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Digital Income System Proof How Jeff Ruiz made $32k with DIS in 4 days

September 11, 2019

– Hey! What’s up? What’s up, guys? This video right here is going to be fire. I’m going to peel back the curtains, I’m gonna show you exactly
step-by-step what I’m doing to generate the income that
you see above here below this. I’ve been able to make
over $30,000 in four days. Yes, $30,000 in four days. I know that sounds crazy. I mean, before when I just
started online marketing about seven years ago, my goal was to make $50 a day, that’s it, and $1,000 per week,
meaning 4,000 per month. To be able to hit $30,000 in four days, I know for some might be mind-blowing, but I’m gonna show you when
you have the right system and the right marketing
and steps in place, you can make this happen. So let’s jump in right
now and show you first. So let me log in to the
back office, of course. People want proof, right? So check this out. We jump right over here. Why my face disappear? Ah, there we go. Well, whatever. Keep disappearing. All good. So $32,000, guys. The name of this system is
called Digital Income System, just recently launched, like I said, about five days ago or
something like that. I started marketing this four days ago. As you see here, $32,000. So I’ma get straight to
the point how I did it, the methods I’m using literally right now from the free traffic sources I’m using plus the paid traffic I
used to kickstart this and how to maintain the way
that I’m doing all this. So first thing is I went to this spot. Oh, here’s the other great part
about Digital Income System. They provide free traffic. Of course, I recommend to
jumpstart your business, you do paid traffic also. It’s just gonna combine
because they have coaches here, professional coaches that
close the lease for you so it’s gonna help you blow
up your business faster and a tremendously strong system. Just follow this video completely through, I mean, even take notes. So the first step I did,
I’ma tell you right now. I’ma make this ABC proof. If you’re a newbie or you’re a veteran, you know what’s going on. So these are the capture pages. These are the links that
you need to promote. Capture pages when… I keep disappearing. It’s all right, you don’t
need to see my face. So capture page is where people are going to put their email in, okay? It’s going to look like this. I’ma show you everything. Boom! Looks just like that. So I take that link. I went to a place called is where you
can send out a solo ad. Basically, you tap into somebody’s email and all of a sudden,
the clicks keep coming. So I started off, I’ma
just show you an example but this is a place
there’s a ton of vendors. Simple step. This is step number one I started to get leads to this website. Let’s just pick one right here. Let’s click ’em. You can read his bio, all that good stuff. He has great reviews, went with this. I’m just picking this guy. I’m not showing you exactly who I use, just showing you the place I
went to actually get clicks which is called Don’t worry about it. If you need a link or anything, just hit me up or you know how to get it. I went and chose, let’s see. You choose your date and then
you see here, 900 visitors. I did 1,000 clicks to start off and then what I always
like to do is prime filter. So let’s say right 900
clicks costs me $651, of course, I don’t mind. I’m investing into my business because I’m able to make up
to 12,500 on just one person. This is what’s powerful. And all you do is basically click here, put your link, Add to Cart, and then boom, boom, boom, you are set. You’re set, you pay, you’re going to get a email notification that you paid with your receipt and they’re going to notify you when your email goes out to that list. You don’t even have to
provide a email copy or anything like that. So that’s number one
that I did to jumpstart and be able to do this. Number two. Some people are like, all right, Jeff, you have this huge list, you’ve been online for a while, I know that’s how you got all your sales. All right, guess what? I just sent an email blast to
a small segmented list of mine which was just under 1,000 people, I sent an email to them
about knowing them, showing them about this opportunity. So second resource. First resource I used is solo ads. Second, I hit my list,
which if you’re brand new, if you don’t have a list, that’s fine. You build your list, okay? You start building up your contact list. So two. Now, people are coming into
this funnel, into this system. Now, the system is starting to send emails and all that good stuff, all right? So the next step I did was, I’ma walk you through all this
very simple so you can start, or if you’re thinking about
this or it’s too complex, you’ve seen how simple it is. People make it so much more
complex than it really is maybe because they never had success or maybe they never had
somebody teaching them how to exactly how to get results. And this system has everything. The next step I took, and
I’ma walk you through. I’m actually gonna do a
blast right now for you guys so check it out. I launched the SMS Blast. Basically, that’s a text blast to everyone who’s my new leads, my new leads that came
in, all my contacts. I don’t wanna click it
because I don’t wanna give, the personal information is gonna pop up and I’m keeping that private. So launch. Now what I do is, check this out. Date sent. Today is Tuesday, so the 9th. Time sent, right now on it. I wanna send it to all my leads, the people that have come in, okay? We’re doing a text broadcast. I made a message already. I’m literally doing this in front of you so you can see how easy this is. I already did a text blast, a copy, put in my nice little note pass so I can make this video faster. I don’t wanna keep you guys so long. I know you guys are busy. So right here, I do this. So this is a little message,
sensitive, blah, blah, blah. This video here is to show you
how I made 20k in three days. Believe it or not three
days, that was yesterday. Yesterday, 20k in three days. Today is the fourth day
and we’re on $32,000. Yes, guys, over $10,000 day-to-day. That’s $12,000. Kinda crazy, I know. But now you’re seeing the proof. So check this out. Click here to watch the proof. Then what I’m doing here is I’m giving them a link to my YouTube. Don’t worry, I’ma walk
you through that too. Send message. Now, I just did click send messages, and I’ma do it right now
to show you how it works. You send message, boom sending message. Done! How easy is that? So all my leads now, guess what happened. Now under text messages. Have you ever got a text blast,
you don’t know who it is, or maybe you’re on my list
or something, yeah, that’s me and that’s actually the
system doing it for me. It went out with one click to everybody. Next step I’m taking, I’m showing you all the steps, how easy? Launch. Now, I’m sending this to
my list through email. So I wanna contact my leads through every single aspect, everywhere! Basically, I wanna be everywhere. I did a message already. Let me copy-paste this. Copy-paste it right here. Subject line: Sensitive
Information For Your Eyes Only. If you receive this, you know who it is. I already told you. (laughs) And this is how you mark it, guys. Especially when you
have a system like this, it makes you look like a pro
and it does everything for you. And when the leads are
interested or want a callback, guess what happens? The coaches do all the work for you. You don’t do the selling,
you don’t do the telling, you don’t do the recruiting. The system does it. So now I go here and
then I copy and paste. Boom, right there. So now, congratulations. You’re invited to watch
this special video. You can start generating 500 bucks or more in just a few minutes of
work, all that good stuff, though I’m not gonna read
it all but you get the gist. Everything will be explained here. If I wanna hyperlink it,
basically highlight it, this is my YouTube video right here that I want people to check out. Don’t worry. Also, you can use your
link for this system. I’m just using the YouTube so some people can check out my videos and give value like I’m giving right now, but this is simple stuff. All you do is give you a link. Hold on, let me copy this, copy, and then what I wanna do is
highlight this right here. I want to put the URL right here. Simple stuff, guys. And don’t worry about it. If you’re really interested,
just watch this video. You don’t even have to join this. Whoever sent you this, join them, or you can just use
the tips I’m giving you for your current business
that you have right now. Now, I could erase this. So I go all the way down
and the message ends. “To your success, Jeff Ruiz.” And I leave my Facebook
page so if people… Hold on. Well, I usually leave
my Facebook page here. That’s a waste of time. I’ma keep it like this. And all I do now is click Active
Leads, leave all this out, leave it alone, Send Mail. And boom, now it’s going to
send it out to the 98 leads. Oh, here’s the strong part
about this kind of business is that you don’t need a lot of leads to make a lot of money. Look at 32,000. I know people who recruit
hundreds and hundreds of people and they only made 2,000, $3,000. That’s the big difference
between small-ticket programs and high-ticket programs. So here’s the next step. Now you’ve seen it, solo ad. I went to, I
bought a solo for 900, I got mailed out, I
sent out an email list, you don’t have to do that
if you don’t have one yet but get the paid traffic going, okay? Very important. You got that going. Then, I did a super fast follow-up. Hold on one second. Did a super fast follow-up through text blasting in the system and email blasting in the system, and next thing that I do, I’m showing you exactly what I’ve done. It’s not that complicated. You go here. I’ll go to YouTube, and check this out. Check this out. You click digital. When people search for this company, income system, what happens? There’s me. People want information. Jeff Ruiz right there. Jeff Ruiz right there. You want information. You want information,
Jeff Ruiz right there. Jeff Ruiz right there. You get the point. You see, you get it. So basically, and then they’re
going to do is this click. You’ll see this one right now, hold on. Skip it. And then you’re gonna see more information about this system. YouTube is the fifth way I utilize to get more traffic and
convert people, okay? That’s what’s powerful. And then go to Google,
Digital Income System, ’cause people do their research
to see what’s going on. And guess what you’re going to see right there in the top views. Top view right there, Jeff Ruiz. Boom! Boom! So what YouTube is is a great
way to get free traffic, plus it builds authority in a brand so people feel more comfortable with you. Why? They’re going to watch me on a video. So here’s the next step I’ma do to even take this 32,000 that I’ve made. I’ma go to the traffic source. Next week, they’re working
on customizing new post card. They’re putting new post cards in. Okay. It’s going to be available
to all of us next week, and I’m going to scale
out with the postcards ’cause postcard marking is very powerful. It’s offline. And what’s great about
what they provide here is that it’s absolutely hands-off. So it’s not the postcards get sent to you and you need the labels and the address. No, they have a buyer’s list already. Everything is mailed out
from their warehouse. They’ll send you a sample when it’s mailed out to the
rest of the buyers’ list. So all you do is purchase and everything is sent out for you. It never comes or touches your home. You don’t have to be going to the mailbox or dropping off postcards or going to Home Depot
and making postcards. No, everything’s hands-off. This is why it’s such a passive system. So I wanted to give you the breakdown so you totally understand how powerful, and watch this video again, okay? And of course, I’ma tell you right now because this is not for the tire kickers, this is for the people that wanna change, this is a people that
just wanna put 30 minutes. You saw how fast I did this? And I’m doing the video at the same time. You can literally spend
30 minutes per day, 30 minutes and the system’s done ’cause after this video, guess what. Since I already sent out, I sent out my SMS blasts
and my email blast, I did my follow-up and everything, and the system besides that
is following up with them, I’m done for the day. I’m carefree, hands-off. These are for folks who
wants to be retired also or just want another side income or you want to leave your job. You’re just tired of
grinding and grinding. This is absolutely the solution for you. I am blown away that to be able
to make 32,000 in four days, that’s crazy to me. I’ve never seen such fast momentum, and I’ve been around for a bit. I’ve been focusing on a high-ticket arena for about three years
and I’ve had much success but I’ve never seen
something take off so fast which is it’s crazy in a good way. So I’ma break down the
prices to join absolutely. This is a high ticket, this is where you earn
high ticket commissions, this is where you really make money online if you’re a affiliate marketer or you just want passive income
and wanna leave your job. So the first level you
could come in is at 1,000, next level you can come in at 3,000, next level you could come
in at 5,000, then 12,000, and then the top level, as I
came in, because I’m dedicated. I knew this system would work
because I know the owners. The people who built this, they built very successful
businesses in the past so I knew the execution on
this will be impeccable, so that’s the awesome
part about this, okay? So there you go. And then for those that
wanna know the services and wanna know the platform,
what do they provide, you get a very high-level training. Absolutely. All throughout depending on
which level as you see here. You get all that. Of course, you’re coming
at a 25,000 level, you get all this. Here’s the awesome part right now. If you’re very serious for the time being, I don’t know how long it’s going to last, if you’re coming at 3,000 or
above, so here’s the numbers. 3,000 you’re gonna get jumped up to the 5,000 level for free. You come in at the 5k level, you’re going to jump at the 12k for free. You jump at the 12k, you’re gonna jump all the way up to 25k. Of course, your advantages is to be here so you earn the high
commissions, all right? So now you got the breakthrough. You saw the simple steps
how I’m progressing and scaling this out and
taking those simple steps. It’s not complicated. This whole entire website, when
you join, you get all this. You don’t have to do any
complex technical works, HTML, none of that. So if you want more
information, just ask below, leave a comment, more info, and I will send it out for you. Wherever you’re seeing this, I’ll leave my Facebook. If you’re watching this
on Facebook, message me, like this video, share this
video, but absolutely just, if you don’t even like this
program, it’s not for you, just check out the
training I just gave you. You can use that training
for your businesses. Of course, you don’t
have these advanced tools like you’ve seen. This is a very professional, and any newbie can really
make this system work and I just showed you. And here’s the other thing. If you’re tight on money,
there’s finance options, okay? So you can come zero out-of-pocket if you wanna really go big. So guys, check it out, ask
for info, and I got you. See you on the inside.


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