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Cleaning Business Marketing: Pay Per Click Ads Move Your Maid Service To The Top!

February 15, 2020

What is PPC pay-per-click advertising
again we’re only going to be talking about Google Ads because that’s my niche
so they’re also as Facebook Ads there’s Bing ads any kind of ad where you have
to hover above it and click on it before it cost you money
that’s pay-per-click okay so what you need to know first off every click on
Google is going to cost you money it could be a set but still that’s the set
and that is money compared to SEO remember SEO doesn’t cost you any money
for someone to click on your ad this does choose your keywords you get to
when you start a Google ads of campaign you get to choose what keywords you want
your ads to show up on that’s really really important because again relevance
is the name of the game especially when you’re trying to get people to click on
your ad you want it to be very very relevant ok you also get many many bid
strategies so you get to set up a Google Ads
account and you get these strategies which is like maximize clicks where you
drive as many clicks to your ads as possible there’s maximized CPA where you
get to try to lower your cost per acquisition as low as possible this is
more of an advanced strategy so it can really benefit you or hinder you
depending on where you are what you’re going for in our industry that’s really
good but it really works well on mature accounts with a lot of tracking you you
get to set your budget which is really awesome so it’s something that kind of
goes with your flow I recommend starting out with a budget to obviously get
yourself hosted most people start out about $10 a day more is always
encouraged or if you as much as you possibly can remember keep it
proportionate to your other type of marketing your other types of marketing
you want to do as much marketing as possible
you can talking about setting your budget you can pulse it at any time so
it’s not it’s one of those things where if you’re running tight or if you get
too busy too fast just hit pause you can go back and turn it back on at anytime
and because this is driven because these are paid ads you’re going to get a lot
more clicks on this than you would on anything out so you don’t the Google
doesn’t make any money until they they click your ad so they’re gonna do every
dang thing possible to make you click and again they’re on top of the SERP
page so clicking is just something that it’s inherently gonna do you don’t even
have to be first heck you don’t even have to be on the first page you’re
gonna get more clicks on Google Ads than you typically do on a organic page
especially if because there’s so many keywords that you can put in on Google
ad account and in the beginning it can be slow just as it can in SEO but you
need to understand this is a long-term strategy as all digital marketing is but
the benefit is heavily in your favor to acquire data you acquire data very fast
using that data you make your stuff better the next day and the next day and
the next day happens over time though so make sure you give yourself time

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