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February 13, 2020

Get to know the online business that
gave me the lifestyle and financial independence that I had always dreamed
of. And discover how you can start today doing the same thing yourself! Find out
how it’s possible for you to build the business of your dreams while you make
money with our incredible and innovative system! My name’s Liam, I’m from Manchester in England and I’ve made over $25,000 with
Builderall. Hey guys Chad Bartlett here. Here in Orange County California and the past
year I’ve made over $52,000 with Builderall.
Hey guys Vinnie here we’ve partnered with and I’m very very excited for
Builderall. I made over $263.70 in 48 hours of using the Builderall platform. Hi, I’m Wassili Birbilis from the Netherlands and I’m super excited because in the past 4 months I have made $4,000 with BuilderAll. Hey Jean Jaquez here with my daugther Antoni. We’re from New York City and we’re excited because within a couple of months we’ve been able to achieve over $5,000 and all thanks to BuilderAll. I’ll see you guys. Peace. Hi from Italy my name is
Salvatori. I am so excited because in the last five months I have earned more than $9,000. Hi there, my name is Barbie Figueroa from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and I’m super excited because in the last 90 days, I’ve earned $2,800 with Builderall. Attention. With the purpose of compliance
with the guidelines of marketing suggested by the FTC. All content of this
video was written and revised so that the viewer is not mislead in any way.
All information, numbers and examples are real and may be audited. This video
contains no unsubstantiated claims. All that we express in this video conference
is possible and it can be developed and executed by any individual. Your results
will be according to your efforts, knowledge and ability to running a
business. As you know, in this day and age a huge portion of money spent on
products and services happens online and it’s through this that big companies are
building fortunes. Did you know that these same companies use ordinary people
like us in order to achieve greater exposure and sales of their products?
It’s true! Did you also know that when you look or click on an ad it generates
revenue for someone online? I didn’t believe it at first either. However I
personally can speak with inside knowledge on this subject because I’ve
made millions of dollars from online ads displayed on my own websites. But you
know what else? There are even people who make a commission every time someone
makes an online purchase! Again, I can speak confidently with insider
perspective on this subject. That’s because not only have I made large sums
of money through commissions, I’ve also paid over 1 million dollars in
commissions myself to entrepreneurs like yourself on my platform. Think I’m
exaggerating? Let me tell you: I didn’t do it by promoting just any product online.
If it was that simple everyone would make money easily and I
wouldn’t be talking to you now. You must know how to identify what exactly to
promote and how to promote it properly. And you know what? The secret of so many
people making money online is they identified and advertised the right
product. The sales funnel system will draw clients in and make you money. In
this video I will show you the secrets that not so many online entrepreneurs
know. Even more, I will show you the step-by-step process I’ve created and
tested that’s proven to make money. That way, you can play your part in this
economy that moves billions of dollars every day. You will learn about this
incredible system so you can generate extra income immediately
even if you have no experience working online. But I want to warn you: all your
success with this system depends on your capacity to learn, execute and scale. I
can’t give you an exact dollar amount of what you will learn, like one or ten
thousand dollars. I am NOT going to put a limit on your earnings, I don’t know what
you’re capable of and can’t make any promises. What I can guarantee is that
you will have the same exact opportunity to build a business with the same system
and products that our top sellers use. That’s right, you’ll get the identical
marketing systems and funnels that have already paid over 1 million dollars in
commissions to entrepreneurs around the world. I want to be clear though: your
results are only determined by your efforts. Now, you might be wondering how
you can make more money with little time. Right now I bet you exchange time for
money. That means you only have 24 units or hours per day to trade and that’s if
you never sleep. So what’s the solution? Exchange value for money. With the method
I’m about to explain, your income can grow in unimaginable ways because you’ll
be able to exchange value for money in a business model that is extremely
scalable. I know what you’re thinking: what is the value you’ll exchange for
money? Want a hint? Do you know how influencers on social media channels
such as YouTube make millions of dollars a year without ever selling a single
thing? It’s because in the online world nothing is more valuable than the
attention and time of consumers. Here’s the real secret to online success.
People’s attention is the real currency on the internet today. Hey there my name
is Eric Salgado. Not long ago I went through a very complicated financial
hardship. I felt incapable of making money. However, I turned it around
and over the past few years I’ve made over 2 million dollars with a business I
want to share with you today. I should also mention that I’ve had hundreds of
other entrepreneurs that also made a lot of money with the same systems, while
others haven’t had much success. That’s because your ability to succeed depends
only on you. And you know what? Proudly today I’m
financially independent: I can work from home only a few hours a day whenever I
want and I live in the city of my dreams. I even bought my dream car a Tesla Model
X which is the most advanced SUV in the world. I can also travel anywhere I want
with my family. My life today is full of joy and I am passionate about my job. I’m
not telling you this to brag or make you think you will achieve anything I have
easily. I actually want to inspire you to dream more, broaden your horizons and
find real potential to accomplish more in your life. Your success comes from
your attitude and how you work towards your goals. In order to achieve something
different, you must do something different. Recently I was inside a book
store where I was browsing self-help books and one caught my attention. The
book was saying: you must take full responsibility for your life, for your
success and failures. That really moved me and at that moment I had an idea: if I
want something different for my life I must create something different and
that’s just what I did! I spent more than a year researching on the internet, trying
to learn how to make money. I found hundreds of systems that were
full of promises and lies. It’s insane how people create systems to simply
steal your money and take away your hopes for a better life. Trust me I tried
hundreds of them and found nothing that really worked for me. Through the process
though, I learned a lot. Then it hit me: I should create a system that works and
has all the essentials for an online business. I knew it was different from
everything out there. Remember, I tried it all and I knew there was something
missing. The service I wanted to develop required a high demand product that I
could offer as a service. This way, I could generate recurring income for
myself. This should be a product that offers real world solutions for the
consumer. Simply put, I wanted to create something easy to use that people needed.
Next, I noticed that I needed a product in an everlasting niche where I could
build a business to make money for years to come. Finally, I knew I had to offer
the product with the most perceived value, at the best price on the market.
What we call an irresistible offer. And I should do this in a way that I could
increase and scale my sales potential without the
need to invest in infrastructure. Oh and let’s not forget: I needed to have a
great digital marketing and sales funnel system to promote it.
I developed a product that turned into a business. Soon that business turned into a
company and it kept growing. Now we have hundreds of developers and entrepreneurs
who work with us. We also have thousands of clients all over the world, in over
100 different countries. In fact, I developed a product that was so great
than in a matter of days it was a top seller in one of the largest platforms
of digital products in the world! Wanna know the best part? Now, I am more than
just a company: today I work with a community of entrepreneurs where
everyone is motivated and driven to succeed. They also help others reach
unimaginable levels of success as well. For the first time in my life I
discovered that something I created impacted the lives of so many others in
very positive ways. So much so that everyone wanted to be a part of it. With
my clients’ support, we improved our product and system even more. I would say
we are 10 times more powerful today that when we first launched. We developed many
more tools and shared more relevant information and training for our
entrepreneurs. But that’s not all. I also created an incredible commission system
that can put more money into your bank account in just a few days. You don’t
need to know exactly how to begin. You don’t need to have a product or service
ready to offer. And you don’t need much money or time to start this business.
With my sales and leveraged commission system you can start to make money
immediately. All you have to do is follow my step-by-step plan. I will show you how.
In the past few months I have seen entrepreneurs that have made 10, 20 and
even $50,000 in just a matter of weeks working with us. It’s
truly incredible how big the market is and how quickly this business can scale.
Now I want to be clear: while earning $50,000 in one month is possible with
this system, it is by no means the common result. Only the most experienced
entrepreneurs manage to generate those figures. Instead, most entrepreneurs’
results are considerably lower in the beginning. However, as our users become
more familiar with all the tools and systems on the platform, they learn to
identify the methods for their abilities. Don’t worry
though, the system is exactly the same for everyone: from beginner to expert.
Each person can work, learn, develop at his or her own pace. That’s great since
you get to have all the control on how to build your business. After the
official system launch in July 2017 I couldn’t believe how well the marketing
and commission systems were doing. In the first few months, I had already paid more
than 1 million dollars in commission. It didn’t take long to see that this system
was changing people’s lives. That was just the beginning. When I consider how
big the potential market size is and how quickly our business has grown, I believe
we can soon reach 1 million dollars a month in commission payouts to the
entrepreneurs who work with us. Like I said before, our system is different than
everything you’ve seen on the market. It has been developed to last decades. It’s
a company I want to leave to my children. And one that I hope you can build and
leave to your own as well. Anyway, the point is we are building a business that
will last a long time. We are planning for 5, 10 and 15 years into the future.
That’s possible only because I created this company in the most stable niche on
the internet and it will exist as long as the internet exists. I truly believe
that this business will only get better from here. The demand grows each and
every day. New clients sign up all the time to use our system to build websites,
sales funnels, email campaigns, sales videos, virtual stores, client lists,
Google results and blogs! When they’re on the platform, they’ll learn about sales
funnels, membership areas, online courses and more. Plus, because our clients use
the platform daily to build their own businesses, you can generate recurring
income that will last for years to come! And you want to know the most amazing
part? What we have already built is nothing compared to what we can still
achieve. Even though we have made millions of dollars we still do not even
have 1% of the current market and that’s why this opportunity is simply
incredible. What I want to present to you is a solution which took me years to
build and turned out to be extremely successful. The main point of this system
is to build a safe, stable and lasting form of income based on real
who use this service monthly. Together we can offer them the ultimate online
business platform and marketing solution. With Builderall it is possible to make
money today! You have access to the same products I use. That’s right! You get the
same sales pages, offers, sales funnels and training I offer to all the business
owners in my community. It’s the same system that has allowed me to pay out
millions of dollars in commissions to entrepreneurs all over the world with
different skills, qualifications and experiences. But you know what else? All
that is possible because this system was developed around a product that has an
extremely high demand from consumers all over the world. In fact, today, we sell our
product in over 100 countries. Since our service is one of the best on the
international market, our clients stay happy and our entrepreneurs make more
money each and every month. And guess what? If you want to work with it, you
don’t even have to know where to find clients! That’s because they already exist all
over the internet. And here is where things get interesting: every time
someone makes a purchase in one of the many niches we serve with this wonderful
system, you make a commission! Wait, let me rephrase that: you make 100% commission
of the direct sale. Plus, you can make multiple sales a day! We also have tools
like webinars that you can promote which could bring dozens of sales at once. But
you know what else? You also get 30% of the recurring
commissions each and every month your clients pay for the service. Ok, I’m not
done yet: I want to share with you another way that you can make money with
Builderall through our leveraged affiliate program. Let’s say one of your
clients also wants to sell our system. That’s great news for you because every
time they make a sale through their funnels you also make a 30% commission
from the sale. Plus you get 30% commission every month their client pays
for the recurring subscription. I want to show you an example so you can see how
the math works where you get to take advantage of the two-tier system. Now
don’t forget, this is only an example. You can make much more or less, it just
depends on your performance and that of the affiliates connected to your account.
So, in order for you to get a better idea of your business potential and have the
ability to set income goals for yourself, I provided a calculator
like this one, right on this page. That way, you can plan on what to
achieve while you promote the product. Let’s get on to the example: imagine that
as an affiliate you sell only one Builderall account per week. After a
year you would have 52 clients that are earning you $2,594 up front plus $780 recurring income. Well, you could sell one account a week or you could
promote a webinar and sell them all at once. It depends on how you want to
promote Builderall. In any case, here’s where the true power of the affiliate
system comes in: of these 52 accounts, say 30% of those clients also want to work
as an affiliate like you. They too will promote Builderall and will make one
sale per week. With the 30% commission you will make from their sales, your
recurring income skyrockets to $12,455 recurring income. Now you are
earning a solid monthly income from even more clients who use and love the
Builderall system. The possibilities are exciting, aren’t they? Sure, these numbers
are only an example. However, in reality, we have dozens of entrepreneurs that
have reached results just like this, and so much more! While others were not able
to achieve those results. It all comes down to how you work with the system. Ok,
I know you are probably ready to jump in and get started. But, look, this
opportunity is not for everyone. I only want to work with people that dream, grow
and want to make money. Above all else I want to stress this: this system only
works for people who are capable enough to make smart decisions and are willing
to get their hands dirty. Yes, this system is simple and easy to use, but you must
be prepared to learn and execute the work. This is a serious business that
demands dedication and focus. I promise that no online business will build
itself off an irresistible offer alone. Our sales funnels will not sell anything
if you don’t direct traffic to it. And for that, we have many tutorials inside
of your back-office. Listen, some people will earn a lot of money. It’s because
they have authority in their marketplace and have no problem both learning and
promoting the system. With that effort, they will have a lot of clients. Then
there are some who will make decent money as they grow and build with time.
Still, there are others that won’t make much and a few will fail and won’t make
anything at all. That’s because this business is fair to everyone and pays
based on your performance. Another important thing I should mention is:
this opportunity gives you the freedom to manage your work time. In fact, you can
work as much or as little as you would like. As an entrepreneur you won’t have
to worry about a boss breathing down your neck to work. Want to work at night?
Okay. Want to travel this week? Great. Want to go on vacation with your family? Enjoy. Most entrepreneurs who work with us only work a few hours a week, according
to their schedule. Because the internet is on 24 hours a day,
our sales funnels are the salesmen working every day to capture leads and
convert clients. All we have to do is drive traffic to the website and make
the wheels turn. Now it’s your turn to decide: are you ready to have the life of
your dreams? Get paid like you finally deserve. Have the freedom you desire. You
can start to work towards that right now with our system. You want to make money
online, but hate selling. You love to network, but don’t have the right results
with your actual company. You need to earn more, but don’t have the time, money
or experience. If that does sound like you, you are just the perfect profile for
this offer. You’ll have complete access to the incredible tools and quick
training, so you can have the system selling immediately and generate money
right away. Then you can perfect your skills, expand your businesses and
promote the product to more clients in different niches. Our advanced training
will help you achieve that, so you can have the prosperity you strive for.
Remember, we’re talking about a top-selling product. Plus, you will have
access to all our website tools, sales funnels, checkout systems, commissions and
leveraging systems. But I want to do more than just offer you the tools to succeed.
You’ll also be able to participate in our webinars and trainings where we
discuss mindset and strategies for success. I want to offer you a support
system and be one of your mentors on your road to financial independence. Now, you might be worried about needing technical
skills. You don’t need to know anything about HTML, CSS, video production,
conversion, analysis, copywriting or other technical aspects of an online business.
We have already done all that work for you. In the past few months,
I have invested thousands of dollars and put together a team of amazing
professionals who created all that for you. It’s all available for you to use
and ready to go! Not convinced yet? Let me sweeten the deal even more for you: if
you decide to start right now and prove that you are a professional with the
attitude to succeed, I will give you an incredible bonus. Because we have done
everything for you towards a successful business, all you need to do is drive
traffic to the sales funnels which are truly money-making machines. And you will make
money with your traffic and leverage with the traffic of your affiliates. In
order to start, you’ll have to post on social media and promote online. But
don’t worry. I want to offer you access to our amazing course on how to buy
traffic on Facebook, Instagram, Google and other online platforms. That way, you can
learn the best methods that can drive clients right to your sales funnels.
Normally, these training programs cost extra, however I will include it for you
for free! That way, I know you have absolutely
everything you need to be successful. But wait, there’s more!
You will also get access to our incredible 30-day program which will
give you a template and social media tools that will boost your business
dramatically, right from the start! I actually have so many more surprises our
platform can offer entrepreneurs who dream about making money online. You are
so close to getting access to the biggest digital marketing platform you
have ever seen. And it will change all you know and your results when working
online. I know you can’t wait to start, but you might be asking yourself: how
much does this cost? Normally, a training like this plus a
step-by-step complete system might cost you $5,000. Let me tell you: I have
actually spent $60,000 to develop only a few of the many sales funnels that are
available for you on our system. We actually invest in professionals to
develop our sales funnels. I will give you all that for free. Yes, that’s right.
All you have to pay is the monthly fee for the platform tools. I
only offer my leveraged affiliate system to the most committed users on the
platform who purchased the business account. The cost will be less than
dining out, daily coffee or the bus ticket many buy to take them to lousy
jobs they can’t stand. For only $49.90 a month, you will have unlimited access,
right now, on this incredible platform. That means you’ll get unlimited access
to the tools, tutorials, support, sales funnels, training videos, marketing
systems, checkout and commission system, step-by-step guides, quick sales system
and the amazing leveraged affiliate system. Together, all those tools will
empower you to generate money today on one of the biggest digital marketing
platforms in the world. By now, you have probably realized this is the most solid,
stable and prosperous opportunity you’ve ever seen. Hundreds of entrepreneurs
around the world are already changing their lives. You too could make money and
build a flourishing business with just a few clicks. The choice is yours.
So, what are you waiting for? Click on the button below and start your online
business right now. I am so confident about this business opportunity, I want
to offer it to you with zero risk. Yes, you read that correctly. When you sign up
today, I will guarantee that by the end of 30 days, if you don’t get any returns
or are unhappy with your results, I will cancel your account and give you a full
refund. No questions asked. I believe in this system that much
because I know you will fall in love with this company, this system, tools and
community. Plus, you will be extremely satisfied with your earnings. What have
you got to lose? All you need to do is learn how to make money. Click on the
button below and get this amazing system today. You get instant access to
the incredible system, training and platform to build a business at a price
you can afford. When you click on the button below, you will be redirected to
the payment page. There, you can pay with credit card or PayPal. Once your payment
has been processed, you will be sent to a welcome page that will give you
instructions on how to start immediately. All you need to do is watch the first
video, connect your domain and follow the step-by-step guide.
In minutes, you will be ready to promote, sell and make money. Over time, you can
watch more videos and work with more funnels from a variety of niches. When
you least expect it, you will have mastered the tools and the money should
be rolling in. From there, you can use this knowledge to start your own
business with your own funnels and systems. I’ll teach you everything. You
will just have to apply and your professional life will change for the
better. Now is the time to make a decision: will you close this page and go
back to your normal life, regular job or unsuccessful attempts to get into the
online marketplace where you don’t make the money you deserve? Or are you ready
to try something different and new that actually works? Plus, is offered to you
at no risk? It sounds to me like the choice is easy, but of course it’s up to
you. Thank you for your time. I am Builderall’s CEO Erik Salgado and I know this
platform can change your life. I sincerely hope you make the right
decision to join the Builderall family and take the first step to start your
business, now. Remember, I offer this opportunity to you with no risks. All you
need to invest in, is the Builderall business account with its incredible
tools and trainings. Then, you can join the extraordinary leveraged affiliate
system and start making money today. All with a money-back guarantee, in case you
aren’t completely satisfied. On behalf of the huge community of entrepreneurs and
Builderall, I want to welcome you and I’ll see you soon. Hi guys, it’s Marco from MV SOLUTIONS
and today I want to share my thoughts about Builderall and especially about the
Builderall’s business opportunity. So, I’ve never earned money before online. I’ve tried several things and yeah, I failed. I
didn’t earn money, I just burned my money and I was, it was hard, it was
really hard and then I’ve found Builderall. Builderall is an amazing platform where
you can create your websites, your landing pages. You got
included your email marketing, Facebook integration tools, designing tools and
much much more and I found it and within one day I just was flashed and it’s
just an amazing platform. You definitely should give a try. But the thing is,
Builderall also offers the option and the opportunity to make money with
Builderall. So when I go and tell a friend how amazing Builderall is and he
decides to, yeah, to give it a try, I earn money. So I’m helping people saving
money, get all the things they need under one roof and Builderall pays me for that.
And this is just amazing, it’s really amazing. So for me the best thing also is
that they provide a two-tier commercial licence and this is an amazing
opportunity. So, if you’re looking for an option, if you’re looking for an
opportunity, if you’re looking for the one thing which allows you to really
earn money, you just should give a try. Give a try, give Builderall a try. I just
can say I’m with them for a few months now and I can see the progress, okay, they’re every day developing and making things
better. They are here, they are listening. You can reach the CEO himself, oh my god
where you can do that? And I just can highly recommend you to try for yourself.
There’s just one thing, okay? It’s not a get rich overnight thing, okay? So you need to
make a decision and also more important, you need to take action. And if you’re
willing to do that I can tell you, I can promise you, you are going to earn
money because the tool is amazing, the company is amazing and yeah you are
amazing so just give it a try and I’m looking forward to see you on the other
side. Have a nice time, bye bye. Hey there guys and gals this is Barbie Figueroa with and thank you so much for
watching my video. So, it’s been 30 days since I enrolled myself with Builderall
which is an all-in-one digital marketing tool/platform that is designed to help
anyone build their business online. And it has an affiliate program attached
to it, so I’ll link it right down below but I joined Builderall because, well,
there was really many many reasons that I did but one of the main reasons that I did
was to kind of fill the gap in my business with residual income with a
tool or some sort of business model that would align to what it is and I already
do which is help people build their businesses online and so I discovered
Builderall, it has an affiliate program, so now it’s been 30 days that I’ve been
inside of the Builderall business. Over $40,000 in commissions
generated by me in Builderall. Hello my name is Alex Freeman
and I joined the Builderall platform in September 2017 and you know I recognized this platform not only as the best marketing platform available out there in
the marketplace but also as a great business opportunity. So what I did guys,
I just emailed my own mailing list and I invited people to join the webinar
that I’ve hosted and in the webinar I just showed them the tool, I demonstrated
the platform and you know within the first month I was able to generate
$29,000 and by today total commissions earned on
Builderall is over $40,000 and you know guys I will just
share my screen with you, so you can see my results: so here is the paid
commissions, these are commissions that I’ve already received, it is $38,000 and $3,600 available for withdrawal, $1,000 is on hold. What makes a total of over $40,000 in
commissions. So, you know, my results of course is my results and
it cannot come as a guarantee to your results but I just showing it to you and
that you can see that things is possible when you have the right tools and the
right opportunities. So guys, I hope you enjoyed it and I hope to see you on the
inside, bye bye.

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