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[Easy 1up Training] How to Get your Signups to Upgrade in Easy 1up ? 919-459-7585

December 14, 2019

we’re gonna talk about how to get
signups, excuse me, we’re gonna talk about how to get your signups to upgrade in
easy 1 up. okay so once you guys get your free signups and everything I see a
lot of times you guys are posting about how to actually get you know people to
upgrade whether they’re upgrading to the $25 level or the 2000 our level you know
whatever the case may be so let’s talk about some of the ways that you can
outdo that and specifically I’m going to tell you some of the ways that I’ve done
that okay cuz that’s a experience is one one of the best teachers okay and I say
one of cuz you got to learn it at some point right so I’m going to tell you
some ways that I’ve used and I’ve used effectively and it’s one of uh you know
if these are some great ways you can use because they have actually contributed
to me being you know armed consistently on the leaderboards with easy wonder for
having great success so I’m going to give you some of those same ways that I
myself have used and I’m currently using so this is not outdated stuff that I’m
about to tell you okay now at some point I’m gonna share my screen with you
because I may have to show you a couple things but as a matter of fact let me go
ahead and share my screen alright so we can do this let me go ahead and share my
screen I’m gonna share it on a whiteboard first we share it on a
whiteboard okay all right now there’s a few different
areas that I use to market okay I use silhouettes Facebook traffic and YouTube
traffic okay well these are the three ways that I have used I put it that way
I’m a couple of them I you know really focus on right now but I’m going to give
you the information for all three of those areas so those are the most
popular that I’ve seen out there you know as far as people using to actually
get leads and they wound up getting signups you know from those ways so
let’s go ahead and talk about solo ads first all right because a lot of times
we get into the opportunity and we want to start off you know kind of like on a
fast track so we’ll be like hey what’s the fastest way to get traffic right so
we’ll wind up getting some solo ads okay which is cool so let’s just put some on
solo ads here we’ll put these are so ads right so let’s say the signups that you
got because you definitely have to let me make sure you understand this when
you’re deciding on what you want to do to get people get your signups to
actually upgrade you have to consider the source meaning you have to consider
how did you first get those leads you know enter your back-office to begin
with that is crucial okay so when we’re dealing with solo ads some of the things
that you want to consider as far as considering the source right is and
let’s talk about this okay let’s talk about this a little bit so you’re not
confused okay so it’s considered a source alright and let’s talk about a
quality of traffic okay the quality of traffic alright and what I mean by that
is yes you know you definitely can get some garbage traffic alright so you know
if you get some garbage traffic where as it might have been a lot of box a lot of
robots in there you know where you didn’t get a lot of engagement from your
emails and you actually check the open rates for your emails right you actually
checking the overreach and then you’re finding out that a lot of people okay
and then you’re finding out that a lot of people are not actually opening the
email they’re not clicking in the email well is there not a lot of people are
not opening the email it might be bot traffic right and in that case you’re
not gonna be able to get those people to upgrade because they’re not real
people okay so you definitely want to consider the source on that did you get
quality traffic so let’s go ahead and let’s assume that you did get some
quality traffic from your so let’s okay now one of the things you want to also
consider is the type of traffic and that this is okay now solo ad traffic is what
is called code traffic all right and you’re gonna see why all of this is
important in actually getting people to upgrade an easy one up okay cold traffic
basically what that means is the people pretty much have never heard of you
before alright they may have they’ve heard of
the person who sent out the email for you so that you can get the cookie you
know the actual click the write in the solo ad vendor they’ve heard of the solo
ad vendor right because their list but they haven’t heard of you right so when
the email comes through the email sounds good to them they click it and then they
opt-in to your list right but you know now they’re on your list they’re like
hey well Jonathan over here the solo ad vendor Jonathan is the one who you know
whose email I responded to but now I’m on Susie’s list right so they don’t know
Susie so they’re cold to you they you know they don’t know you yet okay so you
got to understand when you don’t know a person you have to be kind of warmed up
it’s like if you’re dating someone or before you even dated someone if you
meet someone right and they might look interesting to you or sound interesting
right you still don’t know this right so you’re not going to kind of pour your
heart out to them right until you get warmed up so that’s what you want to do
with solo ad traffic you want to warm it up so if that’s the type of traffic that
you’re using and people wind up you know getting a free account and easy one up
right they want to give me free account you know and sometimes you could own up
great a lot of times they don’t want free right away alright so what did you
do what can you do to help that situation out one thing is you want to
keep in mind that when you’re getting solo ads a lot of times the only time
the only type of contact information you have about that sign up might be the
email address at that time that might be all that you have okay not a problem so
you definitely want to focus on emailing them okay so let’s talk about this all
right email email them okay consistently all
right you want to emailed it consistently now with consistently you
know there’s different amount of times that you may
want to ease them email them personally my autoresponder sends out emails every
day and I send out an email blast you know so I recommend every day but even
if you do it every other day or you know three times in case maybe but just be
consistent okay but here’s the important part
being consistent of course is important but here’s the even more important part
guys it’s about what are you emailing okay what are you emailing Dave they’ve
said hey I you know about this free account because they are a sign up for
you but they just haven’t paid right and you want to get them to upgrade right
they say hey you know I’m on your list but now what do you say to this okay so
let’s talk about that what do you say all right let’s go ahead and start
another text block down here sorry another text block okay let’s talk about
what to say what to say in the email okay let’s talk about that say in that
seems to be a lot of people’s um you know weakness if you will you know what
to talk about one of the things you want to keep in mind and this is once again
this is what I use this is kind of the percentage if you will of what I use as
far as in the amount of sales versus value what I’ve found to work the best
I’ll put it that way okay because I’m always tweaking my own email sequences
as well so what I’ve found to work best is if let’s say for every you know three
value emails then you may put in one sales email so I would say one one sales
sales our promotional let’s just say promotional okay email type email um per
three value emails okay and basically what that means is you don’t want to
bombard them with only saying hey join me join me hey easy when it was great
join me hey get in there and you know and upgrade your account
hey get an arrant pay me all of that type of emails is what you would
consider like sales or promotional right so you don’t want to say that all the
time okay you want to kind of mix things up
and like I said you want to do a lot more value emails then the sales
promotional and let me include in there and the sales promotional is proof fix
okay let me let me include that in there okay
because that’s definitely something that you want to use right but once again
this is a the kind of you know ratio that I use it’s three value emails right
to one promo you know upgrade hoorah maybe without
mutts type email that’s what I found to work best okay
now you probably already know what a sales promotional and proof pick email
is right did you probably get a lot of yourself now I do want to touch on one
part of this which is the proof fix before we go into the value emails and I
know you’re probably wondering well what do you mean by value emails right but
that’s okay check me out let’s talk about the proof picture really quickly
so that way I can make sure that this is clear to everyone when we’re talking
about the proof pics a lot of times people get hung up on the fact that they
themselves don’t yet have proof okay here’s the real deal guys we all started
without having proof okay so we all started with zero proof so what are you
doing that in that instance well this is where hopefully you’ve done a little bit
of preparation right in and what I mean by that is preparation in that form of
who you know what team did you doing okay what team did you join okay because
this is also one thing that I found is very key right you already know that
starting out you don’t have your own proof right well then if you join a
person right that doesn’t have a team of people then the only proof that you can
really pull from is theirs so if they didn’t have proof then you don’t have
any food figures right because the idea is you want to use your team’s proof
okay so if you join someone it doesn’t matter if the person you joined is new
it doesn’t matter if that person is connected right if they’re connected to
a team then you also are connected to a team okay so that’s definitely a benefit
okay so you want to use your team’s proof and let me specify okay that
doesn’t mean let’s say Bob right Bob’s one of your team members right he’s in
your team right and Bob puts up a proof that he made a $100 sale that doesn’t
mean that you take that crew crop it out right crap everything out crop Bob’s
name out and all that stuff and then say you made it right or right on there
no using one of the apps that says look what I made or something like that right
that does not mean that don’t do that don’t do that right you know don’t take
credit for someone else’s proof but this is what you do you simply can take the
screenshot of your team members proof the way it is you know what their face
in it or if that’s what their face is and then you would represent say hey oh
my gosh you know one of my teammates Bob you know just started you know we could
go and already he’s having a base and insults our team is wonderful look at
what Bob did in less than you know two weeks or whatever and then you’ll put
the picture the screenshot of Bob’s proof so you gave Bob credit right you
gave Bob credit so now people are not I’m gonna call you a liar and say well
man you said that was your hundred dollars and now I find out you never
bear to sale you know so you’re being honest upfront and you’re doing what is
required as far as people do want to see proof okay so I just wanted to kind of
get that part out of the way so you guys understand what I mean by proof Pixar
you’re not lost on how to do that but I’m pretty sure you understand the sales
and promotional part because you get those all the time all right now so
let’s talk about the value emails okay let’s talk about the value emails let’s
go ahead and create another text box down here okay and we’re going to talk
about the value emails all right because this is crucial here this is crucial
info all right now with the value emails you’re gonna have a combination of
things that you’re going to send it and I’m going to give you some examples of
things that I have used with success okay one of them is going to be a
training alright a training that you do yourself okay this one is is highly
targeted all right this one’s highly sorry it’s highly effective skew this is
highly effective when you do a training that you do yourself okay um let’s say
you send that training send that training video okay and once again we’re
talking about sending that through email okay
so let’s say you did a training on let’s say
how to get free leads on Facebook right and you did that training it doesn’t
matter you did YouTube you did it on Facebook video or you just you know get
it on your cell phone right you did you made that training right there right and
then what you do is you actually send that out in an email blast right to your
email list or put it on your email sequence even better you know put on
your email sequence right I mean so that way when they you know opt-in and all
that stuff and they’re on your list because they signed up for free because
remember we talked about getting people to upgrade but this is the mentality
guys if people see right that not only are you know is your team winning and
you’re winning so they got the proof right and they do expect to get some
sales and promotion and email but if they also see that you’re providing some
value as well oh wow you know I haven’t even upgraded with with Jonathan yet you
know I haven’t even paid a dollar with Jonathan yet and Jonathan is sending me
this wonderful email telling me how to get free leads on Facebook so imagine if
Jonathan’s already telling me this free information
imagine what Jonathan has in store for me when I do upgrade to that you know
thousand dollar level two thousand or $250 or five hundred I’ll level you know
this is the mentality you know of us as humans we’re looking for you know what
resonates with us what can help us so you want to include some type of
training that you do this an example and this is something I do training that you
do that’s one of the type of emails that you want to send out okay now let me go
ahead and address the elephant in the room
all right before people say well how can I send out a training video and I didn’t
do one I’m going to give you the honest answer the honest answer is do one I’m
so serious and that’s the honest answer okay learn something and make a video on
it okay you say well I don’t know nothing that’s why you need to you know
invest in your marketing training as you can learn something right and then have
something to share because you do have to have value to give value right so
definitely you know be a valuable person okay definitely do that okay so that’s
one way and like I said that training video is highly effective alright so
what other type of ways do I do I use that are effective as well okay here’s
one here uh sitting out a free PLR that’s private label
rights and there’s different sites that allow you to get free peeler material
and a free pillar material typically comes in like a a free ebook or free
download and you can just google free peel art I think one side is called peel
or resell rights or something like that I believe you know don’t don’t quote me
on that but it might be peel or reso repeal our resell rights or reseller or
something like that so just try that possibly maybe all right
but I know you can google it and there’s places you can get those free ebooks
that will actually allow you to give them away cuz that’s important you don’t
want to just give stuff away that’s not yours to give away okay but those are
different PLR um you know downloads or ebooks are
things that will give someone some type of God information so you want to give
them something that’s congruent meaning is relevant don’t send them up here our
on how to lose weight and you know your business opportunity that they you know
signed up for free is easy wouldn’t they might need a lose weight but that’s not
what I signed up for her right so you would send them up he’ll are having
something to do with how to get leaves out of market you know how to brand
themselves how to get more engagement on Facebook all that type of stuff right so
that gives you an idea as well that’s a value email okay it’s providing some
value you know to the people who have signed it what you want easy whatever
they haven’t upgraded yet right so that’s definitely one way right there
alright so let’s see another one that’s really good and I need to use more of
this I don’t do it that much but I know it’s effective because it’s effective on
me all right I get these emails occasional occasionally and they
actually work and actually take notice but it’s when you use webinars webinars
pre-recorded no you they’ll have pre-recorded webinars right we use
webinars alright and the webinars will be you know teaching someone something
right whatever it is but it’ll be pre-recorded webinars and scheduled at a
certain time you know so they’re a little usually a little bit more lengthy
than just a regular video but they’re highly effective they work on me and I
don’t fall for everything right maybe they work on me and they work really
well okay so that’s something else that if you have created or you know have
access to another webinar like even if it’s the company
webinar guys you know I’ll say webinar arm I say custom or company and I’m
going to tell you why I’m including the company webinar and I’m not sure um if
we have access to it easy one-up company webinar I’m not a con percent sure I
know we have some kinda finance plan but I’m not sure about the product but I’m
gonna tell you why I’m including that because there’s another company I’m
involved with it is actually one of Peters companies national love center
and the reason I mention it is because I noticed the company webinar right for it
man the thing is actually good like seriously it’s actually good I was like
oh wow didn’t know that was there you know so that’s why I’m mentioning even
the company webinar if you have a company webinar and yet custom is is
built with no II right there but um but yet even the company webinar you know if
you take a look at it it’s good I do know the video that easy when a past
that explains the product I don’t know if we can get that video by itself I
know it’s on our funnel that we get for free they I actually like that video
honestly the regular easy one up video actually like that um so if you can get
your hands on that that would be good to send them to just you know the webinar
not necessarily the whole funnel but the webinar so because it does a very good
job of explaining the opportunity of easy when up and explaining the comp
plan you know and maybe you’ve done videos on that that you can put into a
webinar as well so using webinars as well to follow up on the email all right
um also here’s something that you want to do on your emails that you send out
so the people who have not upgraded okay this is what you want to do you want to
okay you want to include contact information alright you want to include
your contact information okay now here’s the deal guys
when you’re including your contact information you know include whatever it
is you know that you want people to know about your business wise okay now some
people a lot of people okay a lot of people try to be incognito right they’ll
only have just that email address for a person I reach them on here’s the deal
guys if all you have is an email adjustment
like you know the email that you keep sending to me and that’s all I have to
reach you but yet you know you want me to whip out you know my credit card and
pay even if it’s 25 bucks you know and I don’t really know you yet you don’t have
said I don’t really know if the program’s gonna work for me you know all
that stuff I’m kind of skeptical you know cuz a lot of people haven’t started
yet because they’re still skeptical right if that’s the case guys I’m not
going to pay you any money if all I can do is reach out you know cuz everyone
knows he knows takes a while right for someone to respond everybody knows that
right so include information like your facebook um you know page leak you can
include that in there okay you could include you can also include things like
and I’ll tell you exactly what I do I include my messenger link right so our
person can directly click that and message me on Facebook all right but I
also include my cell phone number that I use for texting purposes for my business
okay I also include that all right now you
can get if you don’t have a number that you use specifically for business and
you’re like hey I don’t want to use my personal number for personal reasons
you can grab you a business line on one of the companies I use um you can find
it perfect phone solution calm and I’ll just put that here
perfect perfect phone solution calm yeah I think it’s with an S and I’m pretty
sure that my spelling is right now okay so um but anyhow and you can have them
text you you know say hey you know if you have any questions text me you know
let’s talk about it you can um invite them to schedule a call okay I use a lot
of zoom calls okay so you say invite invite to a zoom call okay you can do
that as well and zoom is for you guys numbers are free software you can use so
keep in mind you want to include I’m gonna make sure you guys can see this on
here as you guys can see all of this okay there we go alright make you want
to make sure that include include that information in there so they can reach
out chief okay so that is you know my tips as far as getting people to upgrade
on an easy one up when the source that you’ve used is solo ads now we do have
two other sources to talk about but before we go on to the next one which is
gonna be Facebook okay because I am going from Co traffic to warm traffic to
hot traffic that’s the order I’m going in alright but before I do let me just
check and see if we have any comments before we move on to the next section so
let me just start check and see if you have any comments there may be a delay
on the comments all right hey we’ll start on Dorota thanks for joining in
hey how’s bonteri thanks for joining in okay cool deal cool deal all right cool
alright so let’s move on guys let’s move on all right now the next one we’re
going to talk about is the Facebook traffic because that is what I’m
considered the warm traffic here the warm traffic so let’s go ahead and get
this out of the way and let’s start over all right let’s start over okay and six
here and let’s see our color here okay so now we’re going to be talking about
Facebook traffic okay Facebook alright now once again guys you
still want to consider the source okay you still want to consider the source
all right and this is what I mean by consider the source guys alright if
you’re out there and you’re advertising alright and you’re putting out posts and
your posts say something like hey who wants to make 500 hours a week you know
comment below or hey who wants to turn a twenty five dollar investment into a
thousand bucks comment below if that’s the message that you’re putting out
there the advertisement that you’re putting out there didn’t understand that
is something that a whole bunch of other people are doing right you know a lot of
people who don’t know any better are doing that right
so therefore the type of quality of people that you have signing up and easy
when I are going to be what we call infopreneur z’ you know people that were
just putting info info info info info all over the place right and they really
have no intention of actually taking this new business opportunity seriously
so how it’s gonna affect you meaning you’ll have them on your list right you
know and they sign up for a free account and they’re never gonna upgrade because
the mentality they have is so can I start free can I start free
can I start free I didn’t make any money yet what’s going on right so consider
the source of your type of advertising that you’re doing and what I recommend
is actually marketing because that there’s a difference so let’s say you
know if you have something more where you’re putting out more value on your
Facebook okay cuz that’s really what you want to do you want to put out value so
let’s get into that all right you want to put out value all right on on your it
could be on your profile you know its ability profile your biz page
alright whichever you decide that’s what you’re doing or your business age okay
for Facebook alright you want to put out value all right
now let’s talk about okay let’s talk about what do I mean by value okay and I
want to make sure that you guys understand is that the reason I’m
talking about you know actually posting because you’re probably thinking well
they’re already on my list what does that matter here’s the deal guys once
they get on your list if you’re doing what I’m telling you to do to send them
emails that do include your contact information like your Facebook Links in
this net or third right today definitely will people definitely will check you
out before they text you or before they call you or before they email you back
they will go and check you out at whatever links that you provided right
and they’ll go and see what are you posting on your Facebook wall
alright so even though they’re at the free level and you think you got them no
you don’t right they still have not committed to actually being on your team
even though they made that free account okay so you want to continue to put out
value on your profile as it relates to Facebook on your profile on your
business page okay is especially if that traffic came from Facebook they want to
see you continue you know what’s going on because they’re looking to see hey is
this really the person I want to align with you know is this really a real
opportunity or thinking all of these things right so you want to provide
value on their okay not just the typical stuff that says hey who wants to make
$100 a day yeah that doesn’t work all right
so now as it relates to as it relates to value all right and once again value can
come in the form of like IA video videos our best
all right video it could be like a video training um it could be on mindset okay
it could be your mindset you know mindset just talking about something
that you’ve learned you know maybe you know maybe five months ago your mindset
was this and it wasn’t very positive but now five months into it your mindset is
this and it’s more positive you know kind of showing your transformation to
help the other people you know people who you don’t specifically have signed
up and he’s one I have not upgraded but to help them kind of get those same
positive mindset that you now have right to help them get that transformation and
so now it’s bringing them closer to you it’s connecting them more to you so that
way they’re more likely to go ahead and upgrade because they’re like wow okay I
got a free account but now I see D providing more value mindset or Jonathan
providing more mountain valley and my set so now you’re more apt to go ahead
and upgrade with you all right another thing you want to do on Facebook all
right now because a lot of times guys especially if you’re marketing on
Facebook right a lot of times you’ll actually recognize the name of the
person who signed up on our free account you’ll recognize their name on Facebook
I’ve done this a lot you know I’m like hmm okay job Joe right just using a
fictitious name Jill right I saw she’s a friend of my facebook wall right she’s a
friend and I see her sometimes posting because sometimes I see your newsfeed
and I noticed that she has got enough free account but she has not upgraded
okay well this is I’m a specific strategy that you can do to help those
people upgrade or help give them a reason to upgrade with you okay you can
engage okay engage on their posts all right engage in that
post that means literally clicking you know you see that their name is someone
who signed up with you and easy run-up right and you also notice that they also
follow you on facebook go to their Facebook profile and literally start
engaging with them you know on their post engaging like when they put up a
post and they may be putting up something you know that just says hey
everybody good morning say good morning everybody you know it can be something
as simple as that right if they do put up a post that has a little bit more you
know content or value to it or what have you read it
right if they’re they may be saying some of the similar things that you know you
align with right read it and don’t just say good post you know be authentic with
it if it was a really good post and you don’t point out some facts say hey um
you know I I really I like um puppies too they may be talking about their
puppy you know and if you like puppies say hey Jill I like puppies too my
favorite puppy is tanto whatever the case may be but you know nothing you
said nothing about easy one up right but they will see you engaging on their
coast and they’re gonna feel a little bit closer to you right because it’s
making it more real for them to join you versus join someone else alright because
don’t think that people don’t have options just that they made a free
account with you don’t don’t get stuck on that mindset thinking that over they
ain’t going nowhere no people on their own business and they
will go somewhere if they don’t have a reason to do so I’m go ahead and paid
and upgrade with you so keep that in mind guys alright so you definitely want
to be doing that on our Facebook let’s see what else I have about Facebook okay
um and other than that um you also can use now I don’t use and these arms
specifically okay but they do work because they work upon me right and what
I’m talking about is messenger box okay alright and these you can get on your
arm this page you can actually get free messenger BOTS you know I know maybe
chat is one of the providers but I’m sure there’s others right and now the
only bots that I personally use are the ones that actually like
come with the Facebook page where you can do like a automatic reply that’s
free it doesn’t require any setup you know as
far as like implementing anything else right it’s really easy for me but you
can get a service like many chat and they do have free levels for that well
you can create a whole sequence to follow up with people like I said that
works on me right so I know it works that’s something you can also do with
Facebook and once again it’s all about understanding that the person who made
that free account it doesn’t mean that’s the last time they’re gonna connect with
you right people will even though they got that free account even though
they’re getting your emails even though they’re now seeing your Facebook post
right they still will Instant Messenger right and this happens to me though
Instant Messenger and say you know whatever you know it could be a comment
on a particular post that you made and say hey how does this work you know so
even though you you know they probably saw a video of how it works they didn’t
get a clear understanding so they messaged you and say hey how is this
work right and you may have a messenger bot set up you know that maybe you wanna
schedule a call with them or what have you
right so that’s definitely something that’s free that you can use that
actually is highly effective ok it’s actually highly effective so once again
it brings them close to you and gives them a reason to upgrade with you and go
ahead and get a paid account with you ok now let’s see um and also aside from
that all right aside from that guys you want to continue continue all right the
previous email tips alright continue the previous email tips alright and those
are the email tips that we talked about before as it relates to solo ads because
that’s going to be universal you’re gonna continue your email marketing
email marketing is just not dead it’s not just it’s not so it works right and
it’s always going to need to be working in the background so everything I told
you about doing the emails previously about the value about doing 3 value
versus one sales um you know type of promotion type of thing you know is
still going to stand the same you know for any type of marketing at you doing
so definitely with the Facebook marketing the good thing about Facebook
guys is that it is warm traffic so because people get a chance to see you
see your flesh you know especially if you’re doing videos like you’re going
live you know you’re making posted you see your profile so hopefully you have a
presentable profile pic of you not a profile pic of like a dog and that is
just a dog and not you right um because then they don’t know who they’re
actually joining and they’ll be a little bit more hesitant to upgrade but if they
see you and they see you posting and engaging and everything like that and
they’re more apt to upgrade now here is a big one okay here’s a big one that is
a a don’t do a don’t don’t don’t do this don’t do okay here’s one that don’t do
okay don’t um cold p.m. people all right out of the blue right don’t you it
doesn’t work don’t do that right it actually irritates people if you just
out of the blue on Facebook you just you know code p.m. and people like hey I
just want to share with you this awesome opportunity with easy one up and are you
open to watching it they didn’t say they wanted any info from you it’s almost
like invading someone’s house almost like they didn’t say inbox them on some
stuff they didn’t ask for so don’t do that that’s annoying to people and it
pretty much is a waste of energy if it’s not a high conversion you want to do
things that have a high conversion rate it doesn’t matter if oh I did that and
you know I got a sign up how many time do you do it if you had to do it like
500 times get one side up that’s not how you convert okay so you want to do
things that are high converting and that is not one to code message people okay
so don’t do that another one don’t do now I say some people teaching I’ve seen
some people teaching to do this and I don’t think they explained it really
well they’ll tell you to kind of what I say communicate with people in the inbox
or they say I’m trying to get to know them in the
box okay but this is what you don’t want to do and it’s nothing wrong with trying
to get the people trying to get to know people to emboss but I don’t think they
explained it properly because this is what a wind up happening you wind up
doing that fake intro okay so don’t do the fake intro okay and I’m gonna tell
you what I mean about a fake intro like you go into a person’s you know box
right and it could be someone who sign up as a free account because remember
we’re talking about Facebook so you definitely may recognize and that sign
up okay on Facebook right but don’t go running to their Messenger and talk them
out hey how are you like what like what what did you come in
my inbox work oh you say let’s hey how are you if you’re going into a my purses
inbox talk like talk like you a person top like you have something to say don’t
talk like you just coming into way someone’s time I don’t go in there you
know I don’t go in there and throwing up on them hey how are you so what about
that easy what stuff you’re gonna upgrade today here’s the link
what no don’t do that right don’t do that okay you know if you decide that
you want to reach out to someone you know you can introduce yourself hey I’m
Jonathan you know hey I’m Jonathan um if you have a Facebook page you can ask
them hey if you have a Facebook page let me know the link and I’ll go ahead and
like it you know as you can see from my profile I’m definitely a entrepreneur
and looking forward to helping you know everyone succeed you know in their
business so reach out to me anytime take care right so I didn’t try and
prompt them to you know answer me before I talk to them because I’m looking at
you you’re there wave and first of all you wave and not saying nothing and I’m
looking at you like so you’re waving for what reason and you say hello how are
you and you don’t have anything else and I don’t know you you don’t have anything
else to say cuz typically what happens when people
just say hello how are you and they leave it at that typically what happens
is if you say I’m good then they want to come with a sales pitch like what
alright people we’re caught we caught on to that so don’t do that we caught on to
that it doesn’t work right so don’t do the fake intros that you’re only trying
to make like you’re trying to make a connection with them just to get them to
sign up people can sense that that’s the only reason you came in the inbox was to
try and make a connection right with that fake stuff and then two seconds
later it’s like yes do you mind if I show you this awesome opportunity and
blah blah blah and then you drop your link yeah okay that doesn’t work alright
so definitely don’t do that okay um now so you we’ve talked about some things on
a Facebook you know how you can get people to upgrade you know especially
when you got your traffic from Facebook you can just you know find them on
Facebook if you recognize them but definitely regardless if you recognize
them or not because a lot of people you won’t recognize you want to continue to
provide that value on Facebook and continue to connect with people on their
pages or on their profiles whatever they’re posting on and what they’re
commenting on and one other thing that you want to do I forget about this one
and this one works very well as well all right so you want to engage in the same
groups all right you want to instead engage in the same groups that they’re
in and what I mean by engage I don’t mean go in there and post hey who wants
to join me in this group like you know let’s say if if it’s the easy one up
group you know every once in a while something happened where somebody puts a
post in each one of fruit talking about join them I don’t understand that
I don’t get it but anyway don’t do that okay uh-huh you know but you can engage
with people because they signed up you know as a free member with you and
they’re probably an easy one group you can engage with other people and they
will see you engaging meaning if someone asks a question and you know the answer
help them out with the answer if they’re you know like hey I can’t find this in
my back office or whatever the case may be you know and that’s the sooner that
you do you know know the answer or know how to get the answer then you know just
help out with the answer all of that is engaging because the people who joined
you as a free member are still you know still on offense for whatever reason you
know they may say I don’t know if I want to commit to you know a higher level
with D car lady or if I you know don’t like easy when all together and I just
want to you know hi telling right right so you want to give them something to
look at right give them something positive look at show you being a helper
right not you just emailing them saying pay me pay me pay me pay me when you’re
gonna pay I’ll help you pay when you’re gonna pay I’ll help you pay somebody
needs help and right here you know they know how to pay when they ready to babe
right they’ll reach out to you they ready to pay but you know the things
that they don’t yet know is you know if you’re the right person that they want
to align with if you’re the person that they want to upgrade to a higher level
with okay so you want to engage and the groups that they’re in
and you can go to our person’s profile as well and find out the and some of the
profiles you can go and find out what groups they’re in so it doesn’t
necessarily have to be in you know the biz op group like he’s one it can be
they may be in another group network marketing group right then you want to
go to that group and engage with people because once again you want to be seen
so that way they know what’s in store they know okay well Jonathan is going
over is like everywhere every time I look I see Jonathan you know commenting
here or posting here something helpful or whatever the case may be right then
they’re gonna be seeing you all over the place and then what’s gonna happen
you’re gonna get one of those auto pilot sales I’m like you know what I made a
decision easy one pretty good is a good product I’ve listened to what other
people have said and I you know listened to my sponsor I’m ready to commit to
this and I’m ready to commit to it with you know that person let’s average you
and your name is Susie I’m ready to commit to it with Susie and all of a
sudden you get a you know a payment of hundred bucks or you get a message that
says hey you know I’m interested in upgrading my can’t figure out which
level or whatever the case may be baba blocking you got me you know and AM boom
there’s a sign up and all you were doing was the stuff that you should be doing
anyway right that is helping not just then to upgrade or helping to encourage
them to upgrade but helping all of your other free signups to upgrade okay so
before we go on to the next method of traffic which is YouTube and telling you
guys how to use at that type of traffic and getting people to upgrade you don’t
easy one up let me just check it make sure you don’t have any comments now I
may be missing some of you guys comments that is quite possible I’m not sure
alright hey Deborah how’s it going thanks for tuning in okay cool all right
so now what we want to do all right let’s talk about YouTube and this is the
last section of it let’s talk about YouTube all right so let me erase some
of this off here okay and we will put up here in this section for YouTube all
right cuz remember guys we still are considering the source okay considering
the source that we get it from okay so that’s why
we’re talking about each of these sources individual okay now with YouTube
this is the hottest traffic and this is based on my experience and based on the
experience of other top earning marketers as well I am NOT just talking
about I took the consensus of a lot of people who haven’t made any money I’m
talking about I’ve made money right and I’m talking about other people that I
network would have made money and our consensus is YouTube is the hottest area
to your tribe okay so with that being said okay if you’re marketing on YouTube
right and you know possibly a lot of your signups will be on YouTube so you
definitely want to take a look at that area what you want to do is you want to
continue to put out daily value videos okay you want to continue to put out
daily value videos and what I mean by that is alright if they found your
YouTube I was gonna meet you have YouTube channel right okay so cool
continue doing the video same videos you were doing when they you know opted in
and became a free member continue doing those videos because they’ll be seeing
you they probably have subscribed to your channel right because they did make
a free account and now that they see it they see that you’re consistent right
you’ve consistent like okay it wasn’t just a fluke she didn’t he or she didn’t
just put out one video but they’re putting out videos on a regular basis
even if it’s not daily guys and maybe three times a week that’s still
consistent if you consistently doing it three times a week you know that’s
consistent but if you put out like one video and then like they not never see
another video for another four months yeah that was a fail that said that
trying to get them to upgrade because they didn’t get to see you doing
anything else that ever written we saw you doing
so definitely I’ll continue to put out you know consistent value on YouTube um
then what you want to do with that value you want to put those value videos on
your social media all right now what I mean by put those value videos on your
social media you know cuz obviously if you’re watching this right here you’re
definitely on you know Facebook and YouTube right so therefore you want to
make sure those videos they’re already on you too
right what you want to put those videos onto your your Facebook account you know
whether it be your Facebook page you know for your miss page will it be your
profile okay or whether it be like if you’re doing an instructional video okay
if you’re doing an instructional video and then you can put that video inside
of the actual group that it pertains so if this instructional video but if it’s
just a video about hey you know easy ones the best join me and I’m the best
too like you didn’t provide any value then don’t put it in that group cuz
they’ll probably you know say that you spam them but if you add something of an
instructional value saying hey you know this is how you do something right again
it has more value and then everybody’s gonna see it
including your free sign ups are gonna see it as well say hey you know Jonathan
put up a couple of videos and that really helped out you know even though
they haven’t upgraded they say hey I can see how that can really be helpful so I
definitely want to align myself with junk and I definitely want to go ahead
and upgrade but Jonathan because now I see a clearer way on how I can actually
you know make this into a viable business because Jonathan has showed me
some things you know that actually makes sense to me okay so you definitely want
to use those videos off of YouTube that you make and put them out accordingly if
they are the value videos put those out accordingly into groups because you’re
free signups are going to be on social media as well okay so now the next thing
that you want to do is okay and this is the big one as well on your YouTube
videos okay alright put your contact info all right now this can be um this
can be like your messenger cuz I definitely use messenger a lot on my
YouTube this can be your messenger okay where you put a link to your facebook
messenger and says hey you know contact me on facebook you don’t say anything
it’s driving it was contact me on Facebook you know so people will get a
chance to see your video and you know the people who have signed up with you
in free accounts right they found you on YouTube there’ll be you have a chance to
see your videos be putting out and they’ll be you have a chance to see your
contact information down there you know so maybe they’re not give me
or maybe have an opener or whatever but they’re distantly seeing you on YouTube
I’d like to know what let me go ahead and instant instant message Jonathan or
instant message D or whatever the case may be while the question is right there
on my mind let me go ahead and ask them something and boom you got a connection
right it’s sort super super super simple to get a connection with people when
you’re marketing on YouTube it really is because people are right in there
looking at you right then okay so you want to put that contact information in
there alright um also – another thing you want to do with that video remember
you created video on YouTube right and you shared it on your social
media right because the people who signed up with them an easy one up there
are more that more times than not or on your social media as well but remember
the other part that you use on all these strategies is the email marketing right
so guess what you’re going to do you’re going to email that value video all
right you’re gonna email that value video okay gonna email that out to your
list so it’s still part of your email sequence as well right so now you have
the content and you’re able to repurpose it you made it on YouTube you put it out
on on you different areas in Facebook and you emailed it out you know – you’re
free signups so now even if they missed it on YouTube
they missed it on social minute I got an email she got three areas that possibly
they can see this and they’ll see it on a consistent basis and once again we’re
talking about the value emails remember we had different one we had the value
and then we also had the ones that we put in all in the promo sign with me all
that stuff right there value and then all the other stuff okay so remember
you’re going to do three values for each one of the promo sign up with me type of
our emails right so that is what you’re going to do as far as your YouTube
another thing that you’re gonna do as far as your YouTube okay and this is one
that I actually have to do more of okay is you’re going to ask
I had to capitalize that ask write or engagement and sometimes I pour a lot so
I’m got to get to do this but it actually works because it works on me
right you’re gonna actually ask for engagement okay and what I mean by that
is as you’re doing your YouTube videos you know somewhere along the video
you’re gonna say hey you know just like how to on Facebook I’ll say hey put your
you know put put a number one if you can hear me to comment so I’ll say hey where
are you you know coming in from you know cuz I know they’re already here me in
YouTube right so I’ll say hey tell me where you call in from our hey you know
if you find it as value um you know if this concert is valuable and then let me
know what the number two in the comments or you say hey you know let me know if
there’s other things that you want to hear about you know on my channel and
say put in the comments anything ask him anything you know depending upon what
you’re talking about asked of anything and ask them to engage with you in the
comments and you’d be surprised how many people actually will engage if you just
ask right you just ask and the reason why that’s important is because once
again the people who have joined you and are free signups they haven’t upgraded
that’s gonna get them pull them even closer to you because now they’re being
active you know they’re actively engaging oh yeah and that’s when the
conversation starts to happen all right they’ll say something and then you have
a chance to communicate with them even though they didn’t respond to your
emails yet they you know they didn’t respond to your Facebook post you know
now they’re right there watching you right then you have their attention
right then you know you can go ahead and captivate it and you’ll have alerts that
can come to your phone you know um if you have a YouTube app
you can have alerts that come to your phone that basically lets you know lets
you know if someone has commented on your YouTube channel and you can
actually go ahead and respond in real time you know so it’s not even like it’s
a lag you know unless you were sleeping then that’s fine okay alright so let me
check the comments real quick and I had refresh okay what’s going on the leash I
had to refresh I didn’t realize that the comments were coming in all right how’s
it going to Lisa okay cool so we asked for it in the engagement okay that’s
super crucial okay now um you want to you want to okay the next thing you want
to do is the email sequence that we talked about before okay
once again you will notice a commonality and all of this is the emails all right
emails okay because no matter what marketing method you’re doing you’re
always gonna be wanting to do the email marketing in the background I don’t care
what you’re doing you’re gonna want to do that that is like when you when you
consider cost versus you know you know the outcome you can reach however many
people on your list you get a hundred a thousand can reach all them people with
a blast of an email and it costs you like I don’t even know a buck a day
depending upon how much you take the autoresponder right maybe a buck a day
okay like yeah let me cut connect with leads for a buck a day I’m doing it
right so once again with these emails you’re still going to follow the process
okay of three value to to every one okay promo promo or sales pitch okay whatever
you want to call it alright you know you’re gonna still give that three value
to one so he’s still going to follow that sequence when it comes to the
emails alright alright now we went over all three we went over the the solo ads
we went over the the warm traffic with Facebook and win over the hot traffic
with YouTube hopefully you guys have found some value
to help you really dig in to start getting you know your signups to upgrade
and easy one up alright and one thing I really want to impress upon you guys
right arm with this is that what you’re you know sometimes when you look at
things like the way I presented it you’re probably thinking or some people
are probably thinking yeah that’s a lot of right yeah yeah literally yeah right
you know unless you’re content not having paid signups or if you can’t it
having like a couple $25 signups and you know that’s pretty much what you want a
fine right but this video is not for people who only want the bare minimum it
is to help whoever wants to maximize it to the fullest you know whether what
Gaza would love you on you want to maximize
so yes you are going to need to think along these levels of doing what others
are not willing to do right and that’s also one of the reasons too that you
yourself want to position yourself as high as possible so that way your
efforts you know when you start being rewarded you have the ability to be
working towards great leaps like if you’re on the twenty five dollar level
an easy one up and you’re taking these measures you’re going to get signups
doing what I said to do you’re going to get signups right but it doesn’t mean
they’re going to be signups for you meaning if you’re in a twenty find out
level these people they’re doing what you’re trying to do and they’re joining
at the 250 level the 511 thousand you missed all that so yeah you won’t have
some sign ups but it might not be you know money for you may be money for you
know your upline right so you want to position yourself you know at the you
know I’m gonna tell you I’m gonna be honest with you six fighters a thousand
our level I’m gonna just be honest with you that is the sweet spot that vertex
Crow level is the sweet spot the majority of my signups right and I know
you know Peter is watching this right he can confirm the majority of my signups
are on the vertex pro level the majority of them are whether they started out you
know as unpaid and I converted them over to paid but they started out at you know
2500 Harrell’s and then they upgraded you know but most of the people who are
under me now are at the vertex pro level so that is the sweet spot so that’s
something that you want to work towards alright so hope you enjoy all right
hopefully you found some value in this training it’s easy when I’m training how
to get your signups to upgrade and easy one up all right if you have found some
value please do like the video share the video that way other people can you know
be aware of this content and have success in their business as well and
definitely subscribe to our channel and then hit that a bell all right crush
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as possible okay so other than that guys you already know
we came to do we’re gonna take this run to the top baby alright here we are


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