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Creating an Interactive YouTube Video for Your Online Course Website

October 15, 2019

Hey this is Sabrina and I’m going to
show you how to create an interactive video for your online course so what
you’re going to do is you’re going to sign up for a free account with Vizia
and once you sign in you’re going to go ahead and click on new video and then
it’s going to have you pull a video url now they currently support YouTube and
Wistia so you want to pull a URL from there so I’m going to pop over to
YouTube and find a recent video that we have on here so let’s go ahead and do this
that one isn’t happening yet so let’s go ahead and do this one
nobody knows where great ideas come from that’s a commercial okay so I’m gonna go
back over to Visio paste the URL hit continue
and then it’s going to go ahead and load the video and you can see when I hover
over this bar at the bottom you have the option to add a quiz, a poll, a response
or a call to action so what you’re going to do as you play your video
there’s going to be a little orangie looking bar that’s going to go across the
bottom of the screen and that will go ahead and allow you to get a visual of
where you might want to put your interaction ad based on where you’re at
in the video [won’t even have to use the code directly we’re simply gonna install
a plugin] okay so we’re not going to go through the whole video but I’m
going to do some as examples here so let’s say I want a quiz in this section so I’m
going to go ahead and say since it was the correct answer yes no or maybe and you
want to choose what the correct answer is so I’m going to go ahead and say that
the correct answer is this first one yes okay and what that I’ll do is at the end
of the video it’s going to give you a prompt that will tell you whether you
got them right or wrong okay now you have this little orange
placeholder for that interaction so you can always click on that and edit or
delete the interaction that you have on the video I’m going to go ahead and add a poll and in this one there is no right or
wrong answer because it’s just a poll then I’m going to do a response this is something that you want them to go ahead
and answer and type in so your question could be tell me a story about why okay
and then I’m going to go ahead and add a call to action on here and this will
take them to another website so you just basically fill out the
information that it requests your button your URL your question and then they
will go ahead and pop a little quiz okay now we’re going to go ahead and do
a preview of this guy so you can see what it looks like it might not be a living cuz I didn’t
save it so let’s do edit name okay now let’s go ahead and try it here we go so I’m just going to skip
ahead to the questions so what is the correct answer yes no or
maybe if I hit maybe it won’t tell them whether it’s right or wrong until they
get to the end so I’m gonna go ahead and just hit yes and if
you didn’t see they do have a skip option so they don’t have to actually
answer it okay so i’m going to continue the whole thing
and then here’s the call to action learn what you need to know
for success on keto diet get started here if they do that it opens ups the URL
in a new tab i’m going to let it through the end you scored 1 out of 1 so who because
there was only one quiz there was only one option for them to get right so if there were more quiz options then
they would have a higher score or a lower score depending on
what they answered so that is the preview of the video here
one other thing that you have on here is the option to embed so you can either
share the link with people or you can embed it and I’ll show you how to embed
it into your course here in just a second and then it will also log the
responses in a sheet and I believe that the only way that it will track the
responses is if you force them to register at the beginning so if I turn
that on and then look at the video it forces them to enter their name or an
email before it will let them go to the video I don’t think that would be the
best for your course because people are going to get really annoyed with that
quick I think so I’m working with Vizia to see what our options are there so
that way they don’t have to force put in their information every single time so
it does look like you can append the name and email parameters into the
iframe URL so it is a little techie so I will look into that further and create a
video for you guys on that but in the meantime you can take that embed code
and you can go into your into your lesson and hit add code and paste that
code in there and that’s going to go ahead and put that video in there for you now we have an additional code that we
did record a different training video on for you on how to make the videos
responsive inside a teachable because they’re not responsive
by default so you can definitely check that out if you would like a responsive
video but here is an example of what the video looks like responsive inside of
teachable with the the calls to action here so if I were to shrink down my
screen the video is going to also shrink down with it
you can see that we have everytime that our questions on here
want to submit a pin so there we go so here’s one of our quizzes I’m going to skip it
pinscription here if you place it on a board here’s another question so this one is
just a series of questions with a call to action at the end so that’s an
example of what that looks like inside of teachable and that is embedded from
Vizia directly also using our source code to make it responsive and that is
pretty much it this is a really really cool tool definitely check it out if you
have any questions let us know and thank you so much for watching

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