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Clash of kings -Treat the wounded faster and cheaper

November 22, 2019

hi to all and welcome to this
new video this new video will focus on
hospitals the last time during a previous video at the ore mine
I received big big damage finally it’s perfect for you
explain how hospitals work and earlier to be able to optimize
the time it takes to cure injured and also decrease the cost in
resources can heal his wounded Let’s go
so let’s go already at first we can see and if I treat all
world that is to say one million one hundred twenty-five thousand injured
it will take me 373h 21mn we can also see to learn from
landmarks you can watch this that they make mithril out of iron wood
wheat and higher iron we are going to look, good wood, it is not necessary.
We will look at what we should rather here in wheat landmarks and we’re going
watch. go we’ll watch two like that of memory we will have them and iron
greater than 107 million and a half wheat and the upper iron 84.3 miles
here we go so first thing to get placed the
black dragon name him in the wall of his castle, it’s
party so check out his skills I go in the black dragon the black dragon
skills and here what can we see
astral blessing here we will go inside of
astral blessing to look a little closer we can see that it’s
the maximum and all the skills of dragons are level 10 at most
so that’s the case I can thanks to this skill have a reduction of
cost of treatment of wounded soldiers 14%
here we go the dragon is in the wall
it is therefore effectively effective this skill
we will now check you so remember wheat it was 107.5 million
and 84000 to make it superior then the iron can do better does not move
no it’s true I told you to check that but it’s true that it does not
this is not to do it superior and apart but we can see that we are
increased to 92.4 million more so that still pretty much diminished
the missile next you can come back in back
you will see that it is the limit it has then dropped on the time reduction
we can do the dragon glasses then on the dragon glasses is this one glass
dragon of indulgence here then me there has the skills you can see
there that are the basic skills and you have these skills if who are
the skills that you are going can purify and improve, so me
so far I have produced resources
wheat production but what we interested is the speed of healing
it is here 25% increased by 13.52% Go on we activate it up
it is activated so we will now see what it gives and how much there is
decrease in time we choose all wounded
and here we are at 326h 51 minutes we can also notice the wheat that has seriously dropped only 57.8 million
and the mitril 8.4 million will also require also put in proper position
the heroes in the doctor’s position I show you that it was already done to me
prior so there had already been the effect he had dropped greatly
the speed of healing and also the resources used to manage so the
doctor when you see me I have the priest but there is also Sétéo keycha has
so you can see there the healing the healing speed which is at 280.1% original so it’s with my attributes of my
equipment on the lord is here more 110.2% of the attributes therefore of these two
hero there so I’m going to show you now their equipment as well as
the equipment of my lord the equipment of the priest so I have three
pieces as you can see stick of rebirth which is the best but
very hard to see if not go out the blue card
then I was able to do the armor of scales of bravery it’s mostly
for the hospital’s capacity here we are and that’s increased hospital capacity
then there is of course the priest and then it’s here with the speed
increased by 27% for the wounded same thing for saito that changes here
12.5 percent a cure rate injured her equipment she’s a
white set of the stick of rebirth go it’s gone
we are going to heal all that now reduction of resources and time are
effective then he will miss 8.4 million mithril and 57.8 million wheat and
for wheat so before using the wheat directly
we will take and use these little ones chests that I have besides mine ore mine here we use we go maximum and we will do the rest to settle
directly all his coffers we’ll be back here, and I’ll miss him. 50, we’ll take 50. it’s missing a little bit we’re going
add that it should be enough like that we are on and we are going we are going we are going
do it directly that’s all is neat power is
come back thanks for watching this video I hope she will have you more and at very
fast for next videos ciao! ciao!


  • Reply Aurel Salla May 22, 2019 at 9:48 am

    To shortage fine iron need to charge purple

  • Reply Dz bougui May 25, 2019 at 7:54 pm

    Yann merci beaucoup pour ces videos . Je veux voir comment augmenter la capacité des hôpitaux dans les prochaines videos . Bon courage mon ami

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