Code Vein – GTX 1660 ti – 1080p – 1440p – 4K – i5 9400f – Gameplay Benchmark PC

October 3, 2019

hello everyone I’m santaros entering gonna be testing code bein on the GTX 1660 di to skip to any of the resolutions tested to check the timestamps down in the description so yet another Unreal Engine 4 game this one actually runs surprisingly well in options menu I recommend lower than the usual ones on a real post-processing seems to be the most important one then shadows and effects together were usually the best way to easily improve the numbers after the first one despite those pain the main ones I started seeing the improvement once we landed medium so from the highest to high there was a tiny difference in numbers so for example if a lower shadows from medium to low there’s a massive hit to the visuals but there’s like a 1 to 3 FPS difference in that case going below medium doesn’t make much sense to me there’s also an Advanced Settings tab where the option that I found the most useful was ssao but there’s a catch with this one this is the fao which is distance filled ambient occlusion so with it disabled there’s still standard SSAO running although if you lower post-processing too low there will be no ambient occlusion whatsoever and the SSAO option will do nothing it adds a good amount of death to the scene but if you need the extra performance I want to have at least a default ambient occlusion turn SSAO off and keep post-processing or at least medium on the CPU side there’s not much to say the game is for the most part GPU bound there were some spikes on the CPU usage when go into a new area but those are quite rare so far I run the tests once you go to the outside world there’s some basic grass here and there and a good amount of enemies and effects going on which is what was needed to stress the GPU the very first area didn’t seem to be a good representation due to the closed environments so expect the performance to be the most realistic during the first boss fight and after this is the most noticeable when there are many effects on screen especially close to the camera you can rub quite significantly so I recommend you cap your framerate to make those big sudden drops less noticeable but anyway guys that’s about it I hope you keep enjoying the video thanks for watching around blind spots no more healing just don’t push yourself too hard symbols of civilization skyscrapers in Rouen we handled that pretty well [Music] are we done we should probably start by attacking the tail I’ll have to work to keep you slowing you down can’t see it around the vehicles do you still have some healing left that’s quite valuable let’s use it well a whole file we shouldn’t attack them all at once crossroads well which way will it be don’t lose your footing can’t see around the this terrain does that’s quite valuable let’s use it well [Music] you’re in serious danger [Music] [Music]

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