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Earn $8+ A Hour Worldwide PayPal Money *Worldwide Opportunity*

February 11, 2020

The top earner in the last hour as you can see here has made five thousand forty points using this website now I translated that into A dollar figure for you guys and that’s going to be eight dollars and 33 cents for five thousand forty points Which I’m going to show you the breakdown of how you earn points as you can see here. These are the top earners so If you want to go with average a little bit over a thousand I’m going to show you how you can actually break that down into a dollar figure for you guys for everybody That is new to the channel. This is gonna be our YouTube channel here. We would invite you to subscribe and hit the bell notification Each and every time we release a new video now what we do is we teach people how to make money with affiliate marketing and Make money from home type opportunities which includes websites and outs So Sam, and I would invite you to join our group and be a part of our community Oh also, we have a giveaway coming up on February the 14th. We’re gonna draw a live It’s going to be our third giveaway that we’ve done It’s gonna be this video right here, and I’ve done the video remembering the nine people who had lost their lives in the helicopter crash recently and one of those people was Kobe Bryant along with his daughter so the tragic event and our heart and prayers go out to the families and everybody is connected that has suffered for things loss is really really heartbreaking and Definitely love your family. Love your kids and just remember tomorrow. It’s not promised so this is gonna be some of the videos that we’ve done you scroll down to here and He’s just make money from home videos on different things You can do around the world to make an income from home if you would like to make more money than what these Opportunities will give you we also do affiliate marketing. You can check out one of the first links in the description So this opportunity is gonna be worldwide. It’s a really really great opportunity. I think you guys are gonna have salute I love this especially for the ones who are not from like the US UK in those types of countries Who are looking for more worldwide opportunities? This is a worldwide opportunity for you guys Alright, so hopping back into this opportunity. You can earn 200 points by just setting up your profile You’re gonna earn a hundred points by just doing your profile questions verifying your email address uploading your profile image You’re gonna earn twenty five twenty five and fifty total and 200 points, okay? This is going to be the PayPal payout twelve thousand points You get twenty dollars thirty thousand points you get fifty dollars and as we can see the top earner actually Made a little bit over five thousand points So that wound up being 8 dollars and 33 cents The top earner now for the other people who had made a little bit over a thousand points We can grab a calculator real quick and we can do one thousand but about twelve thousand You get a percentage. It’s gonna be basically eight point three percent of twenty dollars Let’s multiply that by 20 It’s a dollar and 66 cents that they’ve earned basically over the last hour. I Mean if you’re at home, you know, it’s according to where you are in the world If you’re doing it for money You know a dollar sixty six in some parts of the world, maybe, you know pretty decent money But it’s gonna differ from country country on what opportunities this website actually gives you But it’s still in bad for all our crews that we put out there to do some surveys play games watch videos This opportunity is not that bad at all All right. So the company we’re gonna be talking about it’s called Iran’s ooh It’s a rewards website. They’re based out of New York They started in 2007 so you can make money by completing offers taking surveys coupon codes watching videos playing games and your referrals know your firls are also always not only pretty good because you know They make a percent off of what the real referrals actually earn so I might actually look at that for you guys and tell you what you earn and The pound is still the same $1 is equal to six hundred points. So you’re actually getting about thirty three cents by just setting up your profile Games you can earn up to twenty two points per day ten to fifteen minute survey You can earn up to sixty points while referrals you can earn anywhere between 100 and 500 points right here It says anywhere in the world. You can join for free But again, make sure you actually get paid through the available payment options. Anyway join for free all you need is an email address a password or Facebook profile and you’re in So it’s really really cool. It’s another great worldwide opportunity for you guys if you click on playing games You can try to beat the score twenty thousand be entered for the drawing for fifteen hundred irazu points Get unlimited entries for each game played that you beat the score get another entry into the growing So this is like a Ralph Walker is nothing guaranteed If you want the guaranteed stuff, you’ll have to do the surveys or watch the videos There’s quite a few other games. You can scroll down through here and Look at once until you enjoy playing These are the featured videos that you can actually watch you get two points per video that you watch You need to completely complete the video before you actually get paid the points You get the partner videos down at the bottom. You can earn up to 22 points about watching this video I heard another way. You can quickly get some points. Here’s the lock and share on Facebook You get it between 100 and 500 points Well, I can share on Twitter you get between 100 and 500 points and an email saying I was a Razzie You get between 100 and 500 points Then as soon as you click on the referral france link You’ll have your invite code right up here at the top and you can actually click to copy it Alright, these are a few bonuses that you can actually earn by doing daily goals So you daily go number one is earn 25 points in one day You’re gonna get an extra five points If you just scroll down and read some of these who’s gonna be under the daily goals If you complete all daily goals seven times in one month Then you’re not gonna ask 150 points Complete all daily goes 28 times in one month, which is pretty much meaning you’re doing this absolutely every day You’re gonna get 1200 points unless you’re very very active. That’s probably not gonna happen You could probably get this seven times in a month. If you’re doing it through this website pretty frequently So you gonna extra hundred fifty points by doing that? alright So along with PayPal you can actually redeem your awards through Amazon Barnes & Noble at bath you be on iTunes Starbucks Target Home Depot and Walmart, but most everybody enjoys to PayPal So you get PayPal you can do one 800 by skits flowers calm Pet supplies adidas all kinds of stuff so you can just try them through I got pretty much everything you can redeem for so guys. That’s pretty much gonna be it. I hope you enjoyed the video I’m gonna actually let Sam take over for the bonus if you want to make more money than what these Websites and apps will pay you Sam’s gonna go over that opportunity Which is what we do now with this video like I’ve said it is a small amount of money you are getting paid, you know for something that you do and With that it means that once you stop working the money stops coming. That’s what we call trading your time for money Now if you want to break away from that, maybe you want to actually create a passive income Something where you can earn money while you sleep While you’re on vacation or you’re playing on the beach with your family Maybe you’re in the sunset enjoying a drink with a loved one Whatever it is that you want to do with your time, but you don’t want to have to trade that to earn money Then you should check out the link in the description below. It is our first link and it is a newly won Recommended way to make money online and to make it passively Now this is going to take some time and commitment and it is an investment in yourself for the future so it’s not something that if you want to click a button here and there or something like this site here if That’s not something you’re looking for Then that links not for you But it is a really really amazing way to create yourself an online business and break away from the typical Nine-to-five job. So if that is what you’re looking for then do check out that link because it is going to allow you to change your life in the future and do the things that you enjoy to do you no longer going to have to trade your time for me if you’re sick of Driving to work in the morning if you’re sick of getting home late at night You don’t have any time with your family If you’re looking for that freedom and you’re looking for the money as well, then this is the way to go So if that’s something that you’re looking for – if you’re looking for more than just a website here and there that can pay you A little bit of extra pocket money, then. This is definitely something that you should check This is definitely something that I’m talking to you about. So do check out that link. Let me know what you think and of course, I Hope you enjoy the rest of your day make it epic and I will see you in the next video


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