Clickbank Affiliate Marketing without Website How to Promote Clickbank Products for Free Online 2019

October 10, 2019

back in 2010 I had a company okay that I
was promoting it was called director of machines it was selling for $197
okay per year and everybody and their cousin was promoting them okay
it was a hot deal I don’t endorse it right now I don’t know either still
around or not don’t worry about researching it was back in 2010 many
years ago okay but this is what I had the biggest
aha moment I’m gonna give you a tip right now because there’s two paths you
can take you can do this stuff yourself perfectly fine if that’s what you want
or you can do leverage and systems okay I say this one thing systems work people
fail systems work think about systems work people fail okay so if you can have
a systematic way of doing things that can remove the human component out from
the equation get you the results you want and then you learn while you’re
earning okay then you become independent and then you can make your own big
difference then you can become the teacher now you become but you somebody
that you’re gonna be somebody that will be leading by example which is totally
different than somebody who is just an echo teaching from theory right so check
this out back in 2010 I was promoting this product director of visions I
thought about promoting that product by the way and they paid out 50 percent
commissions so I would get $97 for every sale if I would sell that product
now that product alone typically this model this was the model okay people
would drive traffic okay it was a Clickbank product they just drive
traffic to their affiliate link for that product everybody was doing that okay
and it was converting it about maybe 2% okay to sales and okay and when it
converted people with earn 97 affiliates with hundred ninety seven dollars per
sale yeah people are happy and all this stuff when I look at this model I’m like
okay everybody’s doing that again focusing on ninety-eight percent of the
activities that gets you 2 percent of the results okay so I said look he knows
what I’m gonna do what does this product deliver big lesson for you right now my
friend this is a little side note I’m gonna give you some valuable stuff here
if this is your product okay what is the big result that your customer is looking
for and you know what you do if you want to be successful again if you want to do
this yourself you don’t sell the product you so
the result okay go on this marker I don’t buy the marker because I want the
mark right by the market because I want to write something on this whiteboard so
that you can see it make sense so so I was thought about it I’m like okay this
is the result they want this is a particular result of this product
delivers okay nobody cares about the product well only 2% of people care
about the product how do I capture more of those audiences right how do you
increase my conversion so what I did is I said okay let me take a look at what
the result is that people are getting from this product and then what I’ll do
is I’m gonna create myself a little capture page okay just a little a little
page that would basically have a little video here and it would say to people
you know what you know how would you like to X blah blah blah blah blah that
will talk about the result okay people don’t buy a drill people buy a
drill because they want to hold in the wall kind of concept right you remember
that so this landing page I would capture
their email address and I would drive traffic there okay there is very basic
I’m gonna go very quickly here because it’s not now as soon as they opted in
now I have something called a list okay write this down if you are not building
your list you are you’re gonna be out of business okay you don’t have a business
you don’t have a list you don’t have a business very very simple you gotta
build a list of subscribers your audiences you can go to and monetize
over and over again okay very important now check this out what I did is I
started to capture my list where is everybody driving traffic direct to the
product I’m driving traffic to what’s called a rapper talking about the result
not even mentioning the product nobody cares about the product people care
about the result you get okay now as soon as I up today and I took him to a
page it basically said you know what hey here is a little appetizer a little mini
training talks about this not even mentioning the product okay because they
opted in for the result okay and I gave people three videos that I recorded okay
and I said look just watch it and people loved it people absolutely loved it and
there was no they didn’t sell anything whatsoever now these videos were like
you know how you go to like a restaurant right and then you order like an
appetizer like you know and you know you came to the restaurant not really hungry
but you eat an appetizer and then all of a sudden you become hungry
you can hunt again and then you like can’t wait to get the main dish similar
concept it’s not deceiving people it’s not like bait and switch that deal it’s
literally helping people if this is the concept is really simple if they want to
get a result here okay let’s say they want to get you know in our example you
know one of the things that I’m going to do doing is is you know I’m gonna get
you plugged into it’s called Operation 100k okay shows you how to get how I’m
going to generate or how I you know my road my journey to generating a hundred
thousand dollars in commissions as an affiliate starting from zero okay so
check if this is a timeline and you want to get there a particular result earning
money okay you know what what’s my step one what’s my step two step three step
four Step five etc etc so what you do is what I started in doing is in these
videos I started to talk about hey here’s step number one here’s step
number two here’s step number three etc and then I would recommend this product
I’d say you know what if you want to have all this enchilada boom check out
this product and this was the link at the very very bottom very very subtle
and I sent everybody through this guess what and when I click on this affiliate
link they will redirect it to the product this page which is an affiliate
page you with me so far that everybody else was promoting and my let’s see if I
can get a different marker and my conversions if I sent him through this
process okay my conversions were twenty plus percent okay
ten times okay the convergence and everybody else was getting why might
people that came through this funnel right here they didn’t even care about
the you know reading the sales letter for the product they just boom they just
went straight in and I was just crushing it the minute I deployed this I think
the first month I became number one affiliate for that vendor and it was
crushing it okay I was building a list I had a model and then I thought to
myself I thought you know what could we replicate that it’s 2010 many years ago
I thought you look could could I replicate this for other people
you said I’m saying so what I’m doing is again I identified that awareness right
what’s your awareness what are the actions that you focus on that leads you
and get you the 98% of the result that you’re looking for effortlessly by
default right well your actions are you building your list that you can go to
and mark it over and over again similar products or serve your list right that’s
taken care by default you are definition yourself from your competition now you
can play in advertising the same areas and same pools that these guys are
promoting and because you are promoting something that looks different right
here right you’re not really competing you’re just dominating the market so
make sense that’s what I did and then what I did is I said look can we
replicate this okay can I take this guy okay let’s see I’m gonna race this can I
take okay hopefully this makes sense again I don’t want to go for too long
here I mean over the comments if this makes sense if you like resonating with
this I’m not telling you you think that’s rocket science
yet okay this is good good stuff huh so if I take can I take this guy okay he
does not know he does he doesn’t have the confidence he doesn’t understand how
to create videos he’s like dude I understand this man I just want to make
money man there’s one money I got mortgage to pay I got car payments
to pay I got bills to pay I’ve got credit cards I got phone you know people
calling me I’ve got a wife to take care of I’ve got family dude I just want to
make money his family doesn’t believe in him he does not believe in him but he
still has that you know what that’s something in the back of his mind saying
you know what if that guy did it maybe I can do it if that guy did it maybe I can
do it if that lady did it maybe I can do it that kind of thinking you see I’m
saying so how do I help him how I can teach him on time I’m blue in
the face in the face right and that’s what happens a lot is this guy gets
overwhelmed he gets bombarded with information boom boom boom boom boom
boom boom boom and he let my goodness oh I put my hair’s out it doesn’t work have
you been like that I don’t know tell me I know I was right well look the best
way that I can help him out is if I can get him plugged into a system that works
okay that works remember that the initial video the introduction video
talked about awareness see how things are kind of starting to come together
awareness step number two in component number two is what system that works if
I can get Liam plugged into a system that works that removes a human
component away from the equation okay and that system and he can run the
system so that’s exactly what it is like i replicate the process i started
teaching him how he can promote this product that he never created he doesn’t
have the customer service and he doesn’t have to you know deal with merchant
processing in any of this stuff okay but he can still get paid Commission when
somebody purchased it’s make sense so how do you do this so he needs a system
that works and what’s my role is I can I need to teach him how to do marketing
this part right here part of the big big part of what we do here in the 4% we’re
big on systems results okay results number one thing remember I told you
there’s two things we were looking for or really what we’re all about is just
two things in the four percent number one was results nothing matters until
you get the result okay until you get that sale
number two is simplicity result and simplicity
instead of overwhelm and complexity right like everybody else seems to be
you know what seems to be happening out there and you know you know the rest of
the Internet okay so if I can keep it simple I can teach him you know what
when it comes to traffic what are your top two percent of the key elements that
you focus on to get the traffic simple right he does that and we started to
help people you know I wrote this out I turned it into a model into a replicated
model this took in 2010 and I allowed a few people to use it
you beginners and these people started to have success okay somebody went out
and the first 90 days generated $13,000 somebody went out generated $40,000
somebody else generates $500 a month you know $500 a day you know and and and I’m
like wow we’re on to something over here so that’s when I got a concept about
systematizing success and then we started to create component number three
like I mentioned in the introduction video which is an environment
environment if I couldn’t if I can help this guy succeed if I truly want to help
him succeed I’ve got to think differently than what everybody else is
telling him to do because everybody else is confusing him that makes sense okay
now I don’t know if you can relate to this to what I’m saying okay but if you
can what I’m about to show you is going to be the answer to you your prayers
maybe maybe not I don’t know okay but it has been to many people okay and I’ll
tell you why see here we have one product okay now you never wanted to
write this down never ever ever ever ever depend on anything that’s one one
traffic source one product one income stream never never depend on anything
that’s one it’s the bad idea okay you want to do you want to have multiple
multiple okay so if I want to help him succeed I’m gonna do a couple things
okay I want to help him get a result a result a result because guess what if he
was fairly failing failing failing failing never made money before online
if I can help him generate $200 okay he’s first 200 bucks ever online what is
it gonna do to his confidence level BAM right goes up what is it gonna do to his
family to his skeptical wife or spouse that be like baby I knew you could do it
I love you okay relationship okay comes together right what is it doing to his
self-esteem self-confidence dude it goes through the roof okay now he has got
more desire to learn now he’s like you know his belief level goes up right he’s
getting the result and if I can keep it simple enough for him to follow through
and do this you know what I can take this guy who has never succeeded and I
can turn him into an incredibly successful online entrepreneur make

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