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Day In The Life of a Pro Dropshipper | Hirak Avenger

February 12, 2020

yes I am my Starbucks right now good morning Avengers
I am the owner of the 3 dropshipping website and owner of the world’s number
one earning Channel Hirak Avenger and This is day in the life of a pro dropshipper before starting make sure to subscribe and
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video images at the first I just gotta be ready for going to my lunch right now
have a look how i have dressed up hay guys I’m just out there for having my
lunch right now I don’t cook food here’s a little bit Sonia what
many what I am do in the place that has bought it
as you know I don’t know how to books I come out every day for having some food
outside I don’t I prepare for this day I’m having some juices here some I have
eaten something on visa is there and some chicken
that’s it for next time I’ll have something else I will show you I’ve been
talking with me afterwards guys from my home my reaching my home again so let me
have my mainly the first so guys I am back at my place right now I had a good
lunch if you have already seen I need to get good sleep right now because after
every day after having my lunch I try to sleep because after getting ZAR getting
up I need to take or manage my two clients store as you already know I mean
to make my YouTube videos and all so I need to have a good and proper sleep one
thing guys I want to speak with you that I cannot make food seeking other either
I my order my food from outside or ate my food inside but I am NOT able to cook
my fault that’s one bad thing for me okay I’ll be telling us something about
me later in my videos so that now right now I am going to sleep
so catch you their words afterwards so let’s get sleep bye good evening Avengers so I have just got
up from my sleep quick snip now and I need to work so hey guys I’m at my Starbucks right now
so I usually spend my time outside coming outside to get some fresh air
also I usually come here for having some coffee and all and most and I’ve spent
my time working here so most most important part of this is having left
office I can work anywhere and most interesting part of this dropshipping is
that you can work from anywhere in this world and anybody there is no no
boundaries are required no stores are required and no likes offices are
required for this so I usually work from here only in my laptop you can see here
laptop is here I’m working now I manage my store sir
and that’s it and most important part of this is I love this coffee out there
they are they’re pretty good coffee out there I’m having them cappuccino another
so I tell you this not tell me properly so now it is I think so this is the most
favorite part of my day because if it was out there working in home I share in
some good coffee makes it difficult so let me have my coffee and I’ll be
talking with you at night what I’m doing some questions are answering some
questions on that you asked to me so state your this so for now I will stop
in my work right now hiding to quickly grab my dinner bits time to grab my
inner Hagen’s I have toast my laptop right now which I was working so now I
will quickly change my dress and get ready for having my dinner so stay tuned
with me guys a bad meeting sometime I’ll quickly show you a time stem of how I
have got ready for tonight just
see guys illustration see
the outside I’ll tell you
forget the major equipment so getting some so in this video we’ll be talking about
some of the questions that I have gone in my drop screen groups where I’ve
shared my videos and all and in my comment sections that have come that at
that time I was not able to answer all your questions so let’s get started so
the first question that I have got is Who am I as you have already known that
my name is hillock I am the owner of the tree drop shipping websites that is
currently running right now and the owner of the world’s number one YouTube
channel here a vendor for earning money online so that’s it the next question
that I have got is why I have started my youtube channel so it’s actually very
interesting slowly guys that I want to share with you it’s never bought to one
year earlier that one where I was talking in my drop shipping loops in a
personal message actually from that I have got from some of the top speed
ropes so that time he was talking with me that he want to get started on drop
shipping on but he don’t know how it was started he don’t have that much money to
invest in forces or all that people was shredding and outside so I thought of
okay I have something experiences in this drop shipping that I can share with
him that may help you improve his in his car get started will drop shipping
journey so I have submitted channel so my prime expertise are Facebook ads
and Google ads and and store building mobility and this thing is my expertise
but what I’m expertise are Facebook Ads that I have I ratafia something about
the Facebook edge guides when I’m start and I’ve just started that time that was
my stove was in a loss that they might go on about Facebook ads and all that
ever started with interest targeting there other people were saying but you
have to remember that guys before if you have don’t have that much budget or not
starting I don’t have that much budgets and all I started with very little
budget of around thousand dollars so everyone was telling their thousand
dollars is enough and all okay so I’ve got started and I have started my say my
facebook actual interest targeting induce traveling if you don’t know if
those targeting means targeting a particular amount of sessions in a whole
Facebook that will be target and we get saints yeah I have got some sales I have
got the sales on the first day and my first sale was from UK and you do not
believe guys the first sale that have come to my store I was literally to you
very very happy because you don’t know the people that are purchased from you
the people don’t know you they know your store and they are not for my country I
am selling outside the world outside to the whole world sitting in my hometown
plays in my pajamas that very very interesting topics and that
guy have asked me that he was I think from America and all I will have no more
till now that guy was asking me he want to start
the drafts mean journey and all so I said oh you can get started that much
money is required but he was telling me I don’t know where to start how good or
not and then I actually can use do it for me then I asked him okay I need to
get if I’m giving some time particular for you there will be lot of people out
there that once got started in drop shipping and but don’t know where to
start and all so I can give you share my experiences with you and one more thing
from that is there I will never make any course and all I my every contents out
there will be free of cost but either one more thing if then also by video
from my videos also if you cannot have an answered if you have not get all the
answers answered then I’ll be creating your store literally for you that you
cannot get failed with this thing because what I think is many people
after learning the courses also they do the things something wrong that they
those person for rectifying these things so I don’t want to go though these
things and all I will managing all your stores everyone that have that I can do
either my all my videos all the video contents out there are for free of
course and only for you I will never make any course in all for you because I
don’t like week any course and all I was just sharing with everything
I was I was rather I would like to share with all my videos and experiences with
you that I have got from this phase with it’s and that’s pretty good that I have
got my facebook ads and all all these experiences I will share with you what
Facebook Ads I will try to share all my experiences with you in this channel so
make sure you subscribe to this channel right now so the next interesting
question that I have got is why on the dropshipping why you have not started me
on the business so in I have not only started dropshipping in the past its
option we have started around two years back and we before that I have gone four
different different businesses out there I have tried every other websites that
people were telling that you can get money through I have worked in those
things but I’ll give you some very honestly about me about all this
website was there is no money that was meeting through this websites and all or
the money which I am I was making was very very less that I was not able I can
only buy a cup of tea from that that’s it that much money only you can make
from other websites so I am not much interested for going to this because I’m
gonna share that a vault actually and all my videos you can see mod only those
videos that have worked for me I have shared with you guys and it will be
always for you haven’t want to share a cab and all these things for getting
some views and all but that’s all weather started to us from now why I
have started my dropshipping I have before starting drop shipping I star I
have gone thrive air as well I have told you earlier I have gone to different
different businesses I have started with every other websites out there that they
told and that is staying there there mom can make money from that next I have
scorn through wheat corn mining and all I have done that thing also I was not
able to make any bitcoins and all I was not able to make
money from that so I stopped that one everything and I was searching in there
and I got one unique concept this drop shipping I’ve I am a seller of amazon
also if you don’t know I am a sell and sell of Amazon also I have started
selling in Amazon but thing is that in Amazon is whenever you are sending
something you are placing when your order is getting placed you need to ship
those orders at the first then after the product is then shipped you will get the
money to your background that is the very very thing very very hectic thing
that I have got from Amazon that I’ve not gone again in the emotional so I’ve
gone through people are doing these things but I don’t like I’m not built in
my future also because that time I was searching for something that would mind
that I can get my money first then I can shift all those orders and
all that’s my prime motto for this one so I have got drop shipping and it was
very easy for doing starting my e-commerce business online so that’s it
that’s why I started my youtube channel now sorry
that’s where I’d go with drop shipping that’s it
so the next question that I have got is m IM linear am IA Minaya know where i am
not a meeting at till now but in the future
and I’ll be sharing with you everything so recently I’m going to start skinny as
I have already told in my earlier videos that I’ll start once one store of my
clients that I’m currently managing for the store right now I am just start I
have made the homepages customer per pages of the store I am managing two
stores right now for my clients and I’ll be starting the ads on fire on February
5th the 17th or section something wrong or 18th something near about and I’ll be
live sharing with you different statistics I have been taking those
stores from zero sales to at least thousand-dollar all day
that’s my goal let’s see how can I get and how I will do it and if I can
achieve it that theater on I Britian pretty sure that I can achieve those
results very soon so I will be sharing with you in this
video everything so stay tuned with for this video in this channel on it and by
the way if you like me making more vlogs like that then you can comment me and
what this is was this video if I am getting more views and some comments
that I can make I should make more rocks like
then I’ll start making more rocks like this
the next reason that I have God is what is my future goals like every other guys
I want to scare my stove to the moon and make it blow up and my youtube channel
should can blow up by this and man should start coming so the next
interesting question that I have got in my comment sections and I was not able
to answer those one because I don’t have time this one so I’d be unsired in this
why don’t you use a good camera why I’m not using a good camera so else actually
I was not much interested into it for making videos and all I was not much
interested in these things so I thought of okay let me wrap up whatever things I
have with me I can start with my camera on date that my I’m using on my phone
but now I am thinking that I am loving this video making process talking with
you guys people are asking me questions please are helping these things or some
of the questions they are asking to me I am now literal thing you and I should
buy a camera what do you think I should buy a camera right that’s why you have
axed okay in recently I will be buying someone good
good type of camera and I can I will shoot those video for you and I’ll keep
on making this videos and all because I am literally loving we are talking with
you and making videos on YouTube that I am loving so I will start I’ll be buying
a very soon that manga have asked one girl I think a guy I have asked I fear
that much money making and making that much money why you are not buying any
good camera I will be buying a recent very soon
don’t worry but one thing I am to share with you guys my gran and my quality may
not be good but my content are genuine and if you can follow this con same
exact strategies over Facebook ads store making processes and everything I
definitely can do you can will get good results and if you are doing it
everything correctly him the drops returning s one thing you should
remember everything out there in your store should be perfect from starting
from your Facebook and starting from your mobile setting them in name they
are product page home page descriptions everything should be perfect then all
the people will buy from you that’s very one thing that is very
easy thing but you should have done make me do everything correctly then only can
get those tons of results so the last questions I haven’t talked with you
about is how you have started your drop shipping journey okay so as I have
explained you earlier only that I have gone through different different
businesses out there I have started a Bitcoin mining different websites and
all and in Amazon’s my Amazon seller also I verified among Evan server I have
sold some products on Amazon but thing is that the issues what Amazon seller
was I that I don’t like was whenever somebody is purchasing from us that the
products are in the ship first that means I need to have lots of inventory
with me at the first and then when someone purchases from me I need to ship
those item to them without getting the money and if he returns OMA that item
again that I will not get money you know but I cannot choose some products in or
whatever is that I don’t like that much much after my person
delivered that after two days of three days that money was going to hang on
that I didn’t like any at all and the drop shipping concept that have come to
me is was very exciting and thrilling for me because I was so moist sitting on
my pajamas in my home I can start selling whatever products every person’s
out there in the world that you purchase from me it was giving me some kind of
kicks and all sighs started those things and how I got started so I have already
told you this thing and I have started my Rushton journey with thousand dollars
and all my first store I had failed in the first course as because I have
started this was Facebook interesting targa into s targeting because
Facebook intro strategy if you don’t know is Facebook and respect our intro
studying is something you will choose some particular strong section of the
people in Facebook and show advertising through advertisements to them
particularly to those kind of people that you increase your cost and cost of
purchase per purchase I thought I don’t know earlier but now I have known so
starting I have got some sales with this intro struggling noise shoes with the
interest earning if you have lots of money but I have started with very low
project at all and with those budget I cannot start by was not I shouldn’t have
started interest targeting that I am now understanding but if you have lots of
money and if you don’t want to build up your phase of pixel you want to build up
your fills of pixels by getting sales you can start with Facebook interest
targeting and to show this ads to some particular session of peoples but right
now what I am doing is I am doing with video views and start starting with
relax now for my experience I am gonna tell you guys the Facebook ad works very
best at Google X only look alikes is the best thing of Facebook ads that you
should have to go up very fast after and next second started for the Facebook ad
should be for you is getting hundred sales and from that building up your
purchase the collapse audience if you have got that stage you can scale your
store to the moon I’ll tell you guys you cannot believe and recently I’ll be
starting I have started one drop shipping store for blue or for
one of my client or other to drop shipping stores and my plans are to
scale these toes to the moon and that would be live instead I’ll be showing
you live statistics in this store I cannot show you then I’m going to tell
you the name and all so first off form either I started before two or two years
back it is called failed totally failed for this but I got something that for
the first day I got my sales from UK that have given me something that okay
it is having some potential with me so I should start scaling this thing and all
I should start seeing how to do it more properly so I have done this thing so
that’s how I have gone through I’ve started my drop shipping journey with
thousands of a thousand dollars and my friend Liam store but now after with all
the experiences are from the first store I have started the second store so I
will tell you something about what about my stores first store was my general
store second store was a general restore and now I am running currently a help
and with this one I have made my brand of mine but it was it is a still a drop
shipping brand on me but I have made one custom logo and in all my invoicing I am
as I have told earlier that I am using silk road for fulfilling all my orders
for top shipping and I am giving a custom logo for liking brand in my
invoicing that’s pretty good so I am running this store again I’ve started
those of failed store because for me my every store is like my baby
and I have done this thing with all my efforts and all one thing I will share
with you from my experience is that everything for your stove and starting
from your Facebook guests everything should be perfect then only some person
will be buying from you and I have got sales with my experience I’m telling you
this thing guys I have primarily been selling to us UK
Australia and Brazil these are the some countries that I have got and you know I
discarded the four countries that I have got didn’t know most of my sales that
have come through and once I’ll have come one know some of the sales have
come to my email email marketing also email marketing is also a good thing but
I will share with you the from some marketing out there that facebook
Messenger marketing or some of the marketing else’s there SMS bump and all
but I haven’t made ins any sales from that till now but let’s say I will be
showing you that when I’m scaling the stores to stores
I had the stores been build up property product a page has been described as
proper but I will be starting those ads very recently and fair and fab something
so that’s it for question and answers I hope you have got I can cover all your
questions if you have more questions then kindly comment below in my comment
sections I will be loving to answer all of your questions very fast and if you
love making me the open ark some kind of rocks like that I am making right now
then make sure you comment in my comment sections and
make more vlogs so I will be get to getting more vlogs out for you guys so
that’s it Avengers so why sorry one more question that I
wanted to have me you have may ask me do I ever ever tells me how to talk with
you why you have started Avengers where you’re calling us Avengers and all so I
think you are Avengers you have done so much thing in your life
now just thing is that you should start you have started dropshipping journey
and work like an avenger so I am calling with your Avengers and I am your coach
for this run as York Avenger I’ll be guiding you through all of your paths in
your dropshipping journey so make sure you stay till the end of this video and
keep on watching with my channel I’ll be uploading more videos in this for you
guys so that’s all about questions and answers for you guys I’d be answering
more questions in my next video basically here only I am doing all my
videos and all this my so you are not story or time in my small place of my
home I’m doing this thing if you want to see how I’m making money online then
make sure to check these two old videos out right now


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