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Cómo Hacer Una Encuesta En YouTube / Cómo hacer encuestas en la comunidad de tu canal y en vídeos

February 14, 2020

if you are watching this video obviously it is
because you are interested in knowing how to do surveys on your youtube channel in this
video I’m going to teach you not only how do surveys on your channel but that
I will also show you how to do the surveys in the videos if you want to know
how to do that slate watch this video until the end
long ago I made a video of how to do YouTube channel surveys and lots of
people have been asking me to do a new video of the 2020 version of how
make accounts on a youtube channel although this practice the truth has not been
modified virtually nothing if it has been updating the platform of
youtube and there are some small changes maybe what is it like to enter youtube
from the browser then I decided to do this video just because of that yes because
they asked me but the truth is that no I was giving another video of this because
as I said this has not been modified practice in absolutely almost nothing
only the version was modified youtube classic and beta version ok
then there are some small changes of what it is to enter your youtube channel
from the browser yes then only that’s why I’m going to make this video only
because they asked me but that the plant is still more or less
the same as always has not changed that in absolutely nothing youtube follows
being all the same so give people I decided to make this video as I said
only at the request of certain people who they were asking me to do the
2020 version in this video and good people in this video that we are going to see
Then I will show you how to do surveys on your youtube channel do
surveys on the channel is something very simple but there is a small
inconvenient to be able to do surveys need to have this option
that says community there are channels that don’t they have this option because no
some channels have that option well it is for a simple reason to
have that community option they have to have a thousand subscribers in their
channel if they don’t have a thousand subscribers they just won’t have that option of
community and therefore will not be able do surveys on your channel I’m going to
show a survey first that I did what your channel is about
video games tutorials blog sports everything a little good this survey has
40 votes has 10 comments and 9 likes to
unlike the surveys that are done in the videos in the polls that
we do in the community of our channel if we can see how many votes the
video polls we can’t see how many votes do they have only appear
the percentages ok let’s go up and here I am going to show you how the
surveys we simply have to give to the option that says above share a
preview of your next video well we give here
and here these two options appear we see here once to do
publications as pictures images that you are going to export sorry are you going to
import from your gallery device if it is any image
any photo you have now they will be able to post here in the
community of your channel and the option to do the surveys is the next one
we see here we give it there and we appear as you can see for
do the survey we simply do the ask what are you going to do
and we will put did you like the question mark video
again because it’s a question and we add the options if not and we can
add more options by giving the option which says add another option highlighted in
blue we click there and it appears to add to another option and we can add up to 5
options with 5 can no longer be added more ok but in this case we just go
to leave 2 which is if not then let’s skip the one we put just going to
stay those only and we will give up to the option that says post a
once you get there to post I don’t I’m going to do because I don’t want to publish
this survey give you up on publish and the survey is published
automatically and it’s that simple to do surveys on the channel ok that easy is
do surveys on a youtube channel they just have to have this option
of community than to have this option of community have to have a thousand
subscribers that is no requirement to do the surveys but they do have
have to have the community tab in your channel and to have the community in your
channel if this of having a thousand subscribers but the good
news for you is that for just the surveys in the channel that we have
the requirements of a thousand subscribers but to do the surveys in the videos
there is no requirement is to say that you you can create a channel just having zero
subscriber and you will be able to upload a video to youtube and do a survey in of
united without having any editor that is that you don’t even have to have visitors
or anything on your channel just you you have a channel uploaded to my channel and
You can already do surveys in your videos and how are we going to do that good let’s
watch the next video where I’m going to teach how to do that
to be able to do the surveys in their videos from the cell phone first go to
have to enter your channel from computer that is from the browser in
this case i’m using the browser of google chrome so everything we go
to do here in the url let’s write Youtube
puntocom and we will give the little button down here that says and we will wait
to load this ah
and it appears to us in this way then here what we are going to do to be able to
enter our channel of this computer is to give the three dots we see
up here on the right side we are going to go there and we will go to the option
that says see as a computer or can you also appear a new desk
computer mode everything depends as they appear to you in my case it appears to me
see how a computer then we are going to give there very well here we can also see
something that is like this to me highlighted in yellow that says this
browser will no longer be compatible in short to enjoy an experience
optimal update your browser that wants say i have to update my
browser because it’s ceasing to be compatible ok but for now good is
something new really just appears to me I had never seen this before
enter our channel from the computer then as I said we have to
give it if you want the version classic are going to have to give here to
the three lines we see this cost ok to enter the option that
my channel says ok that we are believe here but also if it doesn’t appear in
that side can give you here what is the profile picture of your channel ok you
they will give there and there would have to Appear
the option of your channel to go to your channel that depending on how I can
seem because sometimes it appears from a side and sometimes appears on the other all
it depends on which versions appear because is the classic version and the version
beta ok if you never started session in the browser with your account
youtube directly that is not going to to be appearing that is to enter
your channel will not appear the option what it says on my channel then what
they have to do they just have to login with your youtube account
in google chrome browser ok and there they will only be able to do this ok
so as I said let’s give it here to the three lines we see here and we
then my channel option appears we give you the option of my channel
very well let’s wait this process is a bit long and slow and
I don’t want to edit the video so that you can really see how it is
this experience ok completely from the beginning
so here everything we are going to do once he’s on his channel in the here to
the option that says video manager where all of our are going to appear
videos all the videos we already have uploaded on the channel very well here all the
videos that I already have uploaded on me ok channel here I have a video that uploaded
exclusively to do this demo is a video totally in
black i mean i didn’t record anything it’s just a video just for
do this sample then i will do click on that video and it appears to us in this way very well
then we will not go here to the option that says cards ok this is already the
youtube beta version ok then you we give there the option that says cards very well and so it appears in this
option highlighted in blue that says add card let’s click
perfect and this appears ok video or playlist channel and
survey which is the third option for do surveys then what
we will do we will give here in create we create it and it already appears
as you can see here to do the question ok survey question and
below they appear to be able to add the survey options then
here we are just going to ask the question for example let’s ask the question It appears to me for example I’m going to put
in question marks because it is a question
you like me the video we are going to put I liked the
video very good question mark again and
there we have asked the question ok so now we have to add here
down the options then we can put or yes we put down here in the next no
then you will say what happens if I want to add more options simply
they are going to give this one this little eyelash which says add another option than that of
here ok they click there and they can continue adding more options to the survey
but since we don’t want to add this one option in this case we just go
to skip giving the little cross here and our survey is ready
we just have to give the option which is highlighted in blue that says
create cards we give it there and our survey is already being created
perfect the survey has been created and we it appears down here this then what
we will do with this we will run to the place where we want the
survey then there you see how they appear the survey ok we give and observe there
the survey appeared up here to see then we already click on this option to
this little card and the survey appears let’s see then now we can vote
we vote and it looks like this is great these are the surveys that can be done in
the videos is very easy to do a little more complicated perhaps than doing
surveys in the channel community but You can make this very nice from here
and the cutest thing about all this is that no no requirement is not that you have to have
thousand subscribers or 2000 subscribers to be able to do the surveys in the
videos in the videos can do survey that is created a channel I was
in a video and automatically they can now go and do the survey in the video without
no requirement so that the most cute that has this there is no
requirements to do surveys in the videos good
it’s that easy to do surveys in youtube videos and the cutest thing of all
this is that there is no requirement for do video surveys only
they have to have your channel so have zero subscriber upload a video and you can now
do a survey on your video good people I hope you liked it
I ask you to serve them and if you liked this video comes out a freedom the active channel
the bell and nothing more to say just see you at my next
video bye


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