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Dear Monat Hun What If antiMLM Is Right? | antiMLM

February 27, 2020

hello and welcome my name is Alanda
Carter and I am the recovering huntbot I create anti MLM videos so if
that is your jam go ahead and hit that subscribe button make sure you turn on
that notification bell and give this video a thumbs up today’s video is my
response to some drama that happened last week with another youtuber an anti
MLM err Emily Leia now Emily responded to the
person who reacted to her with so much dignity and grace and I am so glad she
did did a great job girl and others in the anti MLM community also did their
response videos and so I’ve been kind of marinating on this I actually made the
video one time before and I’ve been just kind of thinking like how did I want to
say this I need to redo this so this is my redo so if you want to hear what I
have to say about last week’s MLM drama then stay tuned keep on watching and
we’ll get into it like I said Emily responded with such dignity and grace
and yes I am so very proud of her but when I look at her she reminds me so
much of some of my former students I’m a former classroom teacher in case
you didn’t know that I’ve taught literally I mean from three-year-olds
through college level and now all my former students they’re like married and
having kids and stuff so it’s like some bazaars are supposed to stay you know
little bitty to how I remember them but anyway I look at Emily and I think loud
you know she could have been one of my students and my former students they’re
bright and they’re just you know I’m so proud of what they’re doing and so I
feel very protective of Emily and I’m so glad that other people rallied around
her now what I’m going to say is going to be a little bit different because
when I saw that Monet Han and I did not watch all of her video because I really
didn’t want to give it views and it really you know it’s the typical stuff
that people in MLM say and so I just like you know I’ve heard that before and
why go down that road again so to speak also when Savannah Marie did her
response she did a lot of like you know little clips from it and stuff and so I
got to see a little bit more and Monica did a great job in in her response as
well so I just you know I didn’t watch the whole thing I just didn’t have time
for all of that but the thing is is when I look at that woman I see myself I see
myself when I was a beachbody hon Bob I see myself when I believed so strongly
and so hardly that Beachbody was going to provide this freedom that if you’ve
been in MLM you know what I’m talking about
and if you haven’t been in MLM but you’ve been impacted it impacted if I
can talk impacted in some way because a friend or relative or someone you know
has been involved in some you know it’s rubbed against you then you know what I
mean in terms of you know putting forth this whole vision a financial freedom
residual income and all that sort of stuff now for myself when I woke up I
couldn’t help but see the Sun and before I started doing anti MLM videos what I
was focusing on initially was to help people who were creating online courses
you see I also have a background in instructional design I’ve designed and
developed hundreds of courses over 20 years and I see how people are putting
together courses and I can tell very easily that it’s not following you know
instructional design principles typically people who are putting these
courses together have a background in marketing and marketing is a skill
that’s separate from instructional design it’s not the thing you may know
how to market but you don’t know all the different strategies to use to help
people learn in the way that someone who has a background in instructional design
does well those videos nobody really cared about you know and then because of
everything I’ve gone through with MLM I thought I was going to do some kind of
like law of attraction type stuff so yeah
that didn’t work either and I’m glad that once I saw the Sun once when I woke
up I started digging into multi-level marketing I wanted to know more and this
is the conversation that I want to have with that money hunt what if everything
you believe isn’t exactly what you’ve been told what if we in the anti MLM
community who are speaking out what if there’s truth to what we’re saying now
I’m not saying watch my videos although I do interviews and there are some that
I think could be very helpful to you but I am going to recommend to you some
resources that I think might help you see what we see who have been through
MLM realize what it is realize the destruction it’s causing not just in our
country but across the globe I mean literally everywhere now I’m going to
put a link to these resources in the description so the first thing I’m going
to recommend is dr. John Taylor’s paper and it’s titled I have it written down
so let me look and where is it okay it’s for or against MLM I believe that’s what
it’s called let me see hang on I haven’t pulled up the case for and against MLM
that is actually available on the FTC website but I’m going to put a link to
it and you can look through that in this paper he analyzed 500 compensation plans
I want to say over 500 but I know it was at least 500 compensation plans and I
think that would be very helpful I’m also going to put a link to a paper that
was written by Douglas Brooks and his paper is course of techniques of
business opportunity cult now this paper is in draft form the last time we spoke
but no not the last time we spoke but when he sent this to me he had presented
it at an international conference and I know that he was going to submit it to a
peer reviewed journal I don’t know if he has done that yet because we haven’t
touched on that but I’m going to invite you to read that
as well something else I’m going to invite you to check out and I will put a
link to Stephens website is Stephen Hassan’s bike model because often times
people who are in the anti MLM world will use Stephens model and you know
overlay their MLM experience up on that model so I’m going to invite you to
check that out I’m also going to invite you to check out an interview that
Stephen did with Doug Brooks and also Robert Fitzpatrick and I’ll put a link
to that that’s here on YouTube it’s on Stephens channel also Robert
Fitzpatrick’s website is pyramid scheme alert for Robert is coming out with a
book this year called Ponzi naam –ax and it really it goes into the history
of you know MLM I interviewed him on my channel a few weeks ago so I will make
sure that I put a link to that as well and also to my playlist of hey hun
you woke up which is basically like a podcast that I do here on YouTube but it
also goes out to like ten different platforms that do podcasts including
stitcher and iTunes and stuff like that so I just want you to think what if what
we’re saying there’s some truth to it what if what you believed could possibly
be wrong just the possibility I think maybe there is some merit to what people
are talking about you don’t have to agree with us right away and I know you
probably won’t because this is the thing is someone who is involved in a you know
something that causes thought reform because that’s what MLMs do they caused
you to change who you are there’s the person you were before you joined MLM
there’s the person you are because of MLM and then when and if you do escape
there’s the person afterwards that’s trying to like merge all these different
parts of you together because the person that you really are is kind of like you
know in the closet right now so to speak you’re in the shadows it’s more that you
had like your MLM personality I want to say it was
Margaret singer who said all of this first I can’t remember but Margaret
singer is very big in the world in terms of you know penalizing cults and stuff
so there are some wonderful things that she put out and listening to her and
listening to Chris Shelton I’ll put a link to his channel and I’ll also put a
link to John attacks channel as well they’re both former Scientologists and
I’ll put a link to maybe the fellows his channel as well he was involved in an
Internet cult I actually interviewed him not too long ago as well and we talked
about the law of attraction and you know how it worked for him and the cult that
he was involved in and I talked about it in terms of me being involved in
Beachbody so you know if you just open your mind a crack just a tiny tiny
little fissure of maybe there’s truth in what people are saying I think if you
actually start looking at it from and don’t don’t take my word for it
don’t take some annamarie’s don’t take Monica’s and buy this don’t take Emily
Leah’s word for it do your own research start looking at it critically because
here’s the thing what MLM will do to you is shut down
critical thinking I didn’t realize that when I was involved in Beachbody and at
the time I would have sworn I’m thinking all on my own but what I now know once I
have stepped away and I start you know really looking at what’s going on and I
start educating myself and how other destructive type organizations transform
people I start to see how those things were used on me as a matter of fact not
too long ago I did a reaction video it was on a Beachbody
Team call and I went over the business activity tracker and I showed how the
bike model fits along with that so when I look at this woman I see someone like
I said I see myself I remember when I was so desperate so so so desperate to
maintain my rank now if you’ve been on my channel for a while
know that I made it to the first rank in Beachbody cuz you start out your coach
and then the first rank you hit this emerald meaning you have someone on your
left someone on your right so I had two coaches underneath me but I could not
maintain that you know it was a struggle trying to do that let alone trying to
get people to you know say yes to the products or you know anything else and
I’m not alone in that I have a very dear friend of mine that I met when I was in
Beachbody and she’s still one of my best friends and she’s out of it now and she
made it what – what’s called the diamond level which means that in total because
two people underneath her had to hit emerald but in total there was like 12
people underneath her she couldn’t maintain that Beebe who I did her story
a while back and I’ll put a link to BT’s story she was a top ranking Beachbody
Coach and what she noticed is that you know how you have to duplicate things
they always say that duplicatable that you just follow this process you follow
these steps in Beachbody is the four vital behaviors which includes inviting
personal development recognition and being a product of the product proof
that you are product of the product so as those four things and all of that is
you know serving to transform who you are but be be noticed that what she was
trying to teach her coaches I mean she was teaching she put together all kinds
of things for them they didn’t have the success that she did
now BT came into this entire you know MLM thing already with a network so to
speak and that was through her husband and that’s something that I’ve noticed
again and again and again if you don’t have a network prior to entering MLM
who’s going to say yes you run out of family and friends and my experience
which is very similar so many people’s experience very few raised their hand
and said yes and those who did I think they did it because they just they love
me and they just basically wanted to you know him shut me out kind of a thing you
know he’s like that support that you think you’re going
to get nobody’s really interested in those things and what’s so very
interesting is all of the things that I learned was when I was running around on
the internet trying to make everything work because I did work hard because
something that you did say in your video was that oh and you put it next to blog
about how people just didn’t work and that’s something that people always say
about people who didn’t succeed in MLM you just didn’t work hard enough well
I’ll tell you I did I ran around doing all the things and I know that Monica
did I know that you know Leah did I know that all these people I’ve spoken to
that I’ve told their stories about and other people I just talked to people are
working many hours a week towards us and yes we may know you’re not going to make
a lot of money to begin with and you probably don’t know what my story is
so I’ll truncate it I am a breast cancer survivor when I went back to work I was
working as an instructional designer for an oil company the day I went back to
work I was laid off well fast forward a few months later I met someone who was
my neighbor and she was a Beachbody Coach and said she made six figures so
didn’t but that spoke to me because I lost my high-paying job and I joined and
you know I have cracked many a nuts in my days and figured out how to do things
and I just knew that I could you know figure this out too I did all the things
again and again and again ran around all over the place doing what I was told
looking for you know new advice from other courses and different things it
didn’t work and something that I have noticed is oftentimes when people are
selling their courses one of the things that they will say is though this worked
for me so I’m going to teach you my system and what happens is the system
that works for you doesn’t work for other people and that’s exactly what
Phoebe found out is everything she was teaching people to do that work for her
didn’t work for them but like I was saying in terms of what I was taught
about how you do social Marketing and all that kind of stuff you
know so much of what I was taught there is truth to it but the thing is people
have to want what you have to offer they didn’t want what I had to offer in terms
of Beachbody no one was interested in that people became interested in what I
had to say when I started speaking out against multi-level marketing
that’s what Monica found out that’s what Leah found out that’s what Savannah Mari
found out and so yeah we put out content about this because people are looking
for it people have been burned by MLM check out
our slash anti MLM if you have not been on Reddit go and look and see what
people are saying about multi-level marketing it’s none too nice thank just
for a moment see if you can think outside of your MLM personality and
start looking into it about why is it people are saying these things why are
people speaking out what’s going on there because it’s not that we have
malice for you or any individual who joins an MLM it’s because we know it
depends on endless recruitment and that’s something that Robert Fitzpatrick
goes in on and the you have talked about this multiple times on his blog pyramid
scheme alert org you know as have other people a David prayer is also someone
that I would recommend and his blog is MLM the American Dream made nightmare he
and I talked almost daily at least when we talk often you know and when I went
down this rabbit hole of MLM I knew that I would need to surround myself with
people who had gone before me people who had made an impact in the world and
that’s why I reached out to Doug that’s why I reached out today but that’s why I
reached out to Robert is I myself the kind of person I am and I didn’t do this
with MLM I didn’t do the research that I normally do because I always researched
everything but you know when there is this kind of
mixed up persuasion techniques that are used on you you know you kind of like
drop away those things that you normally may check out and I’m not the only
person that this has happened to so I know that does happen that people just
get sucked in by how its marketed towards you but there’s the truth that’s
out there is very few people actually make any money as a matter of fact with
Beachbody 74% of them according to the income disclosure statement from 2018
seventy four percent who enter are just at coach I want to say it is in the
twenty percentage range I don’t remember what it is exactly but you know make it
to emerald now they’ll talk about are they able to maintain emerald or not but
that goes back to like my friend who wasn’t able to maintain diamond she
couldn’t do it I mean and she did all the things and she joined at a time when
there’s a successful coach by the name of Bonnie Engle she joined at when
Bonnie did Bonnie has been able to build an enormous team my friend did all the
same things that she did what’s the difference my I suspect that Bonnie
probably had some sort of network just like my friend bebe had a network she
had hundreds of coaches underneath her and she wasn’t making six figures I
figured out she was making between fifty to sixty thousand dollars a year which
isn’t bad but that doesn’t account for what she’s spending in order to make
that money and that’s one of the things that you’re never taught in Beachbody
and maybe you know this since you ran your own business before about you know
how to do kind of a balance sheet of you know what comes in versus what goes out
but I want you to start thinking about these things just become open to looking
at some resources outside of the anti MLM community that you see on Instagram
that you see on Twitter that you see on Facebook that you see on YouTube look at
some of the things that I told you start listening to some of these people that
talk about destructive cult on their channels you might all of a sudden start
seeing how those thing techniques have been
used on you also think about if you have built a team how many people are
struggling even though they’re doing the things that you’re telling them to do
how many people leave and then how many people do you need to go and recruit how
easy is it for you to maintain your rank think about those things because there’s
a lot of people who are losing time and money myself when I put it all together
it’s well over ten thousand dollars of what I lost so you know I’m just
offering to you to consider being open to the possibility that maybe there is
the merit in what we have to say and then start doing your own research and
when I look at this woman like I said I see myself I can remember oh gosh I
wanted a friend of mine to get a challenge packet if you don’t know the
challenge pack is at the time it was Beachbody on demand Shakeology which is
on auto-ship which typically most all in all ends it all depends on a lot of a
ship you know so you can get those that personal volume and all of that and she
she was calling it a pyramid scheme and I deflected with of course doing a
pyramid scheme I mean we have a product pyramid schemes are illegal you know all
those things that you’re taught to say I was doing all of that and I had known
her and I mean I can remember sobbing because I was struggling just to hold on
and I wanted to build something so badly and it wasn’t happening no matter what I
did no matter where I went no one was interested and it wasn’t until anti MLM
stuff started coming into my personal bubble and I became interested in this
like well what’s going on here and as soon as I started realizing how people
in MLM are perceived by others that they approach I just went holy crap there’s
something here and that’s why I started researching that’s why
found Doug and I found David I found Robert and started developing
relationships with them because it’s like there’s stuff going on here and
this is not good for people I mean there are so many people that have you know I
think it’s David that told me or that was Robert one of the two of them but
they told me about you know people that they know that attempted suicide or
they’re with someone who did attempt suicide or did did actually make it and
did kill themself I mean people across the world are injured greatly
emotionally spiritually psychologically all the leaves because of MLM that’s
what the problem is is typically if not like people are rushing to go and get
the products that MLM has to offer typically the people who consume those
products are within the MLM because you need PV now they’re saying oh you don’t
need to do this you don’t need to do that but if you want to you know rank up
be paid get those different kind of bonuses you’d better pay into the system
traditional jobs you don’t pay to play but you do in MLM and that’s what we
find to be problematic the pain to pay playing to pay paying to play I can get
it all right playing to pay and the need for endless
chain recruitment and I want to say because I’ve done it with Beachbody and
I put up the little graphic that I made you know I can’t remember the number of
rounds but I think there’s another graphic floating around that typically
is 13 rounds that once you go through 13 rounds of everybody recruiting whatever
that number is on the graphic I’m like I said I don’t remember right now and
hopefully I’ll pop it up on the video when I’m editing um
you run out of people on this globe you know and if everybody can do this
because it’s a low-cost type thing so it sounds great low cost you want to be
your own boss you want to be an entrepreneur but yet there’s somebody
else who is the CEO you’re not really the CEO you don’t make any decisions
about how something costs or what products are
going to be offered you’re just basically a distributor for them you’re
an independent contractor because if you make at least six hundred dollars a year
then you’re going to get a 1099 and that’s you know being an independent
contractor I’ve done independent contractor work as an instructional
designer get the same thing so it’s not the same as you know really being your
own boss so those are some of our concerns I just invite you to just open
your mind to the possibility that what we have to say there’s merit behind it
there is no one who has joined an MLM that I have malice and hatred towards
and the other people who are in the community we don’t have malice and
hatred and just want to ruin people it is the fact that the way these companies
are organized depending on people consuming the products themselves
depending on the people recruiting others that is problematic because
everybody says yes if we play with it that everybody says yes that’s when you
run out of people and if everybody doesn’t say yes that means that people
are not going to be successful and most people are not I also want to invite you
especially to an interview that I did with my friend Dave bond because he
looked at it through economic eyes and there it’s a two-parter and he’s in Iraq
right now so there’s like some you know it’s not the best connection but if you
can just kind of get past that and just drop that and listen to what he has to
say I think it might help I just really want you to think about maybe just maybe
what we’re saying there’s truth to it I invite you to that if you enjoy anti MLM
content that I do invite you also to subscribe I appreciate the time that you
spend with me and remember it is up to us to share our stories share our truth
and get the word out there that’s how we enact change in the world is by speaking
out against things that we believe are wrong and remember change starts now


  • Reply Hollie Tusin February 24, 2020 at 8:04 pm

    You know what’s funny to me is that the moment someone came for one of our own (Emily) we ALL banded together to have her back.. I don’t see many people coming to that woman’s defense.. just goes to show how much stronger our bond, support and friendships are compared to the relationships and support you have in MLM.

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    Woohoo I was the first comment! Go YouTube notifications for actually working lol!

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    Thank you for the shoutout 🙂 and great response!

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    Emily is absolutely amazing and we’re all so protective of her because she’s actually doing good and spreading factual information just like Savannah, Monica, Kylie and all of the community 🖤

  • Reply Hollie Tusin February 24, 2020 at 8:29 pm

    Sorry for the abundance of comments lol but I definitely agree with everything you said and I can tell you, from experience, that having you’re own legit business is way better than selling stuff for someone else. I sell my handmade items on Poshmark and I’m opening an Etsy or EBay store here soon and it’s definitely way more work than I ever did in MLM but also WAY more rewarding too! Great video as always! Love you girl. ❤️

  • Reply Heather Clark February 24, 2020 at 8:37 pm

    I think looks play a big part, a lot of the hugely successful coaches are blonde and skinny and gorgeous. So I think their success is both due to their network and their looks.

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    I had to unsubscribe from EL once I realized her content to ad ratio is completely whack. She gets some good video material to share, but she spends most of her time saying "like, and, um, you know" for as long as she can to get as many ads in. Her vids are very formulaic in that way and I think it's dishonest to call out MLM scams while providing very little by way of commentary in exchange for a lot of ads. The last straw was a video that had two ads in the first 6 minutes, without even getting to the video's actual subject. I'm not saying she's wrong about MLM, and the videos are fun to watch, but the videos aren't fun because of her commentary, those women make fools of themselves and EL just shares it for ad money. Once I joined "Sounds Like MLM but Okay" on FB, I didn't miss EL's vids, because she doesn't do anything except share stuff, and now that I have a source, I can go directly there. I enjoy The Recovering Hunbot so much because she actually provides something to think about, and I'd be fine with more ads because the content is actually meaty af.

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