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Choosing A Hosting Plan And Getting Started With HostGator | Live Demo | V3

October 17, 2019

in the last video in this video series
you completed step one of setting up your web presence and registered a
domain name for your business now people know where to find you on the web but
you need to store your website data somewhere and that is the job of your
hosting provider in this video we’ll discuss the features of the Hostgator
hosting service choose a plan and then you can watch over my shoulder as I
purchase a hosting plan so that you can go about doing the same for your
business let’s do this okay welcome back or welcome if this is the first video
that you are seeing in this series to choosing a hosting plan and getting
started with Hostgator I’m Kevin Striker with Tru Lift Digital Marketing and
this is video 3 in a video series titled how to easily create a web presence for
your business even if you have zero technical skills so glad you could join
me in video 2 you got your domain name registered with namecheap
and now that you have that done the next step is to set up your web hosting with
your hosting provider the one I use and will be walking you through in this
video is Hostgator if you want to go back to either of the two previous
videos before watching this one video – how to register your domain name with
namecheap or video 1 the introduction video to
this video series there is a link at the top of your screen right now or in the
description area of this video that will take you there and then come back and
just as a reminder if you are interested in downloading the ultimate web presence
checklist to use to follow along in this video series taking you from this point
with no website or web presence to a functioning website and social presence
that are set up to track your visitor interactions with your brand and/or
company and retarget those visitors there was a link for that as well that
you can click on in the description area of this video that you can use to
download your checklist immediately for free let’s get into it we’ll want to
start off on the Hostgator home page and to do that you can either go there
directly by typing Hostgator comm into your browser or once again you can find
a link in the description area to take you there directly following the link in
the description area you will be able to get a 20% discount on your hosting with
Hostgator in fact in this video I’ll even show you how to get even more of a
discount depending on when you view this possibly as high as 60% off so look for
that at this point there are two paths that
you can go down in this video if you are interested in learning some of the
background of hostgator and its services and the rationale I use when selecting
hosting packages just keep watching this video but if you want to jump ahead to
the actual purchase of the hosting in the description area below this video or
wherever you find it there are timestamps that you can click on if
you’re on a desktop or laptop or scrub 2 if you’re watching this video on mobile
that will help you skip directly to that part following any of the links I
mentioned you will end up on a page that looks like or relatively similar to this
the user interface may change a bit as companies always try to refresh their
look but the main concepts and areas that I will cover in this video will be
somewhere on this page if you look at the top of the screen you’ll have your
top navigation bar and this is essentially what services Hostgator
offers they’ve got web hosting which is what we’re after here today
they’ve got cloud hosting which we’ll discuss in a little bit WordPress
hosting you can be a reseller which allows you to sell hosting to clients if
that is the kind of business that you have you can get a virtual private
server or VPS you can get the use of a dedicated server and then lastly domains
we discuss domains in the last video and the reason why I use separate domain
registrar’s and hosting services like I said what we’re really interested in
here for the purpose of this video is the web hosting Hostgator outlines the
features and benefits are the web hosting platform including easy control
panel you can even check out a demo one-click script installs you can get
$100 worth of google adwords and $100 towards Yahoo or Bing a lot of free
website templates 99.9% uptime which is very important a 45 day money-back
guarantee I’m going to talk about that a little
bit later and then what’s probably really important to anyone who requires
hosting 24/7 365 technical support so now since that support is so important I
just want to highlight it here for a second if you go to this link right here
just below 24/7 365 support on the top right I’ll right click on the support to
open it in a new tab if you click on that tab you see essentially what
methods you have available to you in terms of support they have the toll-free
numbers at the top and the opportunity for a live chat if that’s what you want
to do if you look down here in the Quick Links you can contact support which is
the same numbers than one shown above start a live chat which we
just talked about you can create a ticket which is submitting a question to
customer service or a helpdesk usually by email the thing gets replied to
usually by email until your issue is resolved and then you have an area where
you can specifically manage the facets related to your billing now obviously
you don’t have any billing yet but when you do get that set up if you have any
questions relating to it here’s a place where you can ask those questions or
find answers if you have a specific question you can type that in search box
above and hit Search and Hostgator will try to find support articles related to
your query below the Quick Links there’s another area for you to find answers or
create a ticket there’s an account add-on section where you can add
features to an existing account if you have one or upgrade your account you
have access to forums where you can ask questions of other Hostgator users and
moderators and view answers to other people’s questions and then you’ve got
video tutorials on specific topics you mean that you may need help with down
the road pretty much like I’m doing here in this video actually showing you what
steps you have to do to accomplish whatever end goal it is you’re wishing
to achieve I’m just going to close this tab and go back to the home screen which
is where we need to start so I’ll just quickly go through the rest of this site
to get you comfortable with it and give you a better idea of what Hostgator does
or can do in case you’re not familiar with it these are really just a few of
the other services that Hostgator can provide that are really just upsells
that if you’re just looking at hosting for the very first time or just starting
a site you likely don’t require yet they will likely be more than you’re going to
need at this point but either way you can get WordPress hosting VPS hosting
and dedicated hosting I don’t go for any of these myself but of course it’s up to
you there’s a little bit more information on Hostgator what they are
how you can easily get started with them and they’re 1-click installs and a
little more information if you are transferring from another host but here
is kind of the main information that I wanted to show you on this page because
it’s what’s important at least to me when I’m looking at something and that’s
the support I’ve been with Hostgator now I think it’s been since April 2012 I’ve
had eight or nine separate accounts and I’ve never had a problem with them as
far as downtime or anything like that I’ve used their support a few times
because I’ve had some billing questions and so forth just due to the fact that
I’ve had a number of websites hosted with them at any one time and I just
wanted to straighten them out and found that I got really solid help there
there’s a 45 day guarantee which i think is a huge plus if you have any doubts or
concerns about the service and then 99.9% uptime which is incredibly
important as well you don’t want your site’s going down all the time or at all
as that can cost you a lot of money in lost revenue or just customer
satisfaction your user experience of course is very important here’s a little
bit of information about what others say about Hostgator a little social proof to
give you some comfort and then various other links at the bottom of the screen
and you can check out if you want so I’m just gonna jump back up to the top and
we’ll get rolling on your new hosting to get started you need to click on the big
yellow button aptly titled get started now you’ll arrive on the choose a plan
page I can click on the choose a plan button or scroll down a bit as it’s just
going to take me here anyway the navigation bar shows you what section
you are currently in web hosting and specifically plans at the moment I will
talk about the feature section in just a bit the application section which is
basically who the hosting works with or integrates with and then the technical
specifications here are the three plans that Hostgator offers hatchling baby and
business all three of which are 20% off if you clicked on my link the plan that
I recommend is the baby plan that’s not trying to upsell you I am an affiliate
for Hostgator but the reason I recommend the baby plan over the hatchling plan is
that with the hatchling you only receive a single domain which is fine and you
might think well that’s all I’m really after anyway I’m only gonna have one
site and therefore only require one domain hosted which makes sense but the
baby plan has unlimited domains so while I would have thought the same yeah you
know I really only need one domain I’ve always gone with a baby plan and the
reason for that is the unlimited domains and the reason for that is that even
though you think you are never going to use more than one domain the truth is at
some point earlier or later you may want to incorporate a landing page that
stands alone and has a separate identity that links back to your main site for me
for example I have a site email marketing leverage com that is a landing
page for a different video series that I offer and it kind of
has its own identity it’s not going to be on this new site that I am developing
and it wasn’t on my old one it stands by itself and has its own branding to
differentiate it from other products or services that I offer so when an idea of
something possibly standing alone comes up while I will have to go out and get
another domain for it in this case email marketing leverage dot com which in my case
I’ve already done I’ll have to register that but as far as hosting goes I can
put that email marketing leverage dot com site which is really just a separate
page as a subdomain beneath my main domain my main domain is going to be
true lifts digital dot com so that is a good example of when I might want
another domain hosted and it will not cost me anything additionally to have
that extra hosting both domains will sit inside of the same hosting plan another
instance for me is in the last video I registered tru lift digital dot com with
namecheap but off camera I also registered true
lift digital marketing comm now I’m likely not going to use tru lift
digital marketing dot for a standalone site but I do want to control that
domain as well in case some site visitors of mine remembering the name of
my business true lifts digital marketing but don’t have my site true lift digital
comm committed to memory yet or saved in their browser they may type in true lift
digital marketing comm by accident I want to be able to redirect those
visitors or potential visitors to where they intended to go in the first place
to do that I need that domain hosted as well and I can do that inside of the
baby plan structure which allows for hosting of unlimited domains if I did
not have the baby plan with unlimited domains I would have to buy another
hosting package just for the second domain so that I can redirect it to the
first one essentially doubling the cost of my hosting other than that the plans
are the same so it’s definitely up to you if you click on the drop down and
see the various prices for the number of years that you are interested in you can
see the locked-in price that you would get your hosting for if you commit it to
the respective time period today so if you buy the monthly rate you will get
the 20% discount in this case $9.56 per month if you clicked on my link but only
for the time period that you commit to today if you only commit to one month
you get the discount for that month but then the price goes up to the regular
price which I believe is $11.95 per month at least at the time of
shooting this video from month 2 onward if I want to lock in that discount for
six months I can commit to that today but then I have to pay for those six
months up front I can do a year which is what I’m gonna go for after which time
the monthly price goes up to eleven ninety five or whatever it is at that
time after that year is up of course you can go for two or three years and lock
that discount and even receive the benefit of a bit of additional incentive
by locking in for that longer period of course it’s totally up to you it’s a
question I suppose of how long you intend on having your site perhaps it’s
just a temporary thing and how long you feel comfortable locking in for and your
budget etc when starting at our new venture cash can be tight I understand
that so do what you think is right there is another upsell here if you are
interested you can have cloud hosting so let’s just click on this eye here for
more information to show you what that’s about basically it’s a little faster and
if you have a lot of traffic going to your site the cloud hosting will better
address that I’ll sound like a broken record but it’s really up to you what
you’re going to do quite honestly if you’re just starting a new website as
much as we all like to think we’re gonna get crazy traffic going to it right away
myself included the truth is a really high amount of traffic unless you have a
crazy high budget to dedicate to ad spend it’s not going to come until you
get some really high quality content on it produced regularly over time as far
as speed goes and load speed of your site is particularly important for user
experience unless you have a super dense video rich page or something like that
speed isn’t really going to be a factor either I’ll show you in video 8 a free
plugin that I use to help speed things up considerably and if you get to that
point where speed is an issue you can always put something like this on later
so I’m not going to go for that I’m just gonna hit the sign up now button but o
before I do I just wanted to quickly talk about this how do we stack up
against the competition link that’s something that I think is kind of worth
checking out that’s lower down on the page but this compare all plans is
something that I think is interesting so I’m just going to right click on it and
open it up in a new tab this just gives you a little more detail on the three
different plans that Hostgator offers hatchling baby and business so like I
said I’m gonna go for the middle one and I discussed why but this kind of gives
you a better read on exactly what is off each plan and the various advantages
that you get here in the business plan you can get your own toll-free number
free dedicated IP and free private SSL I don’t know if you’re gonna need it or not
I don’t and I’ll talk about that a little bit later then if you scroll down
essentially all the plans are the same here there’s a bit of a difference there
in the domain FTP section with the add-on park domains which we already
talked about and then the ability to get anonymous FTP with the business plan and
then they’re basically all the same all the same features until you get to this
ecommerce section where things are a little bit different so there’s a
toll-free numbers for business private SSL allowed for baby which means you if
you need it you can get it later and included for business and then
dedicated IP available in baby for four dollars more per month and free inside
business so that’s kind of all I wanted to show you here so I’ll just close that
tab so now I’m going to click on the sign up now button we can register a new
domain but we’ve already done that in the last video so I’m just going to hit
the I already own this domain tab and I’m going to enter and you can enter the domain that you have registered it’s going to tell
me that the domain is added and then it gives me a list of other alternatives
basically upsell opportunities for Hostgator if I want to tie up another
extension if I want to add any of those I can or you can I’m not interested I’m
just going to go to the choose a hosting plans section it’s already pre-populated
with the information I added it in the last step basically baby planned for 12
months I’m getting my 20% off here it states that the new plan renews at the
end of the year at eleven ninety five per month just so you know even though I
am committing to one year when my renewal comes up I don’t have to commit
to another year again I can pay month by month then I’m going to enter in my
username which I apologize but I’m gonna have to blur out for security reasons
this is just a name that you will use to log into your customer portal which I’ll
show you in the next video and then enter a security pin I’ll just put one
two three four four now don’t worry you can change this pin later if you want to
it’s just to be used when you’re dealing with customer support then I’ll scroll
to the next to enter my billing information
basically it’s personal information on the left and credit card info on the
right you can pay by credit card or PayPal I’m just going to enter my
personal information off-screen and blur it and ditto with my credit card info
there it is ok now scroll down to the add additional services area you’ll
notice that there are four different add-ons or upsells that you can purchase
I’m not trying to upsell you on any of these services I just wanted to point
out that there are two that are automatically selected for you this hack
alert and the site backup by code guard now it’s completely up to you what you
are gonna do I don’t want to dissuade you from something that is protection
but I’ll just add that hack alert lets you know if someone has hacked your
system it does not prevent them from doing it he lets you know as soon as it
does happen so there perhaps you can take some sort of immediate action on it
I’m not saying to get it or not get it but for me I’m just not going to get it
you can get your professional email from Google so I can get [email protected] for an extra five dollars per month that works inside of the
Google platform like your Gmail account works if you have one meaning that you
can access your email via webmail on any device as long as you have internet
access as opposed to on an email client like Outlook or something that requires
the program to be downloaded and installed on the device you are using to
access email I will show you in the next video that I am still going to get [email protected] and maybe a few other ones like info at true love
digital comm and support at true love digital comm or maybe something like
that and get them enabled on my smart phone this service just allows you to
get a little more storage and allows you to get it on different devices tied in
with your contacts and calendars and so forth that might be a value to you but
I’m not going to take them up on the professional Google email here site
backup obviously not a bad idea I’m not gonna take that either but if
you want to get that I definitely wouldn’t tell you not to FYI you can add
this on later in your cPanel or customer portal if you want it so saying no here
doesn’t mean no forever in video 8 I’ll show you a plug-in you can use to backup
your files it has an automated component but it’s more manual than what code
guard is offering you here if you wanted to throw this on top of that it’s never
a bad idea to backup your backup I’ll leave that with you HTTPS basically
SSL Certificates secure socket layer here if you are doing or going to be
doing a lot of particularly ecommerce type stuff or if you have order pages
and so forth where you have sensitive data like storing passwords or credit
card collection etc you may want to get an HTTP page since January 2017 Google
Chrome will display your site is not secure in the search results unless you
have an SSL certificate or HTTPS web prefix as opposed to the standard HTTP
so even if you don’t intend on selling anything in your site or dealing with
any sensitive data while you definitely don’t require it and some would say not
to even bother there are others that will point out if a lot of other sites
are secure and yours isn’t that it may possibly adversely affect the trust a
visitor has with your brand having said that I’m not going to get it
even though I intend on having the ability to sell products from my site
the reason is that you can get free SSL using CloudFlare and that is what I
intend on doing check out our YouTube channel if you want to learn how you can
do that and just to be clear if you intend on collecting credit card numbers
when selling products from your site you will either require a merchant account
or a third-party payment processor like stripe or PayPal etc that integrate with
your website so you will not have access to credit card information anyway for
more info on that you can check out our truliftdigital youtube channel as
well even if you decide to pass on SSL now you can get SSL add it to your
hosting account later if you change your mind although it may cost a bit more
adding it later I’m just showing you the section and explaining it because
actually first let’s just go back to the bottom to review your order details and
I’ll explain you’ll see that the price is $154.66 it’s got the baby plan for
the correct 12-month period but it’s the add-ons that are bringing that total up
so let’s just scroll back up again you can keep them on there if you want but
I’m just going to show you that I’m gonna take these off or uncheck them
because I’m not gonna have them as part of my order and then if I go back to the
bottom remember we just saw $154 66 but now we see $114.72 that total
reflects the 20% discount and having those add-ons unchecked again doing that
is up to you that’s not the point I’m really trying to make here if you look
in this coupon code area if you came here through my link it will be
pre-populated with snappy but if you in webpresence25 w e b p r e s en c e 25
no spaces and you validate that by clicking here
my total in your total if you’re doing the same options as me is going to go
down to $107 something but then back up to $132 54 the reason is because it is
automatically going to check the hacking alert here it’s highly recommended for
you so I guess they really want you to have it
I’m still gonna uncheck it just for demonstration purposes if nothing else
and show you down below that the price is now dropped back down to the $107.55
mark so that coupon code I just gave you can help you save a little bit more 25%
in total I just wanted to add here the hostgator does offer a seasonal
promotion from time to time that gives you a 60% discount off their hosting
packages the coupon code for that is webpresence60 with no spaces try typing
out in the coupon code area and then click on validate to see if it works
hopefully you can get that additional savings using that code if not webpresence25 will still get you 25% off anyway that’s all I wanted to show you
here you can review the Terms of Service cancellation policy and privacy policy
I’ll leave that up to you most people will skip reading those but
I do want to highlight that if you do skip those perhaps just quickly peek in
the cancellation policy is there a few requirements that you will have to
fulfill properly to get your refund they are minor things like notice period etc
and I don’t think you will be asking for a refund but want to make sure if in the
off chance that you do that you don’t disqualify yourself by not doing it
correctly it has a 45 day period which is nice so if you are comfortable with
all three policies just check the box here one last look at my price and what
I’m getting I’m done here so I’m just going to click
on the checkout Now button it tells me they are setting up the account I’ve got
a slow internet connection here so your site might be faster than mine and there
you go I’m redirected and signed into my
customer portal for my new Hostgator hosting account or tells me my order was
completed and I’m welcomed to the Hostgator family so hopefully if you
followed along you’re seeing the same thing or something similar if so
congratulations on setting up your hosting account
check your inbox of the email address that you used when you signed up for
your Hostgator account in it you will find at least two emails with
information you will require for logging into your Hostgator accounts now that
you have your domain name registered from video 2 and you’re hosting lined up
in this video if you are following along with your ultimate web presence
checklist you will notice in the next video
I’m going to talk about how to effectively use your hosting account by
walking you through the two main areas of Hostgator being your customer portal
which you just saw a moment ago and your control panel for cPanel I’ll show you
some key main areas of each how to do some basic things like change your
password to something you can actually remember and get you ready for the next
step appointing your domain name to your hosting which we’ll cover in video 5
you’re making some real progress here towards establishing your businesses web
presence keep with let me know how I’m doing
and or are you are doing I’m always interested to know where I can help
leave me a comment below this video or at the bottom of this post if that is
where you’re viewing it if you want to go to the next video now just click on
it and you will be taken there thanks for joining me for this video I’ll see
you in video 4


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    Hey guys…I just wanted to let you know that HostGator now offers FREE SSL on all of shared hosting plans!
    I'll try to put out a video about it soon, but the gist is this: if you sign up for a new shared hosting plan (don't forget to use my coupon code for up to 60% off: webpresence60), you will get a FREE secure page (SSL) with your hosting plan.
    For those that already have a shared HostGator hosting plan, you too can enable your SSL certificate.
    Until I get out that video, you can learn more about how to do all of that at the following link:

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