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Data Science in Hindi

November 8, 2019

What is data science? Is data scientist is the upcoming thing in the future? Will data science destroy digital marketing? can digital marketing and data science work for hand by hand? What is it? In this video, I will explain everything about data science. If you noticed I started a playlist on CRM and the name of that playlist is data science Basically, I was just trying to introduce with numbers and want to make you understand how to play with numbers. The first step for data science is to excel. you need to be good in it to grow in data science. But first, try to understand what data science is Data science means we have taken a marketing strategy by analyzing the data. The same thing I told you in growth hacking We have taken large data and analyze it and then we take a decision So this is data science now it is all up to you where you make it. You can make it on programming, excel or any other platform Now, there are two big things in data science. One is AI and the second one is machine learning You own a small company and I teach you how to make CRM so what you do is you will hire someone and tell him to collect data on a regular basis I told you in growth hacking that you need an atleast 5k-6k database to analyze it properly Once, you collect that number of account then you can easily make it on excel and then work will be done But think you have a lot of data. For example, you are trying to analyze google’s data or trying to analyze the data of that company which has over 100 branches And the daily data from each branch is more than 1 lakh so would you able to make it on excel sheet? Maybe there will be many things which will be work on the monotonous basis. The first addition will be done and then subtractions and the process will keep going Do the same thing on Programming instead of excel so you will be called a data scientist Which is called machine learning. Machine learning means machines are trying to learn how people behave Like I just said “OK Google” So in many phone, it has been opened and on some phone, it didn’t SO after that machine realized it didn’t open Whenever we do chat on WhatsApp they ask us for the rating. Some people give 2star, some give 3 or 5 start and different. So on the behalf of that data, they try to analyze and data on a broader vision There are various factor on which they try to analyze like how was the connection, what was the device specifications and many more On excel we can only consider 2 or 3 factors and if we want to consider more than that so we have to set up big software SO that’s why this thing has been shifted to Programming so we don’t need to spend money on complex software while analyzing the big data Engineers students know very well that we need to use stats in order to analyze bigger data In the past when technology was not updated then stats were used to analyze data, This is the reason we are still learning about stats But now the software has made on which we have to put the stats and answer will come up on the screen automatically But suppose we have to make a thing for which no software is available so in that situation we will make our own code like we generate formulas in excel. Then we will use that code to execute the data of stats The number one benefit is our product will improve People will give ratings to WhatsApp so in this way, we can give data to the machine that you are no working fine and doing things in this way ultimately work will be improved If there’s a service industry as you know about the recent incident If a specific store is getting bad reviews so the overall company can see that it is not a good thing That’s why A big brand always ask you for filling a feedback form after using their services In the old days, the feedback form was used to fill manually on papers that’s why companies hire people for data entry. They just write down all the data on the excel sheet. But where all the data go after compiling? Suppose there are 50 stores in Delhi 50 in other states and there would be one person whose duty is to collect the data of all the stored in Delhi and the same thing will happen with other states Then thee would be one person who will put all the files together and then he will try to analyze the data in a broad term He will try to figure out what people like or not. Are they liking our new product or not? You even can’t imagine how big this thing is. In everything data science is using It doesn’t matter you are selling a product on Amazon or you are buying a from there. I am only talking about big companies, not small ones I am talking about only those companies who have a big database Data science are everywhere like if they want to improve their product, service or even their process For example, you have a machine which manufactures something So a person would be there who will analyze where the machine is lacking and how much time it is talking and many other things. More videos will be uploaded on my channel related to data science. The whole series will be made like the Digital marketing playlist. Coding is also the part of data science that’s why I started teaching about web development Everything in this channel is interrelated People are asking for web development series. I will make it soon. I will make all the modules in a single shot and then videos will be uploaded on a regular basis But data scientist doesn’t mean they will become a coder A role of a data scientist is analyzing the data and then take a decision The data scientist also does A/B Testing as we digital marketers do. If we are also running ads on the data-driven approach then we also called digital marketing scientist. That’s why I called my students that they are digital marketing scientist So what we do is we take a large data and do A/B testing For example, I am showing two types of an ad to people. One ad is related to orange candy and the second ad is related to mango candy. So there would be many people who will like mango candy So after analyzing the data I will increase the manufacturing of mango candy and lower the manufacturing of orange candy So these are the works of a data scientist But in starting things won’t be like this but overall control will be there. In the future, all the big companies will be work on the data-driven approach Whenever you go to a mall and many times people offered you a free sample of a product and only ask you for filling a feedback form so what they do with that? They analyze data and take a relevant decision. So this is the data science If you have any doubt so ask me in the comment box so I will make next video on that topic Otherwise, I will make videos according to my modules and answers to your problem will be given in the next video So All the best and kindly watch my marketing series so your mind will open and you will be able to think more clearly and deeply about the things I hope you like this video. Share, comment and don’t forget to like. Good night and good morning whenever you are watching this video


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