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college is a racket, don’t go

February 13, 2020

I am putting off getting my cars oil
changed by recording this video I also need to get my brake pads looked at and
my engines making this clicking sound and I’m just afraid so we’re just gonna
do this instead hey guys ow OW hot takes today so I am graduating from college in
about uh two weeks pretty much exactly thirteen days I am so tired of school
it’s hard to comprehend like the amount of caring and effort that I’ve put into
this final semester all-time low I’m not gonna lie to you I’ve never been an
amazing student but whoo buddy I had an essay due like three weeks ago
it was supposed to be 1,500 words and I sent in 600 words thankfully professor
was super chill and was just like hey please rewrite it or you will not
graduate and I was like all right yeah that’s fair so I rewrote it haven’t
gotten any angry emails about the fact that I’m failing so I think we’re doing
okay it’s taken me about five and a half years to graduate that’s like a little
while I went to Community College first for a couple years had to wait six
months and then I transferred to a state university I wasn’t going full-time that
whole time I took summers off like apparently four years is not really
something that most people do apparently the average of people who graduate is
about five years and it’s because most people like change their majors halfway
through I’ve spent six years here I’m basically that one guy from Animal House
seven years a college down the drain like I have issues doing stuff that I don’t
see a purpose in which is like most of the college experience it’s just hoops
man it’s just jumping through hoops on this playground of life like my degree
is a Bachelor of Fine Arts in film and new media but the school is very small
and so I had to take a bunch of theater classes to like bulk out my curriculum
so hard to make me care about like I don’t do theater I don’t care I it’s not
really corr- like so I had to take like intro to theater play Direction stage
design and like I kept trying to like pull some good things out of it but it
was just like pointless and now that I’m like out in the world and I have a job
and I’m like doing okay I’m realizing that like me being shitty at school
actually didn’t matter at all and it’s just
making me very mad at like the higher education system as like a whole like I
have like righteous anger now like the whole damn system is wrong
that’s not energy I’ve ever had before so I don’t know what to do with that
where to put that YouTube probably past couple of months I’ve been going over in
my head like okay is there any part of like the college experience that I’ve
missed out on honestly I don’t think so what like what’s okay like what’s the
college experience partying I went to one party it was 30 people in a
two-bedroom apartment on a Tuesday we all kind of sat around talked and drank
for 45 minutes and then it got busted by the cops and we all went home check mark
that one’s done like I don’t think I went into school I’d like the right age
for that like I transferred in so I was like taking classes with a bunch of
people who were like 18 19 when I was like 22 at 22 you have already fully
moved on from like drinking is cool I’m so happy I can do it and now you’re just
like drinking is expensive and it makes me sleepy
and I don’t feel like spending $8 on something that just tastes bad so like
I’ll just not I guess like dorming is part of the experience
I never dormed I never dormed I never had a meal plan I regret nothing like I don’t
know what other schools cost but dorming for a year was ten thousand dollars and
the meal plan was three thousand dollars so like you’re literally spending
thirteen thousand dollars for nine months of cafeteria food and living in
one bedroom with a stranger ew no no thank you but all that’s to
say that we’re almost done I have one more week of classes and then a final
and then a couple days later I commencement I commence I graduate I go
to commencement I don’t know it commences don’t know what it is I life I
meant to shoot like the whole day of graduation and then I just got into like
I don’t know living it and so I didn’t really shoot a whole lot but it was very
nice super wonderful ceremony got to sit by people I knew what up Amanda they
didn’t announce individual names and they were doing like two lines of people
at the same time so we were done in like two hours so it’s fine I’ve had so many
people ask like what are you doing next including a stranger in the parking
garage elevator immediately after I graduated I think she means well just
making conversation but like girl you don’t even know what I’m doing now but
what am i doing going forward I don’t know I have a job in which I make local
commercials so that’s cool I don’t know why I’m so far this way in
frame it’s just balance okay that’s better that’s better
I guess my real honest answer to the question what am i doing is my best
cause like I got a lot of stuff I want to do and just by like hours in the day
and general rates of success a lot of it’s just probably not gonna work out
which is fine basically now it’s just like doing just just doing the things
the problem I’ve been running into for the past however many months is that
like if you’re doing it right your last few months of college are kind of not
gonna be super valuable to you because you should have kind of absorbed most of
everything you need before that and that’s kind of where I was at like thank
you for this wonderful education like we had our ups we had our downs there was a
lot of downs mostly downs colleges racket don’t go but I have gotten
everything I need and now I will be moving on oh wait except except I gotta
fulfill nine more elective credits and one required glass dope so like school
had kind of stopped giving me value and I have all this other stuff that I want to
do and I’m mostly just excited that like now I can like take that time that I was
putting into going to class doing homework doing projects and like
actually do things make stuff create stuff make money I have decided that my
word for the year of 2020 is gonna be fat stacks
I know it’s two words I don’t care it’s gonna be a lot easier to like survive
now that I can like work full-time you know your life not necessarily easy when
you’re excited to work 40 hours a week haha poverty where was I going anyway the
more sentimental part of me wants to mention that for the past week I have
been feeling really deep and immense gratitude I have been given a lot and
I have had a lot of opportunities and getting through school is hard just from
like the practical perspective of like making time getting transportation
finding time to work so you can use that money to support yourself where do I
live what do I eat how do I make time to cook like it’s just really difficult but
I’ve been given a lot and I’ve mostly been given really good people like not
to like cry or anything but in the last two years I have made more friends than
I think I’ve ever had cumulatively in my life and that’s just so nice and good
and I’ve never felt this loved before this is gross I can’t I finally like
found the place i belong oh like okay one of the things that my school
does is that when I picked up my cap and gown in the packaging was like a little
letter that said like after graduation take your sash and put it around the
shoulders of whoever you think helped you get through school the most so I
gave it to my friend Katryna because first of all she’s the only person who
came to my actual graduation which is fine it’s slow it’s boring I get it but
like I put it around her shoulders and I’m like you’re one of the reasons that
I got through school and you made it so much more bearable every day and like
she cried and like I wanted to cry and my brother was there and he was like ew
but like it’s just good it’s just good I know that this point in my life will
not last forever it might not even last the rest of this week let’s be honest
but it’s nice and it’s like warm and it’s like toasted marshmallow insides I
like it surprise the video ended very sappy I know that like a lot of people
like just like finish school and are done with school and move on I’m like
way too soft nougat Center to do that took a quiz one time about like what’s
your sensitivity level and you are one of the most sensitive people you’re in
the top 90th percentile how beautiful like no I want to be a hard bitch anyway
on that note I think we’re gonna call this done if any of you have finished
school and we’re also gross about it please let me know your feelings you
know where to put them otherwise if you just want to tell me a time that you felt
like overwhelming gratitude that would be cool cuz this is like the first time
I think it’s ever like hit me this heavy before so other stories would be welcome
and aside from that I will be seeing you another time
and I hope you guys have a great day that was wrong hope you guys have a great day
and I’ll be seeing you another time goodbye


  • Reply Amber Martin January 14, 2020 at 10:18 pm

    I feel this so hard. So very hard.

  • Reply SageC TV January 15, 2020 at 2:17 am

    I just subbed, I love the college is a racket video idea! Keep making the high quality content and videos in general, can I get the sub back btw?

  • Reply alfred bester January 15, 2020 at 2:59 am

    You could do something with your old vids. Incorporate them in a screenplay or docudrama.

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