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DBPOWER 12V DC Portable Electric Auto Air Compressor Pump Amazon Review – Tips For Safe Driving

October 10, 2019

Hi! I wanted to share with you my review of the DBPower 150 psi, 12-Volt Air Compressor. It’s a portable car tire inflator, and this is something I’ve been wanting to get for quite a while. I have an old one. It doesn’t work very good. It hasn’t worked good for a long time, and so i’m ready to retire it and get something that is really good. Hopefully this is it. And full disclosure, I did get this at a greatly reduced price from the distributor on Amazon, in return for an unbiased review. And that’s what i intend to give – an unbiased, truthful, factual, Honest-to-God-What-I-Think review. First, I’m going to show you some of its features, and then I’m gonna actually use it and see how it works for me. This is what it is: a DBPower DC 12-Volt In-Car Air Compressor. 150 pounds per square inch (PSI). Three types of high air flow nozzles and adapters. It runs off of your 12-Volt lighter socket. And the back shows the parts of it. PSI Scale Panel, On/Off Switch. It’s a 20 Inch Flexible Hose, an Easy-Press Valve. 3 Meter Plug Cord. And a 12-Volt Lighter Plug. It’s got a good feel to it. Feels good and solid. There’s the Air Hose that stores away on the side. The Power Cord stores away on this side, as do the 3 High-Airflow Nozzles and Adapters. So that all stores away really nicely and out of the way when you’re not needing it. There’s the other adapters and nozzles. The metal one there is used for inflating basketballs and other sports balls. The head on the inflator hose looks pretty solid. The hose itself is a braided material, so that looks pretty strong, too, and the housing on the inflator seems to be a pretty sturdy ABS plastic. I’m gonna get out and fill up my tires now. If you’re not sure if your battery is in really good shape, you might want to leave your car running. Or if you have a smaller car or, just to be on the safe side. leave your car running. So i’m gonna do that. So take the cord out of the side of the inflator, and plug It into your socket. And it lights up tg indicate that you’ve got a good connection. All my tires right now show around 30 to 31 pounds Per Square Inch. So I’m gonna fill them up to about 34 or 35 PSI. There is a mark on the gauge for 35 pounds per square inch, so i’m gonna shoot for that. The DBPower 150 PSI Tire Inflator has a 3 meter cord. So you’ll be able to do both tires on one side very easily. That’s about 10 feet long. And then switch out the other door of your car and do the other side. Then pull out the air hose cord from the other side of the inflator, and get that fully extended so there’s no kinks in it. And then we’re going to put this over the air valve. Push it on there until we hear air coming out and then lock it down. We’ll push down on the lever to make sure it’s secure. There’s a little air sound there, so then lock it down, so it’s on there securely. And you do all that first before you turn on the inflator. Right now, the gauge is showing the current air pressure in this tire, which is right at about 30 pounds. That’s also what my gauge said in the car. So i’m gonna turn it on and leave it on until it gets up to that next notch, which should be about 35 pounds. The instructions did say not to let the unit run more than 10 minutes at a time. If it runs for 10 minutes, then you should shut it off for 5 minutes before you start it up again. So i turned it off right there. It shows actually a little more than 35 pounds per square inch. And I’m gonna check inside and see what my gauge in the car says is in this tire, and see how they compare. That first tire I did was the right rear and right now it shows 36 pounds per square inch. I thought I might have gone just a hair over the 35. So I think that’s really pretty accurate, and I can just release a little more air out of that tire until it says 35. So I’m gonna do my other tires. It’s nice because you do have that built in tire gauge. You can always just put it on your tire to check and see what pressure you do have. And the right front tire shows 36 also. So that gives me an idea that my gauge in here might read about 1 psi higher than what the gauge does on the inflator. And this is my last tire. But that took a minute and 15 seconds to inflate that one tire. And that’s been pretty consistent all the way around my tires. I’m gonna check out what my tire pressure monitor says inside for each of my tires. 35, 35, 36, and 35. So the only one I really got off from what my target was the left rear. So I’m gonna let just a little more out of that left rear tire. I’m gonna assume this gauge is fairly accurate, and I’m gonna test it later with another actual tire gauge. I’m actually pretty impressed with how good that worked. I feel like the built-in gauge is accurate. It’s gonna give you a good idea of how much air pressure is in your tires. It was also pretty quick. A minute 15 seconds-20 seconds at the most to do one tire. That’s quick for a unit of that size. I believe this is something that everybody should have in their car at all times. It’s really reasonably priced. I got this on Amazon. I think Retail Price is about 25 to 27 dollars, somewhere in there. It’s definitely worth the money! It’s great to have. It’s very handy, and it’s a big safety precaution to keep one in your car. So, definite thumbs up for me. If you’re in the market for one of these, and I think everybody should be, check this one out. It’s definitely a good one. There’s a link to this product on Amazon in the description below. Thanks for watching this. I’d appreciate any comments that you might have about it, and if you haven’t subscribed to my channel, please do that too! Have a great day, take care, and Be Safe!


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    good idea for justin who travels all the time, I ll tell David about it.

  • Reply Steve Pulaski January 19, 2019 at 10:58 pm

    Appreciate the video. Just got one of these for free, so this was extremely helpful!

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