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[CC/FULL] Love Temperature EP16 (1/3) | 사랑의온도

December 4, 2019

Yes? Mr. Park. Good morning! I am glad you came, Mr. Park. I’m here. Maybe I shouldn’t have come. Oh, don’t say things like that! That’s right. You don’t know how much we like you. I’ve been waiting for a long time. When will you finally allow
me to enter your life? You think it’s all rainbows and butterflies for me? Why are you so selfish? I am not that selfish. I didn’t think you guys would have
much of an appetite, so I made this. Why are you giving this to me? We should go inside together. I won’t go inside today. Go inside and eat this with your family. A packed lunch is nice and all… but I’d like it better
if you went and properly greeted my dad. I have some things that
I need to think about. Sorry. Thanks. You should eat something, Sir. Oh, I don’t have much of an appetite right now. Still, you have to eat, Dad. They said that the surgery
will take about five hours. Exactly. It must be so difficult to bear. How could I possibly eat right now? You and Mom are one and the same. You have to hang in there for Mom to hang in there. Here’s some food. Jung-sun made this. That’s great. I didn’t really want to go out. I’ll be going now, then. Mr. Park! You should have some, too. You didn’t have breakfast, after all. Hyun-soo’s mother is in a VIP room? I bet it’ll cost her quite a bit! You should’ve called me first
if you got news about her having surgery. Sorry. This is so good! Have some of these, Dad. Sure. Want some water, Dad? Yeah. Would you like some water as well, Mr. Park? Yes, please. I envy you. I bet you get to eat this sort of thing all the time since your boyfriend is a chef. And here I am, so sick of rice. The envious one is the loser. I can’t lose to you,
so I’ll take back what I just said. I’m feeling more calm now
that I’ve gotten some food inside of me. I know, right? I felt like I was going to suffocate to death. Hey, eat your own! You two are at it again? Isn’t it nice if we lighten the mood,
even if it’s like this? What do you like, Sous Chef? Warm food. That’s nice, yes. I like warm food, but… I like seafood, too. Especially with pasta. Oh, you two have been getting along
a bit too well these days! It’s not like that. Then go out with me, Soo-jung. Do you want to be smacked? Nope! Do you want to be smacked? No… Hey, about those people that
Soo-jung said she wasn’t sure about. The people who didn’t finish their dishes? What about them? If they were from Michelin,
then we won’t be able to get a star, right? Probably not. We ruined the sauce, after all. Then, will it be even more
difficult for our restaurant to stay afloat? Probably. I’m going to leave in November
when the Michelin guide is published. Ugh, you have no loyalty. Why are you talking about loyalty
when all you care about is money? Hey. “Hey”? How dare you say “hey” to your elder! Hey, don’t act like that toward a kid. I’m not a kid. You look just like a little girl, sitting there. Stop saying things like that! I’m going to take a seat, too. Oh, this reminds me of
when I was young. Seriously, why are you acting like this? You insisted on coming with me
when I said that I’d take the bus! Why are you late? Sit here alone and enjoy yourself, then! And reminisce on your childhood! Wait Why are you being like this? Why are you using informal speech with me? I mean, um, I did this and that. What do you mean, this and that? I gave you so many signs! So why did you ignore them,
when you’re aware of my feelings? I didn’t ignore them. I just said no, is all. Okay, fine, then. Is it me you don’t like,
or just dating in general? Um… both. This is the first time that
I’ve ever invested so much in a woman who wears glasses
and whose face isn’t my type at all. It’s the first time for me, too. Experiencing a guy…
acting like this toward me, I mean. So, um… I’ll just continue acting
like this for a while longer. Kyung. Aren’t these for Hyun-soo’s mother? Yes, they are. You want me to hold them
because you’re too lazy to hold them? No! I want to start a conversation with you,
even if it is just about this. I bought those for you, Kyung! That bear… kind of looks like you. Kyung! Writer Hwangbo! What do you want? Let’s go together, okay? Thanks for the food. Thanks to you, my dad
actually ate something. We have three lunch reservations,
with ten guests in total and three dinner reservations,
with eight guests in total! That’s one more reservation than yesterday. Yes! Wow! Oh, Mr. Park! Are you here for a meeting? Yes. Can’t you get me a different director? Why are you going on about this again? Every time I see you, I just want
to throw my problems at you. I saw that you resolved the
issue with Hyun-soo’s mother well. Because that is something that
I have the ability to resolve well. And I was the one who told you about it, so that you could resolve it well. I still support you and
Hyun-soo getting together. I want Jung-sun to live as a single, lonely old man. Looks like you have quite
a grudge against Jung-sun. I was his fan, and now I’m his enemy. There’s no middle ground with him. He’s always so insistent
on drawing clear boundaries! That was precisely
why I liked him so much. If you want the girlfriend
of someone you like it won’t do if you have feelings like that. If we know both ourselves and our enemy,
we will win for sure. Then, win. That’ll satisfy me. Go and meet with Director Min now. Your work will be the most highly anticipated work produced by On Entertainment next year. And my work will be the
only highly anticipated one. Yeah? Mr. Park. Writer Lee Hyun-soo’s mother’s
surgery is not yet finished. It’s taking longer than they said. Okay. I heard that Hyun-soo’s mother
is having surgery! How did you find out? I heard about it on my way in,
from Won-joon. Goodness, I can’t believe it. And at her age? Hyun-soo must be so upset. You’re so lucky that I’m healthy. That’s one less thing for you to worry about. Are you done being angry at me? Here. You have to keep your hands moisturized. It’s something I had on hand. I didn’t buy it. It’s something I’ve been using,
but I brought it here to give to you. It’s really great. I’m trying too, you know. I may seem the same to you… but I really am giving
it my all to try and change. Did you eat? Yeah. Mr. Park! The surgery ended without a hitch so there’s no need for you to worry. Thank you. Can I see her? Don’t be too surprised. I am glad you came! How are you doing? I’m glad you came. I had a great breakfast
this morning, thanks to you. I wanted to visit you before your surgery but you were sleeping, so I wasn’t able to. That’s okay. I’ve made some food that
you can eat after surgery. Oh, thank you so much. We keep imposing on you. No, I’m glad I can do these
kinds of things for you. You’re not imposing at all. Thank you. Wow, what brings you here so early? What about you? Aren’t you going to the hospital? I was just there. Oh yeah, Chef Ohn was there. He brought tons of food. I’m thinking about learning how to cook, too. Writer Hwangbo is crazy about that. Geez. What’s with you, Jung-woo? Are you an idiot? You only ended up
helping Chef Ohn in the end. Seriously, watching you makes
me want to cry in pity! Give me the materials you will
be presenting at the planning meeting. I haven’t received them from Hyun-soo yet. I’ll go and ask her for them. Things must be so hard for you. The surgery went well… so I just hope that she recovers well, too. I want to be of help to you. You’re already helping me so much. Just by the fact that you’re by my side. How long will it be before
she can be discharged? About a week. I’ll continue to cook for her,
so don’t worry about food. Wow, I’m really reaping the
benefits of having a chef as a boyfriend. Oh, hello, Doctor. Did you come to check on her? Yes. Mr. Park kept begging me to, so I couldn’t refuse. Oh, I see. Others might think that he was your husband. He came to see me right
after the surgery was over. I’ll be going now. Okay, thank you. Oh… oh, geez. I totally passed out. Get some sleep, Dad. We really owe so much to Mr. Park. Your mother is sleeping, too, so… I’m going to get some sleep, too. Sweet dreams. Thanks! [A few days later] Hello. Mr. Park is in, right? Yes. Hello. Wow, you actually wanted to come see me? What’s the occasion? I’m a human being too, you know. Whoever said that you weren’t? Thank you for all you did for my mom. You and I have trust between us, after all. And who was the one who considered
that trust between us so lightly? If I did consider it lightly, I wouldn’t have come to
you like this to thank you. I’ve always said “thank you” and “sorry” to you. I didn’t think I’d be saying
these things to you again. But it looks like I am. You feel like I’m the one who does all the giving, right? That’s not true. You’ve given me lots of things. I’ll be going now. I’ll be moving my mom to a different room
since that’s what my parents want. I read your script. I’ll send it over to the broadcasting company. Okay.


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