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Cheap YouTube Equipment? — 5 Budget YouTube Setup Tips

October 10, 2019

– So where are the best places to find cheap YouTube equipment? In this video, I share my five best tips for saving money on video gear coming up. (laid back music) Hey, what’s up, guys? Sean here with THiNK Media TV, helping you go further faster in media. On this channel, we do video gear reviews, audio gear reviews, as well as tip videos just like this one. If you’re new here, consider subscribing. Alexxus asks, what are
some budget savings tips when it comes to investing
in your YouTube channel? Thanks so much for the question, Alexxus. I am just like you. I love a good deal and I love saving money whenever possible. Here are my top five tips. Number one is actually to use stuff that you already have. I think one of the best ways to actually save money on gear is to
not spend money at all. What I mean is some people feel like they’re being held back because they don’t have fancy production equipment when it comes to YouTube. A lotta times, I like to say that really, the only thing that
you need to get started is a smartphone. You might already have
one, or maybe someone in your family does. This phone these days shoots HD video. You could set it up on a table and just begin talking
right into the phone and shooting video clips. Think about what do you already have. Maybe one of the best ways to save money is to not spend any money at all. Tip number two is actually
avoiding buying stuff that you don’t need. What I also see people do is maybe you do wanna upgrade your stuff, so you do wanna buy some lighting
and you do wanna buy a DSLR and some lenses. But lenses is a great example. You don’t need a ton of lenses. In fact, you can get away with having really just one to create
a lot of great videos. In some cases, you might
watch a lot of videos and feel pressure, like ya need something that you don’t really need. Try to keep your setup
as minimal as possible when you’re trying to save money. Tip number three is one
of my favorite sites on the internet, and that is Now, the site itself
is good, and the prices are always usually pretty competitive, so you can trust the
site, but my favorite hack is the used section and
the refurbished section. A lotta times, especially
when I was shopping for lenses, some of the
higher end Canon lenses could cost $1,000, even $2,000, but occasionally you could find a lens that’s 800 bucks or $700. You could see if it’s a reputable seller. You could see if they’ve
got good feedback. You can read all about
their return policy. Sometimes they’re actually
supported by Amazon so you still get Amazon
Prime if you’re signed up for that and it’ll ship fast. Probably one of the biggest hacks is that Amazon used section for saving money. Returned Owl asks, what websites provide good sales on used gear? I plan on purchasing a Canon 80D to expand my channel,
but Amazon doesn’t have a reputable seller. Great question, and I
wanted to include it there ’cause I said make sure to look for those reputable sellers if
it’s in the used section. So my next tip would be actually the Canon refurbished site. Now, obviously, this only applies to Canon products, but
one of the coolest places to buy gear on the internet is the Canon refurbished section. A lotta times, very soon after a camera comes out, say, the Canon 80D, which, let’s say, is $1,200. I think it’s probably around there. That’ll come out on the Canon website, but soon thereafter, it might be a couple hundred dollars less as
a refurbished camera. One of the huge benefits about that is that it always comes
with a one year warranty backed by Canon. When you’re buying refurbished gear directly from Canon, you can have a lotta trust that not
only is it gonna be good, it’s gonna work, they’re gonna solve any problems you have, but you’re actually gonna get that warranty that’s typically probably not even available on those Amazon used section. For Canon gear, that’s
one of my favorite sites. To answer your question, if you’re looking for that 80D, that might be a place that I’d check out. Hey, by the way, we’ll actually list all of these sites, as
well as a few other ways that we like to save money, in the YouTube description below, so
definitely check those out. Actually, one thing I just looked up, again, if you were looking
for a budget camera, we’re probably gonna be doing a video here on it soon, currently,
and it goes in and out of stock, but the Canon SL1 with a lens. So you’re gonna get a Canon DSLR that has a mic input, with a lens, so you could start shooting, refurbished, is $389 on the site. We’ll link to that. Again, I don’t know how
many models they have. That is one challenge. When you’re in the used section, when you’re on the refurbished section, it has limited inventory. You always kinda gotta be shopping around, looking for deals, but that right there is not only a great budget camera that’s gonna produce
incredible DSLR results, but that’s a crazy low price tag for that kind of camera. Then it’s also worth it
to note that BH Photo also has not just their main site, but they have a whole
used section, as well. They actually will rate products on a scale from one to 10. Maybe the product will be a nine or even a 10 outta 10, even though it’s been used and with the condition that it’s in, so that’s a place. I haven’t spent too much time shopping there exactly, but that’s
another one to check out. Then my fifth tip overall would be Craigslist and eBay. Now, a few disclaimers here. eBay is a great one to do, especially if ya have some time. I love to go into eBay, and I always look at the completed listings. You could research Google how to look for completed listings. What I like about that is it’ll show you what’s possible, as far
as buying a product. If you wanted to buy a Canon 80D, you could go into completed listings and see that the body may be, at times, is selling, it’s about
$1,000, $1,200 body, but some people are getting it for 899 or $800. You’re like, okay, well,
that’s kinda the vision. I’m gonna shoot and I’m gonna be shopping on eBay for that. Of course, the variables
are there’s so many different shutter counts, how used is it, how good is the seller there. Always look for their
ratings and things like that. Then as far as Craigslist
go, be very cautious in this particular space. There can be some incredible deals. One of my favorite deals ever that I will never forget is this
Canon 30 millimeter 1.4. This is the older model,
but I got this one off Craigslist. At the time, $400 was about the price tag for this new, and I bought it for $100 with the nice case, perfect condition, had barely been used. Here in Las Vegas, went and met somebody, and handed over my favorite
$100 I’ve ever spent to buy a lens for 75% off that was in perfect condition. That was on Craigslist,
but here’s the huge caveat. Number one, you don’t wanna get shot, killed, mugged. I’m kinda joking, but if you’re gonna meet somebody, ya gotta be
really cautious about that. Number two, you really
wanna know your stuff. For instance, lenses can sometimes have the auto focus off. Sometimes the focusing is kind of sketchy. So what I typically like to do is, even if you have a ruler or the edge of a table, you get to auto focus exactly on the point that you wanna auto focus it on, take
the photo, and then look and preview the photo and zoom in to see if the focusing is accurate. That was kinda tech
speak there, but my point is you don’t wanna go to buy something off Craigslist, think it looks good, but not really know your stuff. If you do know your
stuff, or buy something that’s so dependable that
it’s not sketchy or whatever. If ya bought a drone off
Craigslist, (laughter) maybe it’s kinda damaged,
but you’re not sure ’cause you don’t know how to test or you don’t fly it and
consider every angle, if that makes sense. I say that, I’m not trying
to talk you out of it, but it is a good site. If you feel comfortable
to go meet somebody, you can get, literal, a
steal of a deal from people. Don’t steal from people ’cause I guess it could be reverse,
like you mug that person. Bad idea. (beep) Don’t actually do that, but realizing there are good deals
there, but it’s something to be careful about. Question of the day. What is your best tip for saving money on video gear and YouTube equipment? Post it in the comments section below, and remember that you and
the THiNK Media TV community have some of the best tips and feedback, so definitely connect with everybody in the comments section. And if ya have a question and you want your questions featured on one of these future Q and A episodes, definitely post those below, as well. Thanks so much for
checking out this video. Definitely subscribe for move videos just like this. Hit the like button if ya got value out of this video. If ya haven’t downloaded
the THiNK Media TV Video Gear Buyer’s Guide, it actually goes through all of the
gear I would recommend so you can get solid stuff that I’ve tested myself. No company’s paid me when it comes to any of that gear. It’s stuff that I’ve used, that I endorse because I’ve personally used it. That way, again, ya don’t end up getting stuff ya don’t
need, and you can get the exact stuff that ya know is gonna get you great results. If you wanna grab that guide for free, we’ll link it up in the
YouTube description below, as well as on the YouTube card. Until next time, THiNK
Media TV is helping you go further faster in media. Keep crushing it. We will talk soon.


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