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Don’t Blindly Follow Pinterest’s Promoted Pin Guided Campaign Setup… Do This Instead!

February 11, 2020

I can Google how to set up a Pinterest ad;
it’s super easy! It’s only three simple steps. Hello, my name is Monica Froese and
I am the creator of the most comprehensive promoted pins course for
small business called Pin Practical Promotions. Over the last three years
I’ve had the privilege of working with over 1,000 small businesses on their
promoted pin campaigns. This has given me a lot of insight into where small
businesses, like yourself, go wrong when first getting started with promoted pins.
So today I’m going to debunk one of the top myths I hear all the time about
setting up a successful Pinterest ad campaign. They said, “It’s really simple to set up a Pintrest ad. Pinterest guides you through
a three step process! It’s really as simple as a few clicks. I’m sure you know what I’m about to say: That is totally wrong! Are you ready to find out why it’s a bad idea to blindly follow Pinterest’s promoted pin guided campaign set up? Well, let’s dive right in! The first step in Pinterest’s guided ad setup is choosing your campaign objective. Let’s quickly go over what each campaign
objective means. The first one is to build awareness
and it’s exactly what it sounds like — help people discover your brand, product,
and other services. You get charged per 1000 impressions of your pins. This means Pinterest is optimizing for your pin to be shown in the home feed,
related pins, and search results. It is not optimizing for your pin to be
clicked on or action to be taken, such as an email signup or a purchase on your site. The second is: Drive consideration. Which
means to get more traffic and app installs. You get charged for clicks to
your website or number of app installs and you bid on the CPC, which means cost per click. In this instance, you are telling Pinterest to optimize for the click to your website. The third type is to get conversions which helps you boost transactions to your product or get new email subscribers to your email list. You get charged per one thousand
impressions to your pin and you bid on the CPA,
which is short for cost per action. This means Pinterest is optimizing for the action
a Pinterest visitor takes on your site. The two most popular actions would be someone signing up to your
email list, or making a purchase from your site. Naturally, most people read the
descriptions of the campaigns and choose a conversion campaign to get started. And I get it. Of course you’re looking to achieve a conversion when paying for a promotion, and of course you want to grow
your email list and make money. After all, the main purpose of promoting anything for small businesses is to spend money
to make money. Unfortunately, choosing a conversion
objective for your first promoted pin campaign is a really bad idea.
A traffic campaign is the only type of promoted pin that charges based on
clicks to your website. While you pay for the click, you are still tracking your conversion data. Pinterest is able to optimize
based on your targeting options because the event, in other words, the click, is happening on Pinterest’s platform. Pinterest understands the user behavior when the event happens on their platform, and thus, can optimize better for the targeting you selected when setting up the campaign. Conversion campaigns are based on
cost per action, CPA, in other words, you bid on a cost
per email address sign up, or a cost for purchase.
So this is where you decide: How much are you willing to pay for the email address?
How much is a new customer worth to you? Now, the tricky part is that you are not
charged based on the cost per action like you ARE charged for the cost per
click with a traffic campaign. Now this is a more in-depth topic and I cover all of that in my
Pin Practical Promotions course. For right now let’s focus on how
Pinterest optimizes for a conversion campaign. Remember, Pinterest relies
heavily on the conversion data that fires from your Pinterest tag. In the
notes for this video, you can find a link for how to set up and install the
Pinterest tag on your website. Pinterest takes into
consideration the people who are already converting into email sign-ups or sales
from your site and they work to find more people like them. Since the conversion does not happen on Pinterest’s platform, they require broader targeting
for optimization. So now you’re probably wondering,
“Okay, Monica, this sounds great, but I still don’t understand the problem with starting
with a conversion campaign.” When you’re getting started with promoted pin campaigns, your Pinterest tag
doesn’t have any data to reference to understand who is already converting on
your website. I often get messages from people that
go something like this: “I started a conversion campaign three days ago and my ad budget is not spending.” Or, “I started a conversion campaign three days ago, and there are no conversions.”
Thus, it’s a bad idea to start your promoted pin journey with a
conversion campaign. For your first promoted pin, we’re going
to start with a traffic campaign. Now, you know it’s not a good idea to start with a conversion campaign and you should start with the traffic campaign, so what do you do now? Well, there is a lot to consider, such as, How many conversions do I need before
even starting a conversion campaign? What should my daily budget
be for a traffic campaign? What should I bid for cost per click on a traffic campaign? And how do I determine the correct
targeting for my traffic campaign? I bet you even have
questions like, “Can I run a traffic and conversion
campaign at the same time?” These are all great questions and I answer them all inside my signature
course, Pin Practical Promotions. I offer a free three-day challenge called Pin Practical Ads that can help you get started. Inside Pin Practical Ads, you’ll be shown
how to explode your Pinterest ad results by finding the right keywords to target for your campaign. You’re going to learn how to leverage
exact, phrase, and broad match keywords for enhanced ad results.
You’ll learn how to create click-worthy Pinterest images that convert.
You’ll map out a reliable strategy with proven promoted pin ad funnels,
and of course you’re going to learn how to target the right audience for your
promoted pin campaign. And this is all free and you can sign up right now by going to And if you’re ready to jump in with both feet right now Pin Practical Promotions is the
perfect next step for you. Pin Practical Promotions is your
next-level course for running profitable promoted pin campaigns at a low cost. It’s the most comprehensive program
available right now on promoted pins. In fact it’s really the only course that teaches a complete strategy on how to run
successful promoted pin campaigns. Pin Practical Promotions will teach you how
to strategize your campaigns so you don’t waste money that you can’t afford
to lose. You’ll learn how to set up successful promoted pin funnels that
turn new leads into excited customers. You’ll target the right audiences for
each campaign based on your specific goals, and you’re going to optimize your
website for conversions and install your Pinterest tag in the right places. Not to mention that the most important, is you’re going to read and
understand your analytics report. Then you’re going to use that data to make
your next campaign even better. Using our four part framework
you’ll be handheld through the program. The first part of the framework is to strategize. This is where you’ll map out the
purpose of your campaign and the results that you want to see.
This is where you’ll get very clear on your “why.” The second part is to implement.
You’re going to put your campaign out into the world with detailed,
step-by-step instructions. Then you’re going to analyze.
How is your campaign performing? We’ll dive deep into how to read your results in a user-friendly way
without a bunch of data overwhelm. And last is to refine. You’re going to
continually work to improve your results and scale it for even better results
year after year. You can join us inside the most
comprehensive course on promoted pins at I hope you enjoyed this
lesson on why it’s a bad idea to follow Pinterest’s guided campaign setup without a rock-solid plan in place for
how to be successful with promoted pins. If you liked this video, please hit subscribe! I hope to see you inside Pin Practical Promotions. Bye for now!

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