after giving him a little while
to the circuit because nothing is lost and in change these are a bit more
as they are adapted for the pilot in previous versions you had to
adapt to motorcycle braking ok ok and well practice them more because this
motorcycle has 207 horses is literally one of the most powerful motorcycles of
agency and told us to read the modifications yes yes surely some
of those who are already watching this video here with you this already knows what
we do there in my workshop there in production because we love this one
modify do to the theater because the it is really a motorcycle already very
powerful but I want to invite you to subscribe to the production channel here goes
to be a great favor of putting us there down in the comment box the
link to the facebook page and in the production channel and well then
We will modify this motorcycle by full let’s change the look
completely and obviously also the horses and that
wv why we yo the motorcycle the wta thanks again to bmw
motorrad that gave us the opportunity to modify this motorcycle that we
lent to make a big change the motorcycle then our circulation is
here in mexico well also demonstrate that in Mexico there are good engineers and
that we can also raise the horses I have not seen many videos
usa-spain that they take us more or less like a year
having this motorcycle we are track barely arrived in mexico then I have seen
that in other countries, well, they have done very good modifications and this one have
climbed the horse riding motorcycle the most I’ve seen the most I’ve seen is that
they have reached 222 horses this same motorcycle and well we don’t
we want to be left behind and we want to raise our challenge I
I committed this then to ride this motorcycle and try to reach those of 228 horses
of strength I know it’s crazy neither bless nor me and maybe a pilot
professional could really squeeze those 200 twenty-horsepower
no but well well I think this to many people many of your audience
like to see the modifications and then we are going to do many things we are going to
change many things for fiber of carbon let’s change that maybe the
bomb for a brembo let’s change we will completely modify the motorcycle
we will make a system many things of what we already have in past videos that
we have made other motorcycles so that you use the invitation to
Let them go on and see how the transformation of this motorcycle up
reach up to 200 or so well 228 horsepower and the latest video
Well, it’s going to be taking her to albino and prove that it really
we achieved ok perfect we talked a little more than
this version there are two versions this how much it costs is 445 to 455
I’m not completely sure the difference to the carbon wheels a
are the wheels in the m version that nothing else there in white with
mwv characteristic stickers are the carbon fiber wheels a battery of
lithium which is lighter and the seat is harder and here is an m
awesome then that’s the only difference we have with the version in
perfect, friends already have it It is definitely one of the most motorcycle
awesome we’ve had here in the channel enters into the top 10 and
approaching the top 1 definitely it’s a jewel is the jewel in the crown of
vm w and well if you also want a
suit where could they get these suits friends well if you are
interested in lucena walk mart more protected
this one can happen the same with us we have
official distribution of suits omega racing that explains how this one doesn’t
please bring right now and then well they are made completely to the
blitz measure was with us you they took the measurements and well a
suit just to your exact extent in the it can be on the production page and
is there any phone this yes we have the 55 32 66 07 86 and this is good in
below the commented there is no in the little box this will leave the link of the
production page all issues so you can contact us
and above all I would ask you a very great please follow the pro action channel
so you can see how we are going to modify this motorcycle and see all the
modifications we have made to others different motorcycles
Of course, yes friends, there you have it It is definitely beautiful
many would consider it a lot of money but good applied to so much technology
the truth is that it is worth it which is a very good cost-benefit
you have one of the best bikes of the planet and well I leave all the
information in the comment box he told them the phones for the suits
the production page to check the videos that will be uploading
about this beauty and well see you in the next video to be able to hit all the shots and that
then go see them m with top must greet that some verse come to see
very good friends who can already buy their helmets on the blitz ryder page
you can buy one like this which is a scholarship 1 and remember that every helmet that
buy includes a t-shirt and its two stickers I leave the page below


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