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Design changes on the UK 3 Pence coin

October 11, 2019

so get a fellow coin collectors this is
Glenn and today we have some UK footprints coins Evernote top one is a
four pence which I believe is called a growth so difference coin is actually an
old UK coin and it has been used up until 1971 when they actually
decimalised the most common it means to have been in use since its introduction
has been this type so here is a 1918 and has a crown on copper for free and that
was in circulation for probably like a 150 years although that crown and the
design has changed a little bit this is pretty much a similar style so let’s
have a look at my earliest claim so it’s 1899 it is and Queen Victoria coin and
as you can see it’s actually quite worn because these are they would have had a
high value at that time even OD we invaded a new bet a dollar 10 Australia
but at the time because there was no safety benefit so it was no government
handing out money whatever money people actually got that actually had the knee
in keep and also wages would have been quite low compared to their expenses so
1899 had a Mindy joy six million two hundred forty six thousand two hundred
and if we have a look at the other side here is the actual bust so this one only
has a few dollar value probably like three or four dollars in value
so really it’s because a million mean teachers actually is over six million as
I said before that is a coin that a lot of collectors don’t want to collect a
higher quality coins are actually quite easy to get for Queen Victoria even
though it actually cost a bit more they’re not too expensive in themselves
then the second coin I have from his design
it’s a 1918 and on the reverse obverse I’ll say not the reverse
first of all Canadians torture v now as you can see it’s quite a warm coin put
in fine condition this coin is a mintage over twenty million six hundred and
thirty thousand 94 so the first two coins actually ninety two point five
percent silver any nineteen twenty UK changed these coins over to fifty
percent to pay for expenses they occurred during the First World War and
has George thief the great Airport honor on them wrecks you die defender in the
Imperial and you’ve got a new Messiah they actually have a translation what
that is and it’s quite easy to tell so on this side looks like it has oak as
the reef and this coin is actually quite nice as on this side has better detail
so the insides are probably look more like very fine grade so that is a coin
what’s valued about two or three dollars because these are highly minted coin
then we have the second month so 1937 they change the monarch to on the
obverse Georgia six and as you can see this is a higher grade but we very fine
that’s my interpretation and actually change the sign as well so they’ve got
rid of the standard one that’s been used for quite a long time and they actually
put in a rose so this is the rose at the back and that is called the
to the rose and then we have the gorge crossed so this represents England and
kgs the initials of the engraver on the side we have don’t worry about that
that’s not actually part of the coins just some stuff that’s actually oh it’s
just a scratch on the actual plastic so 1937 had a mini draw eight million
148,000 and in this year they also started to meet a large brass coin so
here’s a Fiji one pretty much the same type of coin different design now but
this one is pretty much the same shape that they actually issued for the United
Kingdom but the design they actually used before that is also I’ll be
different now this coin was last minted in 1945 and after that date I need a
multiset coins actually issued so before that and I’ll ask the king george v so
this design was first introduced in 1927 to 936 say year before the design down
below and it has oak as you can see and footprints so free pence or click leave
footprints and this coin is a mintage of seven million
27600 these conditions probably only worth a few dollars now because they’re
quite easy to get in higher grades because at this time during the early
20th century people start become wealthier because we just started to
increase our living standards so when that happens people can quite easily
keep lower denominations as high condition coins in their collection and
if we have a look you see obverse obvious means of front and then below is
the reverse of the other coin and as you can see it’s
quite a beautiful coin so that is a showing of the different types of
footprints that were actually used in the United Kingdom and I did have a a 4
pence coin was actually weighs a bit more but he’s pretty much the same
design and the way you actually tell the difference is that this one is Britannia
this one just says the denomination and that’s quite easy to tell even for those
who cannot read they cannot read the letters 4 pence or they cannot read the
number 3 so that is a good way to actually distinguish these type of coins
these Romans are actually rarer than footprints and actually didn’t use them
for a longer period of time and by this time period actually weren’t issued at
all that’s from memory maybe they did
there’s more research yet I did have a set like the 1 2 3 and 4 pence was
issued more jury but not the circulation anyway well I’d say thank you very much
for watching my video and have a awesome coin closed in time people thank you and
bye bye


  • Reply Penguin Gaming October 10, 2019 at 6:11 am

    wow glen those are quite old and probably silver

  • Reply arun pandit October 10, 2019 at 6:29 am

    I have 10 England Indian silver coins for sell 9416513786

  • Reply Penguin Gaming October 10, 2019 at 7:35 am

    Glen what do you think would be your oldest coin?

  • Reply Ricki Christian October 10, 2019 at 10:24 am

    Nice coins. I didn't know there was a four pence coin. I've got heaps of British coins but I've only got a 1943 brass three pence. Compared to the Aussie three pence it is big and heavy. Thanks Glen

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