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Do Not Give Up – This One Secret Will Change Your Life!

November 13, 2019

I am going to share with you this one thing
that I figured out along my online business journey that nobody ever talks about. And this is either make or break your mindset
when it comes to building a sustainable, long term, profitable, online business. Maybe you have an Amazon FBA, maybe you have
a Shopify store, maybe you have a YouTube channel, maybe you run a Facebook ads agency,
whatever business you have and whatever you are going through right now, I know a lot
of people think about giving up. I know a lot of people just want to say, “Screw
it, I am done with it. I am not seeing any type of success.” And all people do, for the most part, is complain,
right? A lot of the posts that you see on Facebook,
if you guys are part of a Facebook group, and even in my very own Facebook group built
around teaching people how to sell successfully on Amazon FBA, there’s a lot of people joining,
I don’t know everybody, but it’s crazy to me that a lot of new entrepreneurs spend a
ton of time complaining about things but not really seeing the big picture. What is the big picture? This one thing that I realized and learned
along my journey that I am going to share with you, the big picture, is that people
fail to realize that every single thing in your business is really an opportunity. I know that sounds weird but let’s think about
this for a second. Let’s say, something went straight to hell. Let’s say, you were trying to sell a product
online, on Amazon, on Shopify, or whatever business that you have and that product failed
or something within Amazon’s terms of services changed, maybe something with Shopify changed,
something changed, right? Some, somebody, some software you’re using
changed the rules and your product failed. Maybe it was your strategy that failed. Whatever it is, it just did not work out. People fail to realize that every single time
when you do fail and that something doesn’t work out for you or if you hit a big road
bump along in your business, that’s it. They think of it as like a totally bad thing
and bad things are going to happen to you. You are going to become broke and now you’re
just complaining, bitching, whining. And you hear all of these negative and unmotivating
kind of comments within these online communities that we have, right? But a lot of people fail to realize that,
okay, in order to really get from A to B, even if you fail, is to first see everything
as an opportunity. What do I mean by this? If we go back to your failing product, let’s
say you launched a product and it failed, that gives you an opportunity to learn more. That gives you an opportunity to find the
right product. That gives you an opportunity to know everything
that went wrong in order to know what actually needs to happen to make your next winning
product. Everything is really an opportunity and the
quicker you realize that, the faster your mind will start thinking smarter and getting
quicker to where you want to be. Even for myself, I have failed many times. I know I don’t show it. There are videos that I’ve done in the past,
on my channel, where I talk about failing with my very first Amazon FBA product. I failed with my Shopify store. I failed at so many other things in life and
throughout all those years and all that time, I didn’t realize that it was an opportunity
for me to become better. To become better at what I do. To find better opportunities. To meet better people. To learn the next best thing in order to get
me from A to B. And now that I’ve experienced so many failures, I know realize, “oh my gosh,
everything that happened that was ‘bad’, everything that I thought was extremely bad and I thought
I was going straight to hell, and I thought I was going to become broke and live on the
streets because I don’t have money.” And all of these random thoughts that popped
into my head, at the end of the day when I actually did succeed because I learned to
not repeat those same mistakes and really get the help to where you want to be, it was
all an opportunity. If I didn’t fail, I would have never figured
it out. If I didn’t fail and lost a bunch of money,
I would not be making money right now. If I didn’t fall flat on my face, I would
not have the opportunity to meet people who can guide along within my journey. It’s kind of like dating, right? I am sure everybody who is watching me has
gone through a bad breakup. It’s like dating. First, you meet someone who is full of crap
and they are not who they are or maybe they are just lazy, they’re not compatible, they’re
just a douche bag, whatever it is. And without experiencing that heartbreak,
without experiencing these bad people in our lives, it’s not going to lead you to the person
that you are with now. Maybe now you are married, you have a really
great significant other and that all came from failing. It came from failing and meeting the wrong
people. Just like in business, it comes from launching
the wrong products. It comes from not following a certain strategy. It comes from not following your coach, whatever
the reason may be, if you fail in whatever area in your life, then it’s just an opportunity
for you to get something better. And nobody realizes this, it’s crazy. I tried talk a few people that I’ve met along
my online journey and I just ask them, “hey, do you see a great opportunity in this?” And the first thing that people say is that
they start spitting out a ton fear. They start spitting out a ton of things and
reasons why it would not work for them before they even gave it a try. And to me, that’s just absolutely crazy because
how can you really say these things and say something doesn’t work and say something’s
not going to become profitable and something is not going to work for you when you haven’t
even tried. And everything that is really holding you
back is in your head. It’s really in your head. And until you start seeing everything in your
life as an opportunity for something better to happen, for something better to come along,
you, my friend, are not going to get very far. Now, I don’t want to come off as offensive. I am not trying to offend anybody but I am
giving you a real talk. This is real talk. And this is not something you can talk to
your friends about. This is not something you can talk to your
parents or teachers about because people don’t teach these lessons to you. They don’t teach you life lessons at school. They don’t teach you what it really takes
to shift your mindset, to think better, to think smarter, in order for you to become
a better business owner. It’s just not something that you pay to learn. It’s through experience. That’s why a lot of the times when people
are scared or they’re feeling like crap about their money situation, it’s really up to you,
as an individual and as a business owner, to change that all around. I mean, getting mentorship, getting courses,
meeting successful people, joining online communities, it’s all awesome. It’s amazing. I’ve met so many people that are successful
that are absolutely killing it in a super short amount of time ever since I’ve been
in business. But really, at the end of the day, it really
comes down to you. And unfortunately, people don’t like to hear
it when I tell them that nothing in life is guaranteed. It’s really not, right? Nothing in life is guaranteed. Maybe your toaster oven has like a 90 day
guarantee on it but a lot of the decisions that we make, everyday in our lives related
to our personal life or business, nothing is guaranteed. If you are afraid of failing, if you are not
feeling good about your current situation, I just want to tell you that you must see
everything as an opportunity. It’s going to happen. Something big, something great, something
amazing is going to happen to you. But it’s all up to you. I never sugar coat that you are going to experience
bumps along your business. There’s always going to be road bumps. I experience road bumps. I still experience road bumps. I just don’t share my negativity online obviously
because I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer. But you are going to experience road bumps
and it’s up to you to finally realize that something better is going to come along. There will be a new opportunity for you. And just stay on the same path. You guys just really have to stay on the same
path. Maybe you are not meant to do what you are
doing. Maybe it’s not Shopify that you are meant
to do. Maybe it’s not your YouTube channel. Maybe it’s not your Facebook ads agency, whatever
you are doing. But I can promise you that if you stay on
the same path, and not give up, you are going to allow yourself to find better opportunities
that you are suitable for. There is something for everyone. There is someone for everyone. I mean, if you think about the last time that
you were really in a rut, when you were really down, something better always came along,
right? That’s just how the world works. If you are a good person, if you are ethical,
and you are doing the things you are supposed to do, and not giving up, you are going to
find that opportunity. And one day, you are going to get everything
that you want. Let’s recap, what did we learn today in this
video? We learned that everything that happened will
present you with a better opportunity. That opportunity is going to be much better
than the last time around as long as you know all the mistakes and all the wrong steps that
you take that ended you up there in the first place. As long as you know that and as long as you
avoid that the next time around, you bet that you are going to find a much better opportunity
in whatever it is that you are doing. I really hope that today’s video has provided
value to you and it has taught you a different way of thinking that is going to help you
progress to where you really want to be. If you have any comments for me, please leave
me a comment in the comment section below. Help me, give this video a huge thumbs up. And, you guys already know, I am here with
you every single week. Watch out for my next video.


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  • Reply Never Gives up November 6, 2019 at 3:57 pm

    Good message Tam and I believe that if you don't give up, an opportunity will be presented. It will be up to you to take it or not. Life is too short to not take chances.

  • Reply Yeev Yaj November 6, 2019 at 4:03 pm

    That's why I love you! Lay it all out there! I'm in the process of troubleshooting why my sales are the way they are too so this video definitely provided value like many of your other videos. Must not give up! 👍👍👍👍👍

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    Hey you! Great video and good motivational attitude. There is a “quote” that I will mention below that I actually live my life by. I truly believe we forget what we are chasing/trying/working hard for, and most of the reasons why people give up is just that. Forgetting the “why”. Unfortunately many people think its a given to always be aware of your “why” and fight for it. But in reality is not. You need to grind your way up to happiness/fulfillment/wealth…This famous quote is what I wake up to and go to sleep with – “I rather regret the things I did, than the things I never tried”.

  • Reply M T November 6, 2019 at 4:46 pm

    I really needed this video at this time in my journey. In August I started with a beauty accessories product but after months of working with a supplier, having samples shipped and redone, I had to abandon that idea due to the fact it wasn't going to sell as well as I first anticipated.
    But in doing all of that, I have learnt so much and am now confident to pursue another product whereas a few months ago the idea of contacting suppliers and customising a product would have been scary and a big unknown. My motto in life is "The learning is in the doing" – you just have to go for it because even if the outcome is different, the process will get you to where you wanna be even if it means taking the scenic route!

    Tamara, I'm a woman a little older than you but I look up to you so much. I'm so glad I found your channel.

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    Failure is apart of the growth process!

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    This video has a great value, has a great philosophy for whom understands about opportunities and failures. Thank you Tamara!!!

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    And someone was upset that their listing was hi jacked…. Most of the replying comments were aggressive saying that they didn’t own the listing , get used to it etc etc … no support whatsoever … jeez no love , or help at all ,
    I quit the forum … negativity not wanted or needed
    great vid as usual 🕺🏽

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    Just what I needed to hear… Thanks for this.

  • Reply 3000Ro November 6, 2019 at 11:03 pm

    That's so true in school and even on university they teach you e.g. how to do calculus, not how to succeed in life. They teach you that risk is bad and you should not take the risk. When not taking the risk (playing safe) is the worst risk you can take! Especially now after 2008.

  • Reply Terry G November 7, 2019 at 12:05 am

    You're young and strong. When your health starts to fail as you get older, you may not discount people's negative feelings so quickly.

  • Reply Lawrence L. November 7, 2019 at 4:06 am

    Not giving up…can be both admirable and dangerous/foolish. It's vital how you understand yourself, and your game goal and how the system harmonically works and dances and synthesizes…all objectively, neutrally. With any lofty goal or ambition that's non-traditional…risks, or high risks, generally follows you close behind. Someone can easily be giving up lost time, money and other opportunity costs. Just make sure that's a risk, or goal, you want to pursue.
    There is no such thing as an overnight, or overweek, or over month, or over year success story. All successful people, Truly successful people, took a decade or more to reach and refine that point. All of these YouTube Gurus…are such bright, happy, chirpy Cheerleaders for their cause. Many, many of their sheep followers will learn the tough way…that life is not necessarily Disneyland.
    Break My Stride, by Matthew Wilder. 1983. Good song.
    Tamara…Tee…should video record herself singing it.

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    Those 2 dislikes (or anyone who gave up, for that matter) failed to see that just because they saw a road bump, they gave up so easily. Move on by correcting what you failed on. Like the saying goes, keep trying until you succeed. Don't give up so easily.

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    Thank you for giving me encouragement.

    I am openning seller account.
    I uploaded my scanned passport and bank statment files a few weeks ago for verified my ID.
    I keep getting an email that it can't be verified and it is illegible. I think about 5 times. Finally the upload change field has disappeared and show as..

    We are unable to verify the documents you provided. As a result, you may not sell on Amazon. We cannot give you more information about this matter, and we may not reply to further emails about this decision.

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    most people around you would like to see you fail. they will rationalize their failure and convince you to become one of them. it is extremely easy for your mind to waver and fall into their trap. i am still struggling with this problem. so it is always good to know there's someone else out there that shares the same value/goal as me.

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