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ClickFunnels the Music Producer Miracle??

February 10, 2020

all right we should be live a didn’t do
any sound chicks but we should be going live soon soon soon soon soon all right
YouTube says we’re live I’ll wait – somebody comments below today we’re
gonna go over clickfunnels and the controversy of clickfunnels and
break it down what is clickfunnels how to use it is it the evil is it the devil
are people misusing it let’s break it all down ascending keys it’s first in
the building what’s going on there is let me refresh my screen real quick so
today for those who are watching the replay this is a pure breakdown of click
funnels the new kind of wave in the producer community classy beats is here
whistle what show what show us here what’s up in generation hi how are you
ludo beats what’s up you don’t mind went live at the same time that’s dope
shout-out to ill mind 80 then Sam aru Z classy that thanks for
you awesome man you know I’m just here to offer you more
perspectives I don’t think there’s been a fair perspective and I just don’t want
you guys to limit your success over one sided angle the Agra let me go a little
bit faster FM beats woulda daylight time I’m not trying to pronounce that daily
TM what’s up savage woods I’m on this one it’s on
mute yes it was I’m on this with it on mute mute that’s interesting F Smith ik
what up little beats artists and what’s up indeed loyalty Marcus Cobbs or the
queued up production what’s going on back good to be live again with a be
know what’s up stacks now I hope to come with you you know have fun but this is
more of a serious live I’ll be honest it’s not gonna be like playing
everybody’s beat on this live that sounded weird playing everybody’s beat
on this nevermind no pause Lex Krueger T&L Stax piano what’s up harvest
thornton thornton calvin what’s up Jerry Carter my name Carter beat fool was good
that Oma’s are higher receiver I don’t how to pronounce that but shout-out to
you David Gaskin what’s up Toby check is in the building so I’ll let
everybody get in here kind of take a little bit of time to get in here
but today we’re going to address all the prop all the concerns about clickfunnels
all of the latest backlash against the usage of clickfunnels out that I’ll go
through everything this live stream is literally to break down everything and
just go behind the curtain a little bit and just give you the pure you know
information versus just information that’s been out there with no data just
making up stuff I got to give you that data backed fact this is not an opinion
this is experience what’s up can I check out Paco beats
let’s go to Paco beats real quick since you asked Paco
beats with a Z we’re not gonna play a track I just want to go to your channel
so I’ll break it all down we’ll get into how to apply to your business so you
don’t feel like you’re at a boring seminar I don’t know which one is you
there’s like one two three there’s three Paco beats you’re gonna have to go check
somebody lifestyle did it just went live too ill mine went live shout-out to all
my family out there alright so let’s let’s pull it back and
let’s see how many folks we got in here for at a hundred we could start if we’re
not at 100 I gotta wait a little bit just so everybody’s in the room we’re
near 100 so alright so the biggest thing with let me read your comments first I
hate the producers are high and there are Oh eyes when it comes to
clickfunnels they aren’t being completely honest okay who here saw the
new producer grind video where they went through the the people’s websites in
their funnels and stuff who saw that because I saw it give me a like a 1 if
you saw it something that lets me know you saw it we are 100 we are 100 I don’t
know what that means how can I sell my beats if PayPal stripe isn’t available
in my country that sucks have you tried VPNs or what do they call
them I think they call VPNs I’ve never used one but have you tried it before
what else is out there stripe PayPal Shopify has a check out so try Shopify
ok so some folks saw the producer grind interview I think we’re at a hundred let
me just I just wanted to wait till people were in here I don’t want to
start without everybody in the room so give it a little bit I don’t have any
cool sound effects so like music cuz I’m doing this out of love this isn’t
there’s no intention behind this I’m not selling anything
I don’t have any affiliate links to offer you I just saw the negativity
being propelled in the producer community and it’s dis way ting so many
people from starting their business and just to give you backstory I’ve created
a lot of free videos online how to sell beats how to build your business and for
whatever reason people those are the lowest viewed videos and I see why
because business is not the most fun thing in the world but if somebody like
anno domini or Gabe from Legion Beats gets people hype and producer grind gets
people hype about selling beats and like the business of it then so be it like if
my videos aren’t gonna wake them up somebody else has to do it and at some
point we all have to get used to being businesspeople so I’ll get into all the
concepts economy talk we’ll get into all this are we sending beats not today
let me just read your questions first just to make sure I’m in tune with you
I’m in America I even if I got payments how would I transfer overseas I would
just look at Shopify just skip PayPal and other thing right now I’m gonna shop
a lot this was your photo created equal we’ll get into that
have you used funnels and seeing positive feedback yes I use funnels
currently and I’m trying to think where to start cuz there’s so many objections
about funnels that there’s so much to explain but I have to give you like a
business education before I even get into what funnels are so I think the
best place to start is to describe what a funnel actually is and let me just
make sure I’m reading all your comments yes I do use funnels do you know the
supreme I don’t know what that is I know the brand I love you future artists okay
all right so firstly let’s define a couple things actually before we get
into funnels in all this there’s been talk about people not being producers
because they send off loops and mg’s been like the head of this talk and it’s
unfortunate because I think your dish waiting a lot of people in the community
from pursuing their dreams so the first thing is look up the pronoun producer we
want the Webster’s dictionary and did this whole video and article a long time
ago on what’s that website called medium actually let me look it up okay
medium busy works beats I’ve even cleared my cookies to show you an
example of a funnel so actually let’s do it real time okay I know I’m all over
the place but you’re getting like an MBA business education in about an hour
so you got to forgive me I didn’t plan this this is just to uplift the
community there’s no intentions behind this video except to educate you and
show you that this stuff is not the enemy okay so let’s go to Nordstrom for
example click on their website and forgive me because I can’t see all the
comments but if you at busy works beats it should put it in orange and then I’ll
be able to see it a little bit easier so it’s hard to read like and go back and
forth okay so does anyone does one need an established traffic Facebook page two
swallows no you don’t need Facebook to do funnels but it is good to collect
data on Facebook using Facebook pixel so as soon as you can make a Facebook page
so that you can implement the pixel on your website pixel is gonna give you
data about your customer more stuff and you’d ever measure anywhere else and it
helps you track where people are going throughout your website so it’s just
good to have that active period alright so how to sell beats online we’ll get
into that because okay so I’m on Nordstrom so let’s go to like men’s what
are you guys like you guys like hoodies t-shirts what do you guys like clothing
I don’t think I don’t even know for Nordstrom sells hoodies do they sell oh
yeah they do you guys like t-shirts or hoodies which
one yeah we’re talking about the whole clickfunnels
controversy every there’s this new wave of like trying to debunk clickfunnels
there’s a wave of people pushing it hard so like I’m trying to give you the the
facts instead of people just giving you their opinion this is from real
experience real data some busywork socks we’re working on merch
okay so let’s click on some hoodies it looks like hoodies are the go-to all
right click on hoodies so we’re on Nordstrom I’m showing you how a funnel
works this is the whole point of this for those who just joined we’re showing
you how fun will actually works live and then I’ll show you how it all breaks
down so Nordstrom I’m assuming they spend a lot of ad dollars based on their
inventory okay so let’s click on just a random
hoodie so what this website is doing its collecting data to let them know that my
IP address is checking out certain products and it’s basically given I’m
simplifying this but it’s given them information to say okay he looked at
hoodies he might like hoodies okay then I might look at some boots so they kind
of create the formula of stuff that I might like based
on the web pages that I visited and this is the importance of pixels because you
can do what’s called retargeting okay so you’re probably familiar with a funnel
just being and craft master goes live this is what I mean it’s so petty and
unnecessary at this point so what I’m saying right now is if you click on any
hoody and go off the website they will retarget you so a funnel is not always a
squeeze page and let’s get into the history of funnels real quick so the
Internet work this way in short with marketing you started with
general websites where people would go and see your stuff you’ve heard of
websites you know the website is then we kind of evolved to these things called
squeeze pages so instead of building out a whole 30 page website that won’t rank
on Google anyway people go to these things called squeeze pages okay and
squeeze pages are just one two about ten pages of just step-by-step flows of web
pages based on your actions on the previous web page so for example if your
own web page one and you said yes you’ll go this route and then they’ll take you
to another web page and then to another web page and then another until you get
to the final checkout okay whereas if you said no you go on a completely
different path and this is the what squeeze pages are and then they take you
on a different path different paths different paths that will lead to a
checkout so after squeeze pages we had a company
to try and like monopolize the the concept of a squeeze page the company
was called lead pages so they offered a solution that created squeeze pages for
you and then after lead pages in came Russell Brunson and his mentor was my
mentor Frank Kern and Frank Kern taught him a lot about marketing and all this
other stuff so Russell Brunson was very tech savvy and he built a website called
click funnels okay so click funnels is like an evolution of all these things
it went from website focused squeeze page focused the leadpages focused and
then click funnels just dominated the market and that’s why you hear them all
the time so it’s a concept of okay you take somebody to one page and if they
say yes they go one way if they say no they go a different way and then it
leads this leads to them to some outcome so it saves them a bunch of server space
and a bunch of website coding and all this and it gets
to the point you want people to buy stuff from your business that’s kind of
the point or get them on a list to where they can get more information about
other stuff instead of building out a content website okay so that’s kind of
the history of squeeze squeeze pages and click funnels forgive me here yep
hoodies can you react to beats not right this one because I feel like this
message is a little more important than beats right now we’re gonna get two
beats in a different day it’s the second time I’m trying to exit the ad on your
screen I hate our ads so okay yeah if you have a question I’m gonna address
all the questions just at busywork speed so I could see it an orange it’s a lot
easier for me to see it okay so I have an article on here called man haven’t
been on my medium in so long the article is called are you a songwriter producer
or where’s it at let me find it are you a beat maker a music producer or
a songwriter I wrote this articles in 2016 debunking everything you’ve ever
heard when people try to talk down on you and say you’re not a producer
because you make beats this article literally explains everything in a
nutshell now it’s kind of long so I don’t want to bore you by reading
everything so I think I highlighted the key points here so I said what makes a
beat maker anyway I said the instrumental is a piece of music
performed by instruments with no vocals okay a beat maker is a person or thing
that makes or produces music performed by instruments with no vocals okay so
you’re making instrumentals as a beat maker great let’s define a music
producer so I said so technically a person who makes instrumentals produces
music without vocals that’s how it works and what did I say mg and Grafton has to
go live why because they’re trying to cause conflict within the community and
this is what we don’t need this is what’s tearing down the producer
community and it’s unfortunate what is the music producer I said there are many
definitions of a producer producer a person responsible for the financial and
managerial aspects like Diddy he doesn’t necessarily play the you know MPC or
play the bass he just organizes the people and gets them into a room an
executive producer for film is somebody who funds the film they’re not
necessarily hands-on like the director or the casting agents okay so a producer
is a person response before getting stuff together to create
a product it’s producing a product and or a producer as a person who supervises
the making of a musical recording we just talked about that and that would be
like a Diddy or somebody else dr. Dre I said but regardless of definition in
none of these definitions is a producer required to know how to play any
instruments and that’s very important because we always get talked down to
because we don’t know how to play guitar or piano that’s not what makes a
producer by definition these are oxford definitions pure definitions based on
the english language of what produces what a producer is so let’s scroll down
because I’m only reading the headlines here and this is part of funnels reading
headlines people don’t read all the little in-between they read these things
called headlines the bold parts if I’m not a beat maker a music producer mi
songwriter and I said a songwriter is a person who writes popular songs or the
music for them long story short so a songwriter is
either person who writes the words to a song or the person who creates vocals or
instrumental sounds meaning the beat maker which combined in such a way to
produce beauty of form am i busy we’re busy we’re live right now thought you
were gonna read from the dictionary know when you’re running funnels do you have
a select do you have to select the target audience is it like a cold
facebook ad you can a funnel is just a way to organize the flow of traffic so
with ads you’re buying traffic so you’re just saying whose eyes are you trying to
attract whereas the funnel is saying okay now that we have the eyes where did
those eyes ago that’s an easier way to answer your question will you post this
video yeah yeah it’s okay if you have to go somewhere this is very businessí but
there’s been this talk about funnels and like I don’t want people to demonize
this because if this is the way you get into the business of music business then
so be it I feel like this is gonna wait so many people up to the new way of
doing business we need this awareness I’ve made tons of videos for free people
didn’t watch them so again if producer grind gets people – but it we need that
as a community so we can all move forward so I said anyway the
high-and-mighty title the music producer has nothing to do with musical talent or
musical skill and I said the ultimate takeaway which I probably should have
read the first sentence I said in the end we find a beat maker is the same as
a songwriter except a songwriter maybe one
who only writes words to a song and I said and we also find that a music
producer does not need any musical skill or talent to undergo their role so are
you a beat maker producer or songwriter let me know okay so basically your music
producer in a music studio if you make music in your area whether that’s your
bedroom or $1,000.00 studio or I’m 1 million dollar studio
you’re a music producer in a music studio
don’t let anybody talk down to you saying you’re not anything of the above
just because you make beats at home and send them off for placements or loops
whatever you do does not make you any less of a producer do funnels run on a
daily budget no ads campaigns run on a daily budget they’re called ad sets do
we pay per view or click I would pay for pour it depends on how you measure but
you pay per conversion and you can also measure per click but you’d have to do
some more math like we’ll get to that in a little bit I don’t want to bore people
right now okay so let’s so now you have the back history I’m going to go to a
website that has ads which is this whiteboard website so if i refresh
chances are the ads at the bottom what’s a website with a ton of ads somebody
help me in the chat I wanted to get into it awhile ago that it cool but I’m sure
you’ve gone to like a web site and then you’re like why are they displaying that
Tom Ford cologne I just looked at I don’t know any websites that use ad
banners so somebody help me out with AD banner web sites I know you guys have
seen plenty websites with Amazon do they use ads I don’t think they use ads eBay
eBay uses ads last preset let’s go to ebay but my point is you’ve seen it
before okay I don’t want to like try and find the perfect website okay so right
here so for example where this says Geico if these if Nordstrom had an ad
campaign that said they want to retarget people that looked at their hoodies this
will repopulate with the hoodie that I just looked at and it will say something
about men’s hoodies because it followed me from their website and then it sends
data to the ad providers and they go across their networks and feed them
information so this would be a dynamic ad so that’s what’s called retargeting
and this is the beginning of a funnel there are sued me the second half of a
funnel okay so funnels are not always squeeze
pages so I gave you the history of what a squeeze page
just give me one second to read comments project says I wanted to get into it a
while ago but have a problem where I can even wait can’t even sell my beats cuz
where I live I told you get Shopify Oh no get Shopify you can go with
clickfunnels but I don’t know how that check out system is I would check out
what Shopify as your cart it’s called your cart Shopify cart do you have
videos on how to properly advertise your beats yes I’ll repost them later but
again I don’t want to bore people let’s make sure we’re not losing folks so are
you with me guys give me a one if you’re feeling this if we’re going somewhere
give me a one if I’m born near to death I’ll try and make this funner but I have
to give you the history so you can understand what the heck this click
funnel stuff is okay so again we started with now this is a traditional okay
thank you for the feedback so this is the traditional funnel that everybody
thinks a funnel is they think it’s just people going to a web page okay so this
is the web page up here and then they think it’s only then going to a web page
and then checking out so I’ll just kind of keep it short call it check out thank
you guys for the ones I appreciate your input your attention and I appreciate
you being here sorry to ask what what is going on with the funnels dispute I saw
a few did basically mg is going on a campaign to destroy all his business
relationships because he thinks he’s defending the producer community but
you’re destroying the producer community by discouraging people to move forward
and that’s the it’s kind of like intention versus impact your intention
might be good but your impact is telling people that this is the wrong thing to
do how can I grow my audience I guess that I’m not reaching the right people
to we’ll get into that in a little bit so this is the traditional sense of a
funnel but a funnel is really this okay you have to think of a funnel a broader
sense and you’re not you might not get this for a while because a lot of people
aren’t into business so a funnel is general traffic that could be ads that
could be website traffic okay so I’ll just say ads web that could be social
okay it’s literally anywhere on the web okay that people begin the process this
is called traffic then you take the traffic and even if they don’t go to
your web page you have something called retargeting okay and retargeting is
where you gather the data from when they visited
your website and you retarget with ads okay so sometimes people may sign up for
your email list but they might not open the emails or the emails might go to the
promotions tab also smash the like Thank You Bufo please hit the like button so
like YouTube can get in their algorithms so that we can help more producers
around the world because ultimately we need to spread positivity and not tear
each other down I’m one semester away from a degree in Business Analytics and
it’s so true data collection on the internet is absurd especially political
campaigns awesome so Jared can attest to the information I’m giving you what is
the secret of prodigy beats we’ll get into that in a separate life okay so
anyway you have general traffic like ads webs and social and even if people don’t
open up their emails because I know the typical way of doing this is okay I’ll
show you two paths okay so you can have ads people can go to your website or
people could follow you on social Xand then you do what’s called an opt-in okay
the opt-in is where you exchange somebody’s name and email for something
for free like a free beat free pack of beats free loops free something it has
to be you have to incentivize people to do this so for example on my website I
give people free project files I give people free training I give people free
sounds okay so that’s what I offer is an incentive for people to opt-in and if
you want an example of an opt-in real quick I’ll leave a link just so you can
quickly go off and check so for example if you go too busy works beats calm
slash FL Studio it will take you to what’s called an opt-in page actually
let me open it up so you can see it so this is an opt-in page so YouTube would
be the the top of the funnel this is where I got people’s attention I’m
directing them to busy works beats accom slash FL Studio and once they sign up
with their email okay they go to another page well not another page but I could
send them to another page that does something else and tells them about a
product I have or tells them about a service I offer because you want to
engage people while they’re interested it’s just like a girl if you meet a girl
who’s out you know in the club or at the library or whatever and she’s interested
in you you want to offer hey you want to come back to my house hey I got your
phone number but so let’s let’s make it a girl analogy right so we’re at a club
called YouTube Club YouTube all right we’re having fun everybody’s putting
ones and the chats we’re getting height we’re playing beats we’re shooting the
sirens and shooting the gun effect okay we’re having fun Club YouTube then I
tell people hey I want your information so I can follow up with you and have
like build a relationship you seem cool let me get your information so I pull
out my phone aka my opt-in page and I say hey what’s
your name and what’s your number so the girl goes and puts in her number and her
name aka the email name and then she’s you click get now so right after you get
the phone back from her entering the information are you just gonna walk away
and just leave the club YouTube or are you gonna be like hey I me and my
friends are going back to my house we’re gonna have a lot of fun wouldn’t you
want to come you want to come back to our place or my place or whatever or you
want to go somewhere else where we can like talk privately so after they enter
their in their name and email just put test I’ll delete this later but test at
test calm and then my name is test hit get it now so I don’t have mine set up
to where it goes to a separate page it just goes to let people know that
they’re subscribed okay but let’s say it did go to a different page let’s say the
page was our premium training like this page right here busy works beats calm
slash premium yeah let’s talk privately so you say okay I got her name and heard
her phone number and then I’m offered her something this is called an offer
this is called a one-time offer this is called right after they’re super
interested in you and gave you their name a number you know they’re
interested so why wouldn’t you offer them something they’re interested they
want to know you they want to give you energy so I send them here to my premium
website where they can learn more about premium training and then they say okay
wow this is everything I was ever looking for I’m going to sign up for
premium and now I turn that conversation into what’s up case or cause how do you
say name in case what’s going on then you turn that conversation into
something that’s monetized so now I know if I spend ads okay
let’s kind of get a little geeky but let’s a spend four dollars up front I’ll
read your comment in a second let’s say I spend four dollars on an ad to get
people to my opt-in page okay they give me their name and email but then they
see that one-time offer and then they spend fifty bucks okay so I didn’t lose
money on the ad spending four dollars I just made what’s the difference fifty
minus four is forty six yeah forty six can I do Matthew 46
books so that lets me know that every four dollars I spend I get 46 bucks out
of that that’s a 10x return that’s why advertisements are so important this is
what a no and lead their CV gay bar trying to show you from legion beats its
how to multiply your money so we can do bigger projects so we can do cooler
stuff and the way you do this is having a very focused Lane
okay so again Club YouTube getting her attention you see a girl okay cool then
you exchange her name and number over at the opt-in page called busy works beats
calm slash FL studio’ okay that’s her name and number then you offer her
something like going back to your house and that’s your product that would be
premium for example or whatever it may be and then you it’s called a one-time
offer and then you can even go further the net you can offer them even more
stuff and more and more stuff so it turns out four dollars into maybe four
hundred bucks you don’t know what the value is until you measure it but that’s
how you multiply your business using advertisements okay so that’s why I
don’t want people demonizing this because this is how you grow and get
your business to grow let me answer Kaiser okay he says what do you think of
what do you think of a subscription-based business model for
selling beats customers that son would have access to exclusive discounts and
maybe a few beats per month only thing about that is when when my client was
choosing beats we only wanted the one beat and somebody ran a buy one get one
free and I completely overlooked the offer it’s because we only wanted one
specific beat now if people if you attract people who are going to build
for projects like mixtapes and albums that might be of more value to them
because they need like an ongoing system of delivering the style okay and they’ll
Michael excuse me they might like your style so that might work in that case
you’re you’re gonna have to change your marketing to people who are focused on
projects in that case not just one offs okay but yes it’s very doable and
subscription sites are selling for more multiples than your regular kind of cash
flow business I don’t want to get too geeky let me make sure I’m not losing
folks here we are we did lose a lot of folks you couldn’t see the screen why
didn’t anybody tell me that’s why so let me move my big head I thought you could
see the screen that’s my fault let me move my head here
over here my bad I did not know you couldn’t see the screen all right geek
on us alright so again my point in this video is to show you that the stuff
you’re hearing is not cap it’s not a pyramid scheme so I want to take your
questions because I don’t want to talk over you because I know a lot about this
so I feel like the stuff I’ll introduce is kind of high level and I just want to
answer you your questions the where they are not like in the future because the
way I look at it is a lot broader and I could be answering questions that you
don’t even have so that was my description of a funnel
so I think what MG tried to do was say that people are using click funnels to
sell click funnels meaning like they’ll sell you on being an affiliate for click
funnels like the product isn’t really the product it’s click funnels as a
product but my answer to that is I had a friend recently in about the last couple
months tell me about a company called mini chat it’s a facebook messenger but
some of you might be on our facebook Messenger sequence ok but I didn’t know
about this until like a couple months ago and I didn’t even know people used
it all my friend did was tell me about it and I said wow thank you I wish I
could compensate you for telling me about it that’s the same exact thing
affiliate marketing is you’re compensating somebody for telling you
about something it’s the same thing Guitar Center is Guitar Center is the
middleman between the developers the DI foot over here the devs goes to Guitar
Center the store or the distributor and then it goes to the consumer the only
difference here is that the developers aka click funnels or whomever whatever
the product is instead of going through traditional distribution like a store we
go through something called affiliate marketing or people of influence or
anybody called affiliates it’s the same exact role as a Guitar Center and then
you sell to somebody why is that demonic nothing about this is wrong this
is actually the new way of doing business the more influential way of
doing business could you make videos on how to create a
beat store and what loop samples packs such be sellable content yes I’ll do
that I even did a couple but people weren’t watching them so I stopped so we’re in the funnel right now I don’t
know if you were here about maybe ten minutes ago but here I’ll describe it
real quick once more so here’s how this funnel works
okay so again funnels aren’t necessarily a webpage excuse me
so you go from YouTube live and let’s say I tell you to go to some website to
check out something like the face not Facebook the FL studio’ opt-in page okay
after you opt-in at the FL page I’m gonna send you stuff over time let’s
just say I had I know I’m talking geeky right now but let’s just say at a one
time offer that cost something like forty bucks or something like that it’s
a very low ticket thing because you’re interested in FL so why wouldn’t I offer
you more value that’s higher value okay so after that one-time offer then you go
into an email sequence it’s called and this is what we call the back end so the
email sequence its job is to deliver value over time to show you that I’m the
real deal okay that’s the book that’s the point of dating the girl wants to
know that you’re the real deal dating is value over time and then you sell them
something and that would be in the dating world that would be getting with
the girl going steady whatever guys call it nowadays so it’s the same exact thing
in dating you meet the girl at the YouTube club you you get her information
with the opt-in okay and then you offer her to come back to your house as a
one-time offer she says no let’s say so you followup with text messages
throughout the week those are called emails you deliver value over time you
say wow I know you’re trying to do this this and this let me introduce you to
this person they may be able to help you get to your goals
that’s called adding value over time getting people to their goals and then
you say she sees that you’ve added so much value to her and now you can ask
her on that date that would be a sell it’s the same thing so I hate when
people try to demonize the thing that’s going to save you as a producer with
your business because a lot of people don’t really put business as the focal
point and it’s it’s damaging the long-term vision for your creativity
because creativity can’t fuel itself you need money like the the art in those
museums is worth hundreds of millions for a reason it’s because they want it
to keep going they want to support the art the art goes up in value
it tells what you’re trying to explain cool is there a place out brand24 let’s
see Brandon 24 better not be no porn website
so I’m crazy bran 24 okay Brandon 24 funnels I guess cool so apparently this
place explains funnels it doesn’t I’ll rip it looks kind of convoluted but I’m
sure it does its job is there a place site where one can access wait how let
me read this is there a place site where one has access to collect all the
information that is gathered through the funnel you’re running yes that would be
your Facebook pixel so set up your Facebook if you walk away for anything
today set up a Facebook page and set up a Facebook pixel this will gather so
much information in analytics and data you don’t even have to use it to sell
anything you could just use it to collect data so that you understand your
customer a lot better you are talking to you are talking the truth we don’t have
the audience to do this is you feel me we don’t have the audience Oh true I’ll
watch them or repeat if I have to I’d much rather make a suitable living off
my imagination spread the amazing sounds cool okay so now I got to get to your
heavy questions about funnels do you guys think funnels are scam do you think
it’s a pyramid scheme and let me get to the pyramid scheme thing too because mg
has been putting out a lot of just subliminal concepts and it’s tearing
down that producer community making you think every making you gain skepticism
to everything and that’s terrible because your number one block to success
is skepticism affiliate marketing funnel seem inauthentic to people you’re
selling to them so here’s how it works so the person at the top let’s call them
them the inventor okay so they own what’s in equity meaning ownership they
own 100 percent of the product okay so that’s great they own a hundred percent
but they can’t grow because if the inventor has to sell the product put it
in front of a new audience has to do all the work it gets tedious they can’t do
all that work so they’ve dish it off to a middleman aka the affiliate okay and
the affiliate takes a percentage of this equity so they’ll take let’s say 30% so
now let’s say the inventors Reach is a hundred thousand people okay now with
the affiliate the inventor can reach 1 million people that’s
ten times the reach but they give away 30% so would you rather focus on a
hundred percent of a hundred thousand or 70 percent of 1 million 70 percent of 1
million is seven hundred thousand so you just grew simply by letting somebody
else earn a little bit of your I can’t draw and talk at the same time you just
grew seven times simply letting somebody else earn a percentage of the earnings
off of your product that’s what affiliate marketing is and it turns out
to be a ladder I mean if you look at anything everything turns out to be a
ladder you have a parent I’ll read your comment in a little bit
forgive me here I’m trying to make a point so here’s how pyramids if you want
to make them sound sketchy you have a father you have a mother
wait let me let me redo this so you have a father and the mother okay you guys
have a kid together so that creates something that looks like this then that
kid has multiple kids so let’s do it like draw like this then that those
grandchildren have three more kids and then those grandchildren have three more
kids and it multiplies what does this look like it looks well you know aside
from my terrible sketching it looks kind of like a pyramid does it you’re just
building a family of economy it’s not a bad thing to cost of pyramids that’s the
nature of life everything stems from one thing and branches off into multiples
even your cell divides that way affiliate marketing I saw Cade say so oh
here we go make sure you’re not targeting two other producers if you’re
selling beets oh yeah that’s another thing we can get
maybe I’ll do a separate livestream for Facebook ads but right now I just want
to keep it focused on just funnels because I don’t want to people who don’t
use run ads yet they’re not going to know what that means let me make sure
I’m not losing our crowd okay we’re pretty decent okay so I know you guys
have questions about funnels so just feel free to just throw them out there
is building your email list more important that’s the number one thing
you have to do right now focus on building your email list to have first
before doing the click funnel or is that how you build a list yeah so it’s like
the cart before the horse so the way click funnel works real quick dougie is
this so let’s say you’re bringing people in from your social social platforms
okay so you have social media so from social media you put out content like a
video an Instagram post Instagram video
Facebook posts Facebook live whatever it is any social media you take them to
what’s called and is my head blocking the screen hold on let me make sure I’m
not doing this in vain okay so let me move my head over here let’s make my
head smaller I don’t need a big head there we go oh here’s another point
about the producer economy just real quick
Trisha flock of flames in the build of my marketing compadre so for example
this shirt I’m wearing is from a youtuber called Austin Hull from make
pop music I’ll put his link in the wait make pop music so I said instead of
buying a Gucci shirt because I wore Gucci shoes today this is a little
shout-out to mg for saying I wear Gucci every day I wore them today and this
shirt I said instead of word in Gucci shirt let me wear my friend Austin Hull
shirt and give him some money so that instead of supporting Gucci somebody who
doesn’t even give back to the producer community at all I don’t know the last
time Gucci spent any money on a producer event producer education anything so
that money never comes back to the producer community but if I give the
money to Austin hull and did the shirts actually dope I can’t show the whole
shirt but you know you know trying to be a little modelesque it’s actually a
pretty dope shirt and I was excited to buy it because I know that I’m fueling
his business and he’s a contributor to the producer community so that money is
going to help the producer community and if we all had products whether it shirts
loops courses sounds beats whatever the product is but we all help each other
and buy each other stuff we’re gonna ultimately build a big pool of money
that’s just going to increase the value of the producer community and that’s
what I’m trying to do is simply bring the value back to you and the same thing
goes with affiliates and clickfunnels bow funnels at long live I don’t know
what you mean at oh the person long live oh yeah I’m trying to answer questions
so feel free to ask any kind of question but at me so that I can see the question
because I can’t it’s hard to read from back here okay so let me I don’t know we
could do that you zoom in and out all right so I didn’t know that so let’s
figure out it get back to where we were oh boy this is tough okay so social
media then you take people from you asked about opt-ins real quick you take
people from social media to an opt-in this is where you collect their email
address but you have to offer an incentive like something that’s free and
it has to be valuable can’t just be a bullcrap beat you just made maybe a beat
package or like a PDF or something that’s interesting for the specific
person that you’re trying to attract for me I give our free project files free
sounds free training you have to make you have to change it up okay so they go
from your socials to your opt-in page and then I forget your question now so
long ago you said is building your email list more important to have first or
then click funnels okay so this would be in the sense of a click funnel this
would be where the funnel begins at that opt-in page and then you would send
people to the one-time offer and then you would send them emails over time and
then blah blah blah I don’t want to like go to advanced cuz a lot of this stuff
is tactic stuff it’s not like hardcore principle it’s more so like something
that’s dynamic and depending on your business but I just want to show you the
behind the curtains explanation of it okay let me see here but I’m only
reading the orange comment so at busy works beats you have a question so I
could read it it’s like when I was offered beat magic I couldn’t afford it
so I got premium silver membership at busy works beats comm shout out FM beats
I appreciate you and there’s a for everybody who’s watching right now you
can get in for four dollars for your first month at busy works beats comm so
it’s only your first month and then it’s regular billing after that so if you go
too busy works beats dot-com slash premium for example like FM beats did so
he said I don’t know about beat magic it might not be the exact thing I’m looking
for but premium has all this stuff okay so
he’s like okay this is what I’m looking for so he clicked this and then you go
to a page that says pick your plan you’re gonna bronze it doesn’t really
matter which plan you pick and then you gotta log in and create a page and all
this create a profile and then towards the end it will say your first month
will be four bucks okay that’s to let you at least try our
premium training it’s hardcore college-level of music production
training okay so okay so if you have a question please react it with the at
busy works beats just so I can see it from back here any tips on building a
bigger email list instead of just giving out free beats
well does your click sometimes the freebie I think I answered Ches with
this it’s sometimes it’s not always the free beat that’s the interest like for
example I bought a beat and one of the offers was a buy one get one I didn’t
want the other free beat we weren’t looking for extra free beats so you have
to really determine what is that thing that your audience you have okay it
reverse-engineer so your audience has goals okay
your job is to reverse-engineer the goal to create the product a lot of people
start with the product and then they try to get people to their goal like they
try to force them a certain way like by giving me an extra beat you’re telling
me that all I want to do is make music I might want to write a book I might want
to learn how to get be on TV so that’s up to your audience and that’s
gonna differ based on the specific business but you have to work backwards
s do a survey today so if you have an email list or social media ask all your
people give them a quick survey hey guys I want to know your goals what are you
what are you trying to do in life and your goal should be to help them get to
that goal that’s your whole business model should be helping them get to that
goal how do you clear the screen I forget let’s start over here delete and
I’ll read your questions thank you for doing the at busy works beach sock I see
it okay how many folks are getting here so give me a one give me some positive
reinforcement so I know I’m not boring you to death but I really want to show
you that there’s there’s a higher level to this funnel thing it’s more than just
the software it’s it’s real business trizzie knows he’s in here alright okay
okay so any tips on building a bigger email list yes free start giving away so
much free stuff in exchange for an email so white boy beats I want you to go out
and give out different free things whether it’s a PDF a beat switch it up
don’t only give away one style of free thing after you make your content
whatever it is an IG post a youtube video say you can get this thing for
free with the link below send people to your opt-in page and when they opt-in
they get the free thing and also it’s easier if you put all your downloads
into like a Dropbox folder because it’ll make it so much easier to update the
stuff so for example right now if you sign up at busy works beats calm slash
FL Studio I’ll tell you in one video hey you can get these project files for this
on the link below in another video I’ll tell you how to get the court codes
chart in another video I’ll tell you how to get the you know whatever sounds but
they’re all in one big Dropbox folder and I tell people to go to the same
opt-in page every single time so that way you can always change up your free
thing but still direct them to the same exact email list hopefully that made
sense to you I have a lot of questions to go through ok don’t opt ins free
stuff decrease no nope supreme battery so for example trying to think of a
high-end store that gives away free samples when I shop at Neiman Marcus for
example which is like a premium high-end type of store only shop there for like
Cologne and like one time I bought a couple designer belts I don’t know if I
bought shoes there yeah I bought some Balenciaga shoes there something like
that so after you’re done your purchase with the Cologne they’ll give you free
samples I wish I had them near me but I don’t they’re in my closet they give you
free samples the point of the free sample is to get you to try it so that
you come back and buy some more but they make you buy something first ok so
that’s the difference between Neiman Marcus and a lot of other companies now
they do have a lot of other free offers I’m sure they have a last time I went to
Neiman Marcus they had a night where the what was it you can create your own
fragrance I think yeah you can create your own fragrance and they basically
demoed how to do it and you walked away with a little sample thing so there’s
different what they do it on a different level but yes it’s the same thing you
can obtain emails click ok so funnels work specifically in conjunction with
social media platforms not on their own they do work on their own so Bufo you
might have to rewind the video because funnels it just means how do I talk to
somebody I previously came in contact with that’s all a funnel is how do I
talk to somebody I previously come in contact with so that first point of
contact could be social media it could be an ad it could be your website
traffic ok this gives the first point of contact then you have the second point
of contacts these could be emails that you send out to your email list these
could be ads retargeting ads specifically I know I’m kind of just
drawing terrible letters but retargeting ads these could be what
there is a way to kind of banner ads okay well ads in general emails any form
of communication text message okay then the third point of contact is
saying okay I got their attention again so the eyeball goes from here to here to
here and ultimately the goal is to lead them to a sell a sale I put the wrong
word but you know what I mean sale s 8le okay to offer more value to them get
them to the solution that they want so how do we start how do we start where to
go first off good question gr music so here’s a free now the only thing I don’t
does Clive you have a free plan hold on let me make sure I’m up on the questions
too so what I’ll do is instead of freezing the chat and kind of like going
through a question of my question and kind of ignoring everybody I’ll just
keep asking the question and then what I’ll do is I’ll pick a question from
like what I see in the live chat that way we keep rewarding the people who are
like active okay cool trizzie users clickfunnels question this funnel seems
to work only because of their design which is to give the customer only one
action to take at a time can we replicate this design on WordPress yes
so for a long time I didn’t have this kind of elaborate sales page stuff I
went through there was one plug-in called like ninja opt-in and then I went
to another plug-in called squeeze pages that another plug-in called optimize
press then you know they now let’s click funnels there’s Lee there’s a bunch of
stuff you can do to create this long story short to answer your question let
me see where your question even was yes you can do it on WordPress so there are
a lot of solutions try optimize press that’s what I use and it’s really good
optimize press so it’s worth the money they updated it and it looks very clean
so I’m working on it so for example beat magic I didn’t really do everything I
wanted to do to the sales page but beat magic for example was built with
optimized press 3 which is their new updated version so it gives you I didn’t
really like go ham with it so there’s nothing to really tell that for example
these icons before used to be kind of blocky and chunky but now they fixed it
to where you can it’s very versatile if this page isn’t the best example but
they have a bunch of examples anyway would you say true is it
Claudio’s based on numbers okay so klaviyo let me see if they have a free
option though to get people start it this is what I’m using right now I just
left MailChimp and move to klaviyo so I’m not giving you BS pricing let’s see
what the pricing looks like okay you can get it free for up to two hundred and
fifty people so this is what I recommend early on because long term you don’t
want to have to come you don’t want to have to leave MailChimp to go to klaviyo
anyway so this gives you like everything you need as far as the advanced
marketing and data and all this type of stuff just get klaviyo it’s the best
decision I made thanks to Tricia so st. shout out to Tricia let’s get back to
your questions though I don’t want to bore people who are like watching and
waiting for me to answer so if you asked a question before and you don’t see it
an orange on the left be sure to act busy works beats then ask your question
again please if you could and it’d be a better idea to copy your question in
your text thing so you don’t have to keep typing it out every single time
making sure I’m not boring people okay we’re good okay how can you tie kawaii
kawaii kawaii says how can you tie and giving away free clothing in exchange
for it that’s interesting that’s gonna be expensive though to give away free
clothing because your clothing let’s say cost you 10 bucks per piece now it’s
okay if you know that your return is great so you can have that flexibility
giving away free clothing when you know that ultimately you give away 10 bucks
and you make a thousand like it’s like a no-brainer because now you have none you
have nine hundred and ninety bucks you can then spend on ad spend to get people
to this thousand dollar mark so so many people are focused on the cost per click
they’re worried about okay I got nine cents per click that’s not really what
matters what matters is the end goal so if I know that I can spend either a
dollar to get a customer that’s worth a thousand or ten dollars to get a
customer worth a thousand I’m willing to spend up to five hundred dollars for a
customer that’s worth a thousand that’s still double my investment so that’s
when you add in things like the t-shirts the free trip offers you know a lot of
us don’t have that flexibility we don’t have that much cash on hand but for the
bigger companies they have a little more flexibility to do that because they
no ultimately the LTV or the lifetime value of their customer is a thousand
books and I teach all this stuff in our music business mastery course this is
the stuff I teach right and notice I’m selling okay I don’t demonize selling
why would I deny the solution for you to help you get to the next level that’s
another thing we need to break as a producer community yes I’m selling you
something right now it’s called go too busy works beats calm slash business
mastery and this course explains all the stuff that I’m explaining right now and
deeper levels okay so we have all of our mastermind meetings all in this course I
have an extended audio explanation of our masterminds and all the concepts we
go over okay it’s worth 3,000 bucks alone for just
the training and I’ve added in so many bonuses okay so yes I’m selling you
something right now yes it’s it’s no magic trick I’m not trying to pull your
arm and trick you into doing anything and I want you to get over that because
if you’re scared to sell you’re not going to sell the first person you have
to sell is yourself okay so without my preaching let me answer your questions
how do you target people how do you target people on facebook you have these
things called audiences so I want you to do a little more research because I
don’t want to bore people to death with Facebook’s infrastructure but you have
something called audiences I don’t know why I wrote audiences at the top let’s
do this over so your Facebook pixel I’ll be real quick about this DJ 9:12 your
Facebook pixel picks up information from everybody who visits your website or
anywhere where your facebook pixel is embedded so it collects their data and
then it sends it to what then I just say the second part was your your Facebook
audiences you can create an audience or a group of people out of everybody who
went to your website for example so you can say on Facebook I only want to
target this specific audience everybody who’s visited my Facebook page and liked
it and this target audience let me make sure I’m answering a question how do you
target people yeah so from this point the next level of
this is excluding people so a lot of people don’t exclude things so you can
exclude people who have excuse me bought from you on your email list so this is
why email list is so important because you can import your email list as an
audience and you can exclude people who have bought things from you
so you’re not spending double the money talking to somebody who’s already bought
something so you take the Facebook pixel data you target the specific Facebook
audience and I want you to look into look-alike audiences because this is
where you’re gonna make this is how you’re gonna get to a million ok
look-alike audiences you want to focus on those and then focus on people who
have liked your page and they’re friends of people who have liked your page you
can even go as far as to say common interest or other pages on facebook so
competitor Facebook pages that’s another option as well I wouldn’t go that way
first because focus on the people that are focused on you first then worry
about everybody else so once you exclude you’re gonna save yourself money on ad
spend and then that’s how you worry about the ROI actually it’s technically
called the ROAS return on adspend it’s a whole different thing so that’s I
want you to focus on those terms okay I can go deeper but I don’t want to like
not answer everybody else’s question okay so guys again if you have a
question for me at Bizzy works beats and then put your question again it’ll save
you time if you copy your question and then paste it I’m just gonna keep
looking at the chat I know a lot of people ask those questions before I
couldn’t really get to them all because I don’t want to bore the people who are
actually currently here with us okay so the next question here do we still need
a website for our product I just jumped in and heard you mentioned Dropbox can
you recap that do you need a website good question I’m starting to
recalculate the way I think about websites what you’re gonna need giving
that energy funny given all my energy so let me answer your question let me see
what would you need if you skip the website okay you need some type of page
software whether that’s how much I get typing you’re gonna type so might be
easier type hold on guys and we get this situated there we got getting tight
there we go okay so hold on redo all this stuff real quick and just type this
in so the first thing you’re gonna need is a page of some sort because you need
to have a place where people go to focus on your thing where’s my text here we go
text size let’s make it big 60 okay so the first thing you need is a page
software so this could be WordPress it could be optimized press is what I use
but it requires WordPress you can use clickfunnels which you can
just wait it’s not you can use the site called leadpages but the the difference
is and this is a short explanation is when you buy a website and here’s the
tip guys buy your domains off of Google domains
okay so buy your domains from Google domains excuse me
China I just ate so I’m digesting here so buy your domain from Google domain so
the thing about a website is you need a name like a URL and you need what’s
called hosting so the way I understand it is hosting is like having a hard
drive well it’s like having a hard drive full of stuff and then the domain is
just like a way to direct people to that hard drive if that makes sense
so you’re going to need a place you’re not going to need hosting and you’re
gonna need a domain okay and I want to bore people with this because I so
techie but you can get this through blue what’s it called
Hostgator you can do Google domains you can use what is called Hostgator for the
hosting and you could buy your domain off of Google domains and import it into
Hostgator I like Hostgator I use Hostgator anyway my point in saying this
is that it’s not boring okay classy thank you for reassuring me so WordPress
alone won’t have opt-in pages optimized press won’t work unless you have hosting
under WordPress leadpages has its own hosting and its own and Bluehost is
another one leadpages has its own hosting and its own domain name that you
can buy and I think clickfunnels the same thing same thing with Shopify you
can buy a domain name under Shopify and you can also have them host your website
so for example Shopify is hosting my my store so whenever you click on let’s say
you go to busy works beats comm for our latest product called beat magic slash
beat magic when you click on the link it takes you to a Shopify link so this it’s
not on my website if you look at says my Shopify com that’s not busy works beats
calm it’s my Shopify and Shopify handles the
hosting of the products and all these things if you’re going to Shopify route
there’s so much to tell you guys but if you’re going to Shopify route
the combo I suggest Shopify send owl what else do I use Dropbox to deliver
downloads and it saves a lot of time to just using Dropbox in general and what
else do we use shopping and Dropbox send al that’s about it and then your own
website so my wordpress and optimized press so that’s what I use personally
but just keep in mind that leadpages can do hosting and web pages click funnels
can do hosting and a website named Shopify can do hosting and a website
name whereas WordPress you excuse me optimized press I think you have to use
it as a plugin or a theme under WordPress so I don’t want to complicate
that because this is a lot to teach we’re pressing so anyway any more
questions I need to answer your hot questions about funnels and any
misconceptions that were put out by mg of the future and Kraft master
production shame shame shame mg I don’t know what you’re doing you’re misleading
so many people in case you missed it that’s playing YouTube to add my video
clip work what in case you missed it this paying YouTube to promote I guess
advertised my video clip work or should I do something else I’m not sure you’re
asking what works means to get sales in case you missed it that’s paying YouTube
to advertise my video clip yes I do it a lot I run YouTube ads it works but you
have to know how to run ads I think you get two hundred fifty three you had a
target okay so I’m still answering your questions dropping game thank you it’s
not a scam and mg needs to chill with the conspiracy talk because all it’s
doing is confusing people and it’s turning people off from business and
like the biggest thing you guys are missing right now is the business part
of all this and that’s what I’m trying to save you from it regardless of if
somebody’s on clickfunnels to sell clickfunnels
again my my metaphor for that is saying that this you have the developers for
let’s say omnisphere let’s say you want to buy omnisphere
okay you have to go to a website called Sweetwater or you have to go to Guitar
Center com that’s called the middleman or the distributor then you buy it and
you are the consumer so if I’m looking for a solution called click funnels and
I don’t know anything about business and I want to up my business by using
funnels and in all this information why am i
demonizing the middleman called the affiliate that doesn’t make any sense
because they are the store they are the the distributor of the solution that
you’re looking for and I’d rather enrich my own community than enrich somebody
who doesn’t even get back to the community so that’s the whole purpose of
this I want the producer community to grow on levels that we’ve never seen
before in order to do that we all have to understand these higher levels and we
often understand the greater economy of this when’s the last time these big
companies hired you for anything any company any salt name any software
company in the chat name your favorite software company from music production I
mean oh let me answer the geek real quick but tell me your favorite audio
software in the chat real quick I haven’t started a website for my beats
yet is it okay for beginners yes I think it’s the way for the beginners now again
you’re confused because you’re asking me a very broad question but yes I’m
already collecting emails and using MailChimp to send my offers any tips and
tips should I stay with MailChimp I would say make sure again I said this
earlier but make sure that your opt-in make sure you’re not offering the same
thing for free download and I’ll read your answers in a little bit so for
example if you say free pdf say that in one piece of content as the free
download then a different video say you can get these free sounds or whatever
you’re free loops okay in another video say you can get this free beat or
whatever the free thing is change it up at the top portion and then keep the
same opt-in okay so the problem is a lot of people use the same top thing they
say get my free sounds here but that person might not want sounds they might
want to beat or that person might want to PDF but deliver them to the same
opt-in okay and offer all these things under one big Dropbox folder so have
your PDF have your sounds have your beat all in one big Dropbox folder don’t just
deliver one thing I feel like the problem with your opt-ins right now is
that you’re not offering enough value it’s kind of like the girl like you she
might you might get her phone number name but excuse me you might ask for her
phone number in her name but she’s not going to give it to you because she’s
like he’s just going text me about coming over his house cuz
all he wants to do is sell me aka sleep with me aka take me out he always has
these intentions whereas if you were sincere and said hey I just want your
number because I want to add value to your life here’s the value that I’ve
added here’s the value that you can have for free right now think of it like
you’re dating you wouldn’t just give a girl you like nothing I mean come on
alright so ken affiliates help you quit your job yes I made a video it’s a
longer video about how affiliate payments are actually quicker you can
get out of your struggle a lot quicker with affiliate income then waiting on
social media payment platforms and I’ve lived it YouTube paid for my senior year
in college it paid for my junior year I think even and if I just I started off
with affiliate marketing and then I moved to the monetization of content but
it would have been a lot quicker if I used affiliates while I was monetizing
because you get the payments quicker and it’s a lot easier to get paid so for
example you need a thousand views on YouTube to get a dollar on average now
with affiliates you can only get a hundred views but sell 50 dollars worth
of stuff ok so I mean you either have to get 50,000 views to get the same amount
of stuff or you know you do the math so it’s a lot quicker when you use
affiliate links now this is assuming that your you have integrity and that
you’re you know doing the right thing now some people do misuse affiliates and
that’s the whole point but the I know I’m so long-winded my point is that even
if they’re trying to sell you clickfunnels
that’s a solution that you need to get you to the next level so don’t demonize
the man trying to get you a tool that you need to the next level what are your
thoughts on using GoDaddy for hosting because that’s what I have
GoDaddy for hosting I just know my mentors website got like he shut down
his server because he flooded GoDaddy servers but I don’t know too much about
it I just go with Hostgator I don’t know I like their support home working bill
true okay so eight do when’s the last time you’ve heard eight now don’t know
this company but they reached out I think once I don’t know but eight do
when’s the last time they offered you a job is it produced in the producer
community when’s the last time they came into a free event to uplift the produce
producer community when’s the last time they did a free
course a free video anything to lift the community up image line when’s the last
time they offered anybody from the producer community whether that’s Curtis
King whether that’s Trisha anybody who’s influential a job at their
headquarters when none of these companies have done that isotope now
luckily I just have a relationship with Jeff Manchester they invited me up to
the Boston headquarters but did they offer me a job
no I didn’t see too many colored people in Isis Dome headquarters to be honest
with you and that’s not to say that they don’t they’re discriminating is to say
that my point is where are these companies offering jobs or positions or
opportunities to the producers who are uplifting their product I’m saying the
energy doesn’t come back to the community and that’s the problem
so these developers whatever the company is and I’m not here to bash any company
in specific so you have a developer okay they serve the producer community well I
mean how can I draw this to make sense let’s put it this way let’s make two
pools of money okay so this is the developers pool and this is the producer
community pool so this is what you guys have to understand these companies that
are in completely different countries mind you like Sweden Germany okay they
develop something and they extract money from the producer community okay so as
we shrink when are we ever getting that money or energy back the the stuff is
not leaving them coming over here it’s just extracting extracting extracting
and if we don’t create an internal infrastructure to protect the producer
community you know and let all these companies is come in and just leech off
of our energy we’re not gonna have too much to recycle into our own economy and
that’s my whole goal is to create a bigger vision for the producer community
for those who have websites should we include everything in the first page and
also include a menu option for websites I would I’ve had better results when my
front page was like a specific sales page so instead of thing in your front
thinking of your front page is like hey here’s everything I do think of your
front page as a sales page in itself just that mentality alone will save you
a lot of time in trying to get conversions okay because I had a lot
better conversions when my website wasn’t this
Brod kind of thing like if you go too busy works beats calm I’m remodeling
right now okay but if you go too busy works beats calm
as an example it’s very broad okay so you let me let it load up a little bit
first huh first thing load speed that’s another thing you guys have to work on
but that’s more advanced anyway so it’s very broad so you come here you see our
new 50% off everything off we’re using code 50 which is still active that’s a
holiday code you can use on anything at busy works beats calm except beat magic
because it just came out okay but you scroll down and it tells me tells you
about all the companies I’ve worked with like Razer I was on that for two years
next to Metro boomin murder beats Sonny digital deadmau5 who else was on that
campaign wait us yeah I think a couple other folks I forget their names
Universal audio I’ve worked with them that the top company in my opinion when
it comes to audio one at the top image line of work with them tuned for isotope
Akai Arturia even this movie like my banner is weird size so it keeps moving
the page that’s another thing at the fixed arteria sweet water waves Serato
so I’ve worked with all these companies then it goes to another section where
you can learn more about our music theory course our mixing course our
premium course so it’s a little confusing because it’s trying to show
you everything about me in the front page and it’s it’s too broad like a
little bit about game you know so I should make this into more of a sales
page so that when you come to the main website it gets straight to the point
and focuses on one thing versus all these things like shotgunned at you and
that’s the main issue with my front page and specifically all right let me go
back to your questions here let me make sure I’m not losing too many folks with
the business talk pardon my ignorance but do you have a Facebook Ads course I
talk about social media dominance in our premium section at busy works beats comm
slash premium and I also have a course called music business mastery it’s about
these concepts because you have to understand the greater not a Facebook ad
course specifically about Facebook Ads because it’s going to change so I find
that kind of irrelevant but business mastery is your closest course next to
our premium course about it’s called social media mastery okay we have it in
there alright you might not even need ads right now you might not be at the ad
level what the benefit means recordings pretty much only makes a master yes
because you will have better leads you’ll have more clients coming in if
you use these techniques the energy yes are you using Hostgator with I use yes
host yep it’s senseless that these companies don’t really attempt more
business connections with producer it really is it’s like how do you serve a
community and don’t even acknowledge line great company they didn’t
acknowledge me for 3 to 4 years 3 to 4 years a guy who’s basically major brand
popular and taught the world your whole brand and you don’t even acknowledge
them like with an email with anything a tweet a retweet nothing
that’s the slap in the face I’m talking about and we deserve better bottom line
let’s create our own economy why are we so reliant on these companies
it makes it zero sense but this benefit me yes okay so the
funnels thing let’s see if we have any more fun if you have any more funnel
specific questions I can go through the tweets of Mg and debunk everything he’s
ever said he’s one person I found to make up stuff he literally just made up
stuff and just said stuff stuff that I didn’t even say he just made up it’s
incredible but if you want me to go through the Twitter and read each thing
and go through and kind of tell you the opposite I will but unless you have a
specific question then I’ll use your questions as content versus giving him
shine ad McCree what a religion literally just okay so I think we ran
out of questions are the Google domains cheaper than GoDaddy but they were
pretty cheaper things like nine dollars a year something like that it’s cheap
it’s not like it’s not gonna break your pockets it’s cheap do you have to sign
up wait do you have a sign-up link I’m about to sign up for what sign up for
what what do you mean I’ll link it and I don’t know what you’re asking but I’ll
put premium there I’m not sure to me it’s in our premium page I know it but
no it’s not that I’m a narcissist mg says blanket things cuz he knows there’s
a lot of public things that you guys don’t know
but behind closed doors we have a lot of conversations and he’s alluding to those
conversations we had and he could try to mask it and kind of make it broad as he
wants to we all know you’re talking about specific people and it’s not even
that he’s targeting a specific person it’s the consequence of him going on
these rants it’s it’s turning a lot of people off from hire business strategy
and you’re teaching the community to could literally go backwards and be
skeptical of funnels and all these type of things that are the core foundation
of true business and it’s just shocking that like somebody would just go on and
on and on about holding people back from success if I stopped paying for a domain
can anybody else take it over I think after a while they put your domain up
for auction but I mean domains are what ten dollars a year I mean it’s not like
it’s not gonna break your pockets and if your chances are your domain name
nobody’s gonna take it anyway it’s probably like super specific I’m
currently at a thousand players on my beat star page and I sold two beats
should I start clickfunnels or should I wait to grow more a thousand plays
that’s actually pretty low as far as general traffic so the fact that you
sold two beats is pretty cool so here’s what you would do MXL you
would say okay it takes me a thousand plays to get to beat sales how much is
to beat sales worth let’s say you’re beat sales are twenty five bucks okay so
twin whoops kind of draw here so let’s say your beats are worth 25 bucks let’s
say you just sold two for a thousand please that’s $50 per thousand please so
now you go okay every thousand plays I get I get fifty bucks so if my goal is
$50,000 in my bank account per the year I need to multiply this times a thousand
I need to get a million plays okay to get that 50,000 if I’m doing that math
right I could be doing this wrong but thousand times a thousand should be a
million last time I checked somebody correct me if I’m wrong but now you know
okay you need a million plays to get fifty thousand dollars and how can you
instead of just selling those two beats how can you sell something called an
upsell or something with more value or even less value how can you sell
somebody even for example I just went to a female hair store what’s up star went
to a female hair store and I bought some supply and I only wanted to go there for
shampoo and the girl sold me on shamp ooh conditioner another shampoo face
moisturizer that’s for things I only came in a store for one thing she sold
me on four things that’s called upsell you don’t want to do the same exact
thing for your customer and now I love those four things she introduced me to
it’s because my radar wasn’t it didn’t know about those other things so it’s
your job to tell people about the other things let me make sure I’m going
through all your questions here if you could at busy works beats it’ll pop up
an orange so I could see it okay let’s see ourselves that question blah blah
blah can you run Google ads with your click
funnel yes you can run any type of ad any type of social media funnel is just
a way to direct people’s attention that’s all it is can you recap what
you’re talking about basically you have to rewind it there’s no quick way to say
it but I’m describing modern business online that’s what I’m describing how do
I connect with you privately concerning using your courses for after-school
programs Cameron if you could put the subject
line like what would be a cool subject line like what did you say after school
so put in like in all caps so my team can identify it after school program up
or something like that and then send that to info at busy works beats comm
and it’ll go to my team and my team will hopefully put it aside for it let me
take a screenshot so I can remember I’m probably gonna forget but whatever
let me take a screenshot there we go so my plan is also to get in schools soon
but we’re not at that level just yet I have to make sure couple more things are
locked in all right going through questions if you wait I find you three
days ago you telling really valuable stuff on this channel do you have a plan
to discuss more about isotope ozone for mastering um we’ll get back into it
eventually we’re just not on the mixing wave right now I’m busy works beats I
plan to do a vocal mixing course soon but we’re not on the mastering stuff
just yet you can’t buy a domain uh cool physics and music I like physics money
is horrible this guy’s not honor that and if you feel okay
I barely got here you barely got hair I guess true I cut it off okay I’m looking
for questions okay so he was talking about business or the art wait so he was
he wait so was he talking business or the art seems like what he was saying
was more nuanced than clickfunnels or but it antitrust you’re right of course
he’s talking about what where’s the music and where but there’s such a deep
conversation and I would love to go to eat bye tweet from his Twitter and just
really debunk it because the point of a song is not always to go to Drake
sometimes it’s to go to Suzanne who lives in Indiana and she just wants to
express herself over a song that song might not go on soundcloud it might not
hit the Billboard charts that doesn’t make you any less of a producer and my
question to mg is this if you’re so against people selling to this the
average person who doesn’t go in the studio and really treat their music
career hardcore like a Drake or like Kendrick
then what does Kendrick and Drake who do they sell to who’s their consumer and
that’s the problem we have as a producer community we’re so worried about the
placement what is okay let’s think about it from a placement point of view yes
you can see Drake placements Kendrick place miss anybody placements that’s one
point of revenue but what what do those artists chase they chase the bags from
sprite they chase the bags from any brand you name it sprite Nike Adidas you
know for the females fashion OVA that’s what they’re doing so why do let’s cut
out the middleman call the artist and let’s go straight to sprite straight to
Nike straight to adidas and do our own deals that’s all I’m preaching right now
and yes I said preach and that’s my problem with what mg is saying he’s
saying that if your song doesn’t end up on the internet with tons of plays and
billboard charts that you’re not a producer you’re not a real music
producer and that’s the motive that’s demotivating so many people
you’re making so many people question themselves and that’s that’s not fair to
the person who just wants to express themselves when I was in my high school
bedroom just playing beats on the computer I wasn’t even thinking about
placements I just loved making beats period and that’s what led me to my my
joy and my purpose okay so don’t ever stop people from going to their purpose
Starr says she got you on so yeah for sure how would you upsell
another composition so in this case compositions are very subjective so what
I would do it instead of offering here’s a quick way to do it so let’s say
there’s a composition or a beat we’ll just call it the way you upsell another
beat is to offer the entire bundle of something so not just like hey here’s a
beat that’s similar but a whole bundle of let’s say 20 I’m just making up a
number 20 beats and this is what game from legion beats does because it’s so
subjective with music you don’t know which one of those 20 they like so what
you do on your sales page you would send them to a beat and then the next page
would say oh by the way here’s a bundle of 20 you get this beat number one plus
nineteen more for the four you know a limited time price of whatever X okay so
instead of I don’t know why use X I should have used so let’s say the
original price was Y and your bundle price was X so they say oh for a limited
time the price is X so now they spend X with you versus Y and that’s a quick way
to use to upsell another composition is offer bundles okay from the it’s called
a one-time offer you might have to rewind the video about one-time offers
and what they are cuz I can’t describe the whole process of what a one-time
offer is right now oh yeah it’s voting day – that’s funny
it’s voting day who voted here I don’t I didn’t go out to the polls day I salute
your okay will do thank you she got you up yeah wait I feel like I’m reading the
same thing I want to know what can I shoot it’s going away I want to know
what can help me write better song lyrics sorry if it’s off-topic um going
through stuff you got to write about real emotions write about real emotion
stuff that people actually go through the whole point of a song is to identify
with somebody’s got resonating when you speak somebody else’s language or you
have a similar story you resonate and you like that person up so you want to
start talking about emotions and talk about life experiences or a situation
like a breakup heartbreak what else do people go through just you know rags to
riches stories people can identify with reluctant heroes another storyline but
you can’t that’s kind of odd to use in a song
there’s difference to study storytelling and then study of the emotions and study
common problems of human beings podcast we discuss what I’m kind of like all
over the place with the chat not sure what you mean by discuss how do you get
your beats to a sprite you would same way I got with Razer you just
consistently put out so much stuff that people can’t ignore you Razer came to me
a billion-dollar company and held me on the thing for two years
the other producers did not get two years on their campaign Metro boomin did
not get two years murder beats did not get two years I don’t think now I could
be wrong cuz I didn’t check it ever since
who else Anderson Peck was on there dead mouse is on there who else is on there
murder beat Sonny digital I’m not sure anybody else had to two years of a run
with a razor like I did okay and that’s because I’m doing the work I’m being
consistent I have an actual audience that actually cares and we actually
serve our audience and that’s what they need so as long as you keep doing that
you’ll attract brands to you if I opened up my team’s email right now you would
see brand after brand after brand after brand after brand and the emails I don’t
even look at them like I’m at a point where I’m like look we need to focus on
the producer community first then we’ll talk to the brand’s that’s the level I’m
at so I’m like let’s lift our own people up first how to collect royalties that’s
a very broad topic DJ pain one probably has more
information on that I don’t know too much about that side of the game distro
kid tune core I don’t know there’s so much paperwork crap as far as that goes
you’re gonna have to talk to either Diego if he has a lot of information
about that I consult Diego I have a never have an industry question I
consult him Diego have music emotional trends suit transducers make
more money than anyone emotion music lyrics yes because here’s how you
manifest anything in life you have a thought the way I memorize this is it
spells tear so you have a thought then you emotional eyes the thought or
crystallize the thought by embodying the thought are thinking about it over and
over and over again until it’s embedded into your hormonal system
excuse me then you take action on that emotion and then you have results so
this is how you manifest the invisible stuff into this reality so emotion is
that second step okay that’s why I said focus on scenarios that people have
common thoughts common problems that people have is there my voice is really
gone I didn’t realize this is gonna be so taxing on my voice I see you guys
aren’t really worried about the clickfunnels thing but is there such
thing oh speaking of fun is there a such thing as an ideal funnel for producers
my sincere apologies for appearing lost and clueless on the subject an ideal
funnel so let’s go through maybe an ideal funnel for you so here’s how it
would work okay people go to your YouTube page or
your soundcloud page or your IG okay chances are they’ll see you here instead
of other platforms then you lead them to what’s called okay I’m gonna draw it
like a funnel so it looks like we’re going somewhere then you lead them to
what’s called an opt-in page it’s gonna look basic but business is literally
this simple is not that complex you lead them to an opt-in page this is where you
collect their emails their text phone number or in their name okay most likely
just name an email because you don’t have a text provider just yet okay so
name an email then after the opt-in you send them to what’s called a one-time
offer this one-time offer is something related to the reason they came to get
that free thing with your opt-in so the reason they come from your YouTube your
SoundCloud and your Instagram is because they want something for free
they need to be incentivized a lot of folks just kind of say here you want
free beats sign up to my email list they’re like what free beats where’s the
beat I don’t even know what beat I’m getting for free so you have to be very
specific on the free thing that you offer and offer a lot of free trust me
this will always pay for itself offer tons and tons of free stuff in exchange
for a name in an email then you go to what’s called a one-time offer the
one-time offers job is to monetize that relationship because again let’s go to
the girl analogy you meet a girl in club YouTube you guys are just vibing you
know you’re chilling you see a girl you like she you go up to her you asked her
for her name and her phone number her name and her email in this case and you
you have to give her something for free or a reason to give you that phone an
email number I mean see the email number you can tell my brain is all over the
place you need to give her a reason why you’re valuable enough to give you her
information a period okay and you have to after she gives you her name in your
number you’re just gonna walk away and not talk to her no you’re gonna say hey
I have something going on in my house you want to come back you know to hang
with my friends at my house this would be the one time offer it’s a limited
time offer you guys are at Club YouTube you just got her name on her number now
it’s time to ask her something and this is called the one time offer in this
case for your business you would be offering them a product or a service for
sale after the one time offer and let’s say she says no I don’t want to come
back to your place I don’t really know you guys like that I need more trust or
whatever you know it is so you say okay and then you email her over time or you
text her in real life you don’t email people okay you text her over time to
build trust and build a relationship and you go through what’s called an email
sequence this is a series of things that you do to build trust and rapport with
that person the girl you just met for example and then after you’ve created
enough value over time the whole goal is to create value over time so that she
knows you’re the real deal and that you’re not some slimy guy that just
tries to deceive her okay and then you go to the sale and the sale is gonna be
a product or service this could be in girl world we’re talking this is a date
okay this is you asking her out to a date so this dating relates to business
relates to everything so this is it all ties together so that would be a flow
for your beats to answer your question I forget who asked the question I think it
was a loaner square I think all right keep asking your questions I’m like
literally going through these don’t feel like I’m skipping you if you could app
busy works beats I can see it on my screen a lot easier what do you think is
the best way to get placements get to know focus on relationships and not
worried about your beats focus on like mating real friends making real friends
and when yours a whole video actually because it’s too long to describe type
in networking busy works beats into YouTube
because I have a whole video explaining that concept and it’s kind of in-depth I
can’t just give you like a quick 30 second answer it’s a whole video boyband
says how do you scale up your Facebook Ads after you see that it’s working for
example changing your add spin from 5 to 50 so what I was taught with Facebook
specifically is to duplicate your ads instead of raising the budget you in
theory I haven’t tested this out but I’ve heard from mentors who have spent
hundreds of millions on ads that you don’t want to increase your budget to
over 20% because it’s gonna change the algorithm and once you change the
algorithm then it’s gonna act differently basically and it’s gonna do
different things so long story short what they do instead of boosting instead
of taking their ads spin from 5 to 50 they’ll duplicate the ad so let’s say
you have an ad that’s 5 bucks right now that you’re spending per day on an ad
and you want you’re saying oh this is working I’m getting 20 bucks every time
I spend five bucks per the day I get 20 so you’re multiplying your money times 4
that’s a signal okay we need its scale we need to pump
more money into this because it’s working okay then you say I want to
spend $50 a day but what you do is instead of instead of increasing the $5
add 250 like I get out you duplicate it and make another ad so let’s call that
ad 1 this is ad – so now you own ad – you’ll spend 45 bucks a day because you
wanted to go up to 50 but now you’re in total you’re spending 50 a day so now
after you spend 45 what’s that times 9 I can’t do math so
let’s say you make about 180 per that’s it so you know it’s about a 4x return if
I’m doing that math right yeah about roughly okay so that and then you keep
going and going and going just duplicate them out that’s how you scale it’s
called horizontal scaling versus just vertical scaling Bufo says I’m having a
really hard time figuring out branding right now I’ve always been produced I’ve
only been producing for almost two years and don’t even have a logo because I
don’t know what I what I should be asking myself for the brand your brand
is let’s let’s just kind of go through step by step – whenever you have a
question about something type in the word and type in etymology and I want
you to get to the core meaning and where that word came from what I think about
networking shows I to star I think I met you star X
for like yeah I know yeah I know whose star is I’ve seen you one time I feel
like at NAMM and stuff the thing is it’s not really name it’s that it brings
influential people under one roof for like a short amount of time so for
example when I go to name January 26 to 29th
it’s not really that I’m looking at all the exhibits and everything it’s that Oh
Warren who it will be here oh who else is important you know Kurt let’s say
Curtis King will be there b-boy tech report I think that’s how I saw you you
were talking to them Saint Joe will be there tech you know companies will be
there so it’s like who do I want to meet here other than companies like if you’re
trying to meet people it’s a good networking event for outside of NAMM so
for example I’m booking studio time during that NAMM week and inviting all
the influencers during that time because everybody’s gonna be in the same area at
the same time so that’s my philosophy about networking anyway here’s brand
real quick brand says fire flame destructions by fire fire brand piece of
burning wood torch interesting you would never think brandman flames or fire or
anything this says sword a burning then it says
firebrand blade of a sword fire from okay meaning from excuse me
iron instrument for branding in 1828 mark made by a hot iron
okay so let’s use this a mark made by a hot iron what makes you hot first of all
you have to be the fire the flame you have to consistently light up your
audience and build that buzz and build that momentum what’s up dealio ttk and
build up that buzz and build up that attention and when you become hot
literally hot then you are stamping people like for example when Lil Wayne
was the hottest rapper alive he stamped his brand on to Drake he knighted Drake
because in the old days royalty used to the wave stuff works a
social status okay so for example if Lil Wayne is the king
of Young Money Empire okay lewane is the king of young money Empire
and here comes Drake Lil Wayne has a ceremony where he grabs his sword and he
puts a sword on the shoulder of Drake and says I now Knight you the duke the
drake of young money empires and now Drake has the blessing from the king and
his social currency from Lowell Wayne goes on to Drake
that’s how Drake became the biggest rapper alive it’s cuz he took the energy
from an already established royalty who had social currency named lo Lane and
the same thing goes with branding you have to either be knighted in so that
you have social status or you’re gonna have to create something so hot based on
consistency that you build up tons of trust with your audience because
branding is also trust if I go to a new city and I’m confused on what to eat I
say oh I already know what it McDonald’s experience is like I’m not gonna go to
this Burger Nader I want to go to McDonald’s cuz I know exactly what my
money is gonna be spent on and I know exactly what I’m going to get that’s
what a brand is it’s consistency I know that the McDonald’s in Toronto is going
to be the same McDonald’s in Atlanta is gonna give me the same McDonald’s in
California and you have to apply that to your business basically consistency of
deliverables is how you get to that point whether that’s content or a
product anyway so that’s that’s what branding actually is I missed a lot of
questions because I went on like a little mini rant so forgive me here
should you create a website with no following and fear of rejection as a
producer should you create a website I wouldn’t focus on like a whole website
with okay ask yourself what’s the point of a website it’s to sell stuff so the
main thing you need is just a an e-commerce platform like something where
you could sell something you need a shopping cart of some form so as long as
you have a shopping cart of some form and a page to describe the value you
offer you’ll be fine now do you need a whole website to do that not necessarily what do you think the most important
social media platform is for branding and marketing at all of them like there
is no one thing for example there is no one thing for example periscope used to
be hot it’s not or what else is there periscope
meerkat used to be hot now it’s not so we could choose a platform and say
Facebook today Facebook could be gone tomorrow I mean theoretically that’s
crazy but you know I mean tik-tok could take over Instagram we don’t know or it
could be another thing like Twitter may go away we don’t know we don’t know the
future so just pick one and figure out where your audience lives it’s kind of
like neighborhoods Twitter’s a neighborhood Facebook’s a neighborhood
figure out where the kids you want to you know help are and then stay in that
neighborhood and then you’ll grow to go to other neighborhoods to all the
producers do not chase placements it’s a waste of time I got my first placement
by sending loops to producer friends who are working with artists three years in
the game since big a shout out the big game it’s about relationships and a lot
of people want to just go past these want to focus on talent so much it has
nothing to do with talent salute to all the brothers greatly what do you think
about music industry producers offering placements for a fee
I’ve been getting a lot of offers but not sure if it’s a scam I don’t know if
there’s scam meaning they’re gonna take your money and run however if you had to
pay for a placement I think that’s a good look I don’t know why people are so
against buying collabs because if I know that I can buy a
murder beats collab or a who else is hot somebody named some hot rappers in the
chat if I could buy a who else is hot I can’t think of hot rappers right now
like a rowdy rich or you know young thug if I can get a verse from young thug
that’s gonna make my brand look even better because oh I worked with a young
Doug and now you can go to the next person and say y’all work with young
thug they’re more likely to work with you Nick mirror for example the baby the
baby little baby so for example when I did my razor deal with a billion-dollar
company called razor every other company looked at my company and said oh you
must be trustworthy because a billion-dollar company trusted you with
their brand and I got so many brand deals simply because of the razor deal
so it’s the same thing when it comes to buying collabs
I didn’t buy my razor deal they came to me but the point is if if I could have
done that so be it I would have done it you know so let’s say I bought the razor
deal and they in you know all these companies say wow you work with razor I
want to work with you now what’s wrong with that you just expanded
your trust level by working with somebody who’s trusted in the industry
it makes sense that’s what podcasts are for that’s what
Oprah is for that’s what Ellen is for they bring on celebrities because people
trust those people I make beats reps love anime and fight MMA professionally
how do I include them all to make my brand
one thing you want to separate sunshine is your personal brand from your
business brand so each of those things would be a separate business brand and
your personal brand would be that your rapper that you love anime that you’d
like to fight MMA so separate those two early it’ll make a lot more sense for
you Facebook is dead yeah it’s all about
like memes on facebook facebook is kind of like for advertisers right now what’s
your favorite plugins for mixing you a stuff universal audio should you create
a website yeah okay so any business questions busy use Shopify yeah so if
you have questions if you could at busy works beats that I’ll like let me see it
a lot easier but that’s my dissertation on funnels I could go through em G’s
Twitter and just respond to all his tweets but I just find it more
destructive than building up people but there’s so many myths educated
statements that were made I don’t want to dissuade you guys and thinking that
clickfunnels means bad business or that people are always trying to scam you
when they talk about affiliates or that oh it’s a pyramid scheme all this stuff
is just holding you back from success and it’s it’s incredible like the whole
point right now is to build up the producer community that’s our number one
goal right now and we need to fight for our own these other companies aren’t
worried about us we need to build up our own media outlets our own educational
systems our own products our own software our own sounds don’t worry
about these other companies let’s build up our own how to market your how to
market your release and gain weight how to market your releasing gained an
audience you gain an audience then you release think of it the other way around
cloud is everything otherwise iOS programs and I have survived true clout
is literally everything what’s your favorite plugins for mixing Internet can
I sell a beat with a sample with clearing the sample a lot of people tell
you that but if you put it on a public platform to do it you’re violating the
copyright so if you do it typically when producers say you don’t have to clear
the sample it’s because they’re offline and they’re in the studio working with
the artist so they don’t ever put it online and then the labels job is to
clear it but the issue is that you’re probably online and you have an online
business the moment you put it up online and for sale for commercial use is
violating the copyright of the sample and you didn’t clear it to sell it so no
do you recommend being more do you recommend being more on cameras producer
to make the sales yes the more people see your face I used to be scared to
show my not scared but like thinking that no no you know I’m black I talked
like I’m from Philly I didn’t think people would receive me too well so I
didn’t want to be on camera so much or even show my face so I would use a lot
of logos and like not really show my face during tutorials but over time you
realize your face is your greatest asset people like oh that’s busy I know your
face it’s the greatest asset you have is your face assuming that you want to wrap
your personal brand around your business brand if you want to separate the
entities and have like a business that you’re just running without your face on
it and that’s a different thing my voice is really going here do you recommend
being answer that one do you mix on headphones yes all the
time however I would like to mix on speakers it’s just that I don’t have the
right acoustic treatment I’m waiting for a commercial studio to open up this
million dollar facility can’t wait I have my own room waiting on it have our
own platform yes what are your thoughts on going to college for music production
engineering degrees I find that there’s a certain polish that come with audio
engineers who can just figure out stuff like hardware problems or just no more
the tech stuff I feel like there’s a certain knowledge that you can’t just
get from YouTube but recording bands you need to physically be in a studio to do
it so you’re gonna learn a lot as far as recording and that’s a process you
really can’t learn online I don’t care how many videos there are recording is a
you have to touch it do it type of thing it’s not like I mean you can get the
general concept online and then apply it but you have to at least be able to
apply recording so that’s all I’ll say about that Wittstock plugins gonna use
for EDM serum cymatics presets whatever you want to do you read napoleon hill’s
book yes do you know the story how he volunteered 20 years of service yes for
example I have a mastermind group a private group of top influencers we talk
all the time and this is why I think mg the future is like on attack mode is
because he thinks this group is like against him it’s not the case I invited
him to be part of this kind of influential group called the mastermind
where we’re gonna our main goal is to help the producer community build this
infrastructure build up the economy for the breezes do these things have events
have cool stuff but you know he didn’t want to be a part of it because he
thinks he’s skeptical or he or I didn’t do my job and making it sound cool
enough so I can’t blame him I have to blame myself because I didn’t make it
seem a certain way but regardless I think that’s where a lot of those
comments are coming from and that’s why I have to publicly clear it up that
there’s no scamming business there’s no skeptic because there’s none of this
crazy stuff going on behind the scenes I can guarantee that are you familiar with
OpenCart it sounds like a checkout system some sounds cool do we have to
clear royalty free samples no royalty free meaning a good question though
that’s a good question but no but I would always read the sound packs that
you have because some people just exclusive when they say they’re selling
an exclusive exclusive to them could mean something completely different than
you so just read those terms dis in case everybody doesn’t you know use the same
language I’m only is there a certain way a beat
has to be mixed and mastered my friend Diego Ave it depends on what business
you’re in if you’re in the offline business even Carter got wings talks
about this he says he doesn’t mixes beats because it messes up the job for
the engineer so it depends on your business if you’re more offline dealing
with artists and that’s your business model
I wouldn’t go hard with mixing the beat because eventually you’re gonna have to
mix in the vocals and mix in you know I master the track trying to think of a
way to answer you but if you’re online you want to have the most presentable
product period so in that case you will have the matte mix and master to make it
loud enough for people to think that it’s hard so that there’s a nuance to it
and it’s something that I can’t just give you a quick answer to the MIDI
money course advocates for the value package message to to sell beat Steve
the value package package oh bundle message to sell beats do you feel the
that lowers a perceived value per beat no people think in bundles I’ll be quick
about this kind of explanation but okay think about the military right they
don’t just send out one marine and shout to everybody who served they don’t send
out one marine to go attack a city this is my terrible drawing over city okay
one building city they send out multiple groups of Marines aka squads okay
so let’s say it’s three you have now a greater chance of taking this city than
just the one marine alone so that’s what bundling or packaging is it’s called
forced multiplier you are introducing elements to your squad to make it higher
force meaning you’re increasing the overall strength of your squad so that’s
what bundling and packaging does it just increases the value perceived value just
like when you go to McDonald’s you don’t buy one french fry at a time you buy the
group of french fries you buy the meals which are french fries the burger the
drink that’s a bundle that’s a package i use the a sony
Sennheiser HD six hundreds I’m wearing them right now do you recommend buying
using do you do you recommend buying a laptop oh wait sorry I can’t read buying
a used laptop mmm I’ve never used a used laptop before anybody else I’ve never
used a used laptop I can’t recommend it though I’m not too computer literate
though music engineering is a serious business EQ you need to be there to
learn mixing is is one thing but as far as recording that’s something that you
physically have to learn how to set up the overall mic the overhead mics and
the angles and setting up an actual mic stand you could look at somebody do it
all day but like it’s confusing in person because you have all these knobs
you have twist all these things so that’s what I mean by the recording
process is a little more hands-on actually the most hands-on where do you
think someone wait where do you think someone just starting off should focus
fan building wait where do you think someone just starting off your focus
band building and an email list I’ve made music off and on for over 10 years
I want to take it serious yes email lists are your number one asset right
now it’s not social media you can have a hundred thousand followers on social
media and sell less than if you had an email list of ten thousand email lists
are the key because it’s ongoing value over time and then you offer them stuff
social media penalize you for offering stuff so you literally can’t really do
the same thing on social media at what point should be should one be looking to
collab and should it be with other producers or artists it’s up to you I
mean there’s two ways to think about a collab is to make a better product or
it’s to make a greater reach so for example my friend Diego have he focuses
on collapse because he knows that if he collabs with producer it’s let’s say
producer why he’s producer ex he knows that now his beats can be placed in the
X chain or the Y chain so he just increased his chances two times by
collabing with another producer whereas some of you just want a better product
so in that case your collabing with somebody to just make the beat sound
better but in Diego’s case he uses it for business opportunity he says okay
that person knows a bunch of people I don’t know let me collab with them
because then we can network and get the beat pitched
or shot two more people that’s a better way of thinking about collapse about mg
yeah mg is on like a death spiral I don’t know what is into mg right now
where do you think someone just starting off your focus fan building and it
answered that it depends on what you’re offering do you need to belong to a
record label no before you can air your beats no nope nope nope
you actually I’ve heard of people having their songs out on the internet first
and then the labels coming to them is the Apollo to an worth it I have a twin
to my left I would say yes the arrow I wouldn’t really recommend if you’re
trying to mix because you have to load up a lot of plugins an arrow is good for
a price but you can’t load up on unlike a lot of UAD plugins so kind of like
defeats the purpose in my opinion and we’ve worked with the UA and I love that
company I would highly recommend the Apollo twin if you’re going to be mixing
as a beat maker I think the arrow is more for people recording who only need
like a preamp a reverb and a compressor on their vocals so that’s what I think
it’s built for like more artists whereas the twin is built for more mixing
engineers slash producers who use UA plugins I mean are you making a squad
you should yeah behind the scenes we’re doing a lot of stuff a lot of cool stuff
I won my laptop from Curtis King used and it’s still going strong
that’s hilarious was i calling you on the skype then it was that you sunshine
that i was calling cause every time i would call Curtis King for our live
streams somebody else answered the skype because he was still logged in on his
old laptop I found that hilarious I don’t know that was you or not but that
was funny alright so if I’m boring you to death I just wanted to give you a lot
of business education looks like we were solid all the way through but again I’m
just here to kind of answer up any wrap-up questions
scuse me Oh shouting you yes sir I definitely remember you from name cuz I
think you came up to a st. Joe and them I think I saw you somewhere
I just grabbed a used late model i7 cool cool in regards to collapse when do
split sheets come into play I talk percentages upfront a cool
percentage I like to use the 70/30 a lot of people talk 50/50 but there’s
an experiment done with it’s such a long explanation there’s an experiment done
you could do more research but 70/30 is like the breaking point
anything beyond 70/30 people feel ripped off like if you go I think it was
technically 8020 but 70/30 is more safe as far as splits of anything what was I
gonna say for example if you do a 90/10 split people feel more ripped off and
they’re more likely to cancel a deal and not do it at all simply because they
feel like they’re not getting that just do so 70/30 has been a safe spot for me
in any deal as far as splitting you know the revenue or income of something right
you go down cool cool what yo what’s the most you’ve charged for a beat me
personally I’m gonna set up a beat star soon I just didn’t want to get
sidetracked but my beats are gonna start at 150 just to show you guys that price
literally is irrelevant it doesn’t matter about your price it’s the value
that you offer if it justifies the price can you say that they’ll get a return on
their investment when they spend that 150 if not then they’re gonna have more
scepticism buying from you have you ever seen a creator take legal action to
claim a percentage from something that was labeled royalty-free can a creator
technically do that that’s what I mean by if you’re buying from people and they
have a terms that’s written in a document that says you bought from here
hear our Terms and document it cool but anybody can go back to their web page
and say royalty free today and tomorrow they could just erase it from their web
page with no evidence of that ever being in the conversation so I would make sure
that the documentation is included within the whatever you bought to say
this is what your product said you know why are you trying to come after me when
you said it was royalty free you know if you don’t believe me you can do more
research on royalty free seems like you have more of a deeper study have to do
what you say simple beats sell better than the more complex yes have you
discovered the difference between FL and 20 still don’t know the big difference
they fixed the audio delay compensation problem so a lot of the time in FL 11 or
12 when you would export a beat the tracks
would be off time and they fixed a lot of that so you can do like parallel
processing in FL 20 and it’s a lot smoother what Mike do you recommend for
recording myself with 150 let me see how much a sure this is the best mic I’ve
had it’s very versatile this is Michael Jackson’s favorite mic I believe shure
sm7b it’s 400 but it’s worth it like I used to buy the Newman mics no Liam ntlm
102 103 the neumann u87 mic but I found this mic is very versatile
for whether it’s for videos or for recording the only thing is you need a
cloud lifter so shout out to Martina she I don’t know if you guys can see this on
the stream so let me make my screen bigger if you do get a shure sm7b excuse
me make sure you buy this thing called a cloud lifter it acts basically like a
preamp and it Chris it makes you focus just sound way better okay so that’s
what you need if you get a shure sm7b mic that’s what I’m using right now now
I do like the Noi menu 87 but do you have a thousand extra bucks to spend on
the mic right now probably not so that’s the that’s the thing where we get okay
making sure I’m answering your questions oh hold up hold up hold up appreciate
you that had to leave the session not sure you answer but is one on one
assistance with this available I don’t have consultation right now
thank you though for your question I just don’t offer that right now I’m a
newbie 7030 mister who in whose favor I always give them the greater percentage
to the other person if I’m leveraging something they’re delivering to me so
for example if somebody wanted to come out with a sound pack and they developed
all the sounds I would take 30% because they developed all the sounds I give
them 70% because I want them to feel like they own the product so that we
have a greater relationship no if I created the product and put it on
somebody else’s platform I would want 70% they would get 30 for marketing the
product so that’s how I think of it whoever created that the thing that’s to
be sold gets the greater percentage the person who’s marketing it gets the
lesser percentage in that case so if you’re free
sample in beat-making world if your collabing with somebody and you’re
leveraging their audience I would give them 70% and you take 30% because that’s
their audience you’re targeting not your own
you remember that I’m kind of left in the dust releasing a beat versus
flat-out selling it I don’t like flat-out selling anything
do you have any advice on this I don’t like exclusive anything
I like the recurring possibility to always license it if you’re gonna sell
exclusive sell it for a lot of money unless there’s a lot of equations
involved because you have to talk about the product diminishing curves and all
this type of stuff depreciation of the value but long story short it’s more
valuable sometimes to hold on to a beat and license it out over time then just
sell it for one flat fee cuz now you have to make another beat in its place
and hope that it does the same numbers and that’s a whole you’re you’re working
more in that case you’re not letting your beats work for you you’re working
more first live-streamed next Arace this is probably the most business focused
livestream you’ll ever see ever on this channel the most of yes versus desire
every investment in your dream is worth it Hey hallelujah Michael Weaver you can
change more for me wait oh sorry you can charge more for beats as your brand
becomes known very true well I wouldn’t say a little artist can’t charge 150
it’s they’re talking to the wrong people you have to target your audience better
number one thing a lot of people don’t do is qualify so for example when you’re
selling stuff here’s what it comes down to does the person have money or don’t
they that’s all it comes down to do they have money or no the people with money
are willing to spend 150 because they have money they have disposable income
the people who don’t have money or like I don’t know 150 s kind of that’s kind
of high you have any coupons for beats you know and then you get in that
conversation another way to qualify is girls again I’m always going to talk
about the dating world cuz it ties back to business so when you qualify girls do
you just pick any girl in the world or do you look for certain treats that says
that this type of girl might be a better girl for me so that you have to qualify
girls is she worth it or is she gonna be living trashy with the trashy lifestyle
same with guys in Reverse for the girls watching you have to qualify
screen out the people that you’re talking to first so you don’t waste your
time talking to them is that cloud device useful for XLR mic
I don’t know it only needed this for my shure sm7b because for whatever reason
the shure sm7b mic had a low level so i needed to boost it very high and when I
was using the ua 1073 preamp software plugin it created like a buzz I’m not
saying the plug-in was bad but the way it’s set up I don’t know I don’t know
all the hardware tech stuff long story short the cloud lifter fixed that
problem so I don’t have to use the software components anymore and it
sounds cleaner in my opinion CV is trying to create a Dok a lot of comments
in here and I skip over do you have a schedule where you do frequent live
streams not no not really nope because I don’t want to make a job
out of this I don’t want it to be like every Friday 6 p.m. because if I want to
see my family at 6 p.m. on a Friday I have to say all guys I can’t come see
you have to livestream that’s a job and I don’t want to create a job for myself
yo can you help with vocals over phone I don’t do consults right now can you give
can you give some advice for making 80s or 90s type samples like the melodic
part or stuff like changing the bit rate 80’s 90’s is really about sound
selection like synthesizers were heavy in the 80s and the 90s it was more about
it depends on like what genre – but like an R&B it was all about the roads and
pitch bending maybe I’ll do a video on it if more people ask alright so I think
we’re getting to the tail end I think we’re dropping two numbers that lets me
know we’re not really saying anything exciting so to wrap it all back to the
clickfunnels conversation I just want you guys to know that clickfunnels are
not evil business people are not evil there’s just get rid of the skepticism
thinking that you know only people are using these platforms to sell you
nothingness and to sell you of course I’d rather them teach you how to do
business and teach you sell you clickfunnels so you actually build a
real business then you not do it at all I don’t even care what the motives are
like we need more of this knowledge in the community and I’m just tired of
people trying to hold you back from the next level of your business whether that
was people’s intentions or not that’s how
came off so I’m here to correct all those myths and that’s all I got to say
so anyway I see you don’t have that many questions so I’m assuming my audience
was it too concerned about that but as far as the other audiences I just feel
bad because they’re being misled on a huge level so anyway thank you guys I
appreciate you for rocking with me I’m gonna go ahead and live life right now
but I appreciate you for taking the time out and doing your thing let me answer
you real quick do you recommend attending conferences like ac3 a3c only
if you know somethings like only if you know somebody going there I don’t know
how to explain that because I don’t go to these things like trying to meet new
people I go there trying to meet somebody I know and haven’t met in
person yet so that’s kind of the way I look at these events and networking
things yeah so any questions you have about business is your last chance
while we’re live I can break down almost anything since our numbers are jumping
back up we have a resurgence of viewers so again any music business questions
you have I will answer on the spot and since we have a healthy audience I
don’t want to leave you guys hanging I’m gonna give us a much knowledge as
possible while I’m here when do you know you are ready for clickfunnels
most of you can’t afford not saying this that you’re broke or anything but most
of you if business-wise it doesn’t make sense to jump into clickfunnels cuz I
think it’s a 99 version and then at $300 version a month and I wasn’t on that
type of monthly SAS SaaS software as excuse me yeah software as service I
wasn’t on any online subscriptions like that for a long time so some of you just
doesn’t apply to your business right now but the idea of a funnel you need at
least look into optimize press or squeeze page technologies like leadpages
something that’s more affordable for you you at least have to understand the idea
of what a funnel does whether that’s click funnels or not and I’m sure the
guidance of Gabe and anno domini is extremely valuable cuz we’re on call and
Gabe is very giving he’s very open to share so I support his visions I haven’t
gone through his product it but I said as a person he’s very giving I’ve had
conversations with them and oh the many alike we’ve had a conversation they open
purse can i buy setup can i buy setup and
master overpaid beats cutting studio call what can i buy setup and master /
beats i’m not sure your question i don’t know your question if you’re asking me
can you just buy the beat i have no idea what you’re asking me actually sorry i
don’t you got to rephrase that how do we place more than one drum clip in the
same piano roll i have no idea what that means one drum clip
you mean like sound you would copy the piano roll to the next one hit ctrl-c
ctrl-v to paste what if business is the biggest thing ever what do you mean how
to start a record label oh boy that’s a big question that’s too big of a
question you’re gonna have to consult mentors in the entertainment industry
like a lawyer or somebody who can tell you about all the nuances of a record
label because you’re gonna have to have a lot of paperwork in order for that
type of business but a record label is essentially you offering people below
you opportunities that’s all it is it’s nothing more than that that’s all it is
if you simplify like that you’ll understand oh I just get a bunch of
people that want to do the same thing as me and that’s really it the paperwork
side is the complicated part what if business is the biggest thing ever
what do you mean oh I have no idea what that means
FL how to start a recording the thing about the recording label is how do you
monetize it I think that’s a better question so for example you start the
label and you have people under you the question is how do you get paid okay so
what you would do is you bring on let’s say you have your own talent as a
producer and you bring on three new producers what you would do is take a
chunk of their income or some type of royalty split something where you’re
monetizing the relationship and that’s where that 70/30 split comes into play
let me make sure my big head isn’t blocking these numbers hold on
oh you were blocking 70/30 let me make myself smaller hold up there we go make
myself a thumbnail so that’s their 70/30 split you would get 30% of the stuff
that they generate and this is how producers stay relevant like dr. Dre
mustard all those producers they bring in people under them and they take a cut
whatever they create because they’re under the umbrella of this producer so
what do you offer as a top person in that situation you offer the marketing
you have the all the relationships with all the people in the industry you pitch
the product to other people you place the product so these people without you
ness wouldn’t necessarily get those placements and that’s why you’re
important in this equation and that’s why you take your 30% cut
so you set weights as well sweaty let’s do bottom right I have to pick a
corner where I don’t write I don’t think I write down there there we go and so
that’s how a business is structured summer who ever asked a question a night
all night all night that’s how you would structure it so you would take 30% of
what these guys are doing there’s other deal styles where you don’t have to take
a percentage but ultimately this is like the structure there’s somebody up top
who has the opportunity in the leverage and there’s people below who need to
utilize those resources or whatever the leverage is it can be clout it could be
resources it can be relationships it could be distribution whatever it is
that you offer it could be marketing and then you take that cut that’s what a
record label does and that’s all it is but the paperwork and all that like
copyrights LLC’s what else do you need general agreements to deal with labels
there’s stuff like that that a lawyer knows quick recap on what is what
clickfunnels is clickfunnels is basically a modern software
it’s called software as service as a service SAS company and they offer a
solution where people can take traffic it’s called and I don’t want to go too
deep into this cuz I already explained it earlier you might just rewind the
video why isn’t my screen going crazy let’s refresh something’s happening on
this website okay so you take what’s called traffic from the top this could
be social media could be YouTube it could be a G email whatever you take
that traffic and you take them into what’s called a funnel so a funnel is
just a focused series of things that happens online to
ultimately get somebody to buy that’s all it is you go through things called
opt-ins you go through things called retargeting we talked about this earlier
so I want to beat a dead horse but that’s
what click funnel that’s what a funnel is it’s guiding people to make a certain
decision that’s all it is okay so hopefully that makes sense
in the online set so when you walk for example when you walk into Walmart or
Target they have a funnel when you walk in what’s the first thing you see
shopping carts because they want you to put stuff in those shopping carts what’s
the second thing you see seasonal stuff because they want you to be in the
emotional state of the season so you get to see some of stuff first and that
changes every season so they have enough and the first thing you see on the left
side or right side wherever you begin with then you move on to the general
floor and they have it laid out to where the electronics are way in the back
because they don’t want people still in that stuff and they also know it’s high
ticket stuff and they want people buying the lesser priced stuff up front because
it’s more likely to sell then you come back to the register it’s all funnel
let’s draw it out let’s draw out Walmart’s funnel
here’s Walmart’s funnel when you walk until any Walmart in America first thing
you see when you walk into the front door which is in a sense a door or a
funnel like literally guiding you to walk in one direction you see the carts
after the carts that they want you to fill up with stuff you see seasonal
stuff most likely depending on the layout of your Walmart that’s how it
works you see seasonal stuff after the seasonal stuff you see the general kind
of inventory let’s just call it inventory for now excuse me now once you
go more towards the checkout you see these things called impulse buys we’re
talking slim jims candy skittles starbursts all the stuff that your your
biology once that you don’t necessarily need and then you leave out the exit
doors so it’s a pathway this is called a funnel it’s a step of sequence it’s a
sequence in which they want you to follow to ultimately increase the money
that you’re going to spend that day in Walmart so that’s the point of the
Walmart funnel in this case all we’re doing online is saying how do I mirror
this system but for my online website and that’s all a funnel really is how do
I mirror that system for an online website so hopefully that answers your
question forgive me there was a lot of questions
I missed okay thank you appreciate you
sitting on over 300 beats that’s crazy life has been funny like that should I
make them all available once yes well yes if nobody heard him yet yes because
there’s no point in drip feeding 300 beats unless you have an audience that
cares yes just put them all out and I would try bundling them because that’s a
lot of beats to go through even if somebody was interested going through
300 of anything is treacherous idea so I would categorize them into themes and
bundle them like here’s the lo-fi beats and just package 20 of them into one
thing and just go through those 20 and really categorize it because people want
easy they don’t want to think too much if clickfunnels are a bit much for
beginners like myself is click one it will also read it as is if clickfunnels
are a bit much for beginners I see it to me like myself at the moment then would
it be smart to just start with a simple online beat store and add it up via
advertisements yeah but you don’t want to get too reliant on the beat stores
navigation because the problem with bee stores right now is that it’s kind of
like YouTube I love YouTube when you send people to YouTube you’re sending
them to everybody’s YouTube page when they go to your page they see
recommended videos of somebody else so you’re ultimately leading your
customer to somebody else it’s kind of like if you’re trying to date a girl and
you bring her around all the NBA players with money and the billionaires it’s
like you’re just introducing her to other people that are going to be
competing with you what’s the point you want to keep her in her you want to keep
her in her own space so she’s not distracted and the same thing goes with
your customer so that’s the issue I have right now with beats stores is use the
beat store like you use the social media just get people’s attention with the
beat store and then lead them to those squeeze pages we talked about are those
opt-in pages or sales pages we talked about I know this is a lot to take in
because I mean it took me four years to really understand it to this level it’s
not something you can really swallow in one sitting
I remember my mentor went over what a sales page was what a opt-in page was
what funnels where it took me probably 20 lessons just to understand the
general concept of what was going on so it’s not something you’re gonna get in
one live stream sitting it’s just not how it works
I purchased the légion beats training about that
Tufts are really gold nuggets but the tool and itself has a lot of flaws
especially it’s insane pricing says Sam silk cool so that’s why I said a lot of
people aren’t ready for the monthly you know fee that it is not a most people’s
levels just yet so that’s why they have to talk to certain people not everybody
is ready for it that’s why they have to qualify the people that they talk to
taking a cut can also be looked at as new producer paying dues um to a degree
but it’s not required I’m not sure what you mean there cuz in a sense but yeah I
mean dealing equity it depends on whose audience they’re leveraging so it
depends would it be too much to ask for you to please tell us before you delete
what you draw sorry I’m a bit I found it to be very bad going from that out my
fault my fault my fault or Bufo if you go back and just pause the livestream
the pause the livestream screenshot it then catch up with the livestream button
that’s what YouTube is for now then you also have the 2x button on YouTube I use
that a lot to catch up during live streams will a certificate certificate
and music recording technology be valuable recording I think is still an
art that you have to learn hands on whether you get that through a recording
program or whatever it’s something you have to do hands on recording that’s not
really something you can do online it’s just something you got to get your hands
dirty with for a new unsigned artist you recommend Inc just create a ton of music
and release it or just concentrate on a project album let me answer your
question hold up for a new unsigned artists do you recommend they just
create a ton of music I think the release over time is better than just
throwing everything out at once because people don’t know you yet so you’re
wasting all your energy throwing everything out at once and then you’re
like it’s kind of like spending a bunch of money on a gift for a girl and she
doesn’t even look at the gift it’s like why did you just spend a bunch of money
buying a gift that she never saw I’d rather buy little gifts and she realizes
in my value whatever then you buy the big gift you don’t just throw the
biggest gift out in the front cool she’s a copper right beats your beats are
copyrighted once you make them public so automatically your music gets
copyrighted if you want more information go to copyright gov they have a very
descriptive explanation of the process it’s easy to read it’s not like in
legalese or anything go to copyright gov and look up the music copyright it’s
very easy to read how to improve my YouTube beat channel that’s a very broad
question something I cannot answer in 30 seconds any advice for someone that has
900 unfinished beats mmm you just treated like practice it’s not that they
have to come out as a product it’s that you just had to do nine hundred things
to practice do you know how music was mixed in the 90s like Seoul Japanese
music and pop by the way thank you in the 90s it was more so it wasn’t as
crystal clear as today wasn’t clean it sounds vague but cleanliness right now
is the thing for pop music whereas in the 90s they had more textures and
reverbs and stuff like that excuse me thank you so much that I cool I think
we’re over their funnels talk but again I just had to address some of that stuff
for you guys so that you weren’t misled into that rabbit hole how do you go
about licensing your content what do you mean licensing my content
you just sell it for all your advice isn’t it what are you I’m not unless you
mean like film licensing I’m not sure what you’re which type of licensing
licensing just means I give somebody else the permission to use it that’s it
those magical definition rub out Cubase click on the menu cleaner then I can’t
click on the file Cubase I’m gonna have to look back into Cubase I don’t know
that program by heart she wanted a gift card yeah you don’t have to copyright I
just answer that like three times already
no when you put stuff up online it’s automatically copyright it here the sign
photo of myself s hilarious can you figure out which sub can you figure out
which subscribers or channel that is viewing your video on YouTube no they
don’t get that’s privacy that they don’t give out it’s not like a story on IG I’m
28 what’s the best way to get in the right circles to work with people get
placements opportunities or value I’ve been recognized what I’m not sure about
the next step you just have to consist
be about something so when I say ice-cream what’s the company you think
of when I say ice cream what’s the thing you think of when I say ice cream
chances are you think of Ben and Jerry’s vanilla ice cream or ice cream sundae so
you want to be that thing that people think about when they say something like
oh I need a boom that producer and they think of oh I want you know Joe jr. or
Sue message Oh jr. Joe Fr so a Joe fer so you have to be the number one result
for that keyword in their brain their brain is Google you have to be the
number one keyword pop up for when they search for that keyword so think of it
that way you need to implant yourself in their brain as a keyword pop up and you
do that by consistently tying your story in to that specific keyword how many
beats per week do you think can lead to a decent amount of money if you play
your cards right on the marketing side it’s not about amount it’s about like
you have to speak your audience’s language you have to get them interested
like rockstar games is so incredible because they get you interested before
the product even comes out and they they have they haven’t made a grand theft
auto in like ten years and it’s still going it’s because it’s not about how
many of something you have it’s how you deliver the solutions that your market
is looking for so it’s not quantity it’s about finding the solutions for your
audience and I think money is important I think that’s something that we say
just because we don’t want to judge ourselves or be accountable for
ourselves money is important like if you want to be creative you have to have
money to be creative it’s not free so you know even art pieces in these
museums they spend hundreds of millions of dollars to keep them alive
so like creation is not necessarily like this free thing it takes money all right
so I think all the click funnel questions were answered I just want you
guys to walk away with confidence knowing that it’s okay to learn about
clickfunnels it’s okay to learn about affiliate marketing I don’t care how
many people call it a pyramid scheme like wait there’s so much skepticism it
just bothers me bro if someone still should be tough youtube post a song
distro with artists who buys the beat have a copyright issue from that only if
you have your song in a district adorn a tune core and they have these systems
using the sound skin technology to go in and identify it like for example if you
you if I use somebody’s music in my YouTube video YouTube scans it and if
they have it registered on one of those distro kids or whatever tune core it
will have a service where it looks for that song on all the platforms and it
will identify it and tell you so that’s how it works
so basically put your songs on there if you want that technology okay what kind
of job or money can I get with a certificate
I mean studios might not be hiring the same way they were so you have to do it
yourself really you have to record yourself you have to build your own
studio that’s what I would recommend I wouldn’t rely on the job market I scream
you scream it’s funny Apple saves millions in publicity by
just creating the buzz around products that won’t be released before next year
true what do you think where do you think is the best place to upload songs
for new artists everywhere there’s no one place everywhere you have to be
everywhere because you don’t know where your audience lives you have no idea the
girl you like could be in South Dakota right now she could be in Missouri she
could be on Hawaii she can be in LA you have no idea but you have to be present
in all those states to find her yeah that comment but it funnels an upside
down pyramid hello you have a father and you have a mother that’s the top of the
pyramid they have kids those kids have kids have kids and what
does this look like it looks a lot like a pyramid so we need to get over this
whole pyramid crap in Illuminati crap it’s not always a scam you know like I
can see if people were trying to sell like an affiliate program that sold you
on products that you’ll never use but your people are using clickfunnels
I don’t understand the problem with that nope I don’t have a course on
clickfunnels I don’t get monetized for this there’s no incentive for me making
this live stream it’s just to help you get educated on
business so that you can get to the next level I don’t want you to have fear I
want you to be educated edumacated so we’re down to 130 so I think it’s time
to wrap it up the diminishing curve is kicking in I think I answered all your
questions so anyway thank you for joining
I’ll keep this up for replay it’s busy works beats that dot


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